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See characters who crave a perfect and permanent union, those who'll stop at nothing to preserve it, and those who will do anything to escape it. The program runs the gamut from revered cinema masterpieces such as Luchino Visconti 's Ossessione and H. Several subsets of films will be presented, honoring the work of creative talents such as Joan Fontaine , Robert Ryan , Barbara Stanwyck , Douglas Sirk , and 's husband and wife filmmakers Virginia and Andrew Stone.

It is a ghetto gangsta tale that, while not totally original, is well made with good acting and production values. In fact it could have even run a bit longer than its well paced but tad too short thirty minutes. And likely there'll be a sequel in the works since the overall response by fans to the film has been overwhelmingly positive.

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Not to mention that it acts as a nice promotion tool for the new release. New "What's In My Bag? No city on Earth is more closely associated with motion pictures than Los Angeles. This is my guide to the repertory cinemas or revival houses. What to do?! We've got a variety of headphones, but these INK'D earbuds offer a lot of bang for your buck. Back with his follow-up to 's self-titled debut for Sub Pop , Black Moon Spell finds King Tuff amping up the fuzz and cranking up the volume. Kyle Thomas has a knack for crafting catchy gems reminiscent of '70s power pop, but gone are the days of the lo-fi, low budget aesthetic that seem to permeate early recordings.

This is not a bad thing! Black Moon Spell falls somewhere between the fat, dirty, guitar crunch of T. Rex and the tongue-in-cheek power pop assault of Cheap Trick. What we get are riff heavy songs with superb melodies that would satisfy Beatles fans, coupled with stellar production thanks to producer Bobby Harlow's magic touch. Go pick it up asap! Kyle Thomas and the rest of King Tuff cast their Black Moon Spell from the Amoeba Hollywood stage by way of a massive Marshall stack, hook laden riffs, and a thunderously beating heart of rock and roll.

Check out the video below of the band performing the title track live at Amoeba. You can watch more from this performance on Amoeba. Like good writing, the length of Moody's tracks or sentences fluctuate wildly. The constant sing-speak narrative from KDJ and divergence of styles and tempos makes the record feel like a trip down the dial of a liminal radio.

Moody gets an assist from Andres on future classic "Lyk U Used 2," a track that has Kenny ably playing a slightly woozy frontman over upbeat modern soul. The radio effect is amplified by likely and unlikely samples. Moody's serpentine hit "Freeki MF" acts as a recurring riddim before appearing in unadulterated form. This week I caught up with the always busy Ren to ask him about True Skool - its history, ongoing projects, and future plans.

From L. Here are 25 of our favorites from the year, in alphabetical order. Allah-Las — Worship the Sun. On Worship the Sun , L. Cherry Glazerr — Haxel Princess. With influences ranging from rap to '90s Eurodance to Jacques Brel, genre-bending artist Stromae is a rising global star. After struggling throughout his school career, he began rapping under the stage name Opsmaestro in before reversing the syllables in the word "maestro" and changing his moniker to Stromae.

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In , he was working as a trainee at a Belgian radio station when he gave his single " Alors on danse " to the music manager who played the track on air. His release, Racine Carree , has gone platinum eight times in Belgium and has stayed strong at the 1 spot in album charts across Europe. With beats that get feet tapping, lyrics that tackle topics like AIDS and absent fathers, and a modern global aesthetic, Stromae is not the typical pop star. The new album finds Avi Buffalo building on the sound and aesthetic they crafted on 's self-titled debut.

The first record found the young year old Zahner-Isenberg and his cohorts writing songs filled with age appropriate context while showing signs of a true songwriter. Four years later and Avi Buffalo have grown up, just a little. The songs are well structured and the production quality is great. You get the sense that Avi Buffalo are acting like responsible adults and then Zhaner-Isenberg reminds you not to take it too seriously with songs like, "Can't Be Too Responsible. Watch the teaser below and check out more from this performance on Amoeba.

There have been tons of records released under the nebulous indie rock genre this year that find new things to say within the confines of rock 'n' roll The War on Drugs , or throw out the rules while still remaining pleasing to listen to Ariel Pink. Here are 14 widely appealing records from this year that would make a great gift for just about any indie rock fan.

The War on Drugs - Lost in the Dream. The driving rhythm behind "Under the Pressure" is caked in heavily reverbed guitars and washes of synthesizer, even as real-life guitar solos and Adam Granduciel's vocals come through more clearly than ever before.

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Similarly "Red Eyes" is like some lost '80s collaboration between The Highwaymen and The Cure , effusing brilliant colors with its bright synths and yelping vocals, but the most stunning moment comes in the minute or so in the middle of the songs when a third of the sound is stripped away, leaving a gorgeous, introspective bridge before Granduciel's yelp brings everything crashing back, while the rhythm stays insistent as always.

Lost in the Dream invites repeat listens—atmospheric pieces like "The Haunting Idle" keep things spacious, yet the band comes back for the Bruce Springsteen-vibing "Burning" in the albums latter half. As its title would suggest, it's an album to get lost in. It feels like seeing the entire open road ahead of you, coasting yet seemingly to move in place while the sun sets and middle-of-nowhere stations play Bruce and Tom Petty in the background.

All donations go towards helping them produce those amazing music festivals and enables them to continue to produce their quality stories and podcasts. Donate today and continue to support local music! I was ecstatic to help promote and produce the amazing live shows that have become synonymous with Amoeba Music. Most of all, however, I was excited to discover new artists and acts. Things that otherwise might pass me by in the normal course of a day! The following list is compiled of the performances this year that most stood out to me.

Sure, I was aware of a few of them, but for the most part I walked away from these shows with a fresh perspective of what they're trying to say and as a new fan. I'm already looking forward to writing this list next year The crowd watched with admiration as Tim Showalter and company preached with songs that were reminiscent of early Bob Seger or even Springsteen.

Perfect show for a beautiful Saturday! They knew all the words, they had all the records. The Drums worked the crowd into a frenzy and left them wanting more. Check out their newest LP, Encyclopedia. This is no ordinary DJ party. Viva la dollar vinyl! Each month, two DJ's spin nothing but vinyl selections found in the vast Amoeba Vinyl Clearance section at the historic Murio's Trophy Room Haight Street , just two doors down from Amoeba, from 3pm to 8pm.

Sounds easy and fun, right? Basically knowledge, intuition, and sense of humor will dictate the vibe and flow of that day's event. At the end of the day, each DJ will receive special prizes. RSVP on the Facebook invite. Stop by to be considered for a chance on the wheels of steel!? She is also much loved and respected for her talents, her warm personality, endless energy, and the passion for everything she embraces in her life.

She is also an instantly recognizable figure. She may only be three and a half feet in height, weigh less than sixty pounds, and need the use of a wheelchair to get around, but the ever-active Kalyn Heffernan who has the brittle-bone disability osteogenesis imperfecta is a commanding persona who always has words of wisdom and encouragement to impart with those who cross her path. While the Feist reference was funny in terms of jokes about popular music in the aughts decade, the artist her last album, 's critically acclaimed Metals , debuted at number seven on the Billboard chart was actually not among the music on the CIA torture playlist of a decade ago.

Music is always a great gift, but even when it's gift-wrapped, a new LP or CD isn't fooling anyone with its distinctive shape. Why not surprise the music lover who has everything with one of these unexpected items?

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Some of them are kinda fun, while others are more practical, but they are all definitely not your typical music gift. Hot sauce seems to be a thing that a lot of bands create i. And I always just patiently wait for them. I just never know where they are gonna come from. I loved this album after the first listen. This album would clearly end up on the top of my most listened to albums of the year. Which naturally makes it my favorite.

Your favorite albums are the ones you keep going back to. The ones you want to start over as soon as they end. This is that album for me. An album I will always have close to my heart. This album is basically just Douglas stripped down bare with his songs and his piano.

It is beautiful and heartbreaking. A fantastic debut album. Here he is again with his fantastic third album. I am still not exactly sure why I can't stop loving this dude. This new album is another perfect mellow pop album. Perfect for a lazy day. It gets under your skin and becomes part of you. There is just no denying the talent of this dude.

You seriously can't help but love this album. There is nothing upbeat about this album. Also released yesterday is the new 13 track J. Mark Kozelek — Sings Christmas Carols. Indie rock firebrand Mark Kozelek, who released one of the best albums of with his Sun Kil Moon release Benji , makes a perfect fit for these churchy holiday tunes, with his cozy, crackling voice and gentle acoustic fingerpicking. Seth MacFarlane — Holiday for Swing! What do you know? Let It Snow! T heo Parrish. American Intelligence CD. American Intelliegence 3x12". The latest album from the Detroit iconoclast.

Parrish's city is far more introspective, often restrained to the fascinating rhythms of his mind. Buy American Intelligence CD. Buy American Intelligence 3x12". Lady Blacktronika. The EP from the acclaimed electronica duo includes the single "Dayvan Cowboy," a dayglo wash of synths and electric guitars, as well as four more songs and a remix including "Left Side Drive," which was later covered by Solange.

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But it's not so. The opposite appears to be the case in our current culture of social media where speed of who gets what up first reigns over accuracy of reporting and grammar. If you were to quiz any high school English teacher on the current state of students' penmanship, spelling, and grammar, odds are that they would squeeze their face into a painful look and tug on their hair as they proceed to launch into a list of today's abuses of the English language. And it is the written word, especially the typed or texted word, that tends to be the biggest victim of this current decline of the language.

These days, with typos and overuse of caps being the norm in the majority of social media posts, emails, and text messages, it is as if we are all granted a poetic license to type and spell however we feel fit. And of course this is all fine so long as the person on the other end of the two way communication can understand what the hell has been said or written.

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He stands up and walks! Heart warm comedy. Aiko is a timid grade-schooler girl. Aiko's mama is an owner in the used bookstore. Aiko's mama has gotten a very. Feb 5, Aiko and Darn Cat (English Edition) [eBook Kindle] pdf epub ebooks download free, download more free pdf, epub ebooks of Kanda Mori, pdf.

This is where the problems and fun begin. In fact, many amused bloggers have dedicated websites to the numerous abuses of the English language. One of my favorite sites - one that's been around for several years now - is t he blog of unnecessary quotation marks. Legendary English rock group The Zombies formed in and were first signed by renowned label, Decca Records. Billboard Chart. Due to the success of their single, The Zombies were subsequently sent overseas for a U.

To this day, the album remains a fan favorite and continues to top "best of" lists every year. Despite their initial break up right before Odessey And Oracle was released, The Zombies have reunited several times throughout their career.

An immediate hit, I remember making the station a preset on my car radio. And his raps between tracks always drew me closer to the speakers. His distinguished broadcasting career spans almost fifty years. He rocked as a producer of ''The Midnight Special''. He practically invented the "eclectic" format of mixing genres one after the other, fitting in perfectly in the early 's.

As a radio guy, I was excited about what he would play next. His interviews with music legends are the stuff of legend, and available here! Of course we chatted, and when fate would put us together for a few more minutes, it was apparent to me that that not only would we be fast friends, but broadcasting was only a part of Martin's life. Last week, I posted my top 50 albums of the year.

Fear of Men — Loom. While at Amoeba San Francisco over the weekend, I realized that one could easily take care of their holiday shopping for that hip-hop fan in their life merely by focusing on the wonderful Featured Hip-Hop Releases display found at end of the section's aisle that is currently stocked with a variety of perfect gift choices. Don't miss the instrumental version on vinyl of the release Fela Soul , which is Fela Kuti vs. De La Soul and is, as you would imagine, a unique and pleasing meld of golden era hip-hop with afrobeat rhythms and funky horn riffs.

We've got lots of great stuff for tweens at Amoeba, from posters of teen heartthrobs to the latest records by Ariana Grande and One Direction. Here are 20 we think would be perfect gifts for the not-quite-teenagers in your life. One Direction - Four. Wednesday, December 10 and we want to give you free tickets! Purchase the new Pumpkins album, Monuments to an Elegy , in-store at Amoeba Hollywood starting Tuesday, December 9th and get a free wristband to see them live on the Kimmel outdoor stage the next day. Quantities are limited. Limit one ticket per CD or LP purchased, limit 2 per person.

This is how it always works: You think, how am I going to find 50 albums I really liked this year? Here are the 50 albums I honestly felt were the most well-made, original or enjoyable this year. Sun Kil Moon — Benji. Kozelek may be a cranky old man, but his lifetime of experiences made for enrapturing listening on Benji , which simply has the best songwriting of any music release this year. With tour dates across Europe, Asia, and Australia, the band is racking up frequent flyer miles and growing their fanbase the good ol' fashioned way: touring, touring, and more touring.

The group's busy schedule brought them stateside for a special in-store performance at Amoeba Hollywood. Playing to a packed house of devotees of all ages, The Allah-Las brought with them some extra arsenal. On stage the band featured six musicians total, including a percussionist, a keyboard player, and a slide guitar player.

The result was a nice warm wall of sound that would make Arthur Lee proud. The Allah-Las are no strangers to Amoeba Hollywood. In fact, Pedrum Siadatian lead guitar , Matt Correia drums , and Spencer Dunham bass were all employees during the early days of the band back in ! The band has grown as performers and songwriters since their self-titled debut and the result is a much more mature sound on Worship the Sun.

If it seems like an awful lot of tight new hip-hop releases are dropping right now or are about to drop, that's because there are. This is the time of the year - leading up to the holidays - when labels, especially major labels, traditionally unleash new albums, with hip-hop making up a good percentage of said releases. They just released a video for "Oh My Darling Don't Cry ," which is the second single and the best track on the album. Aaron Detroit, Buyer at Amoeba Hollywood. Here is my extensive list of new essential listening, released in There is a wide range of genres and artists represented here because musical passion should not be static.

Nothing short of classic. Bozulich pours her famed, devastating whiskey-voice into a cocktail of funeral country, death blues and industrial noise that sticks to your guts. Not sure which turntable is right for you? Check out our handy turntable guide or come in and ask one of our experts!

Come get all of your holiday shopping done in one fell swoop at Amoeba! Grady and I are both neutered and we have all our shots. We like other cats. Get it? HOUND us? The foster family also has an older family cat. Everyone loves us! The mom, the dad, the grandkids. And handsome! Did I mention we were handsome? We currently live on the bottom floor of the house and the old grumpy cat lives upstairs. We are looking for a nice quiet home. Her cell is or coleen. NOTE: Does this contact information need updating? Please let our partners at adoptapet.

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