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The text is in Isaiah lxv But I don't want you to think you can get away with any holier-than-thou stuff. There was no assumption of godliness nor conceit, no holier-than-thou smirk about the child. She shrank from the holier-than-thou attitude; yet to remain quiet might be taken as approval. PC Victorian god-fearing goody two-shoes holier-than-thou moral nice pious politically correct priggish prissy prudish puritan self-righteous unctuous virtuous. However, Marv is shown to be a practicing Catholic as well, and he wears a cross around his neck. Averted by the X-Men 's Nightcrawler, a charming and playful character who's also a devout Catholic.

Though given how many writers' hands he's been through, somebody might have used him to play this trope straight at some point or another. Ultimate Universe Nightcrawler declares his friend Colossus an "abomination" or some such when he finds out the poor guy is gay. Then again, everyone is a dick in the Ultiverse and this version of him isn't particularly religious. William Stryker is a more straight example of this trope in the X-Men universe, who is a televangelist and a "devoted Christian" who was willing to murder his own son and wife. Man with smaller beard: enraged, pointing What was that?!

Man with giant beard: I said , "I am holier than thou!

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I thought you said, "I am holier than a cow. Tapper, who is a Christian that is far from the type who would exemplify this trope, simply comments on why looking at Smurfette is more important than their going about their own business. In the Worm fanfic Recoil , Taylor Hebert travels back twenty-two years and gets to know her paternal grandmother rather better than she had originally. This sweet old lady is fervently Christian, and equally fervently anti-gay. The latter causes a few problems later on Ceal sums him up as such in Act VI; Jenner rants about how monsters are all the same and do nothing but lie and kill, to which Ceal retorts that humans are hardly any different , that Jenner speaks as if humans are all universally good and pure, and declares that for all his talk about wanting to protect humanity, all Jenner really is is a human who thinks he's above monsters just because he's human.

Films — Animation. The Hunchback of Notre Dame : Frollo thinks that he's better than the rest of Paris' citizens - even though the Archdeacon has to stop him from committing infanticide in the first ten minutes. He even starts his prayers by mentioning how proud of himself he is, without ever noticing the irony. In Loving Vincent , Louise Chevalier is a churchgoing Christian, and also incredibly judgmental towards Vincent and the unruly youths of Auvers. Films — Live-Action. In The Baker's Wife , the vicar gets on everybody's nerves with his condescending air of superiority.

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Averted by Dr. Many local activists feel that this is not an attack they can afford to ignore. Wilhelm Busch criticized the Catholic church several times in his stories for this. They're all really much more concerned with enforcing social norms than any genuine faith, with the apparently exclusive exception of Orel himself. But with religion you never lose that sense of wonder.

Rather than speaking about forgiveness, redemption, or any attempt to save the souls of those ostensibly under his care as a member of the Church, Pucci's goals all seem to revolve around control. There also appears to be an entire order of nuns willing to add another notch to Casanova's bedpost. When admonished for risking or perhaps earning, in the eyes of the inquisitor eternal damnation for a single night with Casanova, the response is "seems fair. In The Dirty Dozen , Maggott tries to justify his murder and alleged rape of women through his special interpretation of Holy Scripture.

He's still the most evil character in the entire movie. And in a movie of Nazis vs. Marianne and her Christian group in Easy A who protest everything they can think of, such as changing the school mascot from a Blue Devil to a Woodchuck and getting Olive who accidentally starts and maintains a rumor about being a slut expelled before "saving" her. It's especially frustrating since her boyfriend is actually sleeping with the guidance councilor, who gives him chlamydia.

The movie makes a point to equate their views to the views of the townsfolk in The Scarlet Letter unsurprisingly, since the film is loosely based on the book. The Kevin Costner Robin Hood movie plays it both straight and subverted. The bishop is firmly pro-sheriff, to the point of embracing the sheriff's devil-worshiping religion and even helps marry him to Marian at the sheriff's Satanic altar despite the latter flatly refusing , and tries to flee with gold when Locksley storms the castle.

On the other hand, Friar Tuck, the down-to-earth churchman, is not only wise, sympathetic and friendly, but can drink sacramental wine and beer with the best of them. What's more, he gets so incensed at the bishop's greed and corruption he defenestrates the bishop from a tower with enough gold and " thirty pieces of silver to pay the Devil on your way to Hell! Initially, Friar Tuck is reluctant to help out of fear of persecution, but eventually ends up helping Robin to begin robbing their wagons and stealing the grain back. Father in The Sacrament claims to be this.

At the end of the film, we see him snorting coke and it's implied he's having sex with Caroline. Every single religious character in Saved! The only decent human beings are hated and ostracized by the religious ones.

Holier Than Thou

Incidentally, the movie is set in the modern-day Midwestern United States. The movie ends, however, with the lead character, a formerly evangelical Christian who was ostracized by her school's Christian Girl Posse for getting pregnant, realizing that faith is not exclusively the province of fundamentalists, and seeking a more open and accepting form of Christianity which embraces others instead of judging them. Every single religious character - except for the main character, her gay childhood friend, and her Love Interest.

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Most characters in this movie could be considered religious people. And while some of them use it to justify truly Jerkass behavior or rather, rationalize the jerkass thing they want to do with a religious excuse , most of them are shown struggling with their faith at one point or another, even the Alpha Bitch.

There is an interesting portrayal of this in Jane Austen 's Mansfield Park. On the other hand, he despises anyone he sees as inferior, doesn't try to hear their justifications, and ends up an Accomplice by Inaction to his daughters' selfish antics and to his sons' self-destructive behaviors because he doesn't want to accept that, maybe, there might be a problem he didn't consider. Meanwhile, he forces his niece Fanny to obey him, because he will never listen to a poor girl with no instruction who dares to have self-esteem.

Despite all that, she still has crippling self-esteem issues because she's not sure that she is right, just sure that all the depraved people she has to deal with are not. Laeral She's personally consecrated to two goddesses and is more holy than you can ever hope to be. He probably irritated the Devil. God knows he irritated his neighbours. Live-Action TV. Babylon 5 : Aversions are notable in how systematic they are. No priest—be it Brother Theo, Ivanova's rabbi, or any of the other priests or priest-equivalents passing through B5—is shown to be anything other than a good person following their tenets.

Delenn is a particularly notable aversion. She is quite religious and is even a nominal priestess. She is also very much a Messianic Archetype. However she expresses her messiahship as a stateswoman not as a religious figure, has a few dark secrets in her past, and so on, and in general does not really reach Mary Sue status. She is seldom particularly self-righteous, for instance she was the one who suggested giving Londo an invitation to the rebirth ceremony.

On the other hand, it's played straight with some of the more uptight members of the Minbari religious caste. An alien couple in "Believers" were willing to let their ill son die rather then submit him to surgery, which was against their beliefs. Franklin operates on him anyway. It didn't occur to him that the parents would destroy what they now believe to be a soulless zombie of their son.

In a tragic rather then malicious example, the Markab race died out of plague mostly because they believed that the malady was a divine punishment for debauchery and concealed all facts of contraction out of fear of embarrassment. When the news of the plague spread across the Babylon 5 and the resident Markabs began falling victims both to the disease and angered neighbors, their priest convinced all his kindred to lock themselves in a separate section where they would be untouched by the general corruption and protected by their purity.

Naturally, a horde of people susceptible to a respiratory infection gathered closely together in an air-tight space worked out just as well as you'd think. In the end the entire race except for a few isolated colonies died off in a matter of days. Boardwalk Empire has Nelson Van Alden, an incredibly messed-up Protestant fundamentalist and Prohibition agent; possibly Father Brennan, a Catholic priest with shady deals with corrupt politician Nucky Thompson and whose influence turns Margaret Schroeder into an Hypocrite Hiding Behind Religion as well ; and a rare Jewish example in Manny the Kosher butcher, who kills people with the same facility he offers rabbinical wisdom.

Caleb, the Dragon to the First Evil in the last televised season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an utterly psychotic, misogynistic defrocked priest. She cuts the girls' hair if they are bad and punishes them by "baptizing" them putting the young orphans' heads in the bathtub if they are "unclean". Now a manifestation that was not only a ghost, but a poltergeist that took the form of the raw emotions of the orphans brings those who were attending a party at the Lowell house the same treatment Holt did to the orphans.

Shirley in Community both parodies and plays this straight; she's the most openly and passionately religious of the study group members, and while, for the most part, she's a likable and friendly person, her beliefs can lead her to get very obnoxiously self-righteous very quickly. Robbie's wife's parents from Everybody Loves Raymond. Also, Frank has his few moments and Marie her many moments.

Played with a little in Father Ted. While Jack is a drunken lech and Dougal a ditz , Ted himself is a bit more complex. Clearly he is interested in fame and money but many occasions show that he at least has faith and often means well; he just is a bit too inclined to follow his baser desires.

There is an interview with the creators where they discuss their real feelings on religion. If people haven't watched this, they may assume that Father Ted was an affectionate, if sharp tongued parody. Downplayed with the character Book from Firefly. He does have some elements of this trope, such as giving the other characters spiritual advice and he manages to do so in a way that is not at all preachy and sticking to Thou Shalt Not Kill even in rather life-threatening situations.

Also, unlike most examples of Holier Than Thou , Book manages to make more than a few jokes about religiosity and Holier Than Thou itself: at one point, Inara asks if he's going to preach about the error of her ways, and Book replies: "I just brought you some dinner, but if you'd prefer a lecture, I have a few catchy ones prepped. Sin and hellfire—one has lepers.

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In the fifth movie, Highlander: The Source , one of the protagonists is a Cardinal in the Catholic Church, and is portrayed as a total jerkass. One character calls him out on this, saying something to the effect of, "I met Jesus. He wouldn't like you very much. It is implied that he himself is not actually a Christian being more than years old and born a barbarian raider he wouldn't have run into Christianity until many, many years after he first became Immortal , but he strictly follows both the rule and the intent of the church laws, knowing how important it is to his mortal followers.

Darius was extremely popular with the audience, and was intended to be a long-term character in the series, but the actor's death at the end of the first season forced them to change direction. Her primary clash with Emissary Benjamin Sisko besides from the fact he, a non-Bajoran, was given a title and prestige in their holy order that trumps hers , was that his faith and respect for the Bajoran religion was far stronger and more pure than hers was.

And let's not forget what she did to her rival for the role of Kai, Vedek Bareil, and her eventual defection to her religion's "devils" the Pah-Wraiths She was also deeply envious that the Prophets would communicate directly with Sisko, while she was never granted such visions despite a lifelong devotion to the Prophets. A good portion of the events in the final season of the show could have been avoided if the Prophets had simply spoken to her. However much a smug, self-righteous, passive-aggressive manipulative bitch she seemed to be before, one got the feeling that she sincerely was devoted to the Prophets and to the good of Bajor; that made her defection to the Pah-Wraiths all the more shocking.

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On the other hand, many worshipers of the Bajoran gods tended to subvert this, most notably Major Kira. Even more notably, the previous Kai was a saintly woman who willingly remained behind on a hellish world to help its constantly warring natives achieve peace. Not that she had much choice, really, but she accepted it gracefully. The Expanded Universe novels include a species of alien that worship an offshoot of the Prophets, murdering anyone who worshiped either the normal Prophets or the Pah-Wraiths as heretics and false believers.

At first he looks like a retread of Kai Winn in some regards tensions with Kira included.

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He talks a year old would-be suicide bomber into standing down. Justified in Joan of Arcadia , as God is Holier Than Thou , and whatever he told Joan to do was ultimately right, even when it seemed wrong. Most other religious characters are a subversion, offering their interpretations of God in a non-demeaning manner. There was one character in one episode as a response to the priest sex abuse scandal , but he was a short-lived exception. A Catholic bishop publicly accuses Robin and his outlaws of being heretics, as well as anyone helping them. While it seems that he's on the Sheriff's side, it turns out that the Sheriff is blackmailing him.

Apparently, the bishop is secretly translating the Bible into English to allow people to read the book themselves without an intermediary providing his own interpretation.

Of course, if the truth gets out, the bishop will be excommunicated or worse. Brother Tuck convinces the bishop to stand up to the Sheriff, who throws the translation into the fire. The end of the episode shows the bishop starting anew. In one episode of Seinfeld , Elaine's boyfriend Puddy is revealed to be a Christian. When she asks him if it bothers him that she's not religious, he tells her he doesn't care because he's not the one going to hell. In Stargate SG-1 , given that the " gods " are usually evil, anyone who's particularly devout toward them is probably evil as well, both in the case of the Goa'uld and the Ori.

This is averted occasionally, whenever a handful of mooks realizes their gods are shams and switch sides. This is especially true of Tomin, a humble villager-turned-general, who gives a priest an epic verbal reaming over how they're corrupting the Ori religion to oppress and destroy.

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When a person has taken the moral high-ground or are just up themselves, they are being "Holier-than-thou". Holier-than-thou literally means, holier than me or. holier-than-thou definition: People who are holier-than-thou think that they are morally better than anyone else.. Learn more.

He was, indeed, holier than thou. Also averted in the character of Sam Carter, whom Word of God i. Played straight and averted in Episode 52, "Demons". The Canon is a self-righteous and self-worshiping witch-hunt leader; Simon is the devout, who stands up both to the corrupt Canon and "the Devil" actually a Goa'uld-possessed Unas at the episode's climax. Simon: My God is with me always. The narrator is accusing the person he's talking to of being this. Think you're pure of heart? Well I know I'm a million times as humble as thou art! Myths and Religion. According to the Orthodox Christianity, the true Christian saint is an inversion of it.

It's the true and the first sign that you do right. They say that is the ideal that we should all be following, if we really want to saved by God. Jesus Himself was particularly harsh on Holier Than Thou types, calling them hypocrites who "are like a tomb whitewashed and beautiful but full of old bones and dead people". He tended to emphasize the importance of humility and self-awareness of one's own shortcomings, and often said that those who proudly perform "good deeds" in front of an audience so that everyone knows how good they are will receive no reward in Heaven, having already received all the reward they deserve.

Pro Wrestling. Chances are, whenever you see a deeply religious gimmick in Professional Wrestling , it'll be of this type Reverend D'Von , Dustin Runnels , etc. And it's going to suck. This has led some wrestling fans for example, R.