If Wishes Were Horses: Two Short Ghost Stories Laced with Love

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Trivia: As of , has never appeared in a film nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. Life after Life Kate Atkinson Paperback fiction. If Kate Atkinson hadn't written this book, I doubt I'd have wanted to read it. The main character dies, again and again, and lives also, many different lives?

Yes, and Atkinson pulls you into this preposterous concept early and completely. Engaging and compelling. Did you grow up loving Little Women? If so, you will be moved and fascinated by this biography of Louise May Alcott and her mother, Abigail. Abigail was an enormous influence in her daughter's life and work. Long overlooked, this splendid biography give a more complete picture at last.

I recommend this delightful series to both adults and young adults. Flavia, an eleven-year old aspiring chemist and amateur detective, lives in a run-down mansion with her two sisters and a father whose priority is collecting stamps rather than raising his girls. There is a lot of mischief between the sisters as Flavia uses her "lab" to solve the mysteries that crop up around her village. Note that the sixth book is now in hardcover.

This book ends with a new twist that will change the lives of this family. Interwoven is the story of Grace - her grandaughter - in s Australia. A beautifully written debut novel. Illuminations Mary Sharratt Paperback fiction. A captivating story of the medicine woman who defied the limitations enforced on her because of her sex. Though walled up as an anchorite as a young gfirl she became a scholar, a gifted composer of sacred music and a visionary sought by the most notable men of the time including Pope Eugenius III.

Beautifully written and incredibly moving. This was so much fun to read! A mysterious book store, an ancient secret society, possible immortality, a puzzle being decoded by patient elderly readers, and a Google genius! I liked the book store, the people, the events, and the author's style.

NW Zadie Smith Paperback fiction. Smith uses different formats to tell different parts of the story; but the novel, which follows the lives of four Londoners from a poor part of this section of London, stays wholly compelling. Intriguing and wonderfully provocative! Tara claims to have spent 6 months in the land of the fairies they hate to be called that! Told from the perspective of several characters, this is a fast-paced and marvelous story! I couldn't put it down! A story for the ages -- giant and sparkling and full of everything important. If you like grand sagas, please read Mark Helprin, who writes some of the most beatiful and moving and yes, sometimes a little over-the-top prose I have ever read.

This is his latest, and his most accessible. The Casual Vacancy J. Rowling Paperback fiction. And at first that disappointed me. However, I soon became completely entangled in the lives of the residents of Pagford. I came looking for Harry but I found J. Rowling, the extraordinary writer, and this extraordinary book! Just out in paper, and what a great book this is! Smart, suspenseful, fascinating subject, and the best ending ever!

It's about Serena Frome, a young woman who falls into a job with the British intelligence services in She is a compulsive reader, so she is sent on a mission that brings her into the literary world of a young writer, whom she comes to love. McEwan's graceful writing and the marvelous twists and turns of the plot make for a great and satifsying story. This novel tells the story of the author's experiences as a child in Cambodia, when the Khmer Rouge seized power. The writing is gorgeous; the events are harrowing; and this is one of the best books I've ever read.

The Bat Jo Nesbo Paperback fiction. He's a bit more talkative in this book and shows more personal feelings But rest assured, he's still attempting to solve peculiar crimes with puzzling motives and he's still the policeman we love. This sets the stage for the subsequent books in the series.

Light Between the Oceans M. Stedman Paperback fiction. This is a fast paced story that you won't want to put down. One night of drunken prejudice against a man and his family results in a series of life changing events in the life of a lighthouse keeper and his wife. The moral issues portrayed in this story are heart wrenching for those in this small town, as well as for the reader. You may or may not agree with the author's resolution, but it will test your emotional and moral views. Good discussion book for book clubs. Advent James Treadwell Paperback fiction. This fascinating book fleshes out the life of Johannes Faust, and brings him and his alchemy to the modern world.

There's a lot of set-up in the beginning but patience pays off! Totally fun and entertaining!

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An interesting look at life in Victorian England. The second in this most awesome mystery series! Department Q is facing another cold case suddenly heating up. LOTS of action and a remarkable cast of characters. Don't miss this one! Inquiry Into Love and Death St.

James, Simone Paperback fiction. Another intriguing and suspenseful ghost story by the author of Haunting of Maddy Clare. A young woman is called upon to identify the body of her estranged uncle and to sort through the belongings he left behind. Her investigation into the mysterious death not only changes her life but may end it.

These stories, most of them set in academia, are each told by a different first-person narrator; yet they are strung together and related by the brilliant sensibility of their common narrator--Rebecca Lee. Her perception and acuity mixed with her precise, masterful use of language make each story seem to contain a novel's worth of life. I haven't been this dazzled by a writer in a long time. Beautiful Ruins Jess Walter Paperback fiction. New in Paperback! With emotional depth, humor, and a warm understanding of human frailties, Jess Walter tells the intertwined tales of Pasquale, Dee, and a cast of supporting characters--even the actor Richard Burton makes a cameo!

Walter humorously skewers the entertainment industry, all while showing us characters working towards redemption A great read! The Yard Alex Grecian Paperback fiction. Police in London had a dangeous and under-appreciated job. Jack the Ripper was never caught, and the citizens had little faith in their law enforcers. Then a member of the Metropolitan Police Murder Squad was murdered The remaining detectives have to scramble to solve it all.

Rook Daniel O'Malley Paperback fiction. One of the most unusual, quirky, fun books I've read in a long time! Part sci-fi, part James Bond--with a kick-ass heroine and a C. Lewis-eque cast of characters. Yokohama Yankee Leslie Helm Biography. This is a terrific book! Leslie Helm invites us to accompany him on his emotional and physical odyssey as he researches his family's connection to Japan - from Great Grandfather Julius' arrival in Yokohama in , to the present. Plus, Mr. Helm is a local author so there's a Seattle connection too. Wild Cheryl Strayed Biography. Yes, it's about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail; but this book is far more than that, and way more gripping, exciting, and satisfying than you'd imagine.

Cheryl Strayed is a rare person, wise beyond her years and impressively capable of many things as well as dealing with things she CAN'T do; and I could not put this book down. Just released in paperback! Lovely and lyrical, this is a quiet book that will sneak up on you. Harold Fry is an older man somewhat set in his ways, who makes an impulsive decision that will change his life for the better, though the happy ending takes a while. The Orchardist Amanda Coplin Paperback fiction. A quietly beautiful book, set in eastern Washington at the turn of the century.

William Talmadge, a quiet and gentle man, lives alone tending and selling his fruit. One day he notices two feral teenage girls, visibly pregnant, squatting in his orchard. This is the story of how Talmadge cares for them, and all that happens after as the bookjacket so wonderfully phrases it "he opens his heart and lets the world in.

Self-Portrait with Imaginary Mother | Brick

Death Comes To Pemberley P. James Fiction. Intelligent, fast-paced and witty--I hated for it to end. I believe the marvelous Ms. Austen herself would be delighted with this book and glad of her part in its writing. Expats Chris Pavone Paperback fiction. Loved Gone Girl? Here is another outstanding multi-layered, double crossing novel that keeps you on tenterhooks all the way through to the very end. Great debut novel. For lovers of Downton Abbey!! The Passing Bells trilogy was first published in the s and recently reissued.

The life and times of the Greville family, their ancestral home - Abingdon Pryory, their friends and associates. James Paperback fiction. A wonderfully spooky ghost story that kept me turning pages when i should have been sleeping! A professional ghost hunter and his male assistant hire another assistant--a female--to investigate a violent haunting.

While the ghost indeed creates mayhem, the characters are each haunted by events in their pasts. The magical story of a couple homesteading in Alaska in the 's. They are inexperienced and growing apart, yet they slowly learn to survive in a landscape that's harsh and brutal, yet filled also with wonder and beauty.

As they become accustomed to this new world, their lives are enriched by the mysterious appearance of a little girl who becomes a part of their family, as she comes and goes between their house and the wilderness and grows to young womanhood. This is a haunting story, sad but filled with joy. A delightful combination of Jane Austen and magic! The art of "glamour" is a much-desired talent, along the lines of musical ability and landscape painting.

Arcadia Lauren Groff Fiction. Wonderful book! It's the absorbing story of Bit, born to a couple who are members of a commune in upstate New York in the 60's. Really great stand-alone story that just gets better if you're a fan of Jane Eyre. Deft characterizations and a heroine you really root for. Warsaw Anagrams Richard Zimler Fiction. Although the subject matter of this book is heartbreaking and at times unfathomable in its reality, you will meet two characters -- Erik and Izzy -- who will remain with you long after you have finished this book. These two intelligent, humorous, loveable men will touch your emotions and win your heart.

Not an easy read, but a must read. This is your new favorite book! An action-packed, heart pounding mystery! I found myself shouting at the characters and holding my breath. Duty to the Dead Charles Todd Fiction. An action-packed whodunnit. The main character is a young nurse serving in WWI who gets entangled in a family tragedy. Cat's Table Michael Ondaatje Fiction. A captivating story--told in Ondaatje's clear and magical prose--of an 11 year old boy's journey across the Indian Ocean to England.

Dovekeepers Alice Hoffman Fiction. Truly remarkable and incredibly powerful imagining of the events at Masada where a community of Jewish men, women and children held out against the advancing Roman army. Told from the points of view of four very different women. Just out in paper! Three heart-broken people happen to be wandering the park at dusk on midsummer eve in , and this is the story of how their lives are changed by an upheaval in the Faerie Kingdom that night.

It may sound a little too crazy, but it's brilliant and engaging; and you will be so enmeshed that you don't notice or care HOW crazy I loved this book. The best book I've read in months. A fantastic plot, but MUCH more than that. Erin Morgenstern transmits a state of wonder directly and cleanly, yet suffused with magic. I didn't want it to end; it left me in a state of blissful yet aching emptiness The writing style is spare but incredibly evocative.

It sort of lures you along, until all of a sudden you realize you are utterly entranced, certain the Night Circus itself must exist somewhere and you want to go! Lovely, lovely. Elizabeth I Margaret George Fiction. I love this author! She seamlessly blends historical fact and entertainment. I have met her and had lunch with her! She is passionate about presenting her characters as historically accurate as possible, while fleshing them out as real human beings in extraordinary times. This is an unusual look at Elizabeth I, focusing on the latter half of her reign; her quest to present herself as the perpetual Virgin Queen while defying her own mortality.

Restoration Olaf Olafsson Fiction. Set in Italy at the beginning of WWII, this is a beautiful novel comprised of the converging stories of Alice, a wealthy young British expat who marries an Italian farmer and moves with him to his crumbling villa in Tuscany; and Kristin, a young art restorer in Rome. Bossypants Tina Fey Biography. Tina Fey's description of her life and experiences is hilarious.

You can hear her voice coming through; whether it be describing her dates during college, her days doing improv or her Sarah Palin impressions. A fun read. Bryson in his usual humorous, inquisitive way takes us for a delighful excursion through the history of his English home--room by room. Each room, its layout, contents, etymology and usage is amazingly defined by what has happened in the rest of the world. An interesting and fun history lesson illlustrating how simple to complex discoveries have influenced our habitats since the s. Enjoy -- Nance. This is a fascinating rumination on family, ancestry and the effect of history on both.

De Waal is a beautiful writer with an artist's sensibility--he brings his family's history alive! For all us Downton Abbey fans!! An absolutely remarkable book about the real family of Highclere Castle. This was an eye-opening story of how one woman and her husband saved the lives of countless British servicemen during WWI, made the greatest archeological discover in Egyptian history and secured their beautiful family estate for the present generation.

Hangman's Daughter Oliver Potzsch Fiction. Bavarian life in the s was harsh. The people were harsh too, and maybe too eager to let the local midwife be named a witch responsible for the deaths of local orphans. The hangman, charged with torturing the "truth" out of the midwife, doubts her guilt.

He, his daughter and a young physician try to find the real culprit, putting themselves at great risk. Discovery of Witches Deborah Harkness Fiction. One of my favorite books of the year!!! The author is an academic historian so her research is impeccable. Add characters who are flawed and so REAL, a rip-roarin' storyline and you'll be hooked too!! Janus Stone Elly Griffiths Fiction.

Set in the far reaches of England, the main character is a wonderfully brilliant and loveable young woman who finds herself mired in mystery and danger. Scott Mystery. Beautiful, accurate description of life in a small Highland town with quirky characters, mysterious twists and turns and local dialect!!

Set in the s. Good debut novel and follow-up from A. Scott -- Kate. This is a wonderful story--perhaps for the older, young adult reader--I'd recommend 15 and older. An unusual story peopled with very unusual characters. Really well written; the story is mystery, magic, romance and action. It will break your heart, yet leave you hoping September Society Charles Finch Fiction. What I love about historical fiction is learning so much while being totally entertained and this is no exception.

Charles Lenox returns to his alma mater - Oxford - to solve the murder of a young student with ties to colonial India. We are treated to a lively history of the university while unravelling the mystery and falling more in love with the characters. Sherlockian in style, with wonderful plot and characters. A wonderful, magical adventure! Three kids find themselves in a fantastical situation: they must save the world from nuclear war! Anglophiles, Guernsey Society and Major Pettigrew fans--this is your next novel. Jack is determined to become a proper Englishman, according to a list of observations he has created and follows religiously.

He moves to a rural English village to build the greatest golf course in England. Pranks, superstitions and misunderstandings ensue in this insightful and humorous and enchanting tale. The first-person narrative of a young woman who is growing up too fast. She's a brilliant narrator of her perceptions and the events of her final year of high school and the first years of her life thereafter, and thus provides a finely wrought portrait of a young american girl inthe early 80's. Her writing is very detailed, which put me off a little at first ONLY at first , but I soon succumbed to its insightful genius and originality, and was rewarded by the satisfactions of a wonderful story told well --Georgiana.

Blood Harvest S. Bolton Fiction. A creepy mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don't even try to figure it out--just enjoy the ride! I LOVE this author! Angelology Danielle Trussoni Fiction. This book is so interesting! Have angels been among us forever? What powers does the Lyre of Orpheus have, and why do so many people want to get it? Can humankind win the day? Lots to enjoy here! Amazing and troublesome look at medical research and rights of individuals, revealed as Skloot explores Henrietta Lacks' life. Both fascinating and frustrating, it will spark questions about research, consent, and the Lacks' family dilemma.

Excellent book group selection for discussion. A series of interlocking stories that all circle back to Bennie, an aging former rocker and current recording industry bigwig, and Sasha, a young woman who works for him. Through the lives of these people and their circles of friends and family, the stories involve you in the world of cutting edge popular music over the past 20 or so years. Egan wrote The Keep, another of my favorite books. She's a superb writer --Georgiana. Shades of Grey Jasper Fforde Fiction. This can be somewhat compared to Brave New World , or , but it has the added attraction of being rich with British wit.

After an unspecified "something" happened, life on Earth goes on--but who you are in life depends on the colors you can see. And Eddie starts to realize that's not fair I loved this --Debbie. The author does a marvelous job of re-evaluating prejudices and racism in this funny, very touching novel.

This website was designed by: ioMile Design. Your Book Source in Magnolia, Since Book Reviews Here are some of our recent favorites; newest recommendations are listed at the top. My Ex-Life Stephen McCauley fiction Just in time for summer reading pleasure comes this sparkling novel of family and ex-family and the bonds that last.

The Overstory Richard Powers paperback fiction Interlinking stories of people whose lives have been affected and shaped by trees. Huntress Kate Quinn fiction This is a remarkable and heartwrenching work! The Philosopher's Flight Tom Miller SF The Philsopher's Flight introduces us to an imaginatively vivid world, where magic philosophy is used for protection, transport, warfare, and more. Macbeth Nesbo, Jo Paperback fiction Nesbo's latest!!

Radium Girls Kate Moore non-fiction This is the fascinating, tragic, and inspiring story of the young women who painted the luminous dials on time pieces and aviation equipment in the early 20th century. Paris in the Present Tense Mark Helprin Paperback fiction Mark Helprin's writing is full of passion and certainty; and it's impossible to resist being swept up and carried away into the worlds he creates--in this case, to Paris, and the life of year-old musician Jules LuCour.

Nomadland Jessica Bruder Nonfiction paperback Between the Great Depression and age discrimination, older adults take to RV's as they travel the country picking up temporary jobs to supplement social security checks. My Absolute Darling Gabriel Tallent Paperback fiction Totally blown away by the power of this book--the story of Turtle, a year-old girl growing up isolated after her mother's death, with her brilliant but tortured survivalist father on the northern California coast.

Savage Country Robert Olmstead Paperback fiction A literary western about a fiercely independent young widow trying to save her farm and the people it employs by joining forces with her solitary brother-in-law on a dangerous and soul-searing buffalo hunt in Uncommon Type Tom Hanks Short Stories Tom Hanks yes, that one collects old typewriters that serve as the inspiration for these 17 short stories. Scribe of Siena Melodie Winawer Paperback fiction Part medieval mystery, part love story spanning hundreds of years , part time travel thriller.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine Gail Honeyman Paperback fiction The author presents a warm, humorous look at loneliness, social awkwardness, and marching to a different drummer that will captivate readers from beginning to end. Mozart's Starling Lyanda Lynn Haupt Nonfiction paperback This is a fascinating book for any bird brain and music lover like me!

Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter Theodora Goss Paperback fiction What a fun book - and on thread with the recognition of women in history and literature. The Essex Serpent Sarah Perry Paperback fiction Steeped in Victorian detail but written in a distinctly fresh voice, this novel will transport you directly to the foggy, salty Essex marsh. Small Great Things Jodi Picoult Paperback fiction For those of you looking for a book club selection, this book will inspire a much-needed conversation about race and prejudice in America.

A House Among the Trees Julia Glass Paperback fiction Julia Glass, a master at creating living, breathing, sometimes frustrating but always believable characters, takes us deep into the world of Mort Lear, famous children's book author. The Leavers Lisa Ko paperback This novel puts a very human face on the story of immigration. Vance Nonfiction paperback Just and finally! My Antonia Willa Cather Paperback fiction A quietly beautiful novel, imbued throughout with deep feeling for the lost American prairie landscape.

Magpie Murders Anthony Horowitz Paperback fiction Agatha Christie fans will recognize the English setting, the intriguing plot, and the character Pund as a Poirot-like sleuth in this mystery within a mystery. Dear Fahrenheit Love and Heartbreak in the Stacks Annie Spence Nonfiction Spence is a librarian and her book is an exquisitely funny collection of love letters and break-up notes to various books in her life.

The Dry Jane Harper Paperback fiction The oppressive heat in drought-plagued Australia is as much a character in this book as the people are. Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore Matthew Sullivan Paperback fiction A quirky independent bookstore is the setting for this mystery that will have you rooting for Lydia to solve the clues left after one of her favorite customers dies. Good Morning, Midnight Lily Brooks-Dalton Paperback fiction This is a quiet, often sad, novel that asks the question: what endures when everything else is gone? Simple writing, good story, very satisfying ending.

LIttle Fires Everywhere Celeste Ng Hardcover fiction "More than meets the eye" are words to remember in this excellently written novel about what happens when the seemingly picture perfect Richardson family meets free-wheeling single mom Mia and her daughter Pearl. History of Wolves Emily Fridlund Paperback fiction As mysterious as a snowy forest, and as beautiful as thin ice, this book pulls you forward into the lives of the characters and never lets you go. Swing Time Zadie Smith Paperback fiction A multilayered novel that begins in a London housing project and follows the lives of the narrator and her childhood friend Tracy on their disparate journeys to adulthood - Tracy becomes a professional dancer, and the narrator a close assistant to a celebrety with a charity program in Africa.

To the Bright Edge of the World Eowyn Ivey Paperback Fiction Eowyn Ivey whose previous book "The Snow Child" is also wonderful writes a love letter to Alaska in this visually beautiful, richly constructed, historically accurate and magically real novel. Monterey Bay Lindsay Hatton Paperback Fiction For fans of Cannery Row and anyone who's been fascinated by the life of Ed Ricketts, the marine biologist, around whom life in the s Monterey revolved.

The Bear and the Nightingale Katherine Arden Paperback Fiction This is the story of Vasya, the fiercely independent daughter of a large old Russian family living in a village at the edge of the wilderness in medieval Russia, as she grows from a child to young adulthood. Modern Lovers Emma Straub Paperback Fiction From the author of "The Vacationers" comes this smart and highly entertaining novel exploring the question: can you ever return to the effortlessly cool days of college when you were in a rock band and life was easy.

The Atomic Weight of Love Elizabeth Church Paperback Fiction With an observant, thoughtful main character, and the understated prose style of the author, this is a quiet and sometimes sad, but also deeply absorbing book. Lab Girl Hope Jahren Biography Brilliant interweaving of insights into the world of botany and scientific method with Jahren's remarkable life story. The Smell of Other People's Houses Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock Young adult fiction I was one of the north-of-the-river living, Lobben-boot wearing, white girls mentioned in this book, growing up in Fairbanks, Alaska in the 's.

Library at Mount Char Scott Hawkins Paperback Fiction This is one of the strangest books I've ever read, but it has stayed with me long after turning the final page. Slow Waltz of Turtles Katherine Pancol Paperback Fiction The continuation of the trials and tribulations of Josephine Cortes from Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles , as she struggles with the success of her historical novel and her move to a new apartment. One of my favorite books of all last year. The Girl Who Slept with God Val Brelinski Paperback Fiction What happens when your older sister is mysteriously pregnant, your conservative God-fearing family exiles you both to the edge of town and your only friend is the tattooed ice-cream man?

Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster Scott Wilbanks Paperback Fiction Join Annie, in and Elspeth, in , as they become penpals through time and eventually pedestrians through the door that is a portal. Children's Crusade Ann Packer Paperback Fiction This is a rich, engrossing story of family, strongly imbued with a sense of place - a community south of San Francisco, before it became Silicon Valley. Sunlit Night Rebecca Dinerstein Paperback Fiction The charming and quirky story of a tiny community on a small Norwegian island north of the Arctic Circle, and two visitors - one from America and one from Russia - who find themselves, and each other, there one summer.

Into the Savage Country Shannon Burke Paperback fiction A young man sets out to make his fortune trapping for furs in the wild American west of the early 19th century. The Past Tessa Hadley Hardcover Fiction A novel about a family vacation is often used as a device to bring out the worst flaws of the characters; here, it is used to bring out the best of Hadley's writing talent. Leaving Before the Rains Come Alexandra Fuller Memoir paperback More from Alexandra Fuller about her life in and out of Africa, and with and without her crazily entertaining and fiercely independent-minded family.

Owl Who Liked Sitting on Caesar Martin Windrow Paperback non-fiction Enjoy this absolutely charming true tale of Mumble a tawny owl and Martin Windrow as they forge a unique and informative relationship. Forgers Bradford Morrow Paperback fiction Once a forger, always a forger? Distance Helen Giltrow Paperback Fiction Exciting debut novel set in London where Karla, aka socialite Charlotte Alton specializes in making people "disappear" by erasing all trace of their existence.

Deep Down Dark Hector Tobar Social Science Yes, this seems an obvious choice given all the press the upcoming film is generating, but it's well worth a read on its own. Queen of the Tearling Erika Johansen Paperback fiction I am one of the few fantasy readers on the staff and I pretty much loved this book backwards and forwards.

Lucky Us Amy Bloom Paperback fiction Iris, an aspiring film star, and her half-sister and wise-acre sidekick Eva, journey across the country in the 's in search of fame and fortune. Us David Nicholls Paperback fiction Douglas and Connie's vacation in Europe was supposed to be a time to encourage their son's artistic interests and rekindle their romance. John Mandel Paperback fiction In a post-plague world, a troupe of actors and musicians travel from town to town, bringing Shakespeare to the people.

Vacationers Emma Straub Paperback fiction A great beach read with just the right balance between quirky characters and dysfunctional humor. Macleod Biography This was a charming, delightful read. Painted Horses Malcolm Brooks Paperback fiction A young woman archaeologist is sent, in , to a canyon in Montana for research. Living With a Wild God Barbara Ehrenreich Biography Barbara Ehrenreich has a mind like noone else--she is an unusual, brilliant woman who, since childhood, has tried to find out "the truth about everything," as her sub-title declares.

Goldfinch Donna Tartt Paperback fiction Anyone in the store could have put this book on the recommended shelf--we all cheered when it came out in paperback. Circle Dave Eggers Paperback fiction Egger's novel hits too close to a reality that should concern every individual. Children Act Ian McEwan Paperback fiction The story of a family court judge who is drawn into the case of a 17 year old boy who is refusing treatment for his cancer.

Orphan Train Christina Baker Kline Paperback fiction In , an angry orphan finds herself sentenced to community service at a rich old lady's house. Rosie Project Graeme Simsion Paperback fiction Attempting to approach the search for a wife, Don attempts to scientifically streamline the process. Frog Music Emma Donoghue Paperback fiction This is a book bursting with life; it sucks you into the world of San Francisco, as seen through the eyes of a young French woman. Euphoria Lily King Paperback fiction This is the fascinating and beautifully told story of three young anthropologists in 's New Guinea, dedicated to their research and to each other, in complicated ways.

Word Exchange Alena Graedon Paperback fiction In the not-so-distant future, the printed word is in peril. Luminaries Eleanor Catton Paperback fiction This is a wonderful , sprawling novel full of colorful characters in the challenging circumstances of the s gold rush in New Zealand. Martian Andy Weir Science Fiction In this gripping story of one man's struggle for survival on Mars, the author uses his nerd's knowledge of space to great effect, creating a story that is futuristic and science-technical, yet understandable and entirely plausible, as if it all could actually happen in the near future.

Fikry Gabrielle Zevin Paperback fiction This is a charming book! Citadel Kate Mosse Paperback fiction Again Kate Mosse sets up a story of daring and courage with two narrative threads. Americanah Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Paperback fiction Dreams, love, life, immigration and race; what a combination! My Education Susan Choi Paperback fiction A smart, fast, witty and absorbing novel - the story of a college student's fascination with one of her professors, and how she tangles her life with that of his family; and the sense she finally makes of her experience, years past her college days -- Georgiana.

Yohanlossee Riding Camp for Girls Anton DiSclafani Paperback fiction I don't know what drew me to this book, but once I started reading it held a strange power over me. Longbourn Jo Baker Paperback fiction A complete, wonderful novel in its own right, Longbourn also smartly segues with its source and inspiration--Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Ocean at the End of the Lane Gaiman, Neil Paperback fiction A sweet, poignant and after all, it's Gaiman sorta eerie evocation of childhood - a great fantasy which is somehow also very real. The widow was determined to have the nobleman for her own, so the widow drowned her children to be free of them La Mala Hora My friend Isabela called me one evening before dinner.

She was sobbing as she told me that she and her husband Enrique were getting divorced. He had moved out of the house earlier that day and Isabela was distraught She is called the Lady in Lace. People say she is the ghost of Dona Maria del Carmen Barreto, the woman who used to own much of the land on that stretch of the California coast, returned to keep watch over her land.

Others disagree Lady in Red We didn't believe in ghosts, so when the fellow checking us in warned us that our room on the sixth floor was haunted, we just laughed. There were a lot of crazy people out there who believed in ghosts and wanted to stay in a haunted hotel, but Marie and I weren't two of them. I'd chosen the Mizpah for our weekend getaway because I'd like the description of the hotel and it amenities, not because it had a phantom. I was on the late shift to start with, since I was a bit of a night owl. After six weeks of stomping the tracks and mending the rails, I was feeling right at home in my new job Llorona, Omen of Death They say that the Llorona was once a poor young girl who loved a rich nobleman, and together they had three children.

The girl wished to marry the nobleman, but he refused her. He told her that he might have considered marrying her if she had not born the three out-of-wedlock children, which he considered a disgrace Lost They say that there once was a prospector wandering through the Yukon with his two dogs, searching for gold. One evening as it neared dusk, he found himself mired down in the muskeg - boggy country with water just underneath the surface of the semi-frozen ground and just above the permafrost The year was , and the railroad had expanded to include a small station in Maco, North Carolina.

Joe was assigned to the very last car in the train, and he executed his conductor duties to the best of his abilities aboard his assigned car. Then one night, something went wrong. Terribly wrong. McLoughlin's Ghost Dr. After losing his job he was fired for giving supplies to settlers , he bought land in the Willamette Valley and founded the town now known as Oregon City. Milk Bottles She was just another poor, bedraggled woman, struggling to feed her family. He saw them all the time, their faces careworn, and blank. The Depression had created hundreds of them. He was one of the lucky ones who still had his grocery and money coming in to feed his family She took delight in the misery of others, and made things miserable for the folks living near her.

If a neighbor slighted her, she would sour their milk. If anyone called her a witch, she made their dogs turn vicious. People were very cautious around Moll De Grow Muriel She climbed the sand dune swiftly, giggling nervously at her daring, as the soft mist of an early evening fog swirled around her. Around her, her friends were scrambling their way through the sand and long grass, heading steadily upward toward the haunted lighthouse on the summit.

Not one bit. Everyone in town knew the old log cabin back in the woods was haunted, but Sam Gibb just laughed whenever folks talked about it. Finally, the blacksmith dared Sam Gibb to spend the night in the haunted log cabin Nine-Eleven As a special treat, we decided to take the sunset cruise around lower Manhattan the Sunday before Labor Day.

It was a silly thing to do — totally tourist — but sometimes playing tourist is fun, even for someone living and working daily in the shadow of the Big Apple. No Trespassing Peggy and her boyfriend Tommy were driving down a lonely stretch of highway at dusk when a thunderstorm came crashing down on them.

Tommy slowed the car and they crept their way past a formidable abandoned house. In they set sail for America. They had been granted some land in Londonderry, New Hampshire, and were hoping to start a new life there Ogopogo, the Lake Monster His mind was full of dark thoughts and the demons spoke to him. His wild eyes and words frightened his people, and he became an outcast, shunned by all. One day in a fury of rage and pain, he attacked old Kan-He-Kan, a local wise man.

The demon-possessed man killed the venerable sage on the shores of a beautiful lake near his home, and then ran away, afraid of what the people would do to him when they found out My ears were ringing as I hurried inside the ammunition mound, according to my assigned role. The mound muffled the sound of canons a little bit. But I still reckoned I'd be deaf all day tomorrow! Palatine The Palatine gleamed in the sunlight as she set out with a full crew, a long list of passengers, and a hull full of merchandise for the American Colonies the winter of Certainly, there was no indication that morning of the destiny fate had in store for her Phantom Diner A couple were driving through Spokane, Washington one evening.

They were hungry and tired and needed a break. Unfortunately, they were also broke. The wife went through her purse and the glove department and under the seats of the car, trying to drum up enough spare change to get them some kind of meal. It was attached to a motel-diner combination in downtown Spokane. Phantom Drummer Now when Colonel Howell of the British Army chanced to meet the daughter of the wealthy farmer Jarrett, who owned land near Valley Forge, he fell head-over-heels in love.

Howell had a bit of a reputation as a womanizer, but it faded away after he met Ruth. The girl had a brother serving under Washington and none of her family liked the red coats, but so overwhelming was Howell's love for her that it conquered the reluctant maiden's heart Grandfather Mountain looms craggily over the scenery just a few miles from my hometown.

It is 5, feet in elevation, has a mile-high swinging bridge, fantastic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the best day-hikes in the region. It was some place! Phantom Lovers of Dismal Swamp He couldn't believe it when she fell ill just a few short weeks before their marriage. His betrothed was beautiful, strong, and healthy, but she just faded away before his eyes.

He held her in his arms as she gasped out her last breathe, and was inconsolable long after her body lay buried beside the Dismal Swamp Phantom Train Wreck The passengers were grumpy and heavy-eyed as they boarded the train in Salisbury during the early morning of August 27, The train was headed to Asheville, and the riders settled into their seats and tried to catch a few more minutes of sleep Piece By Piece There once was a crazy ghost over Poughkeepsie way that got folks so plumb scared that nobody would stay more than one night in its house.

It was a nice old place, or was, until the ghost began making its presence known. It got so no one would enter the house, not even kids on a dare, and you know what they are like! Pink She was always in the garden. Day after day after day. Supper never came when he wanted it and he had to go outside and kneel down in the dirt every dad-blame time he wanted to have a conversation with his wife.

When he complained, she told him to get his own supper. She knew he couldn't boil water without burning it.

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dynipalo.tk: If Wishes Were Horses: Two Short Ghost Stories Laced with Love eBook: Sue Plum: Kindle Store. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for If Wishes Were Horses: Two Short Ghost Stories Laced with Love at dynipalo.tk Read honest and.

Charlie winced when his wife hit the wrong note on the piano for the thirty-second time that day. Charlie blamed himself for his wife's latest obsession. Presumed Drowned In , the Newfoundland sailed up to the Ice with a crew of men. On March 30th, seventy-seven men went out on the Ice to kill seals. A mighty storm came up while the men were out, that lasted two days, and the men could not make it back to the ship There were still shreds of human flesh under his fingernails when the serial killer surrendered to the inevitable capture.

They could put him behind bars, he vowed as they dragged him down the narrow path toward the waiting cars, but he would escape. And then they'd be sorry. Raw Head and Bloody Bones Way back in the deep woods there lived a scrawny old woman who had a reputation for being the best conjuring woman in the Ozarks. With her bedraggled black-and-gray hair, funny eyes - one yellow and one green - and her crooked nose, Old Betty was not a pretty picture, but she was the best there was at fixing what ailed a man, and that was all that counted.

Cadillac, founder of Detroit, encountered the Nain Rouge while sitting on the bank of the Detroit River. I just know that I feel compelled to drive there and take pictures. Of course, it is a beautiful spot - a covered bridge that was used by the Confederate Army to cross the creek when they withdrawl from Gettysburg. But after all, how many pictures can you take of the same place? Satin Dress She worked in a box factory, and her salary was not large.

She made just enough to cover the cost of food, shelter, and the clothes on her back. So when she received an invitation to a fancy-dress party from an old friend, she did not know what she should do. Here was her chance at last to shine a little, to experience how the other half lived, but she had no money to buy a dress, or even the material to make one.

The sheds provided shelter - of a sort - although the winter wind still pierced through every crevice, and the small fireplaces that the poor constructed did little to keep the cold at bay. It is known locally as the Screaming Tunnel. A path wanders through the tunnel and then up to an empty field on the hill. But the field was not always empty. Shadow Train A miner was on his way to Dos Cabezas, where here heard there was good prospecting, when he found himself lost and alone in the flats just north of the Dragoon Mountains. In the blistering sun of midday, his burro dropped dead from heatstroke and the prospector knew that he would shortly follow if he did not find shelter and something to drink.

Sifty Sifty San There was once a beautiful old house right on the edge of a lake, surrounded by woods. But no one would live there because a spirit calling itself Sifty-Sifty-San drove everyone away. Spuyten Duyvil Once in old New Amsterdam, there was a brave trumpeter named Anthony Van Corlaer who would blow his trumpet when Peter Stuyvesant wanted to call the people together Storm Hag She lurks below the surface of the lake near Presque Isle, her lithe form forever swimming through the weeds and the mire.

Pale and green of skin, her yellow eyes shine luminously in the dark, and her thin long arms wrap themselves around the unwary, while foul-green pointed teeth sink into soft flesh and sharp nails at the end of long bony fingers stroke you into the deepest sleep there is. She is called by many names, but to sailors of Lake Erie, she is known as the Storm Hag. Suicide I heard the neighbor's car running in the garage as I got into my car to drive to the grocery store. That seemed a bit odd, since it was summertime.

Why would they need to warm it up? I shrugged the thought away and drove to the store. An hour later, I heard the car again as I unpacked the groceries from the trunk. I frowned. Maybe they'd just gotten back? I couldn't see anything because the garage door was closed. Swept Over: Ghosts of the Lower Falls Today the water drums of the Lower Falls in Yellowstone beat strongly, just as they did back in when the story which became a legend first took place.

In those days, a group of five militia men and their Crow guide who decided to explore the little known Canyon of the Yellowstone. The explorers penetrate deep into the canyon region, keeping an eye out for signs of gold while they explored Telltale Seaweed Two sisters were motoring through Cape Cod late one stormy night in the early 's when their car broke down in an unpopulated area. Seeing an old, neglected house nearby, they went to the door and tugged on the bell-pull. When no one answered, they looked through a nearby window whose shutter was banging in the bitter wind. The window was broken.

Through the window, they could see a library. The dust lay heavy over everything That Pesky Fellow A fisherman from Newfoundland was having difficulty finding someone to assist him. Help was scarce, and he couldn't find a soul to hire. Then one day he saw a handsome fellow in fancy city clothes walking along the docks.

This was obviously not a man looking for work, but the fisherman still called out, half in jest: "Are ye looking for some work? Well they got that right, there was not one blessed sign of civilization anywhere to be seen. Just then, I caught a glimpse of a lighted barn on down the road. Civilization at last! The Bells There once was an evil priest who did not fear God or man. His duties for the church included counting the offerings and ringing the bells to summon people to Mass.

But his heart was filled with greed, and he began to take advantage of the good people of his parish. The priest stole money out of the offerings to keep for himself, and when he had filled a chest full of gold, he killed a man and buried him with the chest so the murdered man's ghost would guard it. Anyone who tried to dig for the treasure would be devoured by the skeleton of the murdered man. The Black Cat's Message I came home late one night after work and found my wife Ethel puttering about the kitchen with a big yellow cat at her heels.

It will be nice to have some company around the house. The Bloodstain The Phelps place was an old, abandoned property with a monstrous, decrepit Victorian house that was supposed to be haunted. It should have been a good resting place for the local deer hunters, but they would not go near it. A few that tried came away before midnight with tales of ghostly thumping noises, gasps, moans, and a terrible wet bloodstain that appeared on the floor of the front porch and could not be wiped away.

Me and my four best friends; Alex, Bianca, Sabrina, and Lacey. We made cookies and watched movies and did our hair and makeup. It was time to improvise. The Blue Rocks The story was told furtively, in lowered voices. Buried treasure. Near the blue rock. A long time ago, an unknown ship dropped anchor in the surf near Wasque Bluff. A small boat carrying a mysterious figure, six sailors, and a large box landed on the beach.

The sailors dug a deep hole inland near the blue rock, and the box was lowered into it. As the sailors stepped back, their leader threw a small green package onto the box. With a huge crash and a flash of blinding green light, the hole disappeared! The Brothers' Revenge The blizzard was raging fiercely around them as the brothers stumbled down the long road.

So it was with gratitude that the two brothers spotted a saloon and pushed their way through the door. No sir! He had an eye for the ladies, did Colonel Buck, and he would chase them 'til he got what he wanted. Then he would drop them like a hot brick The Cut-off The devil was in the Mississippi River that night. You could feel it with every eddy swirling against the helm of the boat. You could hear it in every jangle of the bell.

You could see it in the dim light of the lantern as it tried to pierce the swirling fog The Devil and the Werewolves Now there once was a man named Jean Dubroise who never did a lick of work, but his house and his barn and his crops were still the best in the whole land. This puzzled people, since Jean had no family and no hired men to help him.

Ghost Stories

No one could figure out how he managed to have the best trapping lines in winter, and have fences and barns in perfect repair at all times with no one working his farm. The Devil's Hole When the new priest came to the poor parish, there was no house or church for him. A farmer took him in, while the men built him a small shack in which to live.

The priest, a true saint with no false pride, was happy in his new parish. But the people wanted more for their priest, so they decided to build a church. The priest was pleased with their noble idea, but troubled because the work of hauling stone was back-breaking without a horse. The Doctor and the Ghost Little Simeon came running into the surgery. He bent over, winded, and gasped desperately several times before he could speak. My paw got strychnine poison in his thumb. We amputated it right away, but the poison is still moving up his arm. You gotta come quick! The Face The medical student toppled into love as soon as he set eyes on Sheila, the beautiful new transfer student.

She had masses of long black hair and eyelashes so long they got tangled in her curls when she leaned over her desk. The medical student had a withdrawn nature, though not by inclination. The Figure in the Window Late one evening the three of us were hanging out when Alec said he wanted to go up to Peapack to check out a house for sale. Once in the car, Alec said it was an old, run-down Italianate mansion with twenty-six fireplaces that used to be owned by nuns but had been abandoned. It sat on fifty acres of property, including beautifully terraced grounds. By this time, I was feeling a little nervous about the whole thing.

The Flying Canoe Long ago, there were a number of lonely lumberjacks working in the center of a very large forest. They cut down mammoth trees and watched them crash into the thick snow in exactly the place where they said the trees would land. They would cut up the trees and haul them hither and thither. They worked hard, Mon Dieu, very hard indeed! But they were lonely for the women they had left behind. The Ghost that Followed Me Home I have a fascination with genealogy, which is what started all the trouble. My next-door neighbor and I were fellow hobbyists, and we often supported each others search for long-lost ancestors.