How to Agree With God and Experience Breakthroughs

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Chase the Lion. I had very strong negative feelings about myself. By the end of the phone call my foot began to feel a lot better. God speaks clearly about unforgiveness in the Bible and we need to heed His words for our own well being, spirtitually and physically. There are no breakthroughs for people who quit every time they hit a bump in the road or who face opposition.

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The premise is that life is a constant "spiritual battle" and we need to stay alert and motivated so "the enemy" doesn't destroy our lives. Other times, I've heard this used to "fight" for new breakthroughs in your life. There may be some value in those thoughts, but if you are living with depression, anxiety or any other mental health stressors here are a couple of different angles to help understand what it means to "fight the good fight.

In the end, it's a spiritual disciplines problem and the blame is on the person not "fighting" or not doing enough of to "break off" the depression or anxiety. It implies This means the threat center in their brain is in constant fight, flight, or freeze mode. The counsel to keep "fighting the good fight" is re-triggering the amygdala to stay in high alert mode and self-interpreted as All this because their symptoms are associated as a frail faith and losing to the "attack of the enemy.

Where is God Why is God silent Why is He not helping me? It triggers more depression and anxiety. Exhaustion sets in. Then, they want to give up on God. Couple years ago someone drove two hours to meet in person.

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Then, they were counseled that it was a mere spiritual resolve and needed deliverance. It's not a works fight, it's a focus fight. Because a great focus always leads to new ways of living, not vice versa! Paul follows up saying "fight the good fight" by saying "take hold of the eternal life to which you were called. Your breakthrough in Christ has already been fulfilled Jesus already made a breakthrough once and for all, we are completely new and lacking in nothing, and no longer need to strive for more of God's blessings or more spiritual breakthroughs.

We are living out and growing from our new wholeness in Christ Romans ; 2 Corinthians ; Ephesians and ; 1 Peter The wholeness and oneness with God is fulfilled, there is never any distance or separation

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