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10 things to do before your flight
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Each airport also has large screens that display a list of flight departure times and gates.

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If anything changes about your flight time or gate number, those screens and alerts from the mobile app for your airline are your best sources of updated information. Most airlines divide passengers into boarding groups; the gate attendant will call your boarding group or row number when it's time to get on the plane.


If you need extra assistance getting down the jetway — for example, if you're in a wheelchair or traveling with small children — they'll let you board early. When you're on the plane, step out of the aisle as soon as you can so that others can continue to board.

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Stow your luggage either in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you; anything you want access to during the flight should go under the seat, if possible. Before the plane takes off, buckle your seatbelt across your lap. If you're wearing a bulky jacket or are draped in a blanket, buckle the seatbelt on the outside of those layers — otherwise, the flight attendants will have to wake you to check it.

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The flight crew will walk you through the rest of your first flight adventure, from handling small electronics they should be in airplane mode, and laptops must be stowed during takeoff and landing to when it's okay to use the restrooms try to time your visits to avoid the meal service carts, which totally block the aisle. Brought to you by OnlyInYourState. Resources Kayak Expedia.

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Maloney, Lisa. But if you have a specific flight or booking related query, drop us a line.

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The design of the infant seat must allow secure lashing with the cabin seat belt and may not hamper reclining of the seat in front. Second flight Delete flight From. Raising your feet, toes and heels - raise your toes with your heels on the floor. IsNullOrEmpty Model. When you're on the plane, step out of the aisle as soon as you can so that others can continue to board. Changing the name on your ticket.

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Preparing to travel

Prepare to fly You're almost there! Baggage information.

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Preparing for a flight isn't too difficult as long as you start gathering what you need ahead of time. You will need your travel ID, ticket, and other. Disabilities and Medical Conditions · Fly Rights: A Consumer Guide to Air Travel. Page last modified: June 06, PM EDT.

Visa and entry requirements. Flight extras and upgrades.

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Conditions of carriage. You can also purchase his other books at Lulu.

The Days Before Your Flight

He mentions the Pennine Posse and their approach to group flying. You can listen to their podcast on Collective Flying with the Flying Collective here. To subscribe to our podcast feed and download them automatically, click on our RSS feed link on the podcast page. If you find the podcast useful, please share it with your fellow pilots, consider rating us in iTunes and make a donation to help us bring you more podcasts, webcasts, etc.

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