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But still able to get the mission done. The X. At that exact moment, a loud and thunderous boom went off and pushed me all the way to the front of where my B was mounted. I knew something had just happened and when I turned around I could see two large smoke clouds on each side of the road. The first thing I thought was that I had just been hit in the back by an I. Before that I honestly thought it had just hit my I. It turns out that it had hit my I.

As you can imagine, I was pretty pissed off at this point, and I showed my anger toward the people in the town that we were driving through. I had my M4 rifle at the ready and my trigger finger on the trigger and was just waiting for someone to give me a reason to have me put it from safe to semi.

I maintained my military bearing as well as one could in that situation. I sure wanted to shoot the bastard that had just set the I. As we were making our way back to the F. There was a major who was our field surgeon waiting for me in the front of the gate to check me out.

When I told him that I was O. They rushed me to the aid station, where I talked to some sergeant majors and the colonel. In like fifteen minutes, in my brown underwear, green socks up to my knees, and a blanket, I was rushed out to the landing zone where a chopper took me to C. The flight through Baghdad was amazing, too, you could see the whole city and all the buildings and stuff, it was very strange. The helicopter pilot was a badass as well, he had to do a wartime landing, which is really fast and quick, it was cool.

Now when I landed, a female second lieutenant took me into the E. She came up to me and ripped off my blanket, grabbed my brown undies, and ripped those off too and gave me a catheter. Now that was more painful than the I. Then she gave me some morphine and I was good. They did an X-ray of my back and found that I had two pieces of shrapnel in my back.

So, yeah, now your son is going to have two pieces of metal in his back for the rest of his life. I was cleaned up and taken to patient hold. A place that is something out of a movie. It was horrible to see all the soldiers with missing legs and arms and bandages everywhere. Shortly afterward, I was given some morphine and I passed out.

A Purple Heart recipient—I guess all it means is that some guy got me before I could get him. We will joke about this all someday, Dad. Sergeant Tina M. Beller, twenty-nine, Allentown, Pennsylvania. E-mail to her parents, from the Green Zone, Baghdad. September 12, I am sure by now you can read the news and watch the tube and know that we were severely attacked with a barrage of rockets yesterday morning, your nighttime.

At any rate, I am just writing to let you know that physically I remain unharmed. Emotionally and mentally is a different story. I never would have thought my day would have started out this way. I was the first responder to a building within our compound that was hit by a rocket. I was driving back into the compound around from my usual early-morning routine when the hair on my arms stood up. I saw smoke in the distance and a man waving his arms above him in the universal distress signal. I thought maybe something was on fire from an explosion.

From inside the well-padded palace, I never thought that any of the earlier impact rounds I heard were from down here where I lived. I thought it was just the palace being bombarded again. And for certain I never thought we would have taken casualties. Iraqi workers—three. The first Iraqi casualty I saw came briskly walking down the street toward me. He seemed very alarmed, sort of crazy. I could tell he was in shock. He reminded me of a Ping-Pong ball, walking back and forth, talking, mumbling, although I had no idea who he was speaking to.

His mandible was completely shattered inside the structure of his mouth. He made zero sense when he spoke. He just kept giving me sign language over his belly. I think he was trying to tell me someone was pregnant. I was kind of worried. His head was abnormally larger than the rest of his slender body. The mixture of blood and spit that poured from his mouth looked really weird, like a fountain, a bright-red gurgling fountain.

I later discovered he died as well—trauma to his head. Just even typing that—trauma to his head—I should have known he would pass. Yet I was so hopeful the almighty American soldiers could save him. His buddy, who sat cross-legged with his back to me in the now demolished living room, was chanting and rocking. The three of them were probably honoring their first call to prayer at the time when the rocket struck. Had I gone through the window, maybe then I would have seen the dead guy, the third casualty, camouflaged with soot and debris.

He took over for me, obviously, since he was much more qualified than I. He really did all the work, not me. I just ran for help, got an ambulance, and then at in the morning, I started screaming for help. I need a medic! The weirdest thing of all was the absolute evil feeling that hit my body when I tried to bust through the door the first time, when I was alone with the casualties, before the Navy SEAL came.

It actually stopped me in my tracks. The Iraqi behind me kept nudging me in the doorway, but my legs were glued to the ground. A Vietnam veteran here with us explained to me last night what I felt was the presence of death. I never did find out who came for the deceased. After somebody told me I was full of blood, I kind of thought I should go home and shower and get prepared for the next barrage of attacks. And without fail, they came, too. They hit while I was in the shower. I had been fine until this time, not really reacting to what I had just seen and the little run I took to call for an ambulance.

It was all I could do to keep my little legs strong, but I finally just gave in to the little trembles and just sat down in the shower and cried. I made it back to my room after a long heaving cry and began to dress in my uniform. I realized I needed to chill before I was going to defend us anywhere. Since the attack, I have gone back once to see the area that was just barely lit.

Partial brain remains from the deceased are still on the cement floor, except now they are pinkish with cement gristle all folded into them, and oven baked from the sun. Somebody tried to be discreet, but did a poor job in covering it up. The gate that was once there is all blown to hell. They have cheap yellow police tape around the place. And of course, pools of blood, some dark and brown, some still red and fresh, reminded me of the tragedy that occurred earlier that morning.

I saw the pile of rocks that I tripped over in the morning dusk and chaos because I was trying to run and thought I was lighter than air, I guess. I was glad to see somebody had. Upon later inspection of the attacked house, we found out the object behind the door was the remnants of the rocket.

I saw all the cans of fresh paint that were stacked outside the building. The Koreans had hired these three Iraqi men to fix up the place for the Korean Embassy to move in. Guess the Koreans are going real-estate shopping, huh? But most of all, the veterans I spoke to last night told me I will probably smell paint sometime in the future, and it will remind me of this day, this horrible event.

From what they had heard, I had done the right thing, the honorable thing. Then how would you really know what happened? No jovial banter among the crew. No jokes of home. No wisecracks about the origin of the meat served at the chow hall, just the noise of the flight—the scream of the engines, the whir of the blades clawing at the air, the voice crackling over the radio and echo of your own thoughts about the boy in the bag in the back. Yesterday I was in the T. Normally, after flying missions, pilots drift around the T. Instead of the usual swagger, he was dazed.

I asked him what was wrong. When we pick up friendly K. He told me he picked up a U. He tried to shrug it off as just another mission, but it was obviously bothering him. A few seconds later, he left, but his look stayed with me.

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Body bags must have been in the stars because later the colonel announced that the heaters in the medevac helicopters were not working that well. It can get very cold in the back of a Black Hawk because the wind seeps in through cracks in the window seals. However, the medics forgot to explain this to their patients, who understandably freaked out. Why is death always so cold?

Pump, return, pump, return, wake up, eat, work, sleep, wake up—back and forth, back and forth, boom! Rocket attack. Pump, return, pump, return. This morning I went to work and found a V. On the front cover was a picture of an injured twenty-something soldier, his face and forehead purpled with bruises, his lips swollen and cut, his left eye half closed, his arm in a sling, fingernails black with dried blood, his thighs blotched with red abrasions and his leg wrapped in an ace bandage, amputated below the knee.

He was sitting in a hospital bed with a half smile on his face. This one was of a young Navy guy lying in a hospital bed.

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His wife was sitting beside him. She was not smiling. Captain Ed Hrivnak, thirty-four, Spanaway, Washington, member of a medevac crew. March-July, That means eleven litter patients, seven walking wounded, and two attendants. Some can take care of themselves, some need lots of help. All have been waiting for us for a long time and need pain medicine and antibiotics. The patients include: G. The patients are mainly from the Marines and st Airborne Screaming Eagles.

Many were involved in ambushes. One trooper confides in me that he witnessed some Iraqi children get run over by a convoy. He was in the convoy and they had strict orders not to stop. If a vehicle stops, it is isolated and an inviting target for a rocket-propelled grenade. He tells me that some women and children have been forced out onto the road to break up the convoys so that the Iraqi irregulars can get a clear shot. But the convoys do not stop. He tells me that dealing with that image is worse than the pain of his injury.

Our latest Narratively story isn't available online - we printed the entire thing on a tote bag!

Back in Germany, the patients are offloaded and we clean up our mess. Then a sergeant comes out and declares that we have to sign a paper stating we will not drink and drive in Germany. We look at him with anger. Our mission from start to finish was twenty-nine hours long. Most of us were up twelve hours prior to that, minus catnaps. Forty-one hours later and someone in peaceful Germany is worried we might drink and drive. The field where we picked up the patients, we find out later, came under rocket attack six times after we left. Easter Day: Some come onto the plane with the thousand-yard stare.

Some come on with eyes darting about assessing the new environment, maybe looking for an ambush or a booby trap. Some walk with a nervous jitter, some walk on like zombies. Some have eyes glazed over from a morphine-induced stupor. Once we are at cruising altitude, you can feel the tension drop within the aircraft. I thought I was doing a decent job at nursing, when my medical crew discovered a cure-all on our Easter Day mission.

We had collected money at our staging base and bought frozen pizzas and cookie dough.

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Halfway through the flight we started cooking the pizzas. I walked from patient to patient and asked them if they would like a pizza. There were many looks of disbelief. These boys had seen nothing but M. Then the smell of pizza started to drift from our aircraft ovens. We have five small convection ovens on the plane. Our crew passed out the pizza. The boys did not look like combat veterans anymore. Most of them had gleeful looks like young children at an Easter-egg hunt. It was like we just gave them a little taste of home and America. They started to joke and laugh with each other.

After the pizza we brought out the fresh-baked cookies which takes a little skill in a pressurized cabin. The cookies were hot and dripping chocolate. I weaved between the seats and litter stanchions and let the boys grab the gooey cookies. You should have seen the looks on their faces. A Mission to Baghdad: We were in bravo alert and had been told that not much was going on.

Several hours later, we were alerted for an urgent mission to that very place We ended up loading thirty-eight patients, the majority of them combat injuries. The worst patient assigned to me was a Ranger who was nineteen years old, but looked to be about fifteen. He was on the litter prone, facing the two critical patients. His arms dangled over the side of the litter.

As I walked by, he reached up and grabbed my calf with his left arm. He was loaded with morphine and difficult to understand. Are they going to live? When we loaded the patients, we had no time to take into consideration their relationships to one another. He was looking directly at his buddies while the CCATT s critical-care air-transport teams worked desperately to keep them alive.

The other guy has multiple shrapnel wounds and a severe brain injury. These guys are messed up. I hope they killed the fuckers that did this. Halfway home, I looked up to see the prone Ranger waving for help. He was in pain. I gave him a touch of morphine. As I leaned into him, he lamented about his friends again. I told him they were still alive. He then vomited on me. It was the perfect capper to an arduous flight. I have no memory of the patient offloads—I was on autopilot at that point.

We got into crew rest midday and I had disturbing dreams. Faces of War: The Humvee is like the Pinto of the nineteen-seventies: it burns quickly when hit by a rocket. One G. I was transporting a medical officer who was stuck in such a situation. He was hauling medical supplies to Iraqi civilian hospitals when they were ambushed by an R.

He was burned on most of his upper body and face. The tops of his ears were burned off. His arms and hands were covered in heavy bandages, and ointment covered his red, peeling face. I sat and talked with him as we waited for an ambulance. This officer was prior enlisted, married, and has three children.

He decided to become a medical officer to provide better for his family and to get out of the field. He told his family not to worry about him, because he would be serving in the rear with medical logistics. He would not be fighting on the front lines. Where are the front lines in Iraq? He was not concerned about his burns, but he was worried about what his children were thinking.

I promised them I was going to be O. His face was an expressionless mask. The tone of his voice when speaking of his children was his only sign of emotion. Battle Buddies: These marines and soldiers are good at waiting. They see we are doing our best and rarely complain. One soldier, trying to be patient, went too long between morphine shots.

He tried to gut it out. He did not want to slow the loading of the airplane. We loaded him on the bottom rack and he immediately grabbed onto the litter above him. I looked down at him and saw his knuckles turn white, with a death grip on the litter crossbeam. Tears poured down his face but he did not make a sound. I grabbed the primary flight nurse and told him to give this kid some of the good stuff.

But I just got to see a real cock this big!!!!! No we are just going to drink a beer and surf he said. No that won't really happen. I mean no! I really will leave. No, no that's just an Internet fantasy, I'm in complete control! I snapped out of it and panicked just as he opened the door. The first thing I noticed was he was huge, at least 6'6", I couldn't tell that from his Internet picture. His body was hidden by a plush bathrobe barely held closed and easily showing his smooth, firm pecs and washboard belly. Come into this room he asked as he lead me to another room.

His house had a very nice decor, was warm, relaxing and dimly lit. His hand brushed my ass "I like this firmness. I moved away He reached out with one very brief lite stroke and said "Your cock hanging out is a nice way to say hello" The feeling of his stroke made my cock jump before I could pull away and I was embarrassed, I had forgot about my cock hanging out Oh My God!

I panted like crazy but he had me at the waist and was very quick in rolling those shorts up to where they turned into a thong. I now had a waistline a few inches above my shaved cock and the shorts disappeared between my cheeks leaving my pelvis, ass cheeks, cock and balls fully exposed. I realized my shirt was barely waist long so my lower belly showed a little as well. I grew scared when I realized the slutty appearance he effortlessly just put me in. As he touched my hips and ran his fingers around the firm bones that make up my pelvis I had to exhale nervously because it felt good and it had always been erotic when I would gently feel myself there imagining someone else's hands holding me.

I was so nervous. His hands were very big and easily engulfed each side, thumbs teasing my ass cheeks apart. His hands continued a slow sensual rub of my hips and lower belly. I want you to become the person just like you do so well on the Internet". He paused and moved in close. Blonde hair soft skin a figure to die for and you like to flaunt it to playfully tease boys, oblivious to the raging bulges of dangerously hungry flesh in their pants.

You are such a cute little thing with your big breasts". He gently slid a hand under my shirt and cupped the breast area before a flat hand caressed an imaginary breast, fingers lightly teasing my nipples. His hands slid my shirt off effortlessly I barely felt it. Then he caressed my waist and belly.

You like your waist and belly bare to get attention.

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You want to do that don't you? The little girl in me could think of no other answer then, "Yes I do". His hands now gently working my lower belly, hips and ass. Can I take them off you? I stepped out of them. I opened my eyes briefly and the room was very dark with a deep red light and a couple candles lit which had a red shade on them. I panted hard, so nervous but the warmth of the room was deceiving.

As I looked down he slipped on a shoe. It raised my heel off the floor. He motioned for the other foot and slipped on the other. As he stood I felt strings slid up my legs as he eased a g-string into place, my cock bulging the tiny spot of fabric in the front out. I was in red pumps with 6" heels. There now you look beautiful" he said as the g-string slid over my hips.

The part that slipped in my crack touched my hole and was wet but warmed quickly. I felt a little tingle back there and moved my hips a little with a girlish "ooooo" "Yes they feel good don't they? Go ahead and wiggle those pretty hips. They made me feel very naughty and the fuck me heels were absolutely wicked thrusting my ass up and back. They will like you a lot more and want to get closer to it. Now curl it back and point it up. That's it curl your lower back" I did and it felt good to stick my ass out.

I took quick little steps in my heels, trying not to fall, visualizing a little girl doing the same the first time she wears them. He put a silk blindfold on me. I'm going to do something to your chest, it will be slightly cold at first. My nipples immediately got firm and hard. I felt something gently attach onto my nipples, which made me squirm, then something completely covered each breasts and was heavy.

My GOD!! I got to see this and I think I object a lot and should get the hell out of here this has gone too far!!! OK now feel yourself he said putting my hands on my belly and slowly working them up my body guiding them and letting go right before my breasts. As my shaking hands flowed over the large mounds I could feel the sensation on my chest underneath. When I pinched a nipple it pinched my nipple and my cock jumped wildly.

This was wild! There in front of me were "HUGE" breasts straining hard against a tiny top, slightly visible from the bottom and looking absolutely real. Big nipples poked obscenely through the fabric making my cock spasmed wildly. These look fantastic!


Another twelve of the best hottest sex stories from best selling erotica author Charlotte Edwards. 12 first books to give you a taste of the series that follows. To ask other readers questions about Nailed to the Wall, please sign up. .. Their individual stories are great and although I'm not really into the F/F thing, it didn't bother As usual Jayne does erotica extremely well and sure gets you hot under the collar. .. Apr 12, Toi rated it really liked it · review of another edition.

I love it when a woman's breasts look exactly like this. I turned left and right and my cock spasmed at all the different ways the tiny top was stretching to hold me in.

You know, the kind of suck that says I want all of you right now, exploding in my mouth, choking me with cum. I gulped hard at what I just did. All the characters are described as traditionally attractive as in Hollywood level attractive , only slightly varied. Dave is broad but not fat!! All the construction workers are very muscular and masculine, all the women are conventionally feminine looking.

There's a lot of gender essentialism going on, which is not something I enjoy you might! I get that these are novellas and erotica, but I do still like my characters real and relatable. The books are very romantic, in that they, despite the orgies and partner sharing, is all about your one true love with the ideal result being marriage. The sex and there was a lot of it! Also, sex in the water or in the shower I can't take seriously, because ouch! And the "lesbian" sex felt very "straight gaze" to me, but what do I know? Perhaps lesbians really do get it off by rubbing their venus mounds and clits against each other?

I seriously doubt it, though. All the guys had permanent boners, all the girls were instantly soaked and swollen with lust, with nipples hard enough to cut glass. These are things I don't like, but you still might. Mar 19, Brandi rated it liked it Shelves: hot-sex , menage-or-more , mm , ff. Probably my least favorite of the series. I wasn't a fan of how it seemed like it was the "Devon show" for the majority of the book. I didn't like the greedy vibes she gave off. She even questioned her actions but then let lust take over. I was upset with Mike too, havin Probably my least favorite of the series.

I loved how the women eventually decided that if it was like that again, all people needed to be present but was disappointed that the six-some didn't think about that sooner. I'm all about them sharing because most of them have such beautiful connections but things in this one just didn't feel right, in my eyes. Nailed it more! Four couples grow closer and ensure even more! An oddly bonded steamy unit This group just brings joy and heart after all the sexy kink. Nov 20, Charlotte rated it it was amazing. Yum yum Ok this book was fantastic! It had laughing, love and tenderness.

And it had plenty,of hot smoking sevens too. So grab a glass full of ice cold water and read this book. It's so hot that your sure to melt. Happy reading. Dec 27, Lady rated it it was amazing. I am really loving this series! The interconnection of the group and there own individual stories. The love that is seen in every single person and the pain they endure.

I can wait to read the next book! Cute Lots of loving amongst the couples - but it does make me wonder what Joe and Morgan are going to do. Apr 02, Katherine rated it it was amazing. The characters in this story are becoming more and more human with each book I read. Pretty sure I died. I wonder if I can get me some of this in hell?

Jan 20, Beccca May rated it it was amazing. I must start out by saying that I've enjoyed the hell out of all 4books in the "Powertools" series that came before. However, this book takes it to another level. If it were possibly to give more than a 5 star rating I would have for this book. All our favorite characters from the previous books are back and things get kinkier and hotter than ever. As close as the crew has become, they decide to take things to the next level.

If you can even imagine. Yea things CAN and DO get crazier, steamier a I must start out by saying that I've enjoyed the hell out of all 4books in the "Powertools" series that came before.

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With a connection as deep as these nine people share, the passion that erupts can only be described as insanely powerful. Honestly, some of the scenes in this book stole my breath. Not much shocks me at this point, but there were moments while reading this book where I was just blown away. Things are changing for the group but they manage to stay a solid unit that only grows stronger with time and experience. They all realize try have found something uniquely special in each other and it's a once in a lifetime thing.

They never cheapen what they have but instead nurture this rare opportunity that has presented itself. What these nine people share really is a beautiful thing and I for one. Am extremely jealous that I'm not a part of their "crew". Emotions run high in this book which makes the entire situation that much riskier but equally that much more significant. Now onto the juicy stuff. That scene on Dave's birthday with Devon and Kayla was quite possibly one of the hottest things I've ever read in any book.

Then there's the scene where the girls switch partners which was equally as sexy and pretty hard to top. Add in all the other highly erotic scenes in this book and you get one unforgettable and extremely satisfying read. I have grown so attached to these nine characters and completely invested in their lives. I can hardly believe there's only one more book left in this series.

They might be short stories but each one packs a he'll of a punch and this last installments hit the hardest by far. Obviously this book has loads of steamy sex in every was imaginable and some you might not have ever imagined but it also has a ton of heart. I'm about to start the final book in the series and I can only hope it's as great as each that came before it have been.

Here's hoping my imagination is running wild after I've finished. May 01, Heather in FL rated it liked it Shelves: z-from-samhain , a-i-own-it , elements-erotic-smut , mix-little-bit-of-everything. I read this story so I could finish out the series, but I should have known going in that I wasn't going to love it. I mean I suppose the potential was there, but just too many people.

Summer reissue: Real life stories of having sex after having a baby

And not enough non-sex story for me. I like sex as much as the next person, but I like my stories to contain a strong story as well. There were a few separate threads going through this one: Devon really feeling like part of the crew, Morgan and Kate wanting to start families, Kayla and Devon being hot for one ano I read this story so I could finish out the series, but I should have known going in that I wasn't going to love it.

There were a few separate threads going through this one: Devon really feeling like part of the crew, Morgan and Kate wanting to start families, Kayla and Devon being hot for one another, the girls missing being shared by the boys, potential swapping, etc And each of those problems got what seemed to me a very quick resolution.

Glossed over. Almost an afterthought of something to surround the sex. Speaking of the sex, it was hot. I can definitely say that. But with nine people, how could it not be? Although -- and this is why I generally shy away from more than three participants -- I did get lost with who was where and doing what to whom.

Part of it was that right off the bat, there's this big orgy scene where everyone was paired off, but I couldn't really remember who was married to whom. So I couldn't tell if it was unusual for Morgan to be jacking Mike off or not. Can't remember specifically if that's who was involved, but it was something like that.

I mean I guess it's not "unusual" per se with this group, but would Morgan normally have her hand on Mike's cock? I couldn't remember. Still hot, though. So anyway In this case, I'm glad it wasn't a long story. I'm not sure how much more creative the author could get with nine people. Or how much more confused I could get, lol. View 2 comments. Nov 15, The Smutty Kitty rated it really liked it. What a way to dive into the dirty book arena! This series is full of every kind of position and combination you can imagine!

As always Gregory Salinas is wonderful to listen to. We are entering the colder months here in the US and his voice added to Jayne's words will definitely heat you up! Now that all the couples are together we get to see how their relationships are progressing. To get a real feel for everyone you really need to read the first four in the series.

Sadly the first four aren't narrated by Greg but they are available in audio if you prefer to listen rather than read. And then the sexin starts. There are lots of sex scenes in this one. We've already read about all the relationships so now it's time for the crew to work on the group dynamics. I love series books and it's always hard for me to let go of the characters once they've found their match or matches in some cases so this was a great chance to visit the crew again.

I can't wait to listen to the next in the series and wrap up an emotional chapter in the crews lives. Nov 21, Buffy Kennedy rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. The women really get the spotlight as a group now as they conspire to both spoil and torment their men. Really exciting in the heat department. The other element to these stories has always been the emotion. Some stories have had more than others, and in different ways, but this one has a LOT of emotion as everybody steps just a little out of their comfort zone to strengthen their bond as a group.

Bringing together the first four stories and outdoing them entirely, Nailed to the Wall is an emotional rollercoaster ride. I laughed, I cried, and of course got all hot and bothered too. What's going on? Knowing Devon already had her story I was wondering how she was getting another one. Well we already knew how Kayla rolled, well know we know that Devon, like to roll the same way.