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Reminiscences with Dr Haruna Samaila
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Surgical Resident Breaks Down 49 Medical Scenes From Film & TV - WIRED We were unique in that we were the first batch with a parallel batch in Peradeniya, there being only one Faculty of Medicine, in Colombo up to Our batch increased in numbers with passing years, reaching a total of by due to 10 students joining the batch from the Peradeniya Faculty. Having a parallel in Peradeniya resulted in our batch being cautioned that post intern employment in the Health Department could not be guaranteed.

The writer and Sanath Lamabadusuriya had the distinction of holding the post of President of the Sri Lanka Medical Association, in and respectively. Those of our batch who chose to specialise in the varied branches of medicine shone in their respective fields. Revo Drahaman is an Otolaryngologist. Wijetunga are Ophthalmologists. The late Lucian Perera was a General Surgeon. Though retired, he continues to work at the Army Hospital on a voluntary basis. Victor Rajapakse, late W.

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Rajasooriyar and the writer are Anaesthesiologists. Puwan Sivanantham is a Rheumatologist. Fernando, Suranganie Fernando, late V.

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Reminiscences of a Doctor [John S. Hinman MD] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Reminiscences of a Doctor is a first person account of a. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dr. Hinman is presently retired; he and his wife live in Reminiscences of a Doctor - Kindle edition by John Hinman.

Wickramasinghe are General Practitioners serving in different parts of Sri Lanka. Some of our batchmates chose Public Health and Administrative positions.

Working from home the Doctor's House as a Workplace

Wimal Jayakuru was the first female Chief Epidemiologist. The first Reunion including all those who could join from abroad was held in at Coral Gardens Hikkaduwa.

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Campus was actually fantastic. It has been very carefully revised by Mr. Shivpuri, who was Superintendent Gardens in Alwar. Line 2. To do things the way I think they should be done and get satisfaction. Unfortunately, they allow these biases to affect their judgements.

The 40th anniversary celebrations were held at Cinnamon Lodge, Habarana in Our 45th Anniversary was held at Chaya Trans Hikkaduwa in with a record number of 56 batch mates participating along with their spouses. This year when our batch is celebrating 50 years of graduation as medical doctors, a grand reunion is planned at the Jet Wing Blue Hotel in Negombo from the 3rd to the 5th of March, and 52 batchmates and their spouses are expected to attend.

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Some of us are meeting for the first time after half a century and we are looking forward to a fun filled weekend. This has been made possible due to the hardworking organizing committee ably chaired by super-efficient Swyrie Balendra with Lakshman Abeygunawardane acting as Secretary, and Committee Members Sriyani Basnayaka, Pramila Senanayake, Sriyani Dias and the writer.

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Search form. Forty- fifth Anniversary get-together at Chaya Trans Hikkaduwa in Kuru ward round was walking up and down mountains seeing patients in their hamlets, and this could take a whole day. This particular round, led by Dr Richard Dick Hornabrook, started at 7 in the morning and ended at 3 in the afternoon. The only memory left of that ward round was the exhaustion and painful blistered feet from mountain climbing. When I returned to Okapa as a rural medical officer bush doctor in the epidemic was on the wane. Kuru had been transmitted to chimpanzees 4 years previously, but the fact only sunk in when Carleton Gajdusek and Michael Alpers on their field visit during the year filled me in.

The other duties were playing host to visiting medical specialists and health administrators. It was in this function that I trailed behind Dick Hornabrook when he came to visit kuru patients and so I learned more about the patients and their care social environment.

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I had free tutorials in clinical neurology from both of them. I generally turned down such requests i because the patients were not zoo animals and ii owing to the disruption to the daily work programme. An exception was made for Dr Frederick J. Wright of the University of Edinburgh who wanted to see other tropical diseases as well as kuru. After I left Okapa, I went back again for short visits but never to work.

I was kept abreast of the status of kuru through the Director's reports at meetings of the Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research Council, of which I have been a member since So in truth, I gained more than I gave as service to kuru and Okapa health in general. I learned about the people's care and compassion for family members with incurable illness. They coped ably without aids from organized government or NGO social services. That level of care and commitment can never be repeated in contemporary Papua New Guinea, or the world for that matter. Europe PMC requires Javascript to function effectively.

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