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Enjoy eBooks and audiobooks on your smartphone or tablet with our free app , Deseret Bookshelf. In contrast with both the orthodox and the sectarian forms of intertestamental Judaism, Christianity proclaimed that the anticipatory older testament, particularly as this had come to be embodied in the Mosaic ceremonial law, had now been superseded and fulfilled in Jesus Christ. In a sense, the new testament paralleled the old, since both were based upon the saving intervention of God in human history, first on Sinai and then on Calvary.

In another sense, the two were not parallel. Geldenhuys, NIC, Luke , p.

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Heb Here was achieved that reconciliation with God which Jeremiah had long before described. Even the ritual, though usually abrogated, might be elevated to a higher spiritual significance. Paul thought of baptism as a seal of the New Covenant Col , Relationship to the testament of peace.

A New and Everlasting Covenant D&C 132-133

The relationship, however, that is sustained between these two programs, particularly in their applicability to the present Christian Church, has been defined in at least four major ways. Negative critics of the OT tend to limit the sphere of predictive prophecy to situations contemporaneous or immediately future to the prophets themselves; predictions lacking such immediately observable accomplishment as appears, for example, in Jeremiah , with its anticipation of the Exile and the postexilic restoration that followed it, are relegated to the category of pious but essentially false pronouncements.

The Church is thus divorced from the OT: the prophets were no more describing the Church of the NT than was Jesus really serving as the testator whose death was proleptically providing salvation for the saints under the older testament. Liberal scholars will concede that Christ and His apostles taught these views, but they are unwilling to accept them themselves. Among evangelicals, Bible believing exegetes yet fall into three distinct categories of Scriptural interpretation. Murray, NBD, p. Traditional millennialism.

The testament of peace will then, after the final judgment, be resolved into the new heavens and the new earth of Revelation 21 , Dispensational interpretation springs from J. Ryrie, Dispensationalism Today , p. It is the converted Jews that will rather be reingrafted into Israel vv. Such unelaborated subtlety of thought, however, might not have answered the 1st cent. Dispensationalism is also faced with three contextual problems.

Ramm, Protestant Biblical Interpretation , p. Bibliography B. Bultmann, Theology of the NT , esp. I, , ; A.

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Payne, Theology of the Older Testament , , ; E. Stagg, NT Theology , ; cf.

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The classic resource Doctrine and Covenants Encyclopedia is now available in a revised edition. This comprehensive work, first published in. Author: Woodford, Robert J. The Doctrine and Covenants contains revelations from God as given to the Prophet Joseph Smith and later.

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This section was removed because it had been superseded by section of the modern LDS edition, recorded in , which contains a revelation received by Joseph Smith on eternal marriage and plural marriage , the principles of which can be dated to as early as Geldenhuys, NIC, Luke , p. Name of the church; stakes ; temple to be built at Far West, Missouri. The New Testament on Women. Like that? Martyrdom of Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith.

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