The Making of a Titanic Disaster

The Making Of Titanic
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Upon its release on December 19, , Titanic achieved critical and commercial success. Throughout the day on April 14, the Titanic received a number of wireless messages from other ships warning about icebergs along their path. However, for various reasons, not all of these warnings made it to the bridge. Captain Edward J. Smith , unaware of how serious the warnings had become, retired to his room for the night at p.

At that time, the lookouts had been told to be a bit more diligent in their observations, but the Titanic was still steaming full speed ahead. The evening was cold and clear, but the moon was not bright. That, coupled with the fact that the lookouts did not have access to binoculars, meant that the lookouts spotted the iceberg only when it was directly in front of the Titanic.

The Titanic: Passengers, Crew, Sinking, and Survivors - History

At p. First Officer Murdoch ordered, "hard a-starboard" sharp left turn. He also ordered the engine room to put the engines in reverse. The Titanic did bank left, but it wasn't quite enough. Thirty-seven seconds after the lookouts warned the bridge, the Titanic's starboard right side scraped along the iceberg below the water line.

The Royal Mail Ship Titanic: Did a Metallurgical Failure Cause a Night to Remember?

Many passengers had already gone to sleep and thus were unaware that there had been a serious accident. Even passengers that were still awake felt little as the Titanic hit the iceberg. Captain Smith, however, knew that something was very wrong and went back to the bridge. After taking a survey of the ship, Captain Smith realized that the ship was taking on a lot of water.

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Although the ship was built to continue floating if three of its 16 bulkheads had filled with water, six were already filling fast. Upon the realization that the Titanic was sinking, Captain Smith ordered the lifeboats to be uncovered a. The Carpathia arrived in the area at approximately am , more than an hour after the Titanic sank.

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Lifeboat number 2 was the first to reach the liner. Over the next several hours the Carpathia picked up all survivors. Shortly before am the Carpathia headed for New York City, where it arrived to massive crowds on April In the popular mind, the glamour associated with the ship, its maiden voyage, and its notable passengers magnified the tragedy of its sinking. Heroes and heroines—such as American Molly Brown , who helped command a lifeboat, and Capt. Arthur Henry Rostron of the Carpathia —were identified and celebrated by the press.

Others—notably Ismay , who had found space in a lifeboat and survived—were vilified. There was a strong desire to explain the tragedy, and inquiries into the sinking were held in the United States and Great Britain. The U. William Alden Smith. In all, more than 80 people were interviewed.

Notable witnesses included Second Officer Charles Lightoller, the most senior officer to survive. Many passengers testified to the general confusion on the ship. A general warning was never sounded, causing a number of passengers and even crew members to be unaware of the danger for some time.

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The Titanic was a luxury British steamship that sank in the early and feet at their broadest point, making them the largest of their time. To avert catastrophe, Cameron attempted to deflect the blow with the camera's pan and tilt controls, aiming the lens away from the hull.

In addition, because a scheduled lifeboat drill had never been held, the lowering of the boats was often haphazard. Perhaps the most-scrutinized testimony came from the crew of the Californian , who claimed their ship was some 20 nautical miles 37 km from the Titanic. Crew members saw a ship but said it was too small to be the Titanic. They also stated that it was moving and that efforts to contact it by Morse lamp were unsuccessful. After sighting rockets in the distance, the crew informed Capt. Stanley Lord, who had retired for the night. By am the nearby ship had reportedly sailed away.

In the end, the U. However, perhaps the strongest criticism was levied at Captain Lord and the Californian. In May the British inquiry began. It was overseen by the British Board of Trade, the same agency that had been derided by U. Little new evidence was discovered during the 28 days of testimony. Both the U. The conference drew up rules requiring that every ship have lifeboat space for each person embarked; that lifeboat drills be held for each voyage; and, because the Californian had not heard the distress signals of the Titanic , that ships maintain a hour radio watch.

The International Ice Patrol was established to warn ships of icebergs in the North Atlantic shipping lanes and to break up ice.

Maiden voyage

Because of the tremendous weight of the three large propellers in the stern of the ship, the stresses in the ship's midsection increased immensely as the stern was lifted out of the water. Also, stricter standards for safety regulations governing ships at sea were implemented, including mandatory use of electronic communication, minimum lifeboat capacities, and the development of the ice patrol. Initially, an entirely new timeline of the disaster had to be built, and previously unpublished or rarely seen survivor accounts incorporated. World History. Mah Jong Quest. Used to measure the brittleness of a material, the Charpy test is run by holding the coupon against a steel backing and striking the coupon with a 67 pound pendulum on a 2. Bell, vice consul of the American consulate general, she was judged too stupid to have been a genuine spy.

Particular focus centred on the Californian. They held that a third ship—possibly the Samson , a Norwegian boat illegally hunting seals—was between the Leyland liner and the Titanic. That view eventually gained much support. Crew members of the Californian did not hear rockets being fired, though the sounds would have been audible if the ship had been within the distances claimed by U. In addition, people aboard the Titanic stated that a vessel was headed in their direction, which could not have been Californian , which was stopped at the time.

While the true location of the Californian will likely never be conclusively known, many experts believe it was actually some 20 miles 37 km away and would not have reached the Titanic before it sank. However, Lord has continued to draw criticism for his failure to take more action in response to the distress signals.

Given the limits of technology, however, serious attempts were not undertaken until the second half of the 20th century. Navy research ship Knorr. The quest was partly a means for testing the Argo , a foot 5-metre submersible sled equipped with a remote-controlled camera that could transmit live images to a monitor.

The submersible was sent some 13, feet 4, metres to the floor of the Atlantic Ocean , sending video back to the Knorr. On September 1, , the first underwater images of the Titanic were recorded as its giant boilers were discovered. Later video showed the ship lying upright in two pieces. While the bow was clearly recognizable, the stern section was severely damaged.

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Covering the wreckage were rust-coloured stalactite-like formations. Scientists later determined that the rusticles, as they were named, were created by iron-eating microorganisms, which are consuming the wreck.

Making Of Titanic - The Sinking Riser

In subsequent years, marine salvagers raised small artifacts from the wreckage as well as pieces of the ship itself, including a large section of the hull. Countless renditions, interpretations, and analyses of the Titanic disaster transformed the ship into a cultural icon. Although the wreck of the Titanic will eventually deteriorate, the famed liner seems unlikely to fade from the public imagination.

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