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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online The Haughty Prince file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with The Haughty Prince book. Happy reading The Haughty Prince Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF The Haughty Prince at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF The Haughty Prince Pocket Guide. Su gets put in a position where her her status can't save her, and actually works against her : If it becomes common knowledge that their princess is a thief , there'll be considerable political fallout. Despite this, Su repeatedly complains, wondering why 'those meanies' won't just let her friends fix everything. Naru attacks Keitaro on the grounds of their cram school and nearly gets kicked out for the assault.

Though the Headmaster shows her some pity and lets her off with a stern warning, the other students avoid her, not wanting anything to do with somebody so volatile.

The Humble Girl That Changed The Life Of A Rich, Proud & Arrogant Prince - Nigerian Movies

Naru blames Keitaro for this. Mokoto's gotten the worst Humiliation Conga so far. After getting arrested , she's steadily been losing everything that mattered to her: her Fan Girl Posse , her position on the Kendo Club, her honor, her reputation, her status as heir of the God Cry School, and her place at the Hinata Inn, as she's being forcibly transferred to a co-ed school back in Kyoto. In particular, Su's antics with her robots have gotten her arrested and labeled a terrorist ; Mokoto has gotten stripped of her heir status and Naru's impulsive decision to attack an innocent man and blame him for it bit her hard when it turned out he was a career advisor, and the attack brought her behavior to the attention of her school and has implicitly torpedoed her academic future.

The Vocaloid fanfiction Hear my Song! She starts out as an arrogant, prejudiced Jerkass , and then Ia physically and sexually abuses her to the point that it completely breaks her mind. Tsuuma is sometimes a jerk to Viral in Tengen Toppa Gurren Solvernia however, she is hinted to care , and she's also proud of her intelligence but she still treats herself above the others.

She loses it during Viral's death. Then, she's captured by Gengetsu and abused to the point of turning into "Fugetsu". Yuuka in Imperfect Metamorphosis. She's completely broken when she discovers she's fictional. Also, Yukari is constantly broken by her extremist solutions but yet she refuses to yield. In Earth and Sky , Diamond Tiara has gone from merely being a brat to being a self-centered Corrupt Corporate Executive who tries to make trouble for Harmony Aeronautics solely out of a misplaced grudge on Apple Bloom, and she ends up suffering for it: she's kidnapped by changelings, who find her so unpleasant they ditch her in the desert and leave her for dead.

Diamond only survives to make it to civilization because of The Power of Hate , which to her horror means she owes her life to her sworn rival. The first time was after Reimu stabs her with a pair of scissors in response to her kicking her in the face, the which shattering her bravado. She was not happy about that, leading for a grudge, and found herself broken again by Chen when the latter gives her a "The Reason You Suck" Speech. Then they counter-attack against Orochimaru, and by the end of it, the rogue sannin is only "the master of as much land as his feet cover each moment" while he flees.

In The Sealed Kunai , Naruto comes across as functionally invincible for a time, particularly after he beat ten of the other eleven rookies with ease Lee was still recovering from surgery and couldn't fight. Then he picks a fight with Jiraiya while the Sannin is training him. Jiraiya wins easily ; not only is he stronger, faster, and more skilled than Naruto, he's been a ninja since before Naruto's parents were born. Ever After High fanfic Poisoning Apple Rotbart's initial relationship with Apple consisted of this: while Apple is very sweet , she is very used to getting what she wants and used to getting her word obeyed.

Since she is used to the friendly and benign Raven as her villain , she is unprepared for Raven's replacement, Rotbart, son of the Swan Lake Evil Sorceror. Rotbart is genuinely antagonistic towards her and is a villain who likes being a villain. Who already doesn't like her because she's trying to force his little sister Raven into something she doesn't want.

Rotbart gets this when he is forced to rely on Apple for help when he is injured while swimming despite being a big jerk to her. Daring Charming is humiliated in front of the entire school, caught cheating on Apple. Being raised on a diet of juvenile, inexperienced T. Rexes has given Iudex Carnifex of It's not the Raptor DNA an inflated view of himself; the Spinosaurus sees himself as the ultimate killing machine, and refers to Tyrannosaurus as "easy kills".

Then he encounters Limper, a bull T. Rex who survived close to twenty years in the wild, and after a quick thrashing Carnifex has changed his mind about who is more powerful. In Rise Of The Unicorn , Cecilia is unintentionally broken to the core after Banagher delivers an unexpected one-sided fight against her. After a little pep talk, she's shifted from the snobby, all-mighty girl into an unwanted, submissive lover to the Gundam pilot. In Wind Shear Bellatrix Black is nearly killed by Harry, then nearly killed by abominations created by Voldemort, then Imperiused by Voldemort and nearly tortured and killed by him, his Knights of Walpurgis and her own aunt.

All of which, combined with time spent in the Muggle world, brings her to the realization that Muggles are people too. To top it off, when teamed up with Paul in the Fuchsia tournament, he's quick to see how far behind he is in skill compared to Paul. She will beat people with a Magikarp solo when applicable. Akane in Anything Goes Game Changer gets it finally driven home that she's far from the best when she and Yashima fight a quartet of Sekirei.

Since her opponents don't hold back nearly as much, Akane can't ignore that her defeat ever happened as her wrist is badly fractured from it. Amazon Aid has Cologne destroy all of Nabiki's blackmail material and inform those affected by it of what she's done. Upon finding out, Nabiki is rendered beyond terrified at the realization that she now has nothing to stop her former victims attacking her, and has to literally beg Ranma for his protection, which he only agrees to provide if she gives up blackmail and extortion for good, pays back all the money she got from it, and doesn't interfere with him and Akane.

She also gets treated with open contempt by the rest of Furinkan's students, and is forced to get a job in a department store to pay back all the money she owes. Original Character Arjuna in Harry Potter and the Lack of Lamb Sauce is played up as the best chef among the students at Hogwarts, always winning or coming in second place in every challenge of the Magic Chef Junior Competition, and unlike the other competitors, she refuses to practice together, claiming she already knows everything she needs to in order to win.

She's eliminated from the competition, receives zero sympathy from almost the entire student body, and her own house goes from calling her "Arjuna the Ace" to "Arjuna the Disgrace". He was released shortly after this. Films — Animation. Toy Story : 50's pull-string cowboy Woody is Andy's favourite toy. Everybody knows it and more especially, he knows it. But when new-fangled plastic Space Marine Buzz Lightyear arrives on the scene and Andy starts playing with him more, he becomes Always Someone Better to Woody, and Woody doesn't take this knocking down the pecking order lightly.

Then this attitude gets him in deep trouble.

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Lelouch ends up causing a brutal massacre through his Power Incontinence , necessitating the murder of his half-sister Euphemia. When the princess came out and saw him, she cried, "Ah, God have mercy on me, for the bad luck you have brought me. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review Since the Sarkanian's are unhappy and Henrik is three-fourths Sarkanian, Henrik must prove he is for his people. This is a feel good sexy story with a HEA you can't help but enjoy. Why does he do this?

The Book of Life : Joaquin. After losing the Medal of Everlasting Life and getting his butt handed to him by Chakal. Manolo besting Xibalba in the final trial deflates his ego. If just a bit. Brent from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

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He starts off an arrogant jerk , riding on the fame he garnered as a baby, but once Flint's food replicator gets going, he sees his status in the town drop like a rock, until he is booed by the very same people who were cheering for him mere days earlier. Ultimately, this works in his favor, because if he hadn't lost his social status he never would have become He starts out as a Jerkass Well-Intentioned Extremist , and isn't very sympathetic at the beginning Then the revelation that he sent one of the others out to die comes to light and he loses a great deal of trust and respect.

Then his bodyguard and the only thing close to a friend he has is killed. Scowler from Walking with Dinosaurs is a Jerk Jock Big Brother Bully who becomes Drunk with Power after becoming leader of the herd, and when his brother Patchi saves the herd from drowning in a frozen lake he kicks him out of the herd and leaves him to die in a ditch after a fight that he wins.

Things soon go downhill for him when he attempts to fight the Gorgosaurus at Ambush Alley, which results in him nearly dying and the herd abandoning him. Once Patchi saves him after returning he has become repentant to the point of conceding his leadership to him. Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove starts out as an egotistical jerk who casually informs the peasant Pacha that he's planning to raze his home to make room for a Kuzcotopia.

Then he gets transformed into a llama by his vengeful ex-advisor Yzma and is forced to work together with Pacha to get back to his palace, which eventually results in him crying alone in a downpour after he scoffs at Pacha's advice one too many times and becoming more humble from that point on.

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The Haughty Prince [Andrew Perkins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A spoiled young prince learns important lessons in humility after a. The Haughty Prince - Kindle edition by Andrew Perkins. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks .

The Land Before Time : Cera starts out as a rude, egotistical, hot-headed brat who spends most of the film bragging about how she can take care of herself. She even has the gall to call Littlefoot's mom stupid, despite the fact that Littlefoot's mom risked her life to save both Cera and Littlefoot. Cera leads the others in the wrong direction, nearly getting her friends killed in a lava flow and narrowly escaping death herself from a pack of predators.

It's only after she is pranked and humiliated by the others for going the wrong way does she realize her foolish mistake and breaks down sobbing. Home on the Range : A rather tragic example for Buck the Horse. He spends much of the movie as a total Jerkass towards the three bovine protagonists, wanting to catch Alameda Slim himself for all the glory. However, when it's revealed that Rico, his idol and a supposed bounty hunter, is actually a mercenary who was working for Slim all along, Buck is left feeling betrayed and heartbroken.

Slim : Let me introduce the most traitorous, double-crossing gun for hire that I've ever had the pleasure to call partner—Rico. Rico : You're too kind, boss. Buck : No, it can't be! Slim : His reputation as a bounty hunter is well-known, but lately he's been doing a little moonlighting and covering my tracks. Clopin: And for one time in his live Of power and control Frollo felt a twinge of fear For his immortal soul.

Films — Live-Action. Sister Clodagh's arc in Black Narcissus is all about this trope: she's too proud of her new position as the Order's youngest Superior, lacks the spiritual resources to adequately counsel her nuns one of whom is rapidly going insane , and is increasingly beset by memories of her own Unrequited Love.

Holly Martins is stubborn, belligerent, and disorderly, but surviving assassination attempts and killing a close friend takes a toll on him by the end of the film, turning him into a cynical man lost in Vienna. This is the entire plot of the German film The Blue Angel : a proud professor played by Emil Jannings becomes infatuated with burlesque singer Lola Marlene Dietrich and, after a one-night stand, they get married.

He leaves his well-respected job, comfortable apartment, and quaint village to go on the road with the troupe, where he slowly discovers that Lola is not as faithful as he is. Over the next few years, his pride and humanity are methodically stripped away as he is forced to perform more and more embarrassing acts.

At the climax of the film, the troupe returns to his village and, dressed as a clown, he has eggs broken over his head and is forced to crow like a rooster in front of a crowd of his former students and colleagues. Then he finds out Lola is leaving him for another man. Then he kills himself. What did you expect? It's a German movie. Le Chiffre himself goes through this as well after his Evil Plan fails, getting attacked by the Africans he owes money to, losing to Bond after he thought Bond was out of the game , and then dying after scratching Bond's balls.

This is the title character's chosen method of revenge in The Count of Monte Cristo.

It was quite fun watching the victims' terror just before they were attacked in Dead Friend aka The Ghost , considering what haughty bitches they were in the past. The movie even emphasizes how cruel and nasty they were in flashbacks.

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Doctor Strange : Stephen Strange is a brilliant but unbearably arrogant surgeon. So, naturally, he gets into a horrible car accident which robs him of his surgical abilities, fruitlessly searches for a cure for the nerve damage to his hands, and is finally forced to give up his scientific convictions and beg a group of mystics to help him. This is the driving motivation behind the Villain Protagonists in The Final. Rather than kill their pretty , popular classmates, they instead horribly torture and mutilate them so that, when they go back to school crippled and disfigured, they will know what it's like to be at the bottom of the Popularity Food Chain.

Happened to star player Boobie in Friday Night Lights. The kicker is that it's not just predictable characterization; it actually happened in real life! According to G. Joe: The Rise of Cobra this is apparently what happened in Storm Shadow's backstory, what with his being surpassed by some random street-kid and their teacher being a wonderful example of a "Well Done, Son! This is well in accordance with several previous versions of their backstory, though the Old Master is sometimes Stormy's uncle. A slow-working example; in Groundhog Day , the entire purpose of the time loop in which the arrogant and narcissistic Phil Connors has found himself trapped seems to be to take him down several pegs.

From his perspective it doesn't seem so bad to start with; he can do whatever he wants, take advantage of whomever he wants and wakes up day-in-day-out having avoided any of the consequences of his previous day's actions. But then the day keeps repeating, the woman he really wants to woo keeps rejecting him and despair gradually kicks in In The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 , as per the book , the Capitol citizens get more than enough share of misery throughout the film, thanks to the war waged against their hometown.

Specifically, they're forced to beg for food for once, having to evade a war zone, and finally, watching their children being blown to bits by bombs. He couples this with wanting to slaughter all of the Saracens in the Holy Land to have the Christians own it. After he murders Saladin's sister, Saladin retaliates by demanding the surrender of Jerusalem.

Then Guy and all of his followers the priest of the lot stating that if a Crusader army carries Jesus's cross with it, they are undefeatable go and try to fight him. Due to poor planning, the Christian army is easily beaten, and Guy captured and made to ride on the ass of an ass as the Saracen army laughs at him. In the director's cut, it doesn't do anything for him, as he still tries to kill Balian but is then beaten again.

Hilary Faye in Saved! To a lesser extent, her polar opposite Cassandra gives up much of her attitude after being expelled and getting in a big fight with her boyfriend. This is most of the plot of Spider-Man 3. When Peter Parker puts on the black suit, he gets a swelled head and a severe case of testosterone poisoning, turning him into a Jerkass. Eventually, he gets enough sense beaten into him that he goes back to being his old self again. To be fair, the swelled head was already in play as the start of the film and he was already getting into a vengeance mood about certain events in the middle of the film; the suit just made them worse.

All the younger characters in the movie got this. Peter Parker's example is the main focus of the movie. Mary Jane's jealousy of Peter's well-deserved-and-long-overdue recognition as Spider-Man serves as a catalyst for most of the film's plot. By the end, she and Peter have both been thoroughly humiliated and nearly killed, and their relationship has been all but ruined.

Harry's vendetta against Peter carries over from the last film. However, by this point, it's become less about avenging his father than stroking his wounded ego. It eventually gets Harry's face blown half off. Jerk Jock Eddie Brock's attempt to one-up Peter by snapping Spider-Man's first Black Suit outing ends with Spidey smashing his camera and dismissing him before leaving.

Eddie then retaliates by plagiarizing Peter's previous Spidey photo to win the staff job. Peter not only gets Eddie fired from the only paper in New York that would hire him but gets his job at double the salary. Eddie ultimately ends up getting blown up with the Venom symbiote he was using to kill Peter himself. So far J. Jonah Jameson's had at least one Break The Haughty moment in each film: the Goblin destroying his office in the first, and MJ dumping his son at the altar in the second. The third film gives him a triple-whammy by forcing him to fire Eddie Brock for plagiarism, print a retraction in the next edition, and pay Peter Parker double the staff photographer salary.

The look on his face as he watches Peter settle into his office is priceless. Gwen Stacy wasn't so much haughty as she was one of Spider-Man's fangirls. The moment she realized how badly she was screwing up Peter and MJ's relationship, she apologized to her and bailed out on him, thereby averting the trope. Pike: There's greatness in you, but there's not an ounce of humility. You think you can't make mistakes, but there's gonna come a moment when you realize you're wrong about that — and you're gonna get yourself, and everyone under your command, killed.

Virgil suggested that the motto of the Roman Empire was parcere subjectis et debellare superbos, which translates to "Spare the humble and weaken the pride. When Breq finds her, she is dying from hypothermia after having given himself a drug overdose, just outside the door of an inn where nobody cares about her.

When she wakes up, she is convinced Breq was sent to find her because he's important, while actually she just took pity. As it turns out, she was cryonic sleep for hundreds of years, her family lost all importance, and when she woke up, no one would acknowledge how important she was, which drove her to take drugs.

Jane Austen 's works have a lot of this trope. Pride and Prejudice : Mr. Darcy's obviously a rather haughty type who gradually realizes that he has to take himself down a peg or two; Elizabeth's own pride in her ability to judge people gets a few dents over the course of the novel, particularly from Mr. Darcy's letter; happens to Mr. Collins when Elizabeth refuses to marry him; and to Lady Catherine when Elizabeth refuses to promise that she will not marry Darcy.

It also happens in Emma , where Emma is forced to realize how little she knows about matchmaking. She also publicly humiliates a poor , old , harmless spinster who had been a family friend for years and partly depended on Emma's charity. Spinster's reaction was "I will try to hold my tongue. I must be very disagreeable, or she wouldn't say such a thing to an old friend ". Emma then gets the Break The Haughty of her lifetime by some guy whom she eventually marries. And Northanger Abbey , where Catherine is forced to realize what an idiot she had been treating Real Life as if it were a gothic novel And Sense and Sensibility where Marianne has to admit that she behaved badly after her rejection by Willoughby.

She confesses that she has worried Elinor and her Mother and that her illness stems from neglecting her health in a manner she knew to be wrong at the time And in Mansfield Park , Fanny's uncle Sir Thomas is concerned about having his niece from a modest background stay with them. It turns out to be his children and not Fanny who endanger the social status of the family. In City of Ashes , the Inquisitor gets a glorious one.

After being nothing but condescending to Jace merely because he's the son of the Big Bad , she finds out that her plan to trade Jace to Valentine for the two Mortal Instruments that he has isn't going to work, because despite what she thought, Valentine doesn't care about Jace, only the instruments. Then she's arrested on false charges, raped , forced to escape by hiding in a cart of guano for days, beaten up by her servant to hide her identity and finally, when she tries to help people end a war, all she accomplishes is getting all of her companions and her best friend killed.

At least she manages to get back on her feet after all this. The Divine Comedy : Hell has a tendency to humiliate people who were self-important and powerful in life. There is no distinction that separates popes and kings from the average man, they are punished equally for equal sins. Virgil : How many now hold themselves mighty kings, who here like swine shall wallow in the mire. Hagrid: [to Draco] Yeh done wrong and now yer gonna pay fer it! Live-Action TV. The plot of one episode of The Adventures of Superboy was a total homage to The Terminator , where a robot is sent from the future to kill Superboy and a woman is sent to warn him.

Superboy foolishly brushes off the warnings, after all, he's Superboy, right? In their first battle, he gets a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from the robot, who is way stronger than him and can resist his punches and heat vision. Babylon 5 : Londo Mollari and G'Kar start the series as prime examples of arrogance what with being ambassadors of galactic Great Powers and all. Then Character Development happens. Both come out enlightened, and—to their amazement— friends. Shakiri is the head of the warrior caste and an arrogant Smug Snake who wishes to rule Minbar by force.

He fails the challenge as Delenn does not fail and has to be rescued by Neroon. Thus Shakiri is shown to be a Dirty Coward in front of millions of Minbari. Neroon: I speak for our people! Who do you speak for? Do you recognise yourself? Do you even know who you're looking at? You don't remember anything. You'll be just like your dad.

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That's what really scares you, isn't it? The Bible contains several examples, and most major world religions tend to have moral lessons against the dangers of pride. In Exodus, this is applied to the whole of Egypt. Pharaoh defies Yahweh, refusing to free the Hebrew slaves. Yahweh proceeds to turn the Nile to blood, unleash hordes of frogs, lice, and beasts, inflicts a plague on the animals and boils on the humans, rains burning ice on the land, sends a swarm of locusts to attack their fields, covers the land in darkness, and kills every Egyptian firstborn save Pharaoh.

Pharaoh gives in, but changes his mind and ends up dying because of it. Jesus uses this trope in several parables, most heavily in that of the prodigal son. As mentioned before, the Ancient Greeks went so far as creating a goddess who embodied this trope: Nemesis, the goddess of retribution for evil deeds and excessive pride. Pro Wrestling. Behind the scenes a lot of older wrestlers in the locker room like to invoke this trope against new guys coming in, whether they deserve it or not.

Haughty, contemptuous, high-handed: Prince Philip must say sorry for the sake of the Royals

Examples include The Miz , who got kicked out of the locker room for getting crumbs on John "Bradshaw" Layfield 's bag, and Melina , who got humiliated in front of the entire locker room for being shy and not talking to many people. This has something to do with locker room etiquette. New wrestlers are meant to introduce themselves to the locker room and shake everyone's hand. If someone doesn't do this, the wrestlers assume they're full of themselves and the punishment ensues.

Either that or they're just jerkasses. A recent little storyline came with the breakup of LayCool. Layla, after alienating all the other divas on the roster, got betrayed by her BFF Michelle and was challenged to a loser leaves WWE match. Before the match, Layla apologised for her actions to the rest of the divas.

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Professional Wrestling actually has a long-standing tradition stating that rookies and newcomers to the business must be hazed mercilessly. Back in the old days, it was partly to protect kayfabe - it was assumed that anyone who could endure a couple of years' worth of hazing and abject beatings would have the character to "protect the business". Although kayfabe is buried, many promotions still engage in deliberate systemized hazing of newcomers as a way to instill "discipline". The locker room etiquette mentioned above is heavily tied into it.

Younger wrestlers are supposed to introduce themselves to everyone, shake hands very gently with all the veterans, and then keep their mouths shut except to volunteer to help people carry bags, untie boots, etc and thank their locker room superiors for giving them a chance to work. Tabletop Games. The basis of the "Not as planned! It's also subverted in the case of the Eldar, who despite bringing about the fall of their Empire thousands of years ago through millennia of increasingly disgusting hedonism, still believe themselves to be better than the Imperium and given the state the Imperium is in, it's not too hard to believe.

Also, the Imperium, and Mankind itself. It is said that "men once rearranged stars to better suit themselves. This is what Clan Nosferatu in Vampire: The Masquerade likes to do with humans who they deem too proud of themselves. There is even a word in vampire slang, "Cleopatra" , which designates a person who once was beautiful, but turned into a horrific monster after being Embraced by Nosferatu.

In Antigone , Creon suffers this fate when after he has the title character executed, his son and wife both commit suicide, leaving him alone and wishing for death. Practically a requirement for any Greek tragedy, really. Pride , as noted above, was their favorite sin to attack. He starts off convinced he has a great destiny in the Mormon Church and has very little interest in being friends with his mission brother Arnold Cunningham. However, he later suffers a Crisis of Faith as a result of his inability to convert the local Ugandan villagers.

Oedipus Rex : Oedipus. This is the Villain Protagonist by the third act of any Christopher Marlowe play. William Shakespeare 's The Taming of the Shrew is, more or less, the story of a violent rich woman getting everything she threw at others thrown back at her face. By the end, she learns what a Jerkass she'd been and treats her Arranged Marriage husband with decency and respect.

Unfortunately, there's a fair amount of over-the-top chauvinism going on. William Shakespeare 's Twelfth Night also has a good example of this, where the arrogant and obnoxious steward Malvolio is tricked into thinking his employer Olivia is in love with him. He is persuaded to behave and dress in entirely inappropriate ways, all the while thinking this is exactly what she wants, and ends up being locked in a dungeon for lunacy before being released for a final dose of verbal humiliation at the end of the play.

A Streetcar Named Desire is a deconstruction of this type of story, questioning why Stanley needs to see Blanche brought down. It's because he's a bully who can't stand the fact that, after all that's already happened to her, she's still an idealist. Angels in America : Roy Marcus Cohn is introduced as a man who can get anything he wants , and will happily flaunt it.

By halfway through part two, he is wasting away in a hospital bed from AIDS, alone and friendless. Athena, helped along by Ajax himself, does a stellar job of turning Ajax from the best warrior on the Greek side to a madman held in complete ridicule and anger by the army. When the madness is removed and he realizes all this, he kills himself. Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of has a wonderful example of this in the form of Anatole Kuragin who has a complete breakdown after his confrontation of Pierre after the failed abduction, and ends up fleeing to Petersburg.

In Hamilton , the titular historical figure, Alexander Hamilton, begins Act II proud, cocky, and selfish, flaunting his power in the brand-new government. Throughout the act, he cheats on his wife , humiliates himself and her, and his family by revealing the fact to save his own skin , loses his son to a duel for his father's honor , isolates himself from the people he still has in his life, and dies at the hand of one of his first friends.

He's much less haughty by the end. Video Games. You'll just end up on the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle , complete with becoming a joke. Princess Kara goes through this in Illusion of Gaia. At the start of the game, she's a complete and total snob who never stops complaining about the trip , never seems to do anything useful , and needlessly gets herself into trouble.

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She gets called on this several times , by different characters, at length. Player Character Will even gives her a few when they're stranded together on a life raft when she refuses to eat the fish he catches for them, because she doesn't want to kill it. The game really starts rubbing it in Kara's face when her pet pig, Hamlet, jumps onto a fire to be roasted rather than let Kara be eaten by starving cannibals.

Thankfully, all of this is part of her Character Development , and by the end of the game, she at least acknowledges what a load she's been to the rest of the group. Kolorado from Paper Mario is a famous and respected archaeologist However, "He's bold, I'll give him that! Bold and certifiably insane He often runs into situations where it'd be more prudent to stand back and take stock of things before proceeding. This tendency burns him a few times in Mt.

Lavalava, Yoshi Island's volcano. To be fair, it's made clear that it isn't because he's a bad guy, but just because he's really excited about discovering these artifacts and would do near anything to get them. Plus he kind of wins in the end. Luke Fon Fabre in Tales of the Abyss : He first gets a minor Pride Before a Fall in the beginning when he's teleported halfway across the globe and stranded without any friends or resources in a place where his family name is a death sentence. This doesn't do much except inconvenience him. Then, he's betrayed by his mentor , chewed out and abandoned by his True Companions , and finally discovers he's a clone of one of the villains who was created to die in the villain's stead.

At which point, he snaps. Also worth mentioning that the betrayal noted above provokes Luke into accidentally causing an entire city to collapse, killing thousands of people in the process. Yeah, that probably also had something to do with that BSOD. It's worthwhile noting this is a massive deconstruction as Luke is shown to be very messed up afterward a massive atoner , huge Guilt Complex , and Heroic Self-Deprecation that leads into him being a Death Seeker and the truth that he's really seven years old means Luke is mentally a total mess for a good chunk of the game. Fire Emblem : Sonia in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade at the moment of her death, when she discovers she's actually one of the morphs she despises so much and has been duped by Nergal all this time into thinking she was the one perfect human.

Then Manfroy intervenes and soon Arvis has lost his children, the woman he loved aka the aforementioned Deirdre , and control of his empire, and turn it to a tyrannical empire far beyond his worst imagination. Please set a username for yourself. People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards.

Haughty Sentence Examples. He was the product of haughty broadsheets and fawning society magazines. She could be a real "prima donna" and very haughty at times; but, she was very much loved. It was, however, due to his haughty and violent temper that the traditional friendly relations between Turkey and France were broken.

He was bespattered with mud and had a pitiful, weary, and distracted air, though at the same time he was haughty and self-confident. He was haughty and cruel, rapacious and given to luxury; he was neither a general nor an administrator. Although he often gave offence by his haughty and aggressive disposition, few German princes have earned so thoroughly the goodwill of posterity. These words were calculated to inflame a people whom history proves to have been haughty and high-spirited, and the great Israel renounced its union with the small district of Judah.

His pretensions and his haughty dictatorial manner at last exhausted the tsar's patience, and he was formally deposed and exiled to a monastery. Andrew's gray eyes blazed as he stood up straight and proud before the haughty captain.

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The Kuprilis, both father and son, had by their haughty and uncompromising demeanour done much to alienate the old-standing friendship with France, and at the battle of St Gotthard French, under Coligny, fought on the Austrian side. Young Oxenstjerna, haughty and violent, claimed, by right of birth and rank, to be caput legationis.

Thanks to the blind complaisance of its democrats and the timid subserviency of its once haughty oligarchs, he became master of its fleet and arsenal 16th of May And the legates, who visited the courts of Europe as haughty representatives of the central government of Christendom. Since the Sarkanian's are unhappy and Henrik is three-fourths Sarkanian, Henrik must prove he is for his people.

The king gives him an ultimatum, immediately move to the Sarkanian villa or marry a Sarkanian girl. Henrik cannot believe what his grandfather told him, there has to be a way around it. A fake marriage. Ella, she thinks Henrik is a pig for the way he treats women, however, he is paying for her brother's surgery. A mutual contact that both parties agree to, two years and no children. After two years divorce and go their separate ways. However, can Henrik and Ella stick to no emotional involvement?

Excellent read! The author does a fantastic job of drawing you into the story line. I laughed and almost cried! The Prince and the common everyday girl next door! Loved the ending! Sep 28, Andrea rated it it was amazing. Prince Haughty is an excellent read. Prince Henrik is every bit the bad boy. He just uses them for sex and moves on to the next. Ella is there for a job with her brother when he becomes gravely ill.

The job is cut short and her brother, Ben, is flown to Barbados for the very pricy, life-saving treatment. This creates a window of opportunity for Prince Henrik. He offers to pay for his expensive treatment if Ella pr Prince Haughty is an excellent read. He offers to pay for his expensive treatment if Ella promises to be Princess of Morovia for two years.

It makes his Grandad happy and solves the problem of having to marry the wicked witch herself, Celeste. Ella wants her brother to live so she agrees on one condition, no sex. She will not be another notch on his bedpost. This gives Prince Henrik a challenge, one he has no problem defeating. They finally get into bed and have a hot, steamy time together. Prince Henrik lives up to his reputation and Ella enjoys every second. From here their story unfolds. I loved reading as their love grew and it warmed my heart when Grandad was happy Henrik had finally found love in Ella.

Such a sweet family and the HEA was even sweeter! I definitely recommend this story! I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review. Oct 03, Shelly Ash rated it it was amazing Shelves: hot-hot-hot , wow , don-t-miss-it. I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review Thank you! Ella was only supposed to photograph the prince, while her brother asked the questions. Not your average prince romanc I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review Thank you! The interaction between them was not only sexual, but romantically comical.

This is my first Sonia Winters romance and I was pleasantly surprised with the depth and detail of the story, while at the same time being touching and romantic. Oct 23, Julie Jefferies rated it it was amazing. Ella is so excited, yes she knows she's in Morovia to work with her Brother Ben, interviewing Prince Henrik, but she's read all she can about the beautiful beaches and countryside, and can't wait to take in the sites. Ella is shocked when Prince Henrik's protocol officer Celeste warns her to stay away from him, she's not stupid, she knows he's a playboy and to keep away.

Prince Henrik likes what he sees when he sees Ella and propositions her straight away, but she knocks him back. When he's in h Ella is so excited, yes she knows she's in Morovia to work with her Brother Ben, interviewing Prince Henrik, but she's read all she can about the beautiful beaches and countryside, and can't wait to take in the sites. When he's in his club watching the women, deciding who he'll take home, all he can do is compare them to Ella.

When Ella's brother become seriously ill, Henrik decides to get Ben the best medical help possible. When King Radomir summons Henrik to see him and gives him an ultimatum, he decides that he can use Ella's fear for her brothers health as a way to get her help with the Kings ultimatum, it's a win win. I really enjoyed both characters, and loved to hate Celeste.

King Radomir was sweet and Bruno that great voice of reason in the hard times. I'm so excited to read Prince Arrogant, and I'm hoping we'll get to hear a bit more about Ella and Henrik. I received an ARC for an honest review Sep 26, Tracie Simister rated it it was amazing. He does believe in hook ups. That is until he Meets Ella. Ella is a photographer in Morovia to help her brother by taking pictures of the prince and the king, while her brother Ben does interviews of them for his job.

Henrik comes up with a fake marriage plan as in 2 years only. Henrik needs a wife and Ella will do. This is a very quick paced book that was well worth the time to read. I Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review Dec 12, H rated it really liked it. Bad Boys are called that for a reason.

They are not grown ups. This is a story of growing up. This review is from: Prince Haughty: A Billionaire Royal Romance Kindle Edition Bad Boy Prince Henrik is known for his philandering ways and he has women lined up to be partakers of his amazing abilities in the bedroom. He makes sure each understands its one night only.

He doesn't believe in love and doesn't want complications. Ella and her brother Ben come to do a story on the Prince but Ben gets sick. He needs expensive surgery they can't afford. The king wants his grandson to grow up and take responsibility, get married and settle strife in the country. That's not how a bad boy rolls. He cooks up a plan, gets Ella to agree to marry him for two years and he pays for the surgery. She agrees with a stipulation of no sex. He can change that in a hurry. Sep 26, Courtney rated it it was amazing. When Ella arrived in Morovia with her brother she never thought it would end with an arrangement between her and the Crown Prince Henrik.

When her brother falls ill and Henrik is told by his grandfather, the king, he had to move to the palace in Sarkhan or marry Ella and Henrik decide to fake a marriage for 2 years. The more time they spend together the more they are attracted to each other, but Ella threw down the clause no sex into the contract. Ella and Henrik could not be more different, but When Ella arrived in Morovia with her brother she never thought it would end with an arrangement between her and the Crown Prince Henrik.

Ella and Henrik could not be more different, but the kingdom loves Ella and Henrik finds himself in the same boat only afraid to fully admit it. When a staff, who Henrik had been with for a short time, finds the contract the two had signed Ella and Henrik will have to decide if what they have together is worth fighting for. I loved this book from Sonia Winter. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Sep 29, Margaret McGovern rated it really liked it. Excellent contemporary royal bad boy romance. Henrik is the Prince who lost his parents early in life. His grandfather, the king is trying to get him to stop being the bad boy playboy. It's hurting how the residents and outsiders see their country. Ella arrives from America to do the photos for her brothers article on the Prince. Things go bad quickly for Ella and her brother. Then Henrik comes up with a plan but unforeseen consequences occur. It's funny how severely disliking a character, Henri Excellent contemporary royal bad boy romance.

It's funny how severely disliking a character, Henrik keeps the reader engaged in the story. Ella is shy but smart. I received a free copy of this book via Hidden Gems solely in exchange for an honest opinion. I look forward to reading future books by Ms. I apologize I have had 2 kindled completely fail in the past 3 months and lost numerous books. I honestly try to meet my commitments. Oct 05, Ruza rated it really liked it. Prince Haughty is good book. Prince Naughty thinks he's all that, and the ladies want him. They do … especially since that would make them a Princess.

That will never happen because he never plans to get married. Enter a lovely American girl and she turns the Princes' life upside down. They decide to get married to help save the American girls sick brother, but it wouldn't be real. Prince Naughty just needs a fake wife for a while.

There is a LOT of HOT sex but both of the characters have issues in their past that leave them insecure in life, and the feelings that develop between them. There are times the story is fast, other times it's slow. I also think it needs something more. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Sep 27, Jaime rated it it was amazing Shelves: millionaire-billionaire , arc , royal. Bad boy prince Henrik has a problem. His country - and his king - feel he's too much of a playboy to care about their needs. Faced with the choice of either moving to Sarkhania or marrying a nice Sarkhanian girl , Henrik paves his own path.

While he does move to Sarkhania, he also marries an American. The country comes to love their princess, as well as the changes she brings about in their prince. Ella and Henrik's romance is threatened by those close to the royal family. Their happily ever aft Bad boy prince Henrik has a problem. Their happily ever after is hard earned and wonderful. I really enjoyed this story. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Sep 27, Lisa Jolly rated it it was amazing. I received this book free as an ARC for my honest review. Ella has travelled to Morovia with her brother Ben on an assignment to take photographs of the Morovia Royal Family.

Henrik is the Prince of Morovia, a playboy who uses women and tosses them aside. Ben get sick while on assignment and Henrik arranges and insist on paying for his treatment. He chooses Ella to be his wife for a period of 2 years in an arrange I received this book free as an ARC for my honest review. He chooses Ella to be his wife for a period of 2 years in an arrangement, she insists on no sex. Henrik is out to change her mind as he want Ella.