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Coventry school takes centre stage in new BBC series
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It is hoped that, with Coventry Through Time, the readers can see for themselves just how the planners have given the people of Coventry a city to be proud of. Stephen Butt. Around Stafford From Old Photographs. By the end of the 17th century silk weaving was an important industry. Birmingham maps c. Bernard Parke.

Newsletters Coach Trips Midland Ancestor journal. The sculpture is a cone shape with the point facing up. Within the point is a six metre high tube which has a laser inside that points to infinity this no longer works. The cone was cast using recycled crushed concrete, stone and bricks from the nearby old Rolls Royce factory formally Armstrong Siddeley on Parkside.

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It represents a spool of thread that is intertwined with the story of Coventry's past. Designs have been cut and carved into the surface of the sculpture, first into clay then a mount is made and into the cone shaped mould was poured the concrete mix of rubble from the factory embedding itself in the work.

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Lady Godiva certainly existed (she is mentioned in documents of the time) but whether her famous naked ride through Coventry took place it is impossible to say. he City of Coventry has been home to our family for over a century. It is a place with a history to be extremely proud of, most notably in the fields of civic.

Amongst the designs are a 'Bull' sitting in a yard in front of a building with an archway and behind that is the Coventry spires, this is because this statue is in 'Bull Yard'. There is also a picture of Greyfriers Gate that once stood near this spot and was once an important entrance gate into the city.

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It has many other symbols around it starting, with the Sun. You can probably tackle the first quiz without any help, but you might need to search a bit further to answer some of the other sets of questions. And if you have too much time on your hands, the crossword might be just the thing!

History Far from being an anonymous town, Coventry has had a rich and colourful history. Throughout the middle ages, it was a common occurrence for the city's fathers to be rubbing shoulders with royalty, and the town became a favoured sanctuary for Kings and Queens.

Visit this page to see more about; one of the most famous Ladies in the kingdom, an everyday phrase that we all use without knowing why, how Coventry became not just a city but a county too Do you have a question about Coventry's colourful history that you've always wanted to be answered?

History of Coventry

Or can you help someone else who needs their questions answered? Or maybe just reminisce about where you used to live, work or play Whatever the burning topic is, this is the place for you. Time Machine Well Follow Coventry's streets at various points in the past, and receive a virtual tour of the town that existed many decades ago. Broadgate Broadgate has been at the centre of Coventry's history and growth virtually since its very beginning.

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Here, using photographs dating from the dawn of the camera in through to the 21st century, you will find how it developed - and it might trigger some fond memories too! Now and Then What would the photographers of yesteryear have seen if they had stood in the same places today? Compare today's photos to those from Victorian, pre-war and early postwar years, and then why not try the 'Engraved Coventry' section to travel even further back in time. Coventry's Blitz The night of 14th November changed the shape of Coventry's ancient city centre forever.

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Find out why we were bombed, and how we dealt with the most devastating event ever to rain down on our city. Photo Mysteries Many of us have a collection of old photos, but how much do we know about them? Take a look at the pictures in this section to see if you can identify who is in them, or where they were taken