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Silverado (1985)
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The consecutive pieces "Ezra's Death" and "An Understanding Boss" and "Party Crashers" are as black as nails, with Broughton making full use of the expanded horn section he assembled for the score and throwing in some growling trombones for good measure. Broughton has one of the most instantly recognisable and most personal styles of all the Hollywood composers and even in this work, which inevitably draws inspiration from the countless classics which went before it, is resolutely his own.

This is a joyous score, one featuring so much melodic invention and proper orchestral music that yet again one can only lament the fact that Broughton - who only has John Williams for competition when it comes to writing good, old fashioned orchestral film music - seems to get so little quality work these days. The original soundtrack album featured most of the score's highlights and was a very strong album, but to tie in with the film's twentieth anniversary, Intrada released this expanded version, featuring the entire score, a couple of source pieces and one alternate track.

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It also features much-improved sound, liner notes from Broughton and Intrada's Douglass Fake, and nice packaging. It really is one of those classic scores which belongs in any film music collection - honestly, film music just doesn't get much better. Disc One tracks.

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Disc Two tracks. The staff at Variety reserved praise for the film stating that the real rewards of the picture lie in its "visuals" saying, "rarely has the West appeared so alive, yet unlike what one carries in his mind's eye. Ida Random's production design is thoroughly convincing in detail. Kasdan has packed his action well against the fearsomely long, dusty stretches of Western plain.

It's not as rousing as it thinks, despite the efforts of Bruce Broughton's strident score, but looks terrific - all big skies and wide-open spaces. Richard Corliss of Time didn't find the picture to be compelling, stating how the film "sprays the buckshot of its four or five story lines across the screen with the abandon of a drunken galoot aiming at a barn door.

Though the film interrupts its chases and shootouts to let some fine actors stare meaningfully or spit out a little sagebrush wisdom, it rarely allows them to build the camaraderie that an old cowhand like Gabby Hayes exuded with no sweat. Maybe the dudes at K-Tell were a mite too slick for the job.

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Though much of the running time is devoted to these expository passages, it's all very basic and shallow. The film premiered in cinemas on July 9, in wide release throughout the United States. For that particular weekend, it moved up to 5th place screening in 1, theaters.

Silverado (Main Theme) Sheet Music by Bruce Broughton

The film is recognized by American Film Institute in these lists:. It was released on VHS video format on July 8, Special features included A Return to Silverado with Kevin Costner featurette, Along the Silverado Trail: A Western Historian's Commentary , Superbit presentation, "Top Western Shootouts" featurette, talent files, bonus previews, an exclusive page movie scrapbook, and collectible Silverado playing cards.

The widescreen hi-definition Blu-ray Disc version was released on September 8, The original motion picture soundtrack for Silverado was released by Geffen Records in Gene Feldman and Erma Levin edited the music.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Silverado Theatrical release poster. Hollis Pepe Serna as Scruffy. Bruce Broughton. Los Angeles Times.

Silverado (Main Theme) Sheet Music by Bruce Broughton

Retrieved Box Office Mojo. New Mexico Tourism Department.

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Archived from the original on CBS Interactive. Rotten Tomatoes.


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