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Heracles developed a love for the outdoors by helping his father with farmwork, and it was with the work his strength grew. Heracles grew, and his first real test of strength was when he was summoned to kill the lion of Mount Kithaeron.

The beast had been ravaging the herds of Amphitryon, and Heracles had little problem disposing of the monster. He skinned the lion, and some say it was the pelt that he is constantly portrayed in [others believe it was the Nemean lion's hide which he wore]. Whilst he was away, the city of Thebes became entrenched in a war with Orchomenus; Heracles immediately armed the Thebans with spoils from the temples. As soon as victory was assured, Heracles flooded Orchomenus's crops. Athena observed Heracles shrewdness and bravery and thus became an ally for life.

Neither she nor Heracles could save Amphitryon, however, who lost his life in battle. The king of Thebes, Creon, bestowed his daughter Megara as his wife; Iphicles was given her younger sister. Both brothers produced numerous children, among them Iphichles's son Iolaus, who eventually became Heracles 'understudy' and best friend. She afflicted Heracles with a sudden madness, which caused him to attack Iolaus, who luckily escaped.

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Heracles began shooting arrows at imaginary beasts; when the madness lifted he discovered he had killed his children and two of Iphicles. Horrified, Heracles secluded himself from any human contact and begged the king of Thespiae for purification.


He then consulted an oracle for atonement and was instructed that he was to service the king of Argos, Eurystheus. The result was the famous Labors of Heracles. Heracles returned to Thebes. He separated from Megara [or, according to Euripedes, killed her in his madness] and decided to seek a new wife.

Eurytus of Oechalia was looking for a husband for his daughter Iole, but the potential suitor had to shoot better than he. Heracles did just that, and Eurytus accused him of cheating. Disgruntled, Heracles departed, vowing revenge. In the meantime, Eurytus discovered some of his horses had been stolen and assumed Heracles as the thief.

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The real culprit had sold them to an unbeknowest Heracles. Eurytus's son, Iphitus, refused to believe that Heracles was at guilt and set off to prove the point. Heracles invited him to dine at his house, but Iphitus accidently let it slip the reason for his visit. Enraged at being accused, Heracles killed him, which is an unforgivable crime in Greece: murdering a guest in your own home.

He had not even a madness to blame. He went to Delphi to consult the Pythoness, but she refused to speak with the heathen. Angered, Heracles threatened her and seized the tripod. She called upon Apollo. Apollo confronted Heracles, who attacked the god, and Zeus was forced to use a thunderbolt to separate his sons.

The king of gods declared that once again Heracles be enslaved as punishment and purification for murdering Iphitus and desecrating Apollo's shrine. This time his servitude was to Queen Omphale of Lydia. Omphale was impressed with the strong, handsome man, and one can hardly call his duties to her "arduous". The king of Troy, Laomedon, had enraged Poseidon, who sent a sea monster to terrorize the kingdom. Consulting an oracle, Laomedon was horrified to discover he needed to sacrifice his daughter Hesione in order rid his kingdom of the beast.

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Heracles found the girl chained to a rock, and quickly freed her. He then offered Laomedon to slay the monster in exchange for two wonderful mares, which had been presents from Zeus when he abducted Ganymede.

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Laomedon agreed, and Heracles, with the help from Athene, killed the monster. Laomedon was grateful but rescinded on the agreement. We're a small non-profit organisation run by a handful of volunteers. Become a Member. Cartwright, M. Ancient History Encyclopedia. Cartwright, Mark.

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Heracles grew, and his first real test of strength was when he was summoned to kill the lion of Mount Kithaeron. This may be due, in part, to the importance of procreation in early Greek society. Of course, Alcmene was a tad surprised but nevertheless obliged. She entered [the Underworld] and the threshold groaned under the holy tread. Knowing the pain it will cause Hercules, "Hippolyta" takes a suicidal dive into a ravine. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Articles 3. The Greek poet Hesiod c.

Women in the ancient Greek world had few rights in comparison to Help us write more We're a small non-profit organisation run by a handful of volunteers. Recommended Books The Glory of Hera. Princeton University Press 25 June Archetypal Images in Greek Religion: 5.

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