The Adventures of Dimi

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I have been in nearly 80 countries.

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I speak 7 languages. I am very well accustomed to interacting with people of diverse cultural background. O que faremos. We will be hiking on Mount Parnes, Attica's highest mountain. We will take a route on which I've been often guiding tourist hiking groups for many years. I have chosen this route for the following reasons Your trip will include brunch. Let me know if you have any particular dietary preferences.. Be you peckish?

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Have a bite. We'll be driving to the trailhead and back in my comfortable sedan car. Do you miss something? There is a great chance I'll be able to fix it for you.

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O que levar. Appropriate footwear: hiking shoes or sneakers.


The illustration goes with an article about viva la poze…a multidisciplinary event about fashion and lifestyle. The model for this illustration is Peter Strauss.

The 6th issue of the PDF adventure magazine The Inventory is ready for download

The model for this illustration i did for dimi magazine Peter strauss liked the result that much that he ordered a print on canvas. Here i photographed the finished work in his house.

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Im very satisfied with the results. This is the first illustration i did for Dimi magazine. Its a magazine on the cultural scene in Rotterdam.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. The author was born in Washington, D. C. and attended it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Adventures of Dimi. The Adventures of Dimi is a fascinating blend of imagination and whimsy about a tiny boy who seems destined to never grow up. His parents are trying to give.

The text says: feed your talent. This magazine was an idea from the mind of Rotterdam based artist Marijke Appelman.

I'm Dimi Petkov

Outdoor Decorative Garland 1. The Adventures of Dimi is a compilation and extension of stories which the author made up to entertain his four children when they were growing up; especially, while traveling long distances by automobile. Elaborate Hair Gears 2. He received his B. I'm a pretty big fan of her, so I'm biased but I'd like everyone to know about her. Troubled Water Bridge 1.

At this time i was fully emerged in printmaking…eat sleep breathe printmaking every day. Especially the combination of printing frames from animations i made and printing etching frames that i made into an animation. The folded magazine was hand printed in brown and red acrylic ink in an edition of A lot of people i respected and still respect at that time were in this mag.

I made this in and forgot all about it. Its so great my friend still has this hanging in his house…thanks MAU!

Hi Dimi's Adventure

I remember making a whole series for a lot of my friends over the years. This is number 4 or 5 i think. New Painting… October 12th, Filed under: illustratie , art — dirty am.

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Painting Solar Weekend festival August 8th, Filed under: illustratie , commercial , murals — dirty pm. Read Comments 0. July 5th, Filed under: illustratie , art — dirty pm. Illustration for Dimi Magazine March 31st, Filed under: illustratie , publicatie , commercial — dirty pm.

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  • The 6th issue of the PDF adventure magazine The Inventory is ready for download!
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Print on canvas. March 13th, Filed under: illustratie , art , commercial — dirty pm.