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Brady , Nathan Lane , Roger Bart.

The Producers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Opening Night. Brady , Nathan Lane. We Can Do It.

Mel Brooks: i testi più cercati

Brady , Roger Bart , Uma Thurman. I Wanna Be A Producer.

Der Guten Tag Hop-Clop. Keep It Gay.

Along Came Bialy Lyrics - Producers Soundtrack

Brady , Uma Thurman. Along Came Bialy. That Face. Brady , Uma Thurman , John Barrowman. Springtime for Hitler - Part I. Heil Myself. Springtime for Hitler - Part II.

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MAX: Oy, are you trying to kill me? Please, I'm exhausted.

Let's play one game with absolutely no sex. He's the celebration of love! MAX: Fire down below! We were desp'rate We were drinking Then along came Bialy!

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So romantic We were frantic Then our prayers were heard up above! It's Bialy! Hail, Bialy! He's the culmination The restoration The consummation The titillation Ejaculation He's the celebration of love MAX: Bloom LEO: What, Max, what?

MAX: I've done it! I've done it! Look, we got all the money. LEO: What, Max, what? MAX: I've done it!

Along Came Bialy

I've done it! Look, we got all the money. Now all we have to do it put on the biggest flop in history! LEO: That's great!

Along Came Bialy - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack;Mel Brooks | Shazam

The show's a go! We know that Gay, gay, gay, gay We can do it! We can do it We can make a million bucks! Ev'rything we've ever wanted Is set to come our way We know that We can make it, we won't fake it We were fated to be mated Bialystock and Bloom Bialystock and Bloom!

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And Bloom! Deutschland, Deutschland, uber alles Alles in der welt! Bialy was romantic Our pulse became so frantic It's Bialy!

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ALL: Can't you hear that bing-bang-boom!! Your high-resolution PDF file will be ready to download in the original published key. LEO: What, Max, what? The Producers original Broadway cast Data di pubblicazione: 17 aprile Customise and download your MP3 Backing Track. No translations available.

Hail Bialy!