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Strangers and Pilgrims: Female Preaching in America, 1740-1845
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He falls to his knees because of the burden on his back and cries out] What must I do to be saved? Narrator: Just then, a man met him unexpectedly. His name was Evangelist, which means "Teller of Good News. Christian: [Bent over by the weight of sin, looks up and says] Sir, this book tells me that because of the great burden of sin on my back, 1 will die.

I must get out of this place, but I do not know which way to go. Christian: [Unrolls the scroll and reads out loud I Flee from the wrath to come. Flee from the wrath to come. Evangelist: [Points to a place in the distancef Do you see that gate over there—that narrow gate? Evangelist Keep your eye focused on that light. Walk straight toward it. When you get there, you will see a narrow gate. Knock on it, and you will be told what to do.

Narrator: So Christian began walking toward the light.

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Before he had gone very far, his wife and children urged him to come back. What a fool! Come back, Christian. Scared, are you?

Christian: Yes. Leave them behind, and you will find joy you never knew before. There is a treasure safely stored away in heaven for us. That's what this book says. Narrator: So Obstinate returned home.

But Christian and Pliable walked on together. Along the way Christian told him about the place where they were going, the heavenly city. And our lives wilJ never end. Subscribers to RW may use the alt throughout this article for bulletin covers. There is art for each of the plans.

Below is one way to lay out the art and text. Narrator: Christian and his neighbor Pliable left their hometown, the City of Destruction, and began traveling toward the Narrow Gate that would eventually lead to eternal life. Soon after they set out, however, they found themselves in the Slough of Despond. Their feet began to sink deeper and deeper into the mud and murky water. Pliable didn't like it at all and decided to go back home. But Christian kept going. Eventually a man called Help pulled him out of the mud and the mire. Christian kept going all alone until he came to the Narrow Gate.

He knocked on the door, and the gatekeeper opened it. After Christian got there, Interpreter showed him many things that he could expect to meet on his journey to the heavenly palace. When Christian was ready to leave, Interpreter said, "May the Comforter be with you. The road was narrow. On either side was a wall called Salvation. On this road Christian traveled with great difficulty because the load on his back was very heavy. Christian: [Starts walking down the narrow road with his pack on his back, bent over] This bag is so heavy.

I wish 1 hadn't done so many bad things. Evangelist told me that in the Bible these things are called sin. Christian reaches up to feel behind him. There is nothing there. He reaches up over his shoulders. I'm not carrying it anymore. Angel 1: You have often made Jesus very sad by your sins. But I am here to tell you that the Lord has forgiven you. Angel 2: No longer will you need to wear those tattered clothes. I will put new clothes on you. Angel 3: [Handing Christian a scroll] You will need this as you continue on your way. Read this scroll and hand it in when you get to the door of the heavenly palace.

Christian: [Opens scroll and reads it softly] For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. You have all been so kind. Narrator: The past few weeks we have followed Christian from his departure from the City of Destruction through the Narrow Gate and down the path that leads to the Celestial City. Farly on in his journey Christian was relieved of his tremendous burden at the cross and was given new clothes and a scroll to guide him on the journey.

Along the way Christian met Timorous and Mistrust, who urged him to turn back for fear of the ferocious lions ahead. But Christian could not be swayed. He hurried ahead to the Palace Beautiful in hopes of finding lodging there before nightfall. When he was so close to the palace that he could see the open doors, he suddenly found himself between two lions.

They sprang at him with jaws open wide, claws fully extended, and ears laid flat. Christian was terrified and started back. Suddenly the moonlight filled the night and made the path glow. Christian heard the gatekeeper's voice.

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Watchful: Why are you so cowardly? Don't be afraid of the lions. They are chained and placed there to test your faith. Walk in the center of the path, and nothing will harm you. Narrator: Inside, Watchful introduced him to Discretion, a tall, dignified lady who listened intently to his purpose and the events of his journey. Then she introduced him to her three sisters, Prudence, Charity, and Piety. Together they enjoyed a delicious meal and talked long into the night about the Owner of the Palace Beautiful.

Christian: I met him at the cross, and my burdens fell off. It was wonderful. I felt so relieved and at peace! What can you tell me about him? Discretion: He's a great warrior.

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He fought the dragon who holds the power of death and defeated him. Prudence: Yes, but this made the dragon very angry, and he has sent all his forces out to fight those who serve him.

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Narrator: That night Christian slept in a chamber called Peace, and he slept more soundly than he had any night since he was a child. Little did he know what lay ahead. The next morning Christian met the sisters in the armory of the palace. Prudence: This breastplate is to protect you against the one who wields death.

Piety: May you be strong in the battles before you with this helmet and these leg guards. Narrator: Christian was eager to set out on his journey again, having been refreshed at the Palace. With the armor in place he made his way along the path into the Valley of Humiliation. He had not traveled far when suddenly a terrible creature blocked his path. His name was Apollyon. He had wings like a dragon and feet like a bear. He breathed fire and smoke. Christian was terrified and began to back away.

But then he remembered the armor he was wearing and advanced to meet the creature. Christian: I was born into your kingdom and into your hard service, but now I am pledged to Emmanuel. I am his servant and will follow him. Narrator: These words angered Apollyon.

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In a rage, he threw fiery darts at Christian's chest, but the shield protected him. Christian quickly drew out the Sword of the Spirit and attacked. They struggled back and forth for half a day without either gaining ground. Christian's head and feet were wounded, and he could resist no longer. He fell to the ground. Apollyon flew into the air, and came down with claws outstretched. But at that moment, Christian reached out and caught his sword. He thrust it deep into the monster.

Narrator: The monster jolted back and lunged away into the darkness in defeat. Christian used the leaves of the nearby Tree of Life to heal his wounds.

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He rested there for the night. The armor that had gleamed so brilliantly at the Palace Beautiful was now dented and stained. But Christian looked bigger, bolder, and more certain. His strides were longer and his head higher as he continued his way along the path. He was a man of intent. There should be a table and chair for the judge, as well as a jail. As the drama begins, sellers and buyers eleven or twelve, who later comprise the jury gather around the table and talk all through each other animatedly and loudly.

Tills goes on for about twenty seconds, when, at the sound of a gavel, the talking stops and the people freeze in their positions. Narrator: After having survived the Valley of Humiliation and the combat with Apollyon, Christian continued along the path. Soon he caught up with someone he thought he recognized. Faithful: Christian! Am I ever glad to see you! I've been trying to catch up with you ever since you left, I've stumbled along the way, and I've been quite lonely at times.

It will sure feel good to have some company. Christian: I too have stumbled and been lonely. Say—do you have news of home? I las anyone else left the City of Destruction? Narrator: And so they shared news of former friends and stories of their journey along the way.

So glad were they for each other's company, and so engrossed were they in their stories, that they were surprised to see Evangelist suddenly approach them. Evangelist: Greetings, pilgrims. But I must warn you of the dangers that lie ahead for you in the town of Vanity Fair. The people there are enemies of the truth and will try hard to put you to death.

It is a place of murder, falseness, cruelty, and deceit. Beware—there is no good there. Narrator: Christian and Faithful traveled on to the town of Vanity Fair. It was just as Evangelist had described. The noise was deafening, the goods cheap, the fruit rotten, and the people benl on deceit.

Everything was fake! Townsperson 3: [Pulling on Christian's sleeves as he passes] What would you like today, Sir? Narrator: This response caused such an uproar in the street that all order was lost, and the crowd began to mock and taunt the pilgrims. Narrator: Then they were taken into custody for questioning. Prosecutor: [ Takes the pilgrims out of jail, then sets them in the courtroom and handcuffs them ] These men are charged as enemies of trade and disturbers of peace.

They have made divisions in the town and have spoken against the law of our prince. Faithful: I only oppose those who turn from the law of him who is higher than the highest. Your prince, Satan, is our Lord's enemy, and I defy him. Judge: Anyone having a complaint against the prisoners should appear and give evidence. Order in the courtroom!

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Envy: My name is Envy, and I have heard Faithful condemn the religion of our town, saying that Apollyon and his master are hateful. Superstition: These men are troublemakers! Faithful said that our love for Apollyon was unnatural and evil. Narrator: At this the jury offered the verdict, which they had already made up in their minds from the beginning. Judge: Jury, I will ask each member, How do you find this man? Blindman, how do you respond?

The local Timucuan people may have also contributed to the feast, bringing "corn, fresh fish, berries or beans," according to Deagan. The first Thanksgiving feast probably took place along the banks of the Matanzas River, the site of the first Spanish colony in the United States. In part, it is because over the centuries the history of the United States has been heavily Anglicized, with America's origins viewed as primarily British.

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