Sustainable Democracy

Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa
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follow site Democratic principles run through the Agenda like a golden thread, from universal access to public goods, health care and education as well as safe places to live and decent work opportunities for all. Our new Agenda aims to leave no one behind, which means we must reach those who are rarely seen or heard, and who have no voice or group to speak on their behalf.

Democracy and Governance: Key Foundations to Sustainable Development

The implementation of the Goals must be underpinned by a strong and active civil society that includes the weak and the marginalized. We must defend civil society's freedom to operate and do this essential job. On this International Day of Democracy, let us rededicate ourselves to democracy and dignity for all. Skip to main content.

Think piece With democracy becoming an endangered species, is sustainability in peril? If so, what can we do about it? Find out more.

Sustainability from below?

Participation and accountability to improve decisions, implementation, justice and legitimacy. Ideas in Action.

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As it is assumed that effective strategies adopted and properly implemented by a nation have the tendency to accelerate progress in the development of the said nation, this work examined some strategies for sustainable development in Nigeria. It highlighted existing strategies for development in the country, examined progress and challenges in implementing the strategies, and further identified measures which when adopted and implemented, will likely change the social, economic, and political condition of the country for economic growth and sustainable development.

Democratic revolutions have swept over the past two decades.

Building a sustainable democracy in Libya

All of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals speak to democracy, most prominently in Goal 16 of the Agenda, which addresses. In a democracy, the political power ultimately must reside in the common people. to use our existing democracy to create a sustainable society and economy.

Democracy has come to assume a new aura of significance in contemporary world affairs. This clarion call was made for the nations of the world to embrace it, given that it is perceived to enhance development. Given that it is not universally accepted and practiced, democracy has faced a lot of ideological contradictions, with criticisms. Inspite of its widespread, there still exist difficulties in adopting and translating its holistic values into the framework of sustainable development in most parts of the world. This could be attributed to many factors, which include poor development of democratic institutions, ideological confusion and misconceptions, as well as other factors.

This ideology has been criticized by many Africans, and its relationship with development in the Continent has been a problematic one. After more than three decades since most African countries began to gain independence, there still exists a vacuum in the Continent, with regard to development.

Democracy and sustainability: a joint cause

While some countries of Africa Botswana, among others have witnessed commendable success in the practice of democracy, the overall scenario is one of dismal failure. Democracy has many forms, and its practices and outcomes vary from nation to nation. Nigeria, like other countries of the world, is not left out of this sweeping wave of democratic awareness and enlargement.

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It is noteworthy that it is one of the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa still struggling to develop. After more than fifty years of independence from the British colony, the scenario in the country remains disappointing.

The Relationship between Democracy and Sustainable Development

Democracy is totally misinterpreted, and it is wrongly practiced in the country. A good number of explanations have been devised to account for this dwindling state of affairs. These include: mismanagement of public fund, poor macroeconomic policies, public malfeasance, inadequate skilled manpower, as well as poor political will.

Most importantly, democracy should be able to enhance the provision and equal distribution of resources and basic human needs, and as well, enable a fragile State to manage its divides peacefully.

On limits to growth, the post-democratic turn and reactionary democrats

See e. Underpinning all this is political inclusion. Your action matters to us. This could be attributed to many factors, which include poor development of democratic institutions, ideological confusion and misconceptions, as well as other factors. They think their voices will not matter or have an influence on how political institutions will act. A new manifesto argues that the advance of democracy and of sustainable development is at heart a shared endeavour. The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung contributes to expanding opportunities by both capacitating young people to become respected political dialogue partners as well as to providing spaces to advocate their concerns at the local, national, and international levels.

This work seeks to establish a working relationship between democracy and sustainable development in the context of national development, with particular reference to Nigeria. The researcher examines some strategies adopted by Nigeria for development from till date, charts progress and challenges, and proposes strategies for achieving sustainable development in the country. The primary objective of this work is to provide guidance to policy-makers, planners, and development practitioners in Nigeria.

It also has relevance to policy-makers of other developing countries.