A Voyage in a Dory, From Sitka to Tacoma by Oars, Sail, & Tow Rope

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http://jira.uptrail.com/12267-mobile-phone-number.php Exploring the Alaska-Yukon bordercountry: Wrangell-St. Excellent photography, with author's perspectives and comments. ISBN hbd ; pbk. De Laguna, Frederica.

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A Voyage in a Dory, From Sitka to Tacoma by Oars, Sail, & Tow Rope - Kindle edition by R.N. DeArmond. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device. A voyage in a dory: From Sitka to Tacoma by oars, sail, and tow rope [R. N DeArmond] on dynipalo.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. PB - From Sitka to.

Reprint of a murder mystery by the eminent anthropologist, originally published for the Doubleday Crime Club in Archeological reconnaissance of the middle and lower Yukon River in , illustrated with photos and maps and integrated with reports of earlier explorers. Debets, G. Translation of a study of human remains collected by Froelich Rainey and Helge Larsen at Point Hope between and Decaneas, Antony.

Traveling the world for eight decades, mountaineer, explorer, cartographer, and aerial photographer Bradford Washburn has documented the landscape around the world. This has black and white aerial photographs taken mainly in Alaska, but also some from the Swiss Alps and the American Southwest.

Decker, Julie. Box , Anchorage AK Highlights the work of 54 Alaskan artists with biographical information, examples of their work, and many photographs, some color. Also includes essays on art in Alaska. Degnan, Frances Ann. Box 33, Unalakleet AK Memories, interviews and photographs of the Unalakleet area. Denfeld, Colt. Army Corps of Engineers, , 22 pp. Illustrated account of an Aleutian outpost. Denfeld, D. Army Corps of Engineers, , p. Inventory and history of military construction from the early s through the s. Denton, Pedro. The author's paintings cover basic fishing activities along Alaska's coast, depicting boats at work in their natural environments.

Dick, Gerri and Dean Littlepage. Describes the upper river and its land, the geography and natural history, checklists of gear and of birds, plus 20 maps to follow the route. Dickey, Robert M. A missionary's adventures during the gold rush, illustrated with photographs. While thousands of prospectors were attempting to reach the Klondike, gold was discovered near Atlin Lake in northwestern British Columbia.

Dikov, N. Bland Anchorage: National Park Service, , pp. Translation of a work on the archaeology of Chukotka. Translation of a study of prehistoric arctic rock art in the Russian Far East. Dillon, Patrick. Divin, V. Smith Anchorage: White Stone Press, , pp. A translation of the Moscow edition, this book recounts the Russian discovery of Alaska in by Mikhail S. Dixon, E. This revolutionary archeological synthesis argues an alternative model of the earliest human population of North America.

James Dixon dispels the stereotype of big-game hunters following mammoths across the Bering Land Bridge and paints a vivid picture of marine mammal hunters, fishers, and general foragers colonizing the New World. Dixon, Michael P. Essays by author who traces some of the routes explored by Jack London. Dobrowolsky, Helen. Dolitsky, Alexander B. Fifty-nine tales, legends, and myths translated with a short note on the source.

Donald, Leland. Ethnographic and historical analysis of slavery in traditional Northwest Coast cultures; includes comparison of the status of slaves with that of war captives. Doogan, Mike. Fairbanks : Epicenter Press, c , p. Anchorage Daily News columnist and humorist presents his version of an Alaska "code of conduct. This curriculum guide covers early aviation, careers in aviation, and aviation safety. Each section includes a biography of a woman and a minority person in that field and provides curriculum activities.

Dorsey, Kirkpatrick. The Dawn of Conservation Diplomacy : U. Contends that successful conservation treaties came only after conservationists learned to use scientific evidence, public sentiment, and economic incentives in their campaigns for protective legislation. Douglass, Don, and Reanne Hemingway-Douglass. General guide for skippers; gives local knowledge for exploring coasts: maps, anchorages. Douglass, Don, and Reanne Hemingway Douglass. Guidebook with great details for the Southeast Alaska cruising community.

Driscoll, Cynthia Brackett. Skagway and Atlin history with photos taken by the daughter-in-law of Skagway's wagon-road builder. DuFresne, Jim. Hiking in Alaska Hawthorn, Vic.

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Overview of hiking trails for each region, giving background, permits needed, transportation options, and what might be seen. Dubin, Lois Sherr. Abrams, Inc. Illustrated, comprehensive study of jewelry, beadwork, clothing, and ceremonial objects from ancient times to the present, made by indigenous peoples throughout the United States, Canada, and Northern Mexico. Duesenberg, H. Box , Clear Lake, IA Illustrated account of the building of the Alaska Highway in the s, based on interviews with private contractors who worked on the project.

Dumond, Don E. One of series: Fieldiana: Anthropology, new series, No. Results of archaeological excavations at an important settlement on the Alaska Peninsula. Duncan, Kate, with Eunice Carney. Reissue of title that covers history of Alaska and Yukon Athapaskan beadwork, including regional differences with examples and patterns of contemporary beadwork; new foreword by Doris Ward and new introduction. Dunn, John Asher. Facsimile reprint of John Dunn's classic, previously two-volume, work published by the Canadian Museum of Civilization in the late s. Durbin, Kathie.

Environmental advocate's account of the history of two pulp mills in Southeast Alaska that harvested low-cost timber from the Tongass National Forest from their establishment after World War II to the present and the ecological, political, and social consequences of their rise and fall. Durr, R.

Martin's Press, pp. Sixties dropout from East Coast academia becomes a fisherman and Alaskan. Dykstra, Monique. Photographer Dykstra canoes down the Yukon recording tales of some who live there; 45 black and white portraits. Dzugan, Jerry and Dan Falvey. Provides illustrated information on safety risks and methods of risk reduction for aquaculture employees.

Box , Juneau Westport, Conn. Box , Westport, CT, Economic analysis of question of oil spill affects on the price of seafood. Ellis, Pat. Order from: P. Box , Petersburg, AK Covers Petersburg's first thirty years. Ellis, Robert E. Bob and Margaret R. Peg Ellis. What … No Landing Field? Richardson, P. This reissue of the original edition tells the story of a pioneer Alaska aviator and founder of Ellis Air Lines and life in the Alaska Territory. Emanuel, Richard P.

Pictorial account of the gold rush era and the changes it brought to Alaska and the rest of the Pacific Northwest. A look at traditional and modern subsistence practices throughout Alaska. Tribute to a life-long Alaskan and photographer with selections from sixty years of photographs. Anchorage Museum of History and Art now holds these images in their collections. Papers delivered at the conference held in Fairbanks September , ; includes much history from the gold rush era. An ethnomusicologist and a linguist collaborate in this major study of Haida music and folk songs.

Eppenbach, Sarah. Seventy Alaskan recipes for baking tea breads, muffins, custards, cobblers, pies, scones, and cookies. Steven Picou [et al. The communities caught in the path of the oil spill or lying within easy reach of it were damaged in unmistakable if subtle ways.

This textbook gathers papers from sociological viewpoints, allowing us a many-dimensioned look at one of the most important environmental disasters of modern times. Wells, James N. Fair, Susan W. Twenty-three major contributions by traditional and academic scholars on Southeast Alaskan topics including Alaskan history, language, culture, arts, and literature; contibutors include the editors as well as Walter Soboleff, Frederica de Laguna, Richard and Nora Dauenhauer, Steven C.

Brown, Sergei Kan, Steve Langdon and many others. Fairbanks Alaska. Alphabetical list of names, dates of birth, dates of birth and death, locations in cemetery. Dolitsky; translated by Henry N. Translation of 56 Chukchi folklore and stories first published in Russian edition, edited by E. Intricate design, careful attention to cultural detail, expansive scope, and intriguing themes in more than 60 tales make it both educational and entertaining. Includes glossary and bibliography.

Falk, Marvin W. Alaska Oxford: Clio Press, , p. Describes with eyewitness accounts various north polar expeditions from the early 's to Includes bibliographic references. Feeney, Robert E. Biochemist presents case that explorers lived and died by the quantity of their food and the quality of their nutrition. Fejes, Claire. Excerpts and stories from this Alaskan artist's journal that she began in , when she accompanied her husband to Fairbanks and then into the Bush. People of the Noatak. Volcano, CA : Volcano Press, Reprint of the edition. Paintings and drawings.

Ferrell, Ed, comp. Alphabetically arranged, this uses newspapers and magazines as sources to present biographical materials on some of the early settlers of Alaska and the Yukon. Ferrell, Ed. A second volume of four hundred biographies with source notes, most from the period , collected by a longtime resident of Juneau. A third volume containing four hundred biographies with source notes, written by a longtime resident of Juneau.

The Dangerous North Bowie, Md. A collection of 26 accounts of death and survival that chronicle the harsh realities of life on the northern frontier. Adventures in law and order from Alaskan history. Ferrell, Nancy Warren. Biography of noted Alaskan fiction writer of the s through s, by Juneau author. Brief illustrated history of the first decade in a mining camp that became Alaska's capital city. Field, Carmen M. Box , Portland OR The authors, marine biologists and naturalists living in Homer, offer a pocket-sized field guide to many of the most commonly found invertebrates, where to find them, and tips on photographing them.

Fields, Leslie Leyland. The author, a fisher herself, writes about her experiences in Kodiak and includes the narratives of other women who reflect on their fishing careers in Alaska. Fields, Wanda Marie. Box 25, Kodiak, AK Arriving on Kodiak Island as Baptist mission houseparents in , the author and her husband soon turned to cattle ranching.

Illustrated with hundreds of color photographs, this is the story of traditional Western ranching adapted to a very non-traditional location. Fienup-Riordan, Ann, and Mary Meade. Text explaining Yup'ik masks and culture. Fienup-Riordan, Ann. Describes the Yup'ik view of the world and the oral traditions that structure how life is lived.

Includes bibliographical references and index. Fienup-Riordan, Ann, with William Tyson…[et. Continuation of earlier book Eskimo Essays reflecting on the societal and anthropological developments of the last ten years relating to peoples of Southwestern Alaska. Richly illustrated museum catalog for a major exhibit.

Also includes historical photographs of early Fairbanks, additional hand-written recipes found in the original copy, and an introduction by Mary Childers Mangusso and Phyllis Demuth Movius. Writers from two continents and four countries of the Pacific Rim write about "the fish of the gods" from both a historical and a contemporary perspective.

The first one hundred years : St. Nicholas, A history of the church, founded at the initiative of local Tlingit leaders in , with many historical illustrations. Firth, John. This insider's view of the legendary race between Fairbanks and Whitehorse includes anecdotes from all the races plus all results and rules. Fobes, Natalie. Box , Portland, OR , The award winning writer and photographer presents an intimate and impressionistic vision of the Alaska she has documented in her fifteen years of adventures in the North.

Good overview of salmon fisheries of the Pacific Rim, noting historical and current status and recounting the life cycle of this magnificent fish. Color photographs, bibliography, index. Anchorage, Alaska : The Pioneers, , p. Sketches of members of the Anchorage organization that keeps alive the memories of Alaska's early settlers. Fortescue, Michael D. Ten linguistic varieties are compared, including five Inuit dialect groups, the four Yupik languages, and Sirenikski" an almost extinct Siberian language group.

A true Circumpolar effort. Foster, H. Frank, Johnny and Sarah Frank. Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AK Frederick, David C. Colorful history of circuit which includes the far West, Alaska and Hawaii. Includes one chapter on Anvil Creek Judge Noyes et al. Freedman, Donna.

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Written by a local author, this guide gives the feeling of having inside information on the city and all it has to offer. A portion of proceeds from the sales of this goes to the Alaska Center for the Book. Freedman, Lew. Box , Kenmore WA Biography of the man who almost single-handedly rescued long-distance Alaska dog mushing from extinction. History of baseball under the northern lights, told by the sports editor for the Anchorage Daily News. Freedman, Lewis. Contemporary adventures of mountain climbing, mushing and braving the great outdoors of Alaska. Freeman, Milton M. Covers northern circumpolar indigenous peoples, including the two Alaska-related articles on the Inupiat and the Yupik, written by anthropologists.

Friday, Chris. Study of West Coast, concentrating on British Columbia, cannery labor market between and in relation to the social and political behavior and ties of Chinese, Japanese and Filipino workers. Garfield, Brian. Revised and expanded classic: narrative history of the Aleutian campaign that was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in History in ; includes new chapters and bibliographic citations.

Garibaldi, Ann. Judy Alward, A St. Gariepy, Henry. The story of the compassionate service of the Salvation Army in Alaska. Gaston, A. Only detailed study of this bird's history, its territory and behaviors. Very detailed and scientific; includes the natural history of the Queen Charlotte Islands which are the bird's habitat. Gates, Michael. ISBN hbk ; pbk. Gay, Joel, with Daryl Binney. Commercial Fishing in Alaska. Brief descriptions of the great variety of fisheries in Alaska, including the major species of fishes and crabs and other shellfish.

George, Marilyn Jordan. DeArmond says the author "has written a gripping account of those years of fishing for salmon and halibut, of disasters at sea, and of raising a family under circumstances peculiar to Southeastern Alaska. Gibbs, Jim. Alaska's past and present still depend on seas routes: from Russian exploration and exploitation to the modern fishing and transportation of oil and other commodities. Gill, Ian. Three different, very personal journeys capture much of the history, culture, and enchantment of this remote place and its people.

Gillette, Gary H. Illustrated account of a ten-mile rail line which operated from , hauling raw fish to a cannery. Ginsburg, Patty. RCAC, an independent non-profit organization formed after the Exxon Valdez oil spill to promote environmentally safe operation of the crude oil terminal in Valdez and the tankers it serves, relates the changes implemented and the gaps that still remain in reducing risks of major oil spills.

Glines, Carroll V. He set polar flight records, organized a series of daring wartime air operations, and became a leader in Arctic aviation. But despite these achievements, Norwegian-American aviator Bernt Balchen saw his public image and military career repeatedly undermined by his one-time mentor, the famous and influential Admiral Richard Byrd.

Godesky, James. Box , Skagway, Ak, Overview of Skagway for the tourist: includes photographs and list of places to see. Illustrated booklet featuring seven parks around the state. Produced by a group from the Chugach National Forest and from the Bureau of Land Management, this guide gives all the necessary information on recreational panning for gold, including maps and panning sites.

Highly selective sample of Gold Rush images found in this research collection. Goldschmidt, Walter R. A reprint of the federal government report "Possessory Rights of the Natives of Southeastern Alaska," adding the eighty-eight original Native witness statements, an introduction by Thomas F. Thornton, and reminiscences by Walter R. An important document in the history of Alaskan Native land claims. Gorbatcheva, V. Valentina Mikhailovna. Beautifully illustrated volume by ethnologists presents an overview of indigenous peoples, their traditional way of life, world concepts, and the influence of environment.

Gordon, Ruth. True stories of special dogs, including Patsy Ann, the official greeter of Juneau Alaska in the s. Gotthardt, Ruth Magrit, and Greg Hare. Gough, Barry. Volume 14 in the "Oklahoma Western Biographies" series. Reveals the international impact of Mackenzie's expeditions and his vital role in the history of the fur trade and the American West. Gough takes the reader along with Mackenzie on his hazardous travels and voyages, using contemporary accounts to bring to life the problems and perils faced by the young explorer in his journey to the Arctic Ocean and his journey to the Pacific, which predate the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Graburn, Nelson H. Illustrated catalog of Native artifacts includes a twenty-page essay by Molly Lee on the history of the Alaska Commercial Company. Collection of essays by writers who describe events, people and wildlife in Alaska, from Southeast to the Yukon. This is the second volume of writings on Alaska for these editors. Greenspun, Philip.

The print edition with many color photographs selected from an Internet original that documented the author's travels through North American, including his trek through Alaska. Gregory, Glenn R. Grescoe, Paul. A well-formatted, fact-filled guide to Alaska, with historical notes, tips on souvenir shopping and photography, guides to "special places," making this a cut-above the usual guide. Griffin, Joy. Alaska Earthquake : Where Were You? Homer, AK : Wizard Works, , paper, p. These are their stories, just as they have told them. Homesteading story of a family "proving up" north of Fairbanks in the s.

Griffin, Kristen. Containing over seventy illustrations, many in color, this is a history of the smallest and oldest federal park unit in Alaska. Grinnell, George Bird. Lists almost 17, names and the judicial precincts where each case was heard; the records themselves are held at the State Archives in Juneau. Hadman, Ballard. Hadman's son adds a preface to this reprint of her classic about her life in Alaska. Hahn, Otis and Alice Vollmar. After spending much of his first fifty years dreaming of mining for gold in Alaska, the author turned his Minnesota farm over to his son and headed north to follow his dream.

Haigh, Jane. A selection of black and white photographs of Denali National Park and Preserve, taken through the s. Haigh, Jane G. Three Alaska women combine their 50 years of experience in Alaska to give you a humorous insiders' view to a unique species. Hall, Edwin S. A paperback reissue of the classic authoritative account of the narrative history of place and people in Northwest Alaska.

Halliday, Jan. Activities and destinations described and detailed travel information provided. Hare, Greg, and Sheila Greer. Excavations at ancient sites in Yukon territories. Harkey, Ira. This reprint of the classic Pioneer Bush Pilot by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author brings understanding of both Wien and the Alaska he knew. Harper-Haines, Jan. Family history of the Harpers, beginning with author Harper-Haines' grandmother.

Harrington, Louise Brinck, and Mary C. Box , Douglas, AK Interviews with twenty-five Ketchikan residents, Haskell, William B. Back in print after years, this major autobiographical work of an eyewitness account of the Klondike stampede is now accompanied by a new preface by the series editor, Terrence Cole.

Reprint of an account which stands out from most of the instant guides to the Klondike produced during the rush, with a new preface by Terrence Cole and added index. Haughton, Lonnie. An Alaskan troller from the Southeast tells some good stories about his adventures. Haycox, Stephen, James K. Barnett, and Caedmon A. Liburd, editors. Overview of this regions' early history and European explorations.

Haycox, Stephen W. Primarily a history of the office since statehood, but also includes an essay titled "Before Statehood: Law in the Territory of Alaska. Revision of the anthology Interpreting Alaska's History ; more than half the twenty-five essays are new in this edition.

Hayes, Derek. Reproductions of historic maps, from the 16 th through the 20 th centuries. Hays, Otis, Jr.. Heacox, Kim. A revision of the author's book of the same title. Hensel, Chase. Study of Yup'ik culture. Herben, George. Picture Journeys: in Alaska's Wrangell-St. Photos of a trip through the wilderness that includes McCarthy, Kennecott and many landscapes and wildlife.

Hess, Bill. Hetteen, Edgar with Jay Lemke. Autobiography of Hetteen, the "grandfather of snowmobiling," who founded two pioneer snowmobile companies and demonstrated his machines in a run from Bethel to Fairbanks. Hickel, Walter J. Former Governor's short takes reveal his wide range of interests, ideas, and opinions. Higgs, Andrew S. History of the site of today's Fort Knox gold mine. Hilscher, Herb. This is a reprint of the edition. It contains dozens of scripts for television and radio spots which were narrated by Elmer Rasmuson and aired in the s. Will Chase-Beloved Alaskan.

Hilson, Stephen E. Reprint of this historical reference atlas with annotated charts and color photographs. Himmelheber, Hans. Based on fieldwork done in and originally published in German, this new compilation of ethnographic information includes legends, details of traditional activities, and marvelous candid photographs.

Hinckley, Ted C. Autobiography by an historian and university professor whose focus was late nineteenth and early twentieth century Alaskan history. Hirschmann, Fred. Large book of beautiful color photographs. Alaska From the Air Portland, Ore. Hoagland, Edward. Travel diary and history of the Stikine River area.

Holland, Clive. Arctic exploration and development, ca. Major reference volume for Arctic exploration and history. Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

R N DeArmond

Holland, Clive, editor. Holleman, Marybeth. Guidebook to natural and human history of this Alaska region. Thornton, editors. Will the Time Ever Come? Source book on Tlingit culture, a result of the meeting in Haines that brought together representatives from the Tlingit tribes and clans from Alaska and Canada to exchange and collaborate on future initiatives. Houston, C. Howe, John R. Hasselborg Fairbanks: University of Alaska Press, , pp.

Life story of a bear hunting hermit turned conservationist. Huber, Thomas Patrick, and Carole J. Personal travel diary with personal observations and local history; written by two geographers on their journey from Dawson Creek to Fairbanks. Hudson, Ray. A schoolteacher tells what he learned from the Native elders of Unalaska from the time he moved to that Aleutian town in until he left in Edited by Allen P.

Occasional Paper No. Papers presented at a symposium on native whaling, held at the Alaska Anthropological Association meeting in April, , in Anchorage. Collection of personal remembrances of the lively Bishop of Juneau, who died suddenly in This coffee table book describes the petroleum company's Alaskan activities and features many group photos of employees. Stories of nineteen Alaskan pioneers of Japanese ancestry.

Jackson, and Minnie Aodla Freeman. Twelve women artists talk about their way of life and their art. Issenman, Betty Kobayashi. Beautifully illustrated, this volume brings together information on all aspects of Inuit clothing, its design and role in Inuit cultures; includes Inupiat and Yu'pik attire. Ivanov, Viacheslav. Written to accompany a exhibit and based on extensive church records preserved at the Library of Congress.

Iversen, Eve. Pierce Kingston, Ont. O'Moore, O. Founder of the Russian American Company and the daughter of the commandant of the Presidio of San Francisco have a brief but powerful romance, then he returns to Russia to die the next year. Life story of a woman who taught in Alaska from to , illustrated with her photographs.

Jacobson, Steven A. Chiefly black and white maps, though some in color, depict the distribution of word choices by village when a given item has two or more Yup'ik equivalents. James, Janet Lee. The adventures of one woman with multiple sclerosis living in the Alaskan wilderness. Jans, Nick. Essays on the rhythms of arctic life and adventure that the author finds around his home, the Eskimo village of Ambler, Alaska.

Essays on wilderness and man's presence in Alaska by an award-winning author. Jenkins, Malinda. Reissue of the edition which tells of Jenkin's adventurous life; in she crossed the Chilkoot Pass to join her gambler husband in Dawson. Jensen, Erv. Erv and his brother, Sven, started commercial fishing from little boats for big salmon in southeast Alaska nearly a half century ago and were among the pioneers of techniques for catching chinook salmon, such as mooching. Jensen, Marcus F. Autobiography of a master big game guide and territorial legislator who arrived in Alaska in Jensen, Michael Vern.

History, planning tips and description of geology, climate, flora and fauna found along this mile highway which extends to the Arctic Ocean. Jette, Jules, and Eliza Jones. Koyukon Athabaskan Dictionary ; editor-in-chief, James Kari. Rich and extensive source book for this language, drawing upon the extensive Koyukon work of Jesuit missionary and Scholar Jules Jette, later recordings by scholar Eliza Jones, and help from village elders. Recording artist chronicles her life in Alaska and her journey to the world's stage.

John, Peter. Johnson, Eric L. A publication for railroad buffs interested in the Yukon's history. Johnson, Nona J. Johnson, Robert David. Biography of the Harvard medical school graduate who turned to journalism and later to politics, serving as governor of Alaska and then as one of the state's first U. Jonaitis, Aldona, editor. Illustrated catalog featuring art objects, from prehistoric to modern times; accompanied by transcribed conversations among ten Native and non-Native art experts.

Jonaitis, Aldona. A study of the history and significance of an artifact collection removed from Vancouver Island in , and now housed at the American Museum of Natural History. Jordan, Nancy. Frontier Physician: the Life and Legacy of Dr. Earl Albrecht Fairbanks: Press, , p.

Life story of a medical doctor who arrived in Alaska in the s to serve the Matanuska Colony and went on to become a leader in the field of circumpolar health. Joseph, Dorothy Savage. Fishcamp Bend, Ore. Kan, Sergei. A look at southeast Alaskan ethnography and history, from to the present. A native speaker of Russian with 18 years of fieldwork experience among the Tlingit combines anthropology and history, anecdote and theory to portray the encounter between the Tlingit Indians and the Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska in the late s and to analyze the indigenous Orthodoxy that developed over the next years.

Kania, Leon W. Naomi Ave, Wasilla, AK Kaniut, Larry. The author of Alaska Bear Tales offers an anthology of true adventures set in Alaska's wilderness. Second edition of stories of bear attacks in the Alaska wilderness. Kari, James. A study of places and names in southcentral Alaskan Athabaskan culture. Keeble, John.

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In this now definitive book on the oil spill, all the primary concerns of the first edition are updated with new material. Kelley, Mark. Box , Portland, OR Describes life-styles of crew and history of ferries and their ports of call. Kelley, Mark, editor. Spectacular color photographs grace this historical survey and present activities of the nature and people of Glacier Bay. Photographic record of a five-year expedition to study indigenous cultures on both sides of the Bering Strait.

Kenny, Michael Hughes. Kent, Rockwell. Journal of the famed artist who, with his son, spent seven months on an island near Seward in This is a reprint of the text with a new introduction by Seward resident Doug Capra. Kessler, Dale. Information and color illustration about carvers and carvings from the Bering Sea area of Alaska. Ketchum, Robert Glenn. Revised and expanded edition with new preface by Steve Kallick.

Documents the struggle to save the Tongass. Beautiful color photos. Khlebnikov, K. Kiril Timofeevich. Khlebnikov served as an assistant of several governors of Russian America from - In his notes he tried to record the history of Russian-America, noting, among other things, statistical data, oral history of the Aleuts, and portions of Cook's voyages. Notes on Russian America. Part I. Translated from the Russian edition of Kidder, Lyn. Anchorage, Alaska : Bonaparte Books, c , p. Dimond Blvd.

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The story of a special restaurateur, owner of Pepe's North of the Border located in Barrow, Alaska's farthest north city. Printed in two different writing systems of the Central Yupik language, relates narratives of Kipnuk elders not found anywhere else. King, Irving H. The Coast Guard Expands, King, J. Arising from a conference held at the British Museum in , this volume contains over historical photographs of indigenous peoples of the North American Arctic and some of the stores behind them.

Klein, Janet R. Compendium of quotations and illustrations from the earliest recorded history of the Homer Spit through the early s, published to celebrate the Centennial of the naming of Homer in Drummond and Anna T. Siig Livermore, Calif. Box , Livermore, CA Fifty residents of Livermore, California transfer their close-knit society to the Alaskan gold fields. Kocour, Ruth Anne. An account by the only female member of a ten-person team that began an ascent of Mt. McKinley in May Nine days later, a massive weather system, the most violent on record, slammed into the mountain, trapping them on an ice shelf at 14, feet for 11 days and leaving them to fight for their very survival.

History of an map of the Yukon's interior, drawn by a Tlingit Chilkat chief; includes a large reproduction of the map. Kohlhoff, Dean. Relates the tragic story of the Aleuts who were relocated to camps in Southeast Alaska, a completely different environment, and left to cope with these changes, and of their return to their villages to find the devastation there. Kosh, A. Basic book describing the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian traditional and contemporary cultures. Kost, Danny. Hiking in Wrangell-St. Guidebook to traveling this remote and rugged backcountry.

Kremers, Carolyn. The author reflects on her experiences while a teacher of music and English in Tunanak on Nelson Island and what her impressions are now. Krug, John W. Illustrated history of a family living in Dawson, Nome and Fairbanks ; includes color photographs of their extensive ivory artifact collection which was recently donated to the Alaska State Museum. Kutz, Kenneth J. The Gold Rush and its postal history told with many illustrations of postal artifacts. LaChance, Karen. Box 97, Valdez, AK Lada-Mocarski, Valerian.

Box , Mansfield Centre, CT A facsimile reprint of the classic work devoted to first editions of books on Alaska before the end of the Russian period limited to copies. Lahser, Otto.

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A gold rush diary from , edited and annotated by the author's nephew. This gold rush prospector took one of the all-Canada routes to the Yukon. Lander, James F. Tsunamis affecting Alaska, Boulder, Colo. Catalog of known tsunamis in historic time, including extensive background, sources, charts, dates plus explanation of plate tectonics and the complexity of studying tsunamis in Alaska. Laraux, Sis. Box , Palmer, AK Memories and photographs. Large, R. Reprint of classic study of the Skeena River in British Columbia.

Anchorage : Alaska Northwest Books, c Anthology of major Alaska writings none more than about 10 pages ; a sampling of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry representing most well-known Alaska writers. Lawrence, Iain. Personal stories that capture the essence and flavor of the Inside Passage. Lebedintsev, Aleksandr I. Lebedoff, David. Story of the civil action lawsuit, with details of the human and legal conflicts behind the scenes, against the Exxon Corporation in the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

L'Ecuyer, Rosalie E. Open file report Ledbetter, Suzann. Lee, Molly. Completely redesigned edition of the work, the first book on this unusual basket form, covering history, characteristics, and construction, as well as profiling the creators. New forward, preface, and introduction. Lee, Nella. Study of Yup'ik society and culture and how traditional law relates to the administration of justice in Alaska. Leo, Richard. Essays reflect author's life and his relation to neighbors and the land on a remote homestead in the Susitna Valley.

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Note from Pat —Richard did seem to enjoy himself and the shrimp Mary cooked and the boudin that Tom brought made the meal memorable for me. She was capable of carrying automobiles, in comparison to the car capacity of the Iroquois, and had accommodations for 1, passengers, compared to for the old steamer. The Town Boston had become the principal mart of North America, and symbols of commercial activity marked every quarter of the town. In beauty and size the 4oo-ton Seajort, built by Captain Thomas Hawkins and launched in , probably surpassed any vessel previously constructed in the Colony. Hey, there are no rules; I can do what I want. July 27 to report vessel disabled after suffering mechanical problems 4.

Sort order. Nov 07, Michaela Larsen rated it it was amazing Shelves: ethnography-cultural , outdoor-adventure-survival. DeArmond does a wonderful job capturing the history of this time and place in his adventure narrative. Not only do I love reading adventure books, I also love history. I am so glad I was able to catch a vision of what Sitka and Southeast Alaska was like in the s-- many of the places he writes about are places my family enjoys and I am excited to know more about them.

Well done DeArmond-- you inspire me to record more specifically the names of the people I meet and places and details of my jo DeArmond does a wonderful job capturing the history of this time and place in his adventure narrative. Well done DeArmond-- you inspire me to record more specifically the names of the people I meet and places and details of my journeys. You never know if in the future your travel log will be the foundational text on a specific time and place.

Mar 28, Chris Thorsrud rated it it was amazing. A delightful little book written by an exceptional historian, writer and friend. Dana Stabenow added it Oct 10, Kathy marked it as to-read Apr 11, Mary Chambers marked it as to-read Feb 25, Ruth Bartron marked it as to-read Nov 14, Martha Weatherford marked it as to-read Dec 18, Kris Gray added it Feb 28, Barb marked it as to-read Jun 21, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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