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see url The relationships, the confidence building, the tips and the shoulder to cry on. Even so, there are strategies, skills, states of mind that can help most people on both sides of the experience net.

Life as an NQT: 10 survival tips from those who've lived to tell the tale

My own experience of support consisted of a glass of sherry with the head every couple of weeks, with conversations that went something like:. So, I felt I could only really write this piece from one perspective — that of the mentor. Therefore, I had a chat with friends, former colleagues and family in the profession, plus a good scan through material on line.

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What follows is not a scientific study, and no doubt experienced mentors will have their own takes on how they do this vital job. But I hope that there will be some handy ideas which can be adapted to our own circumstances. The feedback I got from those who have been through the NQT mentoring process recently is that they want someone who is friendly, but not yet necessarily a friend.

This needs to be a person who is approachable, experienced, non-judgemental and able to say things as they are, albeit in a kindly way.

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NQTs will have their friends, and the best mentors recognise that advice will come from many quarters. Not quite the authority of a parent, and certainly not a senior work colleague, but a bit more distant than a brother or sister, and definitely not as close as a friend. There might be times when firm words have to be shared, and that is hard if mentor and mentee are best mates. The phrases that NQTs can come to loath. Introduction followed by talk partners followed by individual work and completed by the plenary. Dull, dull, dull. The teacher following the set script, the children acting like little automatons.

I hope that we have moved away from that. The best mentors will encourage their mentee to work through problems themselves, learning from their mistakes as they go. Just like a good teacher will encourage their student. Open ended questions get adults thinking just as much as students:.

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These types of questions will encourage the NQT to develop their own answers, and in the process solve their own concerns. Occasionally for none of them. Imbuing such understanding into an NQT is one of the most important roles of the mentor. Helping them to understand that making mistakes are the best route to improvement will help self confidence, and that in turn will lead to professional development.

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The NQT year can seem like an extended, paid, teaching practice. But we know that kids, at least up to sixth form, considering everybody over the age of 21 as ancient.

2. Who will I teach?

They do not make the distinction between experience and unfamiliarity, just between good teachers and bad. Every teacher makes a difference. Please, hammer the message into your mentee. We all know how all-consuming teaching becomes, that applies to NQTs and to mentors — plus everybody in between.

As an experienced teacher feeling the strain, imagine what it is like if you are new to the profession, trying to cope with the additional paperwork being an NQT brings, not having that wealth of tricks to fall back on, and most likely looking to have a social life as well. NQTs tell of the benefits of having mentors who encouraged them to open up their vision to the wider profession, rather than narrow it to their own classroom. At some point, in all probability, a mentor is going to need a serious talk with their inexperienced colleague. Perhaps a poor lesson observation; maybe a deadline missed or even a bit of conduct that has put a nose out of joint among colleagues or parents.

So best to have the discussion quickly and, as hard as it is, get back to normal as soon as possible. Many NQTs say that their first year is tough. All the new challenges plus loads of paperwork to complete. But at least there is support. Knowing that their mentor is still around, available when needed, can make the process of becoming a teacher that little bit easier.

Alan Peters is a full time writer, working mainly as a blogger and on articles, fiction and as a ghost writer. He started his career as a journalist, and took time out to work in the care industry and education. He has also worked in retail and, for a short time, as a baker. If you're currently experiencing a disruptive classroom or preparing for difficult class, here are some trusted and valuable tips in creating a positive experience. Work-life balance is all about balancing your work and your home life against each other, in accordance with your priorities.

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Supporting your NQTs. In their shoes - Lead Teacher.

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Teaching tips for NQTs in Business Studies eBook: Chris Sivewright: dynipalo.tk: Kindle Store. I still remember my first year as a teacher so vividly. suite of subject specific courses, especially designed to support NQTs in their first year.

In their shoes - Year 6 teacher. In this podcast, Sir Tim Brighouse and David Cameron discuss the importance and challenges on developing creativity within schools.

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Back to top. You are a lot more independent in your study, especially since you can be away from university for up to 14 weeks during school placement. Teaching, it is often said, is both an art and a science. Every year thousands of teachers make the decision to go abroad soon after their teacher training. Great organisational skills as teachers are often balancing many demands including pupil's needs, lesson preparation, assessments and discipline matters.

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