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Germany 1-0 Spain: Women's World Cup 12222 – as it happened
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If we can convince ourselves that we have a better team than Germany and are capable of beating them, then I see us winning. Please let us play with some arrogance, fire out of the blocks and hit them hard fast and early. The Lions will go home today - the Germans are superior in the midfield and in attack. Fabio Capello will soon answer the only selection question left - namely who will partner John Terry in central defence? He may well be tempted to leave well alone after the win against Slovenia, but Jamie Carragher and Ledley King will be hoping otherwise.

Cautious optimism. Germany coach Joachim Loew has a few decisions to make in terms of his team selection ahead of kick-off. Striker Cacau is out injured, so Miroslav Klose will definitely return after his suspension but midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger hamstring and defender Jerome Boateng calf muscle are doubts and face late fitness tests.

Schweinsteiger, in particular, would be badly missed. There will be 15, England fans at the Free State Stadium in Bloemfontein, while 30m are expected to watch the game on TV in England, including thousands on a big screen at Glastonbury. Troops in Helmand, Afghanistan, will watch a recording of the match later.

Germany is also in the grip of World Cup fever - , fans are expected to watch the match on outdoor screens in the centre of Berlin. They write: "Jubeln, chillen, England grillen," Celebrate, chill out and grill England. Hello summer! Good-bye England. Some bad news to report ahead of kick-off. The commentary was in German, so I'm not sure how much stick they are giving us about it, but the vuvuzelas in the background are a very nice touch. That means Fabio Capello, for the first time in his England career, will name the same side in successive games.

I hear a few people are using Paul the psychic octopus's tip and heading for the bookies because they think they might be squids in. I'll get my coat So, where are you watching today - and who with? Any mixed Anglo-German World Cup parties going on? Come on!! Otherwise dreading work on Monday! From Bunteh: "Wayne Rooney needs to step up and play today. He was better agaisnt Slovenia but hopefully today is when he finally plays like we all know he can. Gareth Barry needs to improve also, if we lose the ball to the Germans they won't be as kind as the Slovenians were.

All-round Germany legend and their former manager Jurgen Klinsmann says he wishes this game was taking place in the semi-final or final, not the second round. He says expectations are high back home, despite everybody trying to play down German hopes but is worried that Wayne Rooney might come to life in this game. I think that means he rates him. When we see England I say they have got to play better and now they are meeting it is going to be touch and go again.

I'm going for to England but I'm afraid it will be after extra-time. From Freddie: "Hi Chris, I'm at Glastonbury, had an amazing weekend, now we're all heading over to 'football field' where they're showing the match. Only one result cou ld make the weekend perfect!! Come on England!!! From anon: "After the psychic octopus prediction, I decided to put everything I have on a Germany win. All my worldly possessions are now with the prawnbrokers. We call it arrogance but they are just very, very confident - they really believe in themselves.

I was reading Lucas Podolski's interview and he says that it's a fantastic changing room, it's a young team but experience counts for nothing - look at France.

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It's all positive, they never think about what could happen if they lose. I like that about the Germans, I've got a lot of respect for them. It's team with a lot of fighting spirit and very strong mentally, with incredible experience. I think they just assume they will win if it comes to a shoot-out they are already singing "England's going home" to the tune of Three Lions.

Still, it won't come to that will it? Or will it? From Sam in Brixton: "My father lives in Berlin and he says that most of the German population are very worried about facing England. So why are we all so worried. We can, and I believe will, win this. England expects. Bodes well, doesn't it?

Just over two hours until kick-off You have to think of all the good things that can happen to you. From anon: "I'm at Glastonbury with my german friend Dina. About to watch the game shortly, Dina in her germany shirt and me in my england shirt. It's been a great weekend but only one of us can be happy after this game! At least I know the crowd will be with me! We will be happy with whoever wins but so hope for a good game with both teams playing their very best and positively and that we have a result at full time!

Wish I had the same feeling! I think we've already done fantastically well so let's see how we go. Right, that's all from me for now - I'll be back later on for Argentina v Mexico though. Over to Jonathan Stevenson to take you through the rest of the build-up to England v Germany and the all-important match itself. Thought not. Hey there. The two words that best sum me up today? Proud and emotional. And so it begins. Refresh your page and let's get going. Can Mesut Ozil maintain his sparking form - and can Wayne Rooney rediscover his?

The clock is ticking to the time when we will find out. As the Stuart Pearce mock-up poster says, your country needs you. C Join up and join in on Geoff in Middlesbrough: "I have got a really good feeling about today. The Germany defence is weak as Ghana proved when they opened them up on several occasions. As long a we keep Ozil does anyone else think he looks like Beaker from the muppets? Some of the England players are first out on to the Free State Stadium pitch in Bloemfontein to have a look around. The cheeky putter escaped a fine from the tournament director.

For England, this day has been a very long time in coming. It is 44 years since they beat West Germany in the World Cup and since then it has not been much fun playing their old rivals. Fifa president Sepp Blatter: "Leaving for Bloemfontein for the next chapter in a match which has created World Cup history - 66, 70, 90 and On Twitter: "I've filmed video inside stadium. Lots of English flags flying. But I would also realise that the first goal will be so, so important.

I know there is loads of history between England and Germany, but that will not affect the players on Sunday. Half the squad will not even remember Just look at the players, they have players who can really make a difference.

Sara Däbritz bundles Germany winner against Spain in Women's World Cup

And it's now the phrase of all phrases. According to organisers, more than 1, new games made their debut at the show. All News. In , when the Bundesliga was formed West German clubs were admitted according to regional considerations and based on a ranking that covered the previous twelve years. Valenciennes Discover.

They will give us a big fight on Sunday. From wildsnooker: "Ozil is being over hyped by non-English fans. I don't fear him at all. England have this won.

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We are better, and I am adament we will get a min result. Our friends from Infostrada Sports have come up with a gem once more. Here it is: England goalkeeper David James has conceded five penalty goals in regulation for England, and two have been missed. He has not physically saved any of the seven in total. He also faced seven penalties in the Euro shootout v Portugal - six were scored and one put over the bar by Rui Costa.

So in total, he has faced 14 penalties in an England shirt - 11 scored, three off target and none actually saved. Referee: Jorge Larrionda Uruguay. So, England are unchanged for the first time in Fabio Capello's game reign. Lagos is expectant. The not-so-secret predo of Nathan Stevenson: aged three and three-quarters Germany England. In 10, 20, 30, 40 years from now, people will talk about the time Germany and England met in the World Cup in Bloemfontein.

Jez in Fulham: "Just pulled out my commemorative England shirt - was it really nine years ago we thrashed them? Fingers crossed. It's so much easier playing in these games than watching them, it'll be horrible when it starts. If Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard can get in and around his feet, who knows? If Rooney plays like we know he can, England are in business. When you are growing up, it is the stage you want to be playing at.

There could be a big moment in the game that can define any player's career. But you look forward to it. It is a fantastic game to play in. Everyone is excited. But, for us, matches of the past do not play such a major role. We know the English players have good qualities, we know perfectly well that they play the opposite to kick and rush. From jonnysteamboat: "On paper England have a much better team, the problem lies mentally. This is where England can fail, but the team seem to have avoided the England-Germany hype and seem to be focused on winning a football match.

England have some great experience and a huge amount of desire. Rooney will shine today. I cried myself to sleep in when my hero Stuart Pearce missed and my favourite England team of all lost in the semis, I had my heart broken again six years later when another shootout did for Psycho and the boys at Euro 96, and I celebrated with ecstasy as England thumped Germany in Munich nine years ago. Back home, we don't even start watching until the knockout stages. And don't count on us missing a penalty - it only happens once every 28 years. I guess it's going to be the same old story.

Nick at Queen Charlotte Hospital: "My girlfriend has gone into labour! Thankfully with all the gas and air that she is on I don't think she will notice if I sneak out to the pub to watch the game! We'd love this game to be further on in the competition, but it's an amazing game to play in and it'll be a tight affair. Let's get it decided in normal time. From mcrabb " See If his predo is correct, can Nathan do the live commentary for the quarter-final?

From manfrombelmonty: "This is what it's all about. Even though I'm Irish I've got goosebumps all over and my heart is pounding. Games just don't get any bigger. This just has to be a cracker. On the telly right now, they are talking a lot about penalty shootouts. I think today is the day when we will see England come and play, there are some outstanding players in this team.

Let's not let Mesut Ozil dictate the play and let's hurt them. Play your part in the drama that is about to unfold. Germany is one of those teams, not more. I respect Germany but I think also Germany respect us. The players look strong and we did well in training, just like we did before Slovenia.

Everything is really good and for this reason I have a lot of confidence in my team. I feel a bit cold. Great atmosphere, England fans completely outnunbered.

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Hopefully it will be more subdued here later on! England's players have talked a good game in the build-up, claiming confidence has been reassembled by the win against Slovenia. Good sheparding out of play from Gareth Barry down the England right after Lukas Podolski threatened.

An early touch for Mesut Ozil, but Matthew Upson went in quickly to close him down. Sloppy from England. A ball over the top down the right catches Ashley Cole out and Mesut Ozil is through, but the angle is tight and his shot is well saved by the legs of David James. Both teams look a bit nervy, lots of heavy touches in the early stages. Meanwhile, apparently I used the wrong verse of the Germany national anthem, for which I'd like to apologise. No offence was intended. England captain Steven Gerrard plays a Hollywood pass out to the right, but it's miles ahead of James Milner.

Wayne Rooney is showing signs of being sharper today after eight games without a goal for his country. Both teams giving it away too easily at the moment.

Women's World Cup: fans give their previews and predictions

An England attack breaks down and Germany counter with pace as Lukas Podolski leads the charge, but he is selfish and his left-foot shot from 22 yards is blocked - he had better options up alongside him. Ashley Cole goes in hard and fair on Thomas Mueller and it takes the Germany winger a few moments to get back to his feet. Cole has shown good aggression early on. I have taken the day off from work tomorrow and the bosses are letting everyone come in later in the morning.

Come on England. It's just waiting to catch fire, this one. There are some nice exchanges of passes without anything stunning happening. One such decent move for Germany ends with Sami Khedira ballooning a left-foot shot miles over from 25 yards. Frank Lampard's free-kick thunders into the Germany wall and seconds later Wayne Rooney uncharacteristically gives the ball away.

Klose could have gone down there and Upson would have been sent off, but he bagged his 50th international goal instead. I don't know what they were doing. Wayne Rooney runs into a little bit of space 30 yards out, but his right-foot shot is wide and wild and the Germans will take that all afternoon. A furious Fabio Capello is off the bench already, and no wonder. Matthew Upson did not react quickly enough and was then too feeble in his attempts to deal with Miroslav Klose. Poor, poor goal. That was just a huge punt down the middle of the field by the keeper - what were the two centre-backs doing?

Give Klose credit, he didn't give up on the chase but what a terrible goal to give away. Better from England as they work it down the right and the ball falls for Gareth Barry 30 yards out - he hits a decent left-foot shot, but it's comfortable low down for Manuel Neuer.

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From PotentPotables: "I honestly think Rooney should stay up front and wait for service. His constant roaming in midfield has rendered him ineffective. He just can't do everything by himself. England are having more of the ball, but their shape isn't very good - Wayne Rooney is dropping too deep, and James Milner is wondering over to the left.

They seem to be panicking a little at the moment, but there's no need to, there's plenty of time left in the game. What a save from David James. Germany attack with gusto and Thomas Mueller plays a pass into the area for Miroslav Klose, but his goalbound right-foot effort is brilliantly blocked by James.

Jermain Defoe heads a Glen Johnson cross against the crossbar, but the Spurs striker is flagged for offside so it wouldn't have counted. England's defence is an absolute shambles. Germany attack down the right and one clever flick from Miroslav Klose tees up Thomas Mueller. With England's central defenders nowhere to be seen Mueller plays it over the top to Lukas Podolski and from a tight angle on the left of the six-yard box, he smashes low past David James.

Stunning finish, and England are suitably stunned. James Milner whips in a cross from the England right and from the edge of the six-yard box Frank Lampard's poacher effort is brilliantly kept out by Manuel Meuer's right hand. Cracking save. Germany are causing a problem every time they attack - this time a corner causes Gareth Barry and Matthew Upson all sorts of problems and Miroslav Klose is only denied by some last-ditch defending after a smart turn.

England are in danger of being embarrassed. Now it's Germany's turn to self-destruct. Steven Gerrard flings a cross over from the England right and with Manuel Neuer all over the place, Matthew Upson rises imperiously to head into the empty net. This is incredible. You know ? Well apparently, what goes around comes around.

Frank Lampard hits a shot from outside the area, it beats Manuel Neuer, bounces off the underside of the bar and bounces about two feet over the line. It isn't given. It's almost unbelievable. Is your heart pounding? I think mine's about to explode. The England fans are berating the referee - Jorge Larrionda and his linesmen might have a lot to answer for at the end of this game. England looked dead and buried, and now they are in charge of the game. Capello needs to use what just happened at half-time. England are buzzing around now, playing some good stuff.

They must be fuming about the goal that wasn't given - they all knew it was in. Uruguayan referee Jorge Larrionda picks the ball up and the boos ring out from the England fans in the crowd. I cannot believe we don't have technology in football still. The decision was not to use technology at all. But, if England can keep this tempo up, then I can see them getting back into this game. From Ezi: "England have just been robbed by an inattentive linesman and it is very unfortunate. Was he sleeping or what? Sorry, if a linesman cannot make a call as obvious as that he has no place in a game of this magnitude.

England made Germany look vulnerable in those closing stages, so there is still hope. Germany too fast and too mobile when running at them. By the way, Fifa president Sepp Blatter, the man who is so desperate to stop the introduction of goalline technology, is at the Free State Stadium in Bloemfontein.

There was contact, if not a lot, and though the referee waved play on I thought that VAR might intervene. A few moments later Magull is played through and shoots wide she was probably offside, anyway. Updated at 6. That could have been a proper chance. Spain bring Bonmati on in place of Putellas. Spain have had five.

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As a general rule of them, when they get to the German penalty area they pass the ball around aimlessly before having a rubbish shot from an unpromising position. Spain bring Patri Guijarro on for Meseguer. Instead of passing to an oen team-mate, though, she takes a wild shot that flies high and wide. Spain run down the other end, where Lucia Garcia is brought down just outside the area by Schweers, who is booked. There are thus two Garcias in their attack, with Lucia joining Nahikari.

One month to go! Also out is Kathrin Hendrich, who has been replaced by Klara Buhl.

Germany 1-0 China: Women's World Cup 12222 – as it happened

Not even if the Germany captain has a Popp on goal. Nor if the Germany coach Schweers by her left back despite a dodgy performance. Spain have a half-time lead on passes, which is a demonstration of their technical excellence. All in all, they should be slightly disheartened, and also extremely encouraged. The scoreline is tough on Spain, who have been excellent but lack a cutting edge. They have had more possession and more shots, but of those eight shots only one has been on target.