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It was pleasantly suprising, though not in the "wow that's really clever" way. Because you won't get as many duplicate titles, Worldcat works better for common titles than Abe or Amazon. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I liked the ch The important thing to remember is that this book is best suited for Middle Schoolers. Under the tutelage of a lizard guide named Henrietta Peel and an aeronaut Vijay, the Farah and her friends battle camel spiders, red scorpions, grease monkeys, and sand cats as they prepare to face off with the maniacal Lord Amari, the man behind the machine. She meets the owners of Macy's, a famous dress designer, and of course the captain of the ship, whom she confronts immediately upon realizing that they are on board the RMS Titanic.

But sometimes the path is trickier than it seems. Easy-to-read language and illustrations on nearly every page make this series perfect for a wide range of ages. In the first book of this series, Zoey discovers a glowing photo and learns an amazing secret. Injured magical animals come to their backyard barn for help!

Two worlds. Only magic can bring them together, in this fantastical middle grade adventure for fans of the Descendants and School for Good and Evil series. Halan is a powerless princess. She is heir to the Magi Kingdom, a blazing desert land ruled by ancient magic. But unlike every royal before her, Halan has no magical powers of her own. Nalah is a powerful pauper.

When an invitation arrives at her home for the Traveling Fashionista Vintage Sale, Louise is sure that will be a great place to look for something to wear to the seventh grade dance. The Time-Traveling Fashionista by Bianca Turetsky is the first in a new series about Louise and the adventures she finds through her love of fashion. Fashion illustrator Sandra Suy beautifully renders pictures throughout the book of Louise and the dresses she wears. Mother-daughter book clubs with girls aged 11 and up can talk about how the clothes you wear can make a difference in how you feel about yourself.

They can also discuss their own relation to fashions and what they hope their clothes convey about them, as well as the division of social classes in the early s. I recommend it. Publisher Poppy provided me with a copy of this book for review. Feb 21, Esa Khairina rated it liked it.

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I don't know what to say anymore. Maybe it's me and my high expectation to blame. When I read its blurb, I was completely thrilled. Time-traveling and Titanic! What a frantic combination. I read the Indonesian edition and got disappointed. Typos everywhere, shown from the very first page "lavendel" instead of "lavender". And I supposed the praise from Teen Vogue Magazine got typo-ed, too.

I hate some words, like "kamu", I actually think it would be better off "kau". But, let's forget it and mov I don't know what to say anymore. But, let's forget it and move on. Some paragraphs were poorly translated, too, as if the transalor copied-pasted it from Google. And I found some facts were unrealistic. Vintage dresses?

Secondhand clothing sale? Formal invitation to attend a vintage sale? Finding a partner for junior school dance? Seriously, is that what every seventh graders do? Is that what every 12 yo girls want? Couldn't the author just make her 15 or older instead of, really, 12? And when I Googled about this book, I ended up in a review about a book titled "Connecticut Fashionista in Camelot" or whatsoever.

The plot is almost similar. And even Connecticut. Not that I haven't read anything similar like these. I've read "Prada and Prejudice" and it's slightly more disappointing that I even didn't bother reading its rest. Frankly, I kept flipping Time-Traveling Fashionista only because I didn't wanna waste my money reading nothing. I also found the urge and obligatory to finish it; to see what was coming.

I found it boring half the book, and it only started to intrigue me after Louise realized she was on Titanic. The story ran much faster then, and it blew me away after I finished. Well, even though I neither really enjoyed it nor found it fun like the premise, I don't regret I bought it. It was a light read with unique theme. I think I will buy the sequel--after I read the first pages. Jan 29, Terri M.

On the shelf at the used book store this book definitely caught my eye. The title involves time travel. The girl on the cover looks like she is having a good time. And the blurb mentions the Titanic. This book was just flat-out fun. I was just looking for a lighter quick read and the book certainly delivers. Personally, I loved the illustrations in the book. The On the shelf at the used book store this book definitely caught my eye. Plus each chapter is beautifully illuminated and there are full-page illuminated quotes throughout the books. All the illustrations are four-color and some of them span across two pages.

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So gorgeous! This book is a decent read for fans of the Titanic. It explores some of the social constructs of the time—lots of talk about class and discovering who you are and being true to yourself. A few historical figures are introduced. This review was originally posted on Second Run Reviews Mar 23, Lisa Nocita rated it it was ok Shelves: young-adult. It's lightweight historical fiction with a sprinkling of fashion and a twinge of romance. The wearer assumes the identity of the original owner. While others se the Time-Traveling Fashionista will likely find its target audience readily, namely tween girls who love fashion with a touch of mystery.

While others see her as the original person, only she can see herself as she really is. Just why the wearer returns is not particularly clear. Is it to experience the time so as to better appreciate the vintage item or make a difference using 21st century sensibilities? In this story, the protagonist is sent back as a passenger on the Titanic, a twelve year old turned 17 year old starlet. For much of the story she fails to realize that she is on the Titanic.

When she finally does, she immediately tries to alert the ship's captain and passengers, alarming everyone who assumes she is a hysterical actress who needs laudanum and rest. She attempts to change the course of history by averting a major disaster. Unsuccessfully, too.

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I personally did not enjoy the story it was much too light factually and I felt that the protagonist was one dimensional. The plot, while purposely contrived, failed to really engage me as a reader, but again, I feel that my age deomographic is largely responsible for this. This is a series in the making. Apr 01, Kelly Hager rated it really liked it. Louise is 12 and obsessed with vintage fashion. When she gets an invitation to a vintage fashion sale and the invite has a note that says you can only get in WITH an invite , she's so in.

She's looking specifically for a dress to the upcoming dance and she soon finds the perfect one. Except when she tries the dress on, she passes out and wakes up on board a great cruise ship almost exactly years ago. What cruise ships do we know that sailed almost exactly years ago?

Maybe there was Louise is 12 and obsessed with vintage fashion. Maybe there was an Oscar-winning movie about it. Maybe Kate Winslet was in it So eventually Louise figures out what gorgeous-but-doomed ship she's on and has to try and save everyone. But can she? This was such a great concept and I really enjoyed the book. There are also 25 full-page pictures scattered throughout the book, and they are gorgeous. I loved Louise and her love for all things classic clothes, movies, life.

I think she was a very young 12, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. And it made me very happy that at least some of "these kids today" know who Marlon Brando was. Yes, I am aware of how old that makes me sound. Anyway, this is a very magical book. According to the author's bio, there's going to be a sequel. I'm not entirely sure how that would work, but I'm excited to find out.

Mar 29, Star rated it it was amazing. The twists begin when Louise gets a fancy invitation to a traveling vintage fashion sale. She is so stoked because she thinks this is THE place to find the perfect dress for the upcoming dance. When Louise finds a dress that calls to her, the women encourage her to try it on. The Time Traveling Fashionista was a fun and quick read! Louise is a very engaging and likeable character!!

A well-crafted novel and one I could read again and again! Nov 21, Kangkhita K rated it really liked it. I don't usually like historical fiction books, but this book is so much more than just that. It is about a girl named Louise Lambert who loves vintage. Almost everything she owns is vintage, even though she comes from a very wealthy family, and is desperately looking for a vintage dress to wear to her school dance. One day she got this anonymous invitation to a vintage store and was skeptical about it at first but ended up going. At the store she found her perfect dress but what she didn't know I don't usually like historical fiction books, but this book is so much more than just that.

At the store she found her perfect dress but what she didn't know was that the dress was from someone that was on board the titanic. The minute she put on that dress, she was on the titanic. She was confused and didn't know what was going on. While on the titanic she finds out many family secrets she was never told. I love how there is suspense and mystery to it and that makes everything more interesting and makes me want to know what's going to happen. I also like how I can relate to the main character, Louise, because she is also years-old like me and is judged by her appearance.

No one really understands her love for vintage and is constantly questioning her choice of clothing, even her best friend. Jul 07, Sarah rated it it was ok Shelves: advance-readers-copies , young-adult. When she gets a special invitation to a one-day only vintage sale, she attends to find the perfect dress for the junior high semiformal. Unfortunately, the dress she tries on takes her back to the days of Published April , but reviewed from Advance Reading Copy Seventh-grader Louise Lambert loves vintage clothing. Unfortunately, the dress she tries on takes her back to the days of the Titanic.

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Louise is in the body of famed actress Miss Baxter, and she must try to keep the Titanic from sinking and get back into her junior high self. Obviously, you all know the ship still goes down, but her friends survive. Her character really should have ben about 14 or I mean, really, she was put into the body of a adult actress with married men flirting with her--not exactly 7th grade stuff. I think the plot could have been more interesting if Louise was an older teenager.

View all 3 comments. Apr 25, Shalet Jimmy rated it really liked it. Louis Lambert is a 12 year old girl who is fascinated with vintage fashion and movie starlets.

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Things got exciting when she got an anonymous invitation to take part in a Vintage fashion sale, which entirely transformed her life full of adventure. When she wore the pink gown which she got from the Vintage sale made her live a life that she always wanted. Is she comfortable with the new life? She met a lot of people she always adored. The story turns into a thrilling mode when she find herself in Louis Lambert is a 12 year old girl who is fascinated with vintage fashion and movie starlets. The story turns into a thrilling mode when she find herself in the largest ship the world has ever seen ' Titanic'.

I am reading a YA novel for the first time. It was quite existing. For me it was a sudden twist as I always preferred mysteries and serious stuff. When you are young, your imagination will always be flying aloft. Impossible becomes possible. There exists no inhibitions.

Dreams, dreams and only dreams I loved that feeling.

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But when you grow up, reality creeps in and you will be coerced to adhere to the so called ' norms'. I loved the book.

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It was an absolute stress reliever Enjoyed the book Jun 04, Rebecca rated it liked it. I was quite excited for this book, I really loved the whole plot idea of going back in time to the Titanic disater, which isn't like any other book that I've read before. I opened up the book and was quite surprised that there was coloured drawings with the story, which I haven't seen since I've read childrens books.

I thought the drawings were a nice touch to the story, that you get to see for yourself what the author is conveying. I'll be honest this book did not live up to my expectations, I f I was quite excited for this book, I really loved the whole plot idea of going back in time to the Titanic disater, which isn't like any other book that I've read before. I'll be honest this book did not live up to my expectations, I felt as if I was on some sort of novel conveyor belt and that there was not much background and detail to the story.

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I found the book difficult to get into, because the writing was quite simplistic which put me off. This defintily wasn't a book that captivated me and had me hooked, although it certainly was a quick read. I would recomend this book for anyone who loves fashion, or just wants a simple summer read. I finished this in F2F today which is kind of like a homeroom class at my school and I was kinda glad I finished.

Not my favorite book I didn't like the characters and the story was kind of bleh but the illustrations and the topic of fashion was amazing and I loved the setting on the Titanic. I first encountered the story on cassette tape at my local library in the UK.

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Pink Dress That Traveled The World. Book 1 at Read honest and unbiased product . This is a story of a dress that grew old and was sent for recycling. It embarked on an adventure to some far away land, and discovered that despite its fears.

I think it was set sometime between and - any help finding the book would be wonderful and very much appreciated. I had a book once, ten years plus ago, that I am trying to find again. It was a collection of children's stories with every page illustrated. Some stories included a surprise birthday party one kid planned for another, a story about witches maybe bones , a story about a boy who goes under the sea with an old man to a hidden cave and finds treasures collected over the years.

I have been unable to find this book!

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The book I'm looking for is a book with mostly pictures and some writing, probably published between It's about a boy who falls asleep in his bed, and his dream is of him going into the woods or a forest, but he gets there by flying on his bed, which then turns into a leaf. A lot of the pictures resemble MC Escher pictures, shapes turning into something different but all connected.

Thanks for your help! Hey, when I was in class sixth i found a book in my school library that had no cover. I began reading it though could only read it till the third or fourth page and realized that it was a horror story. It started with a a very disturbing nightmare that ended with the ringing of the alarm when the protagonist wakes up. The girl who was about to attend the first day of her new school. The girl was a teenager and i don't remember her name.

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Then, her mom drops her off to school and she does not get a very good feeling about what she is going to do. This is where I read the story till. And i think that the name of the story had the word 'disaster' in it, if i'm not wrong. I know this information is not enough but it would be of great help if you could help me find the name of this book because i have been waiting ever since to read it. I believe it won an award, but I may be mistaken, and I believe it was written fairly recently at least within the latter half of the previous century or in this century.

The edition I had was a fairly modern publication, the front cover depicted a red girl painted in watercolour and some blue shadow-monsters behind and above her. The plot was about a girl, orphaned or so she thought who had always had her hair cut short at the orphanage where she used to live. Through this she discovers her clumsiness was due to her hair being cut short, and that she can see in the dark when it's long. I am looking for a book my mother read to me when I was young at least 30 years ago. It was given to her by my grandfather and it had a collection of short stories and fable type stories.

I can barely remember the book except that it was supposedly for kids but too much for us to read to ourselves, it was ofa blue green dark color and I think the title was in a gold or silver, it was old then so probably from the 50's ro 60's my mother was born early fifties. One word that sticks out is 'oblong' or 'oolong'and 'blue' there were other things like king andi thinkthe oblong was not hard i texture for aome reason and there was trickery involed, there were other stories as well not all seemed dark If there was illustrations they were pencil type of pictures and not kid style of pics with colors.

It was maybe in thick. For collections of stories, go to Loganberry Books' Anthology Finder at www. The page has photos of over 40 of the most-sought anthologies, with brief descriptions of contents. Study the page, and you may spot the book you're looking for. Looking for a book from the early 's - might be a Golden Book or Wonder book, that had little flaps that you open to see the pictures behind, i.

I am trying to find two books that I read back in the 60s. The first book had to do with a child wanted her mother to get a new stove for the kitchen. I cant remember if it was for Christmas or a birthday. I thought the name of the book was "The Nickel Plated Stove". The second book was about a girl and her siblings were out in the snow and I think they were trying to get home.

But I think there was riding in a buggy, carriage or wagon when it turned over. To keep the others safe she laid over them and told the children to keep moving their hand and legs to stay warm. Eventually the children were found, but the older girl had froze to death. They erected a statue in her honor. Kids in Washington State order their mother a new stove for the kitchen.

The second one My Father is looking for a book he read in the early 's. I am truly hoping someone can help me find this book, my father cannot find it anywhere and none of the search engines get me anywhere close to finding it. Thank You. I keep thinking the name of this book is Away in a Meadow, or Down in the Meadow, or perhaps A Cottage in the Meadow, but none of those bring anything up.

Several girls live alone in a cottage in a meadow, one day they decide to have a parade. I can still see one of the girls wearing a bucket on her head. They come across a wounded rabbit caught in a trap and nurse it back to health at home. I remember reading it when I was a very little girl in the 80's. It's a really sweet book that was lost in a house fire, and I want to read it to my daughter. Hope you can help!! I took this book out of the library a few years ago; I remember almost everything about it except the title and the author. It was a small book of humorous food poems in the style of autograph book verse, with black line drawings It wasn't an Alan Tiegreen book.

There was one poem that went something like, "How do you like your carrots? How do you like your cabbage? Slaw Slaw! How do you like your chocolate? How do you like Woodrow High! They're for the birds! It's your fault, garlic salt. Ripe and juicy! Fit for you and fit for Lucy! Any information would be much appreciated. I am looking for what I think was a hardbound children's picture book about Christmas.

I remember reading it as a child around It may have been printed as early as the s though. The illustrations were full-page and I think the text was printed in the illustrations. The story was about a little girl, who I believe lived with her Grandmother. They weren't going to have much of a Christmas. I remember the kitchen being described as having "cheery red checked curtains. The main street is described as busy with shoppers, there are Christmas lights up everywhere, and the little girl stops to look in the windows.

The little girl stops specifically at a toy store window where she sees a lovely doll that she wants. I think it was dressed in pink. The little girl wants the doll, but it is taken out of the window. I can't remember how, but the little girl receives the doll for Christmas. This was a favorite book of mine. I can't remember if I picked it up in the library or actually owned the book.

I used to read it with my grandmother as a little girl, so I know I was reading it somewhere between and I hope this sounds familiar or helps with the search. I only remember him living in a tree and making acorn pancakes. I don't think it was a boxcar childrens story but it was around that time period I was reading these in the 's. The boy runs away from his home in New York City to live in the Catskills Mountains for a year - makes acorn pancakes, among other ingenious things.

I'm trying to find a childrens book but i can't remember the title. I know its a guy that stands in the field or on top of a mountain while standing on 1 leg with a stick and I think he was waiting for the rain to come. Can someone help me please??? They were abridged very thin books with paperback covers. If anyone has any information I'd be extremely grateful. Skip to Main Content Area. Old Children's Books. More Tips for Searchers. No Luck? Check here daily. What are Rare Children's Books?

Shopping cart View your shopping cart. Looking for a Childhood Book? Here's How. Printer-friendly version Whoops! View the discussion thread. Comments by Linda not verified - Looking for a book I am looking for a book that I think may have been called "Santa Claus is Coming" or something like that and it could have been written in the 's or early 's. Looking for a series of illustrated books Im looking for a series of illustrated childrens books possibly from the 60's 70's or 80's. Looking for a Book Looking for info on a book by an Austrailian writer maybe , 's or there about.

Book I read sometime ago The book was about a boy who was living a normal life until the day he was supposed to be issued his job. Collection of childhood stories and nursery rhymes I am looking for a book my mother would read nursery stories and rhymes from. Posting a Want. Rainy Day Activity Book-milk carton birdhouse Looking for a rainy day activity book that had newspaper scope and milk carton birdhouse equipped with peanut butter and birdseeds.

Boy's brother dies then he finds a stray dog that is his brother I read a book a while back about a boy who was obsessed with the idea of going to Georgia to see rockets fly.