59 Seconds: Decision Making: Think A Little, Change A Lot

59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot
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india.server.vatsim.net/hydroxychloroquine-and-chloroquine-diphosphate-review.php However, to be fair, not all the conclusions in the book are made on the basis of one study or small numbers of students, some flow from a whole body of work, or from longer-term studies tracking hundreds of people.

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There is tremendous pressure on academics these days to publish as much as possible, and sometimes papers make it out the door that have fatal weaknesses. For example, one finding discussed in the book is that being around plants makes us more creative. For example, it can be far more effective to praise children for their effort, rather than their ability. It can also make them fear failure, as this would seem to disprove their talent. These two consequences can mean that the child then tries less hard.

In contrast, praising them for their efforts can encourage them to work hard, and overcome setbacks and failures. In conclusion, I think that many of the techniques in this book may be limited in their application, due to the artificial nature of psychology experiments, yet Richard Wiseman has done a good job in summarising a whole mass of findings that are potentially both practical and not widely known.

59 Seconds: Think A Little Change A Lot

Often these kind of books can be valuable even if you only get one idea out of them thats going to be useful to you. Here is a summary of some of the advice he gives on increasing your happiness , based on scientific research:. I'm not sure I agree with the implication that we need to pick one and reject the others, but I think we should definitely be careful of the tradeoffs.

True, dreaming big is more inspirational than practical, but inspiration can be very important sometimes.

Even when we do manage to achieve that big dream, it is usually not what we originally thought it was. Imagining the optimal vs, imagining the good enough is a big topic and I tend to agree with the satisficing approach in general, although there are specific well-defined situations where optimization is a very useful approach. So I agree, I would come down in general in favor of satisficing or "good enough" solution framing with the provision that we don't neglect the motivational value of dreams and the precision power of optimization.

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Hi Todd, thanks. Do you have some more information or hypotheses on which strategy would be most appropriate in which situation? Hi Coert, interesting question. That's one of the things I've been most curious about myself ever since I first read about the satisficing concept from Herbert Simon's writings. What classes of problems lend themselves best to optimization vs. And when do we choose to satifice, vs.

Most likely it is a personality x environment interaction. People probably prefer satisficing approaches to different degrees. Some of us are notoriously perfectionistic, or are obsessed with precision, and for some these traits work well with optimization approaches because they find or create niches for themselves that favor those approaches. It's partly a matter of surrounding yourself with problems that you are already good at solving.

Still, there are probably some heuristics that could help us choose one approach vs. Let me think about it for a bit. I am not really sure. My question was: which approach works best when? Your hypothesis was that it not only depends on situational factors but also on personality factors.

But does the suitability in outcome terms also? I think dreaming big, visualizing an ideal state may seem attractive but I am skeptical whether it is also effective. Wiseman's research seems to support my skepsis. From how to encourage your kids towards success to the best way to speed dating or effective dating. It's like a Swiss Army knife for life and all the tips and hacks are condensed in a one minute principle sort of.

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The book relies in studies and experiments done on the different topics as well as it analyzes counterparts and critics to some of the theories or conclusions. It's a good curious read. You might find some topic of interest.

Good buy. Its okay. The motivation chapter gives you methods to achieve you goals. If you apply the method and stick to it you will see results. However you can achieve you goals without this book all you need is determination to do it.

The method is to break down your goals into smaller achievable steps then write the steps down on paper. Other chapters on relationship advice or creativity are good but its nothing you could not google or look up yourself.

59 Seconds: Think a little, Change a lot

This book was incredible. I've never read one like it. If you are a fact lover who is looking to think about things differently, this is your book. So much respect for the author and all the hours he put into reading the studies that shaped his work.

59 Seconds: Decision Making: Think A Little, Change A Lot

59 Seconds: Decision Making: Think A Little, Change A Lot - Kindle edition by Richard Wiseman. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. In 59 Seconds, psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman presents a fres. on topics from parenting to making decisions, this is a very useful book with small tips.

It's a self help book that you'll never fool your eyes at because everything he say is backed up by cold, hard, proven truth! If you're not into facts and stats, you may find it hard to read. Go to Amazon. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Length: pages. Word Wise: Enabled. Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled. Page Flip: Enabled.

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