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Let's take pizza, for example, a seemingly simple food: in Rome it's tall and spongy, decidedly different from the Neapolitan one, where the dough is artfully worked to be thin and elastic.

Italian food: a trip through the tradition

Pasta, undoubtedly beloved throughout the whole country, has a special place in the heart of the people of the south, while rice is very popular in the north, as is the Milanese Risotto. In the central regions, on the other hand, soups made with excellent local grown legumes are consumed daily. In Parma and its surroundings, after a visit to the Duomo or an evening at the Teatro Regio , travellers can savour the famous Parmesan cheese or the typical sweet prosciutto crudo.

IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE by Tanveer Singh

In Campania the cheese par excellence is instead the stringy one, the buffalo mozzarella , which goes exceptionally well with the local tomatoes, big, red and round, perfect when dressed with the olive oil produced by the secular olive trees of the south. Since Italy is a peninsula with about km of coast, the fish naturally has a place of honour.

Again, from one region to another, recipes and traditions change drastically. The Tuscan coast is famous for the caciucco , an excellent fish and shellfish soup, in Naples fried squids and shrimps are not to be missed.

Some of the acts -

Red tuna , with its fine, firm and compact flesh, is instead one of the highest points of the rich Sicilian tradition. Wine would deserve yet another chapter. Piedmont alone has more than one hundred and fifty DOC wines , same goes for the green valleys of Chianti , in Tuscany, where you can visit the ancient cellars and participate in tastings. Sardinia too has a huge variety, its full-bodied reds are famous and they are a perfect match for the strong flavor of the island's goat's milk cheeses.

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It's All About Love is the story of two lovers and their attempts to save their relationship in a near-future world on the brink of cosmic collapse. John, and. It's All About Love is a romance-drama film written and directed by Thomas Vinterberg. Its narrative can be classified as apocalyptic science fiction, but.

Italy and sweet food. Wherever you are in Italy, committing sins of gluttony is always easy.

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Ice cream dominates everywhere, but in Sicily it competes with the snow cone called granita. It is quite simply a river paradise.

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  4. IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE by Tanveer Singh!

As always we are punching well above our weight music wise and this year we are blessed with so many incredible musicians and bands. Baka Beyond are world famous and their recorded music is often played at our gatherings, but to see them live is next level.

Amadou Diagne is coming back this year also as he completely rocked the gathering last year. This time around he returns with his amazing band Yakar. Ravi is one of my favourite singer song writers as is Carrie Tree. Antarma blew us all away last year and I am so looking forward to seeing him again.

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We also have the incredible Mobius Loop and the genius that is Rainer Scheurenbrand with us. Hold onto your hats. We must be doing something right!

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Time and again I have forgiven my mistakes. I was a normal kid until my graduation, lost in my ways, trying to make a name for myself. Critic Reviews. They are like real worlds spread across dimensions. This scene signifies in excess of symbolic semiologies representing mental-states; this excess is precisely the a-signifying force that remains. Again, from one region to another, recipes and traditions change drastically.

I could also only learn the things I needed to learn — about how we can do it better — from actually experiencing the last event. Watch this space, I will be in touch very soon…Sending healing and happiness to you all. Simon — All About Love. About us.

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