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This is how level confusion was created. Confusion occurs when we mix these levels. This is being done today by most teachers of spirituality and religion; and many innocent people are being fooled. When we follow someone with level confusion, we get level confusion. The occult taught things like thinking positive thoughts, the use of magic, visualization, and controlling or willing the mind.

No More Secret's Truth Be Told

The occult also used a lot of power words and symbols, which they claimed had magical power. Their symbols and beliefs were charged by the innocent believers.

The Lost Secrets that No One Wants You To Know

Without believers, symbols and beliefs are empty and worthless. I felt as if I held the entire history of people being tortured, humiliated, or killed for exposing the occult with in my own mind and body. They tend to be people who feel the incongruence of the false leaders; they know something is off. The occult simply use techniques to change their minds. When we expose and let go of our own false beliefs, we gain in true strength and power; only then can we see through the illusion to freedom. At one point, I believed that I needed to find the truth in a secret organization.

But my True Self fortunately thought ahead. In hindsight, I made a very good decision. The reason I can be so blunt and confident is because I earned what I write about by letting go. I found the truth inside of me as was done in the true temples of initiation through mentorship. Again, this is a minor thing so it didn't detract me from the story. Guilt that followed smiling or laughing or getting any kind of mild enjoyment out of anything. Indulging in earthly pleasures seemed grossly hedonistic, somehow, after having experienced A Great Loss, so I learned to compartmentalize.


May 26, Kathi rated it really liked it. This was so very exciting! I read the book in less than a week and even though my reading time doesn't usually correlate too much with corresponding enjoyment since I've also got a lot of real-life stuff going on pretty much constantly, the stress! In a good way though!

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I happily sacrificed my personal life over and over again just for the sake of being able to continue the book, as in: Kathi gets invited to stuff that so 3. I happily sacrificed my personal life over and over again just for the sake of being able to continue the book, as in: Kathi gets invited to stuff that sounds like a lot of fun, but loses all motivation when she thinks about how she'd have to ditch her book for it antisocial behavior for the win! Also, greetings to Marko at this point.

I can't really talk too much about the plot of the book, it being a thriller and all reviewing thrillers without being spoilerish is so hard! I guess that's what good books do to you! And aren't we the most thankful sufferers when it happens? The writing style of the book wasn't really phenomenal per se, but so very fitting for a YA thriller in that it constantly kept me on my toes and felt real at the same time; it was simple and fluent, not overly complicated, but pleasantly succinct and incredibly fast-paced!

The narrator's voice really did feel like the voice of a teenager and not just an author impersonating a teenager, and eerily remniscent of E. Lockhart - just more dreamily and melancholic, which really fits the dark theme of the book. And having a LGBT main character was so refreshing! Usually I'm not the kind of person who really cares about representation which is kind of ignorant, I know!

In this case, though, including LGBT made this book even better in my opinion! Sydney's and June's relationship felt absolutely real and beautiful, and it was such a pleasure to read how it was treated. The author managed to acknowledge the fact that Sydney was a lesbian without ever making a big deal of it, which is something that unfortunately so many others fail at not even the marketing includes the LGBT aspect!

When you read the blurb on the cover, you wouldn't even know about it, since Sydney could also be a boy's name. I only wish that the author would've gone easier on the colloquial language. I know that I'm kind of contradicting myself, since the tone in dialogues was probably a major reason why the book felt so authentic, but reading "Like" every two sentences gets a bit annoying after some time - especially after reading Circe, which was full of amazingly beautiful and sophisticated prose, dialogues included.

Dork Diaries: Not-So-Secret Truth Telling Game

I was also somewhat disappointed with the outcome of main "mystery" of the plot. I guessed pretty early on who sent the stalkerish texts, and was just kind of waiting for Sydney to catch up as well, which is something that is incredibly annoying to me and reason why I often avoid thrillers. The resolution itself was done really beautifully though, so I can't complain too much!

I think a major reason why the book got such a high rating on Goodreads is the inclusion of several very important topics, most of which I unfortunately can't name because they would be too spoilerish. I was absolutely blown away though when recalling how many "adult" topics were kind of sneakily!

A big aspect was grief, and even though I luckily had troubles identifying with the repercussions of having suffered a major loss, I think the author did such a good job in describing the psychological downward-spiral and consequences it can lead to. Oh, if only "One of us is lying" had been a bit more like this novel Ringing bells of shame here. On a more cheerful side note: I cannot thank this book enough for making me discover Arcade Fire's "Funeral" album.

What a masterpiece! I keep listening to it on repeat and would recommend everyone to do the same. Sydney, convinced the crash they killed her father is actually murder, refuses to accept his death could be an accident. What does June know and why would a popular girl like her want to befriend an outcast like Sydney? Her word building slows seamlessly, often dancing off the pages.

Mar 08, c, rated it really liked it Shelves: ya-lit , black-characters , east-asian-characters , just-read-it , 4-stars , favourite-characters , mystery-and-adventure , non-white-characters , favourites , f-lgbt. Mar 04, Lizor rated it it was amazing Shelves: owned , reading-challenge , favourites , signed-books.

Dork Diaries: Not-So-Secret Truth Telling Game

Honestly, I was kind of afraid that I would be disappointed, because even though I didn't want to, I had quite expectations, especially because I had been waiting for this book since the day it was announced and pre-ordered it ages ago. I wasn't disappointed. I loved this book. First of all, the characters were amazingly done, just the writing style and the way they were set up was very strong and believable.

And just the writing style, in general, worked so well and just hooked me into the stor Honestly, I was kind of afraid that I would be disappointed, because even though I didn't want to, I had quite expectations, especially because I had been waiting for this book since the day it was announced and pre-ordered it ages ago. And just the writing style, in general, worked so well and just hooked me into the story. I laughed out loud a few times - kind of awkward, but quite remarkable - and the last pages just completely sucked me into the book, so much so that it took me a while to come back to the real world after I'd finished.

Plotwise, I must say that I had figured out the twist already, but honestly, I didn't mind, because the fact that the author gave you a chance to solve it for yourself, gave me validation as a reader and I quite like that. All with all, a great novel and if you like the kind of John Green vibe books, this is definitely something you should read. Feb 17, Alannah Clarke rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley , reviewed.

Thank you to netgalley. I have to admit that it took a while to really get into the novel, it didn't feel like what I normally read but that's a good thing. Once I got about halfway through the book, I was hooke Thank you to netgalley. Once I got about halfway through the book, I was hooked and needed to know more. I really like the author's writing style and can't wait to read more of Brown's work. Jun 17, thi rated it really liked it. May 08, Karina rated it really liked it Shelves: powerful-women , ff , , mystery-suspense-thriller , ya-na , heterosexual.

As in there were do many emotions and feelings explored in here. The words. The words were flowing so naturally that it made me keep reading and lost track of time. I love all of the characters and shocked by one particular character. They were all seem real. Teenagers with all their emotions and feelings. Yes, emotions and feelings played a very important part in this book. Anyway, I love the words, the characters, the relationship, the friendship and the twist but I feel like there was something missing in here that keep me for giving this book a perfect 5 stars. So, for now I give 3.

Jan 24, Evie Braithwaite rated it liked it Shelves: arc , contemporary , lgbt , young-adult , mystery. I have mixed feelings about this book. The first half is an atmospheric exploration of grief and the unique coping mechanisms one can develop. Sydney is reeling from the sudden death of her father and her coping mechanism? Scrolling through a website which posts surveillance footage of deadly road accidents. We delve into her mind and see how she struggles. Moreover, a large portion of the book is dedicated to establishing the relationship between Sydney and June; the golden girl who Sydney is fascinated by.

The 20 minutes she spends in the car rides to school with her are her only moments of joy. Although I empathised with June's story, I struggled to take a shine to her. The second half of the story was weak.

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However, I thought the answer was predictable from the get-go. Various red herrings emerge throughout which only made me more certain of the foreboding outcome. The Truth About Keeping Secrets touches upon not only grief but other poignant relationship issues; manipulative friends and abusive relationships. Nonetheless, there is an abundance of beautiful paragraphs and turns of phrase which made this a pleasure to read.

Jun 16, AJ rated it liked it Shelves: ya , contemporary , f-f , lgbtq , horror-thriller-mystery. There's a lot that I enjoyed about this book. It is quite a dark book, and starts off very depressing, but I think it does a good job of dealing with some of these heavy themes. I also really liked the sapphic relationship here. I liked the way it was developed, and that was can clearly see the good and the bad about the two characters and how they relate to each other.

I also liked that they both address the potential unhealthy stuff in thei There's a lot that I enjoyed about this book. I also liked that they both address the potential unhealthy stuff in their relationship in the narrative. The mystery was I figured it out soon enough but I think it was organically done and felt fully fleshed out for the most part.

I guess I was a little annoyed because when we get to the reveal and find out why everything happened, Sydney's role in it seems Like she could have not existed, and the plot of the mystery would have gone on essentially the same way? The book is a lot more than just the mystery but I still feel like Sydney should have been more than basically a coincidence to the mystery plot.

I was also quite annoyed at the fact that the book is centered on the death of a therapist but then it falls into the same trope of bad people doing bad things because they're mentally ill. It just seemed to cheapen everything and the book would have been more or less the exact same without that being put into it.

Another thing that irritated me - and this is mostly because this is something that keeps happening in YA and I'm tired of it - was that the love interest, June, is biracial, but you have never realised if June hadn't specifically said, "I'm biracial," about halfway through the book. Because it's literally never mentioned again, and even though Sydney is obsessed with this girl, she doesn't give much of an indication to the fact that June is biracial. I don't know. I'm just tired of surface-level "representation" that is not representation at all.

In any case, I did enjoy the book and I was turning the pages pretty fast to find out what was going to happen! Mar 15, Georgia rated it it was amazing. Apr 17, Cynthia rated it it was amazing Shelves: ya , contemporary , favorites , lgbtq , mystery. View 1 comment. Oct 01, Patrick Sproull rated it it was amazing. It's a testament to Savannah Brown that I couldn't stop thinking about this book for a long while after I put it down.

It's weird, it refuses to budge from your mind, it made me question a lot that I previously held as the norm. It's one of the most atmospheric contemporaries I've read, Sooooooo It's one of the most atmospheric contemporaries I've read, to the point where it doesn't feel like it exists within the confines of the 'contemporary' novel. TTAKS has a touch of the Gothic to it - I could almost see it working in a historical setting - there's a lot of scenes of isolation, a lot of restraint in the gorgeous way Brown writes..

God, does it work - it's a thriller heavy on emotions, and I was gripped. It's about lost girls, about angry kids, about finding a kindred soul, and a lot of it feels very pertinent to today. There's graveyards and flowers and deaths and a plethora of gays. If Stevie Nicks wrote a YA novel, this would be it - and it's going to make a lot of people very happy.

Feb 24, Ana rated it it was amazing Shelves: owned. Mar 09, Monica rated it really liked it. I came into this one with anticipation. And here we are.

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This is exactly the kind of book I tried to write when I was in tenth grade. Obviously this is much, much better, but the vibe I came into this one with anticipation. Obviously this is much, much better, but the vibe is the same. Even the plot is the same. Her poem Skinny Girls Bleed Flowers back in the day touched on this for a separate issue but I was thrilled that she put it into practice. And I like when a book does that. Very few books do that.

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Jan 20, Alexandra rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley. This novel has romance, mystery, angst, humour and some thriller all rolled in one. I thought it was great! First off, i want to say that story kept me fully engaged. I really wanted to keep reading to find out what happened, although it was only towards the end of the book that it really felt like a thriller. That said, the earlier stages of the book are so interesting in exploring how the characters c This novel has romance, mystery, angst, humour and some thriller all rolled in one.

That said, the earlier stages of the book are so interesting in exploring how the characters connect through their grief, and the creepy messages that Sydney keeps receiving keep the mystery and the creepy feeling going through the book. Second of all, the characters in this story have been amazingly written.

When the author writes their feelings, especially when it comes to Sydney and June, it feels very real and easy to imagine. A lot of the novel deals with Sydney's anger and grief along with her attraction to June, and It was interesting to see how the characters interacted and became closer as they helped each other.

I also loved how this novel showed different relationships and how people can try to use these relationships to manipulate you. Manipulative friendships and abusive relationships are explored in this book well, and it took me by surprise of the extent of what someone can hide. Some of the book is slower-paced, in terms of how it explores the developing relationship between Sydney and June rather than going straight after the mystery - but there's a reason this build up is important and i think it makes you connect to the later events much more.

I loved the later parts of the book - it was creepy, darkly obsessive, and i was afraid for the girls. Overall, i thought this was a great read. I loved the relationship in this book and the mystery in the story kept me hooked. I received a free copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Mar 03, Anjana rated it really liked it. The first thing that hits you when you start reading this book is how refreshing the narration is. Although the story begins at a funeral, there is a clear indication of the level of intelligence of our lead character and a twisted sense of cynical humour.

Sydney's father died in an accident and she is mourning him in a completely unhelpful way. The better part of the book consists of different stages of her grief which may not be textbook. Her father would have known how to deal with the situa The first thing that hits you when you start reading this book is how refreshing the narration is. Her father would have known how to deal with the situation since he was the local psychiatrist, but he is no longer around. To make matters worse for Sydney, her suspicions of foul play with regards to her father get compounded by some unexpected things and one of them lead to a new friend of sorts.

I do not want to reveal any more information because each character is introduced in an equally interesting fashion which helps the reading experience. The one thing I would like to mention for when you read the book or those who already have , is the attitude Sydney has in the beginning of her current 'best friend'. The differences between the two has made their relationship seem a certain way to her and she is sure she is right. The maturity of that thought seemed very realistic to me when push came to shove as well as the dynamics with her mother.

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There is a bit of suspense which is brought into the forefront every other chapter but for the most part it sticks around like a background score. It may seem slightly slower in parts but it is mostly fast paced and well written. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.