Mr. Emersons Wife: A Novel

Michael Emerson
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Beebe goes and brings back George Emerson, who says that his father is bathing, but promises to relay the information. Chapter 2. There, they happen to see Mr.

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Emerson and his son George. Lucy explains to Mr.

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Start by marking “Mr. Emerson's Wife” as Want to Read: In this novel about Ralph Waldo Emerson's wife, Lidian, Amy Belding Brown examines the emotional landscape of love and marriage. this was a book club choice and one I may not have picked to read, it was worth the struggle, in. In this novel about Ralph Waldo Emerson's wife, Lidian, Amy Belding Brown examines the emotional landscape of love and marriage. Living in the shadow of .

Emerson what has happened to her, and George suggests that she join him and his father. Lucy politely declines, and Mr. Emerson says Lucy recognizes the reverend as an Englishman named Mr.


George tells Lucy that his father has driven Mr. Eager out of the church, and often Lucy suggests that Mr. Emerson could have been more tactful, and George balks at the idea of tact. For a brief moment, Lucy regards George and thinks Emerson tells Lucy that he knows what is wrong with George. Chapter 4. Stunned, Lucy looks around and happens to see George Emerson not too far away, before fainting. Lucy suddenly thinks of her photographs, which she dropped when she fainted. George goes to pick them up and Lucy tries to walk off without him, but he Lucy is shocked, but George explains that they were Chapter 5.

Eager are more interested in gory details about the matter than someone like George Emerson. Chapter 6. Italians to mythological figures. In the carriage are Mr. Beebe, Mr.

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Beebe had invited the Emersons along without asking Mr. Eager first, The driver misunderstands Lucy and directs her over to where George is.


Lucy walks through a wooded area and then stumbles onto a terrace with flowers Chapter 7. A storm begins Worried, Mr. Emerson asks Mr. Eager to ask the driver where George is. Charlotte, meanwhile, slips some money to the driver, who saw the kiss earlier, and But then Chapter Charlotte says that she is worried and warns Lucy that she should tell Mrs.

Lucy is unsure Emerson to return calls within a ten-day window.

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Freddy, George , and Mr. Beebe leave to go to the Sacred Lake for a swim.

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On the way, Mr. Beebe comments on the coincidence of the Emersons meeting Lucy in Florence and then ending up so near to Windy Corner. George says Beebe sees no one else around Suddenly, Mr.

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Beebe alerts George and Freddy that people are coming by. Honeychurch, Cecil, and Lucy happen to be At dinner, Freddy asks Lucy about George , and Mrs.

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Honeychurch asks her how well she knew George in Florence. Lucy says that Beebe at the rectory. She feels that she managed the meeting Lucy tells Charlotte that she has promised not to tell anyone about the kiss with George , and plans to keep her promise. Charlotte says that it would be even more dreadful This is a fascinating and thoughtful tale; the Emersons, Thoreau, and their transcendental community vividly come alive. Toggle navigation. Browse our magazines Submit your novel for review. All articles Browse by Tag Browse Guides.

Browse all members Become a member Search Members. Martin's Press. What is the significance of the fact that Lidian always addresses her husband as "Mr. In their first encounter, Lidian and Mr. Emerson discuss their views of marriage. Lidian asserts that a "marriage of opposites" is a good thing because it perfects an individual by balancing strengths and weaknesses.

In what ways do you think Lidian and Mr. Emerson balance each other? Do you think Lidian's marriage proved or disproved her theory? The novel is in Lidian's voice and filtered through her view of things. How do you think Lidian contributes, directly and indirectly, to the strains in her marriage? What was she looking for in her marriage? Was marriage itself important to Lidian — or only marriage to Emerson?

How did Lidian's experiences with her parents shape her later outlook and decisions? What role does guilt play in this novel? What actions does Lidian take that she regrets? What does she do to find forgiveness?

Does she ever forgive herself for her imperfections? Does forgiveness in her life and her world have any meanings no longer relevant today? In what ways does death overshadow the Emersons' marriage? Is marriage a symbol of life or death in this novel?