Once Again Love: Reconnecting with the Heart

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She abides by the V for Victory model. Life is like a V-Starting from the top and then coming up again, even after plunging deep down. We all have the inner esilience to bounce back after tragedies, heartaches and all the thunderbolts, Life can sometimes throw at us. We have divinity within us as we are spiritual beings who have taken physical form,.

Each one of us is unique and we must celebrate our differences and live Life with joy.

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No doubt this book is an act of courage on her part. In Print:. Reviewed by Jill Addleson, October It was what our families expected of us, and we went along with their decision. Here is a book that comes straight from the heart! She cried. Verified by Psychology Today.

Born and brought up in India, Sarita spent nine years in Nigeria. She moved to beautiful Durban with her husband and two young sons in and absolutely loves South Africa.

Past intimate partners can reunite and be more in love than they once were.

Sarita is a global citizen and wants to change hearts -one heart at a time. She hopes her motivational book "Once Again Love,"will do just that. Sarita is a graduate with English Honours but it is her years of study in a variety of healing techniques and disciplines which has made her evolve as a human being. Her love of nature, art and her innate humanity sets her apart. She writes in a mix of poetry and prose which is easy to read and which touches the heart with its simplicity. The words are simple yet profoun. Compra verificada.

They say pen is mightier than sword. So picking a pen is an act that is more courageous than picking up a sword. By choosing to write about your life is to expose yourself to public scrutiny and maybe criticism. No doubt this book is an act of courage on her part. People write for many reasons. Sarita is one of the few who choose writing as a therapy.

Some of the poems and notes appearing in the book appear to be written while she went thru difficult periods of her life. And so writing helped her heal as well. Just like a person who is drowning will grasp anything solid, similarly, Sarita will grasp a paper and pen with the same ferocity every time she finds herself getting drowned with an emotion.

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So she can be seen writing whether visiting Himalayas or sitting in a restaurant watching the sea. It is also a book about her attitude. About an almost overwhelming sense of positivity that she appear to possess. One of the sterling quality in Sarita that comes out in her book is her sense of gratitude. She has thru this book thanked almost every single person who has done any good to her in her life. That is an amazing quality to have. Somehow most of go thru life appreciating a movie, a game, or a casual friend more often than our own spouse or children.

A face book post by a stranger gets thumbs up more readily than a nod of appreciation in our real life. Some books are written with the public in mind. Words crafted to make the book popular. Then there are books written with honesty. So the book comes across as more genuine. A decade later this book will be valued more.

Well done Sarita, we are all very proud of you. Mohan Nair. Here is a book that comes straight from the heart!

Written in the genre of a memoir it gradually unfolds as a motivational book. Interestingly,written in poetic prose it makes for an enjoyable read for lovers of both prose and verse. It opens with a significant connotation to the alphabet V,the initial crest and trough symbolising the ups and downs of life and the final crest denoting victory. A victory which is achievable through the triumvirate of these three factors positivity,equipoise and creativity. In fact the poem The Present Positive encapsulates the authors motivational philosophy..

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We went to bed, I thought, resolved. I sat in my car for a long time outside the restaurant that was hosting the reunion. There was a pit in my stomach, like I knew something had changed at home, maybe forever. I finally got the nerve to go in. I guess we only think that other people age, and it had been twenty years. I was sitting at the bar having a drink trying to remember the name of the guy I was talking to, and looking for a way to get out of there without offending anyone.

Just as I was starting to get up, I felt someone gently cradle the back of my head. I think I froze, scared to turn around. And then that voice, still gentle and soft. I touched the bald spot on the back of my head and sucked in my stomach before I stood up and hugged her, and hugged her, and hugged her. Yeah, it was as if the sun just came out after a very long winter. She cried. These two examples may sound like excerpts from romantic novels, but they are based on real people and real situations. Of course, not all rekindled loves turn out that way.

But many do. Successful long-term relationships require a continuous re-commitment of time, energy, and devotion. Every relationship goes through hard times, unexpected challenges, and damaging ruptures. Many people start off their relationships filled with hope, purpose, and the intent to stay in love forever. But, somewhere along the way, they often forget to keep the energy and magic alive. They begin to feel that the cost of their relationship starts to outweigh the benefits and what drew them to it in the first place. Discouraged by their present relationship, they begin to wonder whether they can find what they have lost by going back to old loves.

Way too often, disappointments and disillusions can turn people into love cynics.

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They go from seeing relationships as wonderful adventures of the heart to ever-potential failures. Loving full out is always filled with the possibility of heartbreak. Yet, loving guardedly and fearfully is never the answer. Many of the people who return to old relationships are not just looking for a lost love. Sometimes they are really looking for the part of them who, at one time in their lives, were willing to risk loss for the joy of true connection. Randi Gunther, Ph. Learn the basic behaviors that can deepen and maintain a long-term relationship.

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Here are two examples of magical reconnections that did materialize. Comment Post Comment Your name.

10 Signs You Have Connected With A Soulmate

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Once Again Love: Reconnecting with the Heart [Sarita Mathur] on dynipalo.tk * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Extended Description In the motivational. Extended Description In the motivational collection Once Again Love, author Sarita Mathur introduces readers to the joy of a life filled with love.

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