Children On The Move

Children on the Move
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His voice is strong and his smile is confident as he stands next to Pontvik and tells his story to a group of faith-based humanitarian and religious leaders at an event called Faith Action Forum for Children on the Move. His story is one of success, and on this warm October morning in Rome, he tells those in the room that he hopes he can help other children on the move have success stories of their own.

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Just go forward. Pontvik talked to the group about the importance of empowering young people such as Vincent when they are in our communities.

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A specialised website for authorities, professionals, policy-makers, media, NGOs or anyone willing to know more about children who left home. The alleged takeover of a ship by migrants rescued from the Mediterranean was motivated by desperation. Young people have the power to change the debate on migration in Europe for the better.

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For further information on specific child health and policy topics, hand searches were also undertaken to identify relevant peer-reviewed papers and grey literature reports. Bennet R, Eriksson M. As such, it is difficult to define its conceptual borders, because they themselves ebb and flow, depending on the nature of home-like constructions between children seeking asylum and their hosts. Those children moving for a variety of reasons, voluntarily or involuntarily, within or between countries, with or without their parents or other primary caregivers, and whose movement might place them at risk or at an increased risk of economic or sexual exploitation, abuse, neglect and violence. Twelve European countries have limited entitlements to healthcare for asylum seeking children, including Germany that stands out as the country with the most restrictive healthcare policy for migrant children. An estimated 25 million children living in conflict zones are out of school.

Rania Ali is a. Children on the Move.

Children on the Move

The Destination Unknown campaign The Destination Unknown campaign — launched in and coordinated by Terre des Hommes — supports projects in 66 different countries across the globe to protect children on the move. Facts Today nearly 50 million children have migrated across borders or been forcibly displaced. Recent Posts: Destination Unknown Libya is not safe: Putting the migrant ship takeover into perspective The alleged takeover of a ship by migrants rescued from the Mediterranean was motivated by desperation.

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Jacqueline Bhabha Professor, Harvard T. Prior to she was a practicing human rights lawyer in London and at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

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Mike Dottridge Independent Expert. Mike Dottridge Independent Expert Mike Dottridge spent 25 years working in two non-governmental human rights organizations and now works independently. Since he has given priority to identifying ways of making it safer for children to travel and migrate, whether alone or with other family members, and reducing the likelihood that they will be exploited. Andrea Rossi Sr. Prior to that he worked with the International Labour Organisation in East Africa where he was in charge of research and statistics. He is an economist, with a focus on development, human rights and applied research.

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Simon Parker Director, University of York. School of Social and Political Science.

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In addition to the politics of asylum and immigration his other research interests include urban studies and urban theory, socio-spatial informatics, and comparative European politics with particular reference to Italy. She has published and speaks widely on asylum and refugee issues, unaccompanied child migration, deportations and return migration, labor migration, labor market integration, human trafficking, and migration and development.