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Adventures of Thomas Flashman
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Most of what I know of the Victorian era was prompted by his books. The concept of a fictional character witnessing and participating in real historical events, while not unique, has rarely been done better. George MacDonald Fraser was an exceptional writer and he developed a character that he took from Tom Brown's School Days into a truly legendary figure. While Harry Flashman might not have been a typical Victorian, he certainly brought the period to life.

There are similarities between the generations in that they both have the uncanny knack of finding themselves in the hotspots of their time, often while endeavouring to avoid them. Thomas though is not exactly the same character as Harry Flashman, this is partly accidental and partly deliberate. For example, Harry Flashman makes prolific use of the 'n' word which will never appear in my work. This is not just political correctness but reflects the different times the two fictional characters occupy. While Harry Flashman in India thrashed and abused the natives; in Thomas' time many British were in business with Indian partners or had Indian wives.

The British Resident of Delhi went so far as to marry a harem of thirteen Indian women who used to parade around the city every evening on elephants. As several reviewers have pointed out Thomas is not quite the vicious villainous rogue his nephew became, at least in the first book. But the character develops more in the subsequent books with increasing levels of skulduggery. The genius of George MacDonald Fraser was to create a spiteful bully that the reader could still relate to. I have tried to convey a character that lived in his time and who balanced cowardice, pride, lust etc with the need to bring the reader with him.

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By cunning and bluff, he protects his friends but not his troubled love life. In a whirlwind of action, there are forged wills, devious trades, contrived murders and dangerous spy missions, with so much deceit that Pearce does not know whom to trust. All he can hope to do is survive.

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This is the second instalment in the life story of Thomas Flashman, the uncle of the notorious Victorian rogue Harry Flashman, whose memoirs have already been published; edited by George MacDonald Fraser. Thomas shares many of the family traits, particularly the ability to find himself reluctantly at the sharp end of many major events of his age. This book takes him to territory familiar to readers of his nephew's adventures in India, during the second Mahratta war.

It also includes an illuminating visit to Paris during the Peace of Amiens in As you might expect, Flashman is embroiled in treachery and scandal from the outset and, despite his very best endeavours, is often in the thick of the action.

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He intrigues with generals, warlords, fearless warriors, nomadic bandit tribes, highland soldiers and not least - a four-foot-tall former Nautch dancer, who led the only Mahratta troops to leave the battlefield of Assaye in good order. Flashman, gives an illuminating account with a unique perspective. It details feats of incredible courage, not his, obviously , reckless folly, and sheer good luck that were to change the future of India and the career of a general who would later win a war in Europe.

When Fraser died I simultaneously hoped for and dreaded someone taking up his his mantle and writing about Sir Harry or one of his forebears or descendants.

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I say hoped for because a good Flashman novel is a wondrous thing; I say dreaded because I feared it would be a horrible mashup. I don't know whether Robert Brighwell is in good standing with Fraser's estate, but I certainly hope so, for I found this book a ripping, brilliant read-- or, I should say, listen. It's every bit as good, IMO, as the first Harry Flashman novel, which is my favorite, and reader Henry Clore Harrison has a delightful accent and is easy on the ears.

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Thomas displays the family traits of a gift with languages, a way with the ladies, and blackguardedness, but seems considerably nicer than Harry. I find this fortunate, for if Harry had been much worse he would have been strapped across the mouth of a cannon and shot as he indeed almost was , and too sweet a character wouldn't make for a good read. Thomas is his own man and not Harry's clone, which is as it should be, but if you turned him down and shook him hard, Harry might fall out, which is also as it should be.

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I'm disappointed the third book in the series is not yet available in audio and astonished Brightwell hasn't caught the interest of the big publishing houses. I'll buy the other books in the series when they're available in audio, but I'm not going to wait-- I'm going to read the rest of Brightwell's Flashman books, starting immediately. As an aside, I bought only one of Fraser's Flashman books. I was not entranced with the narrator, who sounds as if he were Harry in his 80s, recounting his adventures. What made the experience of listening to Flashman and the Cobra the most enjoyable?

I'm a fan Robert Brightwell not only knows how to tell a tale, but also knows how to make the little things pay off. He does his homework, crafting a big story of big historical events while keeping the details that ground it in reality and make it believable and relatable. Who was your favorite character and why? Thomas himself, of course, but the Begum of Samru and Freddy Carstairs will always stay with me, along with the fierce warriors of the rajput. Harrison did an excellent job throughout, including recreating accents without descending into mockery.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. The author has researched the period very well and includes Book 2 of 8 in Adventures of Thomas Flashman (8 Book Series). This is the second instalment in the life story of Thomas Flashman, the uncle of the notorious Book 2 of 8 in the Adventures of Thomas Flashman Series.

He has a different tone than David Case who narrates the Flashman Chronicles , but it has a similar comfortable flavor. If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be? Any additional comments? Can't recommend it highly enough, both the performance and the story. Fraser would be very, very proud of Mr. Brightwell's work. The Flashman family seems to produce characters who are less than respectable. Cads and scoundrels, actually. You may not like the main characters at first, but in a short time you'll become addicted to their stories.

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What will keep you hooked is not just the historical facts and events, but how anybody could scrape through one disaster after another. Here's hopping that Robert Brightwell and Henry Clore Harrison have a long and productive future with this Flashman series. My only complaint? That the books aren't twice as long.

I enjoyed the first Thomas Flashman book though the narrator sounded more like he was reading the book to me rather than performing the book. This book, Henry Clore Harrison is starting to feel the character of Thomas Flashman and made this book more enjoyable to listen too. I am excited to hear the rest of the Thomas Flashman books now! Narrator doesn't have the range of David Case or Simon Vance.