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The Latency Omnibus: Sherlock Sherlock Holmes: Murder at Sherlock Holmes and the Sherlock Holmes and the Red The Rediscovered Railway Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Adventure of No cover available. The complete adventures of O Ritual Musgrave e Outras The Adventure of the Resident El misterio del valle de Singing star Joseph Schmidt plays the unknown tenor Ricardo, who shares a small apartment in Venice with the musical clown Rigo.

After unsuccessfully trying to land a part on the stage, Ricardo tries his luck with radio. At first, he is turned away; but instead of going, Ricardo begins to sing. He is immediately offered a contract and his recordings quickly make him famous. In a record store, Ricardo gets to know the music-loving salesperson Nina, who becomes friends with him and Rigo. When Ricardo comes to the realization, that Nina does indeed love his voice, but that her heart belongs to Rigo, the two men's friendship is damaged. Soon after, Rigo has to appear without Ricardo, but before he disgraces himself, Ricardo shows up and saves the show with his singing.

The two friends reconcile, for Ricardo is less concerned with his own selfish needs now, but would rather make everyone else happy with his singing.

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Kurz darauf Rigo muss ohne Ricardo auftreten, doch kurz bevor er sich blamiert, rettet Ricardo die Vorstellung mit seinem Gesang. The dictator escapes the bomb by sheer chance. Stauffenberg and his co-conspirators are sentenced to death and executed. Juli , parallel gedreht zu Falk Harnacks "Der Durch Zufall entkommt der Diktator dem Anschlag. Those expecting, that The Last Days Before The War , will give them any definite information as to the real causes of the World War are doomed to disappointment.

This is not due to any lack of detail concerning the diplomatic moves in the various European capitals that followed the fatal shot at Sarajevo on June 28, , and continued until the declaration of war on Russia by Germany on Aug. Otherwise, the picture is well done and follows the developments subsequent to the assassination of the heir to the Austrian throne. Sazanof, the Russian Foreign Minister, perhaps blacker than they really were and to represent Emperor Franz Josef, Kaiser Wilhelm and Czar Nicholas as would-be fathers of their peoples and sincere lovers of peace.

There seems to be no absolute knowledge extant on these matters, regardless of the endless discussion of the "war guilt question".

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Mock is haunted by memories of WW1 and facing an occult killer who only promises to stop killing once Mock confesses to a non-descript error that he just cannot recall. Lee Patterson and Colin Gordon star. Feliz Christmas, Merry Navidad Mexico, Artus, Merlin a Prchlici Czech Republic, Mutter Holt mich hier te des Kriegers Burt Wonderstone A gangster that knows about their past threatens to expose it unless they help him to rob the store. Eiga doraemon: Shin.

Consequently the German scenario writers have as good a right to their interpretation as anybody else. An excellent cast gives reality and interest to what might be classified as a gigantic news reel. Although the conversation is in German, the action is partly explained in English through the device of having a returned American diplomat talk about the cause of the war with a newspaper man. Miss Inge Becker is an telephone operator. She makes an appointment with the her unknown opera singer West. Location of the meeting and sign of recognition of the two pairs are the same.

An exchange with consequences cannot be avoided, as the next day the director wants to speak with Inge, because she neglects her service. In this movie highlighting the distinct cultural differences between Vienna and Berlin, a couple fall in love and want to marry. Their uncles and aunts, however, already have different partners in mind for each of the two; but the two succeed in determining how their own lives are going to be lived and the fact they're both going to end up well-off doesn't hurt matters at all.

A detective investigates the mysterious disappearance of the actor Theo Lingen who plays himself in the film during a performance at the theatre. In the presence of the public, the employees of the theatre are interrogated. In Anwesenheit des Publikums werden die Mitarbeiter vernommen. Dabei wird festgestellt, dass auch die Theaterkasse fehlt.

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During the Napoleonic occupation of the German states in , a tailor by the name of Anton Wibbel is sentenced to sit in jail for insulting the Emperor. The tailor manages to get out of this by paying off a friend to go to prison in his place. But then, the "phony" prisoner suddenly dies in his cell and everyone now thinks Wibbel is dead.

In this film, the main lines of the plot were straightforward - the love lives of a Ju aircrew. The film starts with some aerial sequences of a Ju, which was apparently a photo reconnaissance version of the plane for the Eastern Front the cast and crew spent four weeks in Luga -- near besieged Leningrad -- to film these sequences. Much of the romance is carried on in Berlin, in roof-top cafes and around and on the Wannsee. The impression is of a great city going about its normal business, with the war being a long way away and not a sign of the food shortages William Shirer reported on from Berlin itself.

There is no evidence of air raid precautions. Everybody seems young and gay and the trams run on time, albeit with women conductors. In the hospital all is neat and orderly and under control. Occasionally the aircrew goes on missions and are attacked, but unharmed, by Russian fighters.

Actually, the aerial sequences give a good impression of how cramped the four-seat Ju was. The air crew is transferred to North Africa at the time, actually filmed in Italy due to the minor technicality that a good part of Rommel's conquests were lost by the time the film was made. Back on active service, their aircraft makes another forced landing. The desert sequences were particularly effective in showing what it must have been like to be stranded in the desert. Near death, they are spotted by an Italian air force Savoia-Marchetti possibly an SM variant and rescued which the censors promptly deleted from the film, because the Italians had switched sides by the time the movie was ready for viewing.

Back in Berlin, the rivals in the air crew find their nurse is about to marry one of her patients. After a lavish wedding with many horse-drawn carriages, the rivals head out on alternative conquests. Anita Keller is engaged to the Court conductor Paul Harrandt.

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Although Anita flirts with him without inhibition, Heideneck is only interested in Gerda, who has already declined with indignation his invitation, that she return with him to his atelier. Returning home, Heideneck is surprised to discover, that Gerda is there waiting for him. Dressed only in a mask and a muff, she permits herself to be painted.

This controversial painting ends up being published in the newspapers accidentally and everyone thinks Anita is the model. When Heideneck meets his supposed model, he falls in love for the first time in his life with a decent woman.

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But a disappointed Anita conjures up a catastrophe for all involved with her jealousy. Als Heideneck sein vermeintliches Modell kennen lernt, verliebt er sich erstmals in seinem Leben aufrichtig in eine Frau. There's an old legend that says the Baskerville family is cursed. As eternal punishment for the crime of Sir Hugo Baskerville in the 16th Century, all male descendants of the family are doomed to die a violent, unnatural death. The latest descendent, Lord Charles Baskerville is found dead in the dark moors of Dartmore; dead of a heart attack caused by severe fright. Was it the infamous hellhound, which according to legend lives on the moor that drove Lord Baskerville to his death?

Mortimer is family friend, who journeys to London to seek the help of Sherlock Holmes. Lord Henry Baskerville, nephew and heir to the Baskerville estate, is on his way to the castle to claim his inheritance. But Dr. Mortimer fears his life is in danger. Can Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson solve the mystery? Eine alte Sage berichtet, dass ein Fluch auf der Familie Baskerville lastet. Idyllic Holstein Switzerland with its lakes and forests; picturesque half-timbered houses and castle-like mansions provides the background for the five Immenhof films, in which the joys and sufferings of the twins Dick and Dalli are portrayed.

They belong to one of the most successful creations of the German film industry and helped Heidi Bruhl reach international star status. This time, we will experience Spring at the Immenhof, where many exciting adventures are going to take place; like the rift that is almost going to destroy the marriage between Brigitte Voss, the heiress of the Immenhof, and Alexander Arkens, the father of twins Bobby and Billy, who will attempt to prevent the break-up.

What great fun! The engineer Robert Kramer has recently been released from prison for perjury and can't seem to find his footing in bourgeois society. His fiancee has deserted him; his father rejects him for going to jail. As an ex-con, he's unable to find work and is regarded with mistrust everywhere he goes. Desperate and with no hope in sight, he decides to commit suicide; but just as he's about to jump off a bridge, the streetwalker Emma stops him. When Emma and her brother Gustav get caught up in a robbery that results in the murder of the victim, Robert helps them flee the city.

He even ends up getting an important job in a factory in Dusseldorf. When he returns to Berlin to visit his benefactors, he's met at the station by a friend, who informs him, that Emma is back home and dying. Postwar Germany. Erika longs for both the necessities and diversions of life after having lived through the privations of war. Her boyfriend Walter, a journalist, can't provide her that.

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At her friend Annemie's place, she gets to know men who spoil her with silk stockings and candy. During a health inspection, it's discovered she has syphillis. She then realizes just in time, that she was on the verge of becoming a prostitute. Fortunately, Walter gives her a second chance.

Erika sehnt sich nach den Entbehrungen der Kriegszeit nach einem abwechslungsreichen Leben. Ihr Freund Walter, ein Journalist, kann ihr das nicht bieten. Bei einer Gesundheitskontrolle stellt man fest, dass sie geschlechtskrank ist. Gerade noch rechtzeitig erkennt sie, dass sie sich am Rande der Prostitution bewegt hat. Ihr Freund Walter gibt ihr eine zweite Chance. Then as a correspondent, who founded the "Austrian Society for the Friends of Peace" in Later, she became the vice president of the "International Bureau for Peace" in Bern and pushed for the creation of the Nobel Peace Prize, which she herself won in This idyllic, DDR-made biography about the composer of Der Freischutz, Carl Maria von Weber, includes scenes and arias from his works, dramatically woven into the film's plot.

Szenen und Arien aus seinen Werken werden dramaturgisch geschickt in die Handlung eingeflochten. Joseph Schmidt, raised in an orthodox Jewish household, was already performing as a child in the synagogue. Thanks to his brilliant voice, the tenor first took the radio waves by storm in s Berlin and then reached the highpoint of his singing career with his first film, "Ein Lied geht um die Welt". When the celebrated singer finds his great love in the young ballet dancer Brigitte von Hilden, it seems his happiness is complete. Brigitte is temporarily banned to the estate of a Pomeranian relative while Joseph is performing with great success all over Europe.

Over time, Brigitte becomes a successful choreographer; and when she takes part in a guest performance in Vienna, the two lovers find one another again. Joseph's plans to settle down in Austria with Brigitte come to nothing, when the country is annexed to the Reich in March The Jewish singer is forced to leave Brigitte and, together with his manager Himmel and his pianist Schlange, emigrate to the United States, where all the great theatres including the renowned Carnegie Hall enthusiastically seek out the singer.

Joseph, however, misses Brigitte very much. Ignoring what he knows is a very bad situation in Europe, he returns to Europa to perform at the city opera in Brussels. Soon after, German troops launch the invasion of Western Europe and Joseph is forced to flee to what will become Vichy France.

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There, to avoid arrest, he escapes to Switzerland, where he's interred in a camp. He was to receive a work permit the day after he died, which would have allowed him to move around Switzerland freely. Erst als Brigitte, inzwischen erfolgreiche Choreografin, ein Gastspiel in Wien gibt, finden die Liebenden wieder zusammen.

Against her father's will, young Else goes out dancing with her friend Hans.

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When the despot realizes this, he locks his daughter out of the apartment. Else moves in with Hans, who is unemployed, and his friend Max, who sells trinkets. When the trio put on a vaudeville act as a horse and its handler, they become an instant success. That leads Hans to talk about marriage. But Else is still a minor. When the cops show up at his apartment, sent there by her father to drag her home, Else takes flight.

Out of desperation, she accepts an invitation from her sleazy cabaret manager to overnight at his place. When Hans finds out about it, he comes to the wrong conclusion. Hans spricht schon von Heirat. Als der Vater sie polizeilich heimholen lassen will, entzieht sie sich durch Flucht. And to ensure an easier entry into the vault, they kidnap Kristina, the young wife of the city commandant, General von Keist. But when the Wehrmacht starts to close in on them, they discover that good advice is more valuable than any diamond. Kurz vor Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs brechen drei US-Soldaten aus deutscher Kriegsgefangenschaft aus, um sich im nahegelegenen Amsterdam auf die Suche nach einem sagenhaften Diamantenschatz in der Stadtkommandantur zu machen.

Doch als sich dann auch noch die Wehrmacht an ihre Fersen heftet, ist guter Rat teurer als jegliche Diamanten. Young Jenny Miller travels to London to demand information about her finances from her asset administrator and Uncle Harry Selsbury, as its come to her attention, that her entire inheritance has been misappropriated. You've reached the maximum number of titles you can currently recommend for purchase.

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