Human Resource Management in the Sport and Leisure Industry

Human resource management in the sport and leisure industry
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Financial Management in Sport Organizations Economic Principles Revenue Sources Philanthropy and Fundraising Budgeting Basics Budget Preparation Budget Formats Capital Budgeting Budget Presentation Accounting and Reporting Business Planning Highest valued professional sport franchises in Summary of supply and demand data for proposed marina Annual starting values, depreciation, and remaining book values after straight line depreciation Sample price and attendance data for four market segments Sample data and computed elasticities for four market segments Income sources and their level of importance to the three sectors Comparison of Alabama state parks sources of revenue compared to national trends Amount and percentage of state and local government revenue from selected sources Example of a revenue structure for a municipality Sample subsidy rates and hourly prices for ice rink rental Foundation statistics for Grantseeking selection criteria Example goal setting using a budget Overview of some planned giving instruments Suggestions for utilization of fundraising strategies A detailed example of a public budget preparation cycle Types of government-based funds Comparison of commonly used budget formats Example salary ranges Summary budget data Performance budget format Decision unit worksheet example Projected capital budget costs for a water playground Comparative data to help in estimating costs of and revenue from a family aquatic center Revenue sources used by public agencies.

Comparison of selected ratios reported for three types of sport, tourism, and leisure industries Financial management functions and roles within the organizational structure The supply curve for athletes in a professional sport The demand curve for athletes in a professional sport Examples of supply and demand curves Illustration of shifts in the demand curve Illustration of shifts in the supply curve Comparison of demand curves for elastic, inelastic, and unitary elastic markets Transaction series showing local re-spending and leakage Flow of exogenous funds through the local economy Conversion factors for three expressions of the tax rate Example revenue structure for state parks The varied elements of the price tag for going swimming Sample cost summary for ice rink Relationship of reference price to subjective price Steps of the granting process Example of a search result Funding prospect worksheet Grant guidelines from a typical foundation Comparative analysis of elements of a grant proposal Sample grant budget The donor pyramid Goal relationships in fundraising Example Spreadsheet Data Organized for Example 1 on a Spreadsheet Data Organized for Example 2 on a Spreadsheet Data Organized for Example 3 on a Spreadsheet Three-year budget calendar Budget preparation cycle Portland Metro budget cycle Example program budget Program budget goals and objectives for Figure Cost items associated with a capital development project Parks and recreation bonds, Net present value timeline Illustration of a well organized slide using minimal text and supporting graphics Principles of simplicity focusing on the background, text, and graphic all in support of each other Use of background, with large or small text detracts from the readability and understandability of the presentation A bar chart and a pie chart Placement of information on the balance sheet Sample balance sheet February 1, Sample income statement February 1—29, Sample balance sheet February 29, Example of a petty cash voucher Sample petty cash reconciliation statement Sample budget statement The age profile of workers, seasonality, the pressure to achieve short-term results, media intrusion, wide differences in pay between elite and community levels, and the importance of competition and consumer fan behaviour, all combine to set sport and leisure apart from 'mainstream' business and management.

Human Resource Management in the Sport and Leisure Industry is a comprehensive and accessible introduction to HRM in sport and leisure that examines these challenges in the context of organisational structure, systems, and individual and group behaviour, encouraging the reader to develop a strategic approach to HRM, and emphasising the importance of reflective professional practice.


Independent Project The independent project provides students with an opportunity to apply their professional knowledge and critical skills to examine, analyses and evaluate an issue of interest in depth. Create a Want BookSleuth Forgotten the title or the author of a book? Add to cart to save with this special offer. Economy International Shipping. Human Resource Management by Stewart.

The book explores the full range of key issues, themes and concepts in contemporary HRM, including: the labour market in sport and leisure personal skills in HRM recruitment and selection learning, training and development evaluation and performance appraisal change management coaching and mentorship. Covering private, public and voluntary contexts, the book includes a wide range of examples and cases from the real world of sport and leisure management. Each chapter also includes highlighted definitions of key concepts, review questions, summaries and learning objectives, to guide student learning and help managers develop their professional skills.

Effective human resource management and development is essential for business success, and this book is therefore important reading for any student or professional working in sport and leisure management. Toon meer Toon minder. Productspecificaties Inhoud Taal Engels Bindwijze Hardcover Verschijningsdatum september Afmetingen 24,4 x 17,5 x 1,9 cm Aantal pagina's pagina's Illustraties Met illustraties.

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International school of sport and leisure infrastructure management

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Human Resource Management in Recreation, Sport, and Leisure Services

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