Pinterest For Business: Why Does My Business Need to Use Pinterest (Social Media Series)

Top 10 Reasons Your Brand Needs To Be On Pinterest
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Compare it to the Terms of Service for a personal account. Pinterest is supportive of the B2B and B2C potential of businesses using their platform, so take a moment to familiarise yourself with their terms and conditions when you open or update to a Business account. One of the biggest benefits of updating or opening a Pinterest Business Account is the awesome resources offered by Pinterest for businesses. Pinterest is dedicated to working with brands and encouraging them to use Pinterest as part of their overall social media marketing strategy.

This includes how to set up your Business account, claim and verify your website and find resources and tools.

Visit the Goodies Page anytime to get some great tools for Pinning including the browser button so you can get found on Pinterest! Pinterest offers some great guidance to help you get started and we covered some of that in this post. But before you do, check off on the tips from the infographic, above. These tips are super handy for Small Businesses and will help you optimize your Pinterest Business Account for results:. Pinterest can be optimized for keywords relevant to searches and also uses a handy hashtag sy s tem. Here is where you add the tools that I mentioned above — like the Save and Follow buttons so that people can follow you, find your content and share it.

I recommend that you use a scheduling tool like Tailwind to schedule your pins to Pinterest. You can read my full review of Tailwind here. Saving pins per day is a great place to start on Pinterest, and a scheduler helps you do that. But you need to be even more ready for mobile. Not only with your ideal customer or blog readers recognise your images if you create images in a consistent style, but they are more likely to read and share your content if the imagery on the pin is similar to your landing page.

This also applies to running Pinterest ads — they will perform better if your branding is consistent across pins and website. Get savvy with your Pinterest boards and showcase the main boards at the top of your profile. Think about what your ideal customer would be seasrching for on Pinterest, and create boards to help them find that content. Ensure that your pins lead to more awesome, helpful content.

Check the infographic above for some examples of great businesses doing well on Pinterest including Wayfair, Burberry, American Family Insurance, Starz Network and Equinox — some of these are not exactly companies that you would traditionally expect to do well on Pinterest. So, take note of what they do! What about you? Have you set up your Pinterest Business Account?

Are you on Pinterest as a brand? To do this, head over to your Ads Manager dashboard and click on the Analytics link:. Use this data to improve your ads so you get better engagement and conversion rates. In the not-too-distant past, users were enjoying the fact that visual search made it easy for them to find the products they were looking for. However, the customer experience was disjointed because once a user found a product they liked, they had to leave the platform to buy it.

These are Pins that let users buy directly from a pin, without ever leaving Pinterest. Users can see the price of the item and proceed to checkout when they decide to buy — all while in Pinterest. Of the billion Pins on the platform, more retailers are choosing to offer Buyable Pins. Pinterest offers users a simple, fast, and secure checkout designed specifically for mobile users. Normally, checkouts and purchases on mobile can be cumbersome and exhausting tasks, so Pinterest has changed the experience.

Apple Pay is one option for users to make purchases securely on Buyable Pins, and Braintree is working behind the scenes to help with other methods of secure payment.

What You’ll Learn From This Guide

Pinterest, at its very core, is a fascinating — and addictive — blend of wish list creation, window shopping, and recipe hunting. When it comes to creating boards with the goal to sell products, Buyable Pin acts as a powerful tool. Just imagine the revenue this could bring in at Christmastime alone, when people are desperately hunting for that last-minute gift. The results of this approach showed that Buyable Pins had a direct impact on the increase in sales and leads. The benefits for marketers are huge. You keep every dollar you make on the sales you get from Buyable Pins. Though that has the potential to change down the line if Buyable Pins see a lot of success, for now marketers are using them with no drawbacks.

As Pinterest continues to grow, the features it offers grows as well.

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When used right, the following updates help you improve your ad performance i. Shoppable Pins now have up-to-date pricing and stock information. So when users click on the red search tag on one of your Pins, they can see the cost and how many items are in stock.

Social Media Marketing: Pinterest for Business

Showing the most information in Pins creates a sense of urgency so users are more likely to buy now vs. Style and Home Pins now also include a product recommendations section underneath each Pin users find:. Now you have the flexibility to choose where to promote your ads.

25 Actionable Tips on How To Start Using Pinterest For Business

You know your audience best, where they spend their time in Pinterest and how they search within it. Choose whether you show your Pinterest ads while users browse the site and while they search.

Based on the type of audience you choose, your placement gives you a better chance of reaching the right people. Upgrades to the analytics dashboard means you can :. In a survey done by Cowen and Company , the second most popular activity on Pinterest is shopping — with browsing Pins topping it as the most popular Pinterest activity. No other platforms come close to the dominance Pinterest has in the retail space. The benefits to end-use customers is clear but what about using Pinterest ads for enterprise customers? The good news is there are lots of ways for large B2B brands to use Pinterest to connect with their audiences.

Currently, only 1 in 4 B2B brands use Pinterest. In this particular ad, users can see how easy it is to book flights with VISA:.

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Companies looking for easy ways to book trips for their employees will find the ad by scrolling through travel content on Pinterest. Before you create your ad campaign, use your analytics dashboard to see which of your Pins have the most repins and shares. Pinterest boards group together content with the same theme. For example, DAVIDsTEA — which has corporate partnerships — categorizes its boards based on seasonal teas, cooking with tea, tea-infused cocktails, and more.

Pinterest is all about the visuals. From infographics, to charts, to advice guides, your brand should increase your visual content in order to reach your audience. General Electric GE is a great example of a company that uses Pinterest to show off their products. Examples include wind machines, aviation engines, and locomotives. While any company can post pictures of their products, GE does things a little differently: They post visually stunning images that are either filtered through an editing program or taken at an interesting angle.

The combination of the two amps up their Pinterest page, while promoting their brand in a cool new way. This is something any B2B organization can do, no matter the product or service.

How to Set up a Business Account

Sometimes your audience wants to know more about you, your processes, and your accomplishments before they sign on or commit. When you have a more supportive fan base, you should tailor your content in such a way, which makes you relatable. Use Pinterest to share this information. Wistia, a video hosting tool , shares content like the pets of company employees and behind the scenes images of their annual event WistiaFest.

Promoting industry trends in Pinterest gives your audience different perspectives into their current strategies and what you can do to help them. Smaller companies can benefit as well. Small businesses can create strong, engaged followings on the platform just like big corporations. Newchic is an online fashion retailer. They use Pinterest ads to promote their accessories like purses and scarves:. These ads both use the Shop the Look Pin feature and link users to the checkout page for the product:. From here, users can complete their purchase in a few steps.

The benefit to smaller businesses using this option is the opportunity to upsell customers. In addition to this, customers on the Newchic site can browse for more products to buy in future. The Mojo Spa in Illinois has a very unique, distinctive brand. Since they know this content will be interesting to their target audience, this was a genius move. This also sets them apart, and it is almost certainly part of the reason they have over , followers.

Pinterest basics

The search functionality on Pinterest will help you find the right phrases. Are you looking for tips on how to use Pinterest strategically? Once a pin starts getting some interaction, fan the flames by giving it some social love. This lets you fill out your content calendar more quickly across channels and extend the life of your Instagram posts. For example, in the holiday season, Pinterest rolled out a feature called Pinterest Secret Santa that allowed shoppers to look for lists of personalized gift ideas based on their friends' and families' boards.

New York studio Kettlebell Kickboxing has built a strong profile on Pinterest because they do a fantastic job describing why potential customers should come in and join them in their profile.