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How to choose a mountain bike. How to find the right size : A good fit makes a big difference. Understanding suspension and wheel sizes : Some pros and cons to know about. Essential bike gear : A few basics to pick up and work into your bike budget. Shop all mountain bikes.

Cross-country riding. What to expect with cross-country bikes: Suspension : Hardtails are common, but there are also full suspension models. Front travel can range from —mm; rear travel ranges from —mm. Wheel sizes : Usually 29ers for plenty of rollover, but there are some Shop cross-country bikes. What to expect with trail bikes: Suspension : Full suspension is the norm. Front travel can range from —mm sometimes a bit more ; rear travel usually ranges from —mm. Wheel sizes : Shop trail bikes.

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Front travel can range from —mm; rear travel ranges from —mm to handle bigger features. Geometry : To help shift your position back for nimble handling on steep descents, slacker head tube angles are common. Shop enduro bikes. Front travel is big — think mm — and so is rear travel, around —mm. Geometry : Slack head angle to shift your weight back where you can navigate aggressive lines and huck in the bike park.

Shop downhill bikes. Wheel sizes : 26in. Geometry : Depends on the bike and brand.

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Trail geometry is becoming more common. Shop fat bikes. How to find the right size bike Each bike has a list of specs and a rough sizing chart on mec. Book a demo ride. Pros: absorbs a ton of bumps and shocks over rough terrain. Cons: rear suspension adds extra weight. Hardtail : A front fork and no rear suspension. Pros: efficient at climbing, more lightweight than full suspension which makes it appealing for XC , usually cheaper and easier to maintain. Cons: rougher ride or a lot of walking involved when the terrain gets gnarly. Rigid : No suspension at all.

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Pros: maintenance is simplest. Cons: no suspension to absorb bumps. Wheel sizes When it comes to wheel size, the most important thing is how you like the way they feel underneath you. Pros: Generally seen as light, strong and quick to get moving or snap around corners. Pros: More solid traction since more of the tire touches the ground, great ability to power over obstacles like rocks sticking out or roots across the trail.

Cons: Heaviest of all three sizes, a little less nimble to maneuver and to start rolling. Pros: Combine responsiveness with agility around corners and fast starts and can roll over stuff better than the 26in.

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Essential gear for mountain biking. Tune-ups for new bikes New bikes have a break-in period, just like all new vehicles. Grit and dirt wears down parts — get it outta there! Learn how to wash your bike. Keep your chain clean and lubed, and have your tires pumped to the right psi before you ride. Check your brakes before every ride. If the pads are worn down, bring them to an MEC bike shop for replacing or replace them yourself.

How to choose a mountain bike

Know how to fix a flat tire and adjust your suspension. As you enter a hill, briefly ease off the pedals slightly to help the bike shift into a lower gear. It is important to determine the best gear that matches up the steepness of the climb and terrain. While standing out of the saddle allows you to climb steep hills faster, standing can cause the rear tire to lose grip and spin out and uses more energy than sitting.

When cycling on steep hills, lean forward and add a little weight to the front wheel to keep it grounded. For rocky climbs or other rough terrain, the trick is to keep pedaling with the pressure on in a balanced, smooth and rapid cadence fashion. Always wear a high-quality and well-adjusted safety helmet to protect your head. Many first-time bikers ignore this essential biking gear. Just remember that a head injury is forever.

Check the brakes to ensure they can stop fast and safely. Inspect the tires and the mechanics of loose or broken parts. Be sure to clean and lubricate the chain regularly to minimize friction and maximize shift performance.

Apart from the helmet, you also need to wear gloves to protect your hands from blister, knocks, and scrapes. Riding shoes provide extra grip on the pedals, transfer power better, and prevent laces from getting stuck in the chain. Riding shorts can reduce friction and offer additional padding and, for those feeling particularly adventurous, protective padding on your joints can cut down the chance of on impact based injury.

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Whether you are looking for a mountain bike for a competition or leisure, pick a bike that allows you to enjoy the mountain bike riding experience while sharpening your biking skills. The best place to start your search is at a good bike shop that specializes in fitting and bike set-up. Contact Fit Werx if you have questions or are interested in finding a new mountain bike. Amanda thinks that mountain biking is both relaxing and healthy, getting people closer to nature. Before accepting an MTB challenge, she always takes all the necessary precautions and safety measures.

Fit Werx is changing the way people ride and buy bicycles. Both put the most important part of the bicycle first — you.

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By Amanda Wilks Image source Mountain bikes are versatile as they can be ridden on all kinds of terrain. The text below highlights some important […]. I would like to try a Felt bike and see all the options available. My local bike shop does not have the selection available to try except by photos online. If you get fit first and then only consider bikes that fit your body and use well and then work with a shop who is committed to helping you get solid baseline suspension settings, there are many bikes on the market that you will likely be very happy on.

If you choose the shop over the name on the side of the bike, you will be happy. Unable to display Facebook posts. Show error. Text Message Number. Carbon Fiber Felt Edict. Mountain Bike Descending. About the Author. Visit My Website. Betty Martz October 23, It is best to learn more about bikes before you try it, there are more things to know.

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