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Introducing: Feral & Stray – ‘The spirit of authenticity and passion’
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My grace fountain has been opened and flowing and will never be stopped. Let My grace make you stronger than your enemies and wiser than your foes. I will give you the glory of grace as you give away mercy to others, says your Merciful Father.

Sermon series: The Person God Uses

It's mutual! So amazing. Letting go of the driftwood he headed in the opposite direction swimming between the ice chunks. Of course, metaphors are opaque, interpretations vary, etc. Now the church in the West is the sleeping Giant. See ya! Kingdom Hearts II.

Many will be awakened by My mercy kiss before this year is over. You will see a waterfall of love bring my sons and daughters from afar.

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They will be restored with fresh passion to seek Me and to know Me. Your delight must be in finding them and loving them back into wholeness and dignity. You will remove loneliness from their hearts and see them restored.

Here's My Heart

Even within your family there will be healing and grace as I recapture hearts and ignite their longings toward Me. You will be the healer of hearts and a restorer of families as I bring you higher in My ways. Give yourself to Me, forgive all who wound you, and I will work on your behalf and you will witness My victory before your eyes. Your love is like a flooding riverOverflowing its banks with kindness.

You will not always be finding fault, Never holding a grudge against us,For Your mercy overcomes our mess. You may discipline us for our many sins, But never as much as we really deserve. I adore being in the company of these deeply complex creatures. Cats are pure emotion and live their lives on their own terms. At one point, I lived in a three-storey Victorian terrace with two friends and 15 cats, eight of them mine.

Charles Bukowski , the laureate of American low-life and liquor, considered cats his greatest teachers.

Passion - My Heart Is Yours (Live) ft. Kristian Stanfill

The cats and kittens that have padded through my life have taught me compassion and to live simply and joyfully. It may seem strange to think of a relationship with a cat in such profound terms. Maybe I am cat-obsessed or maybe I live the way I want.

Psalm TPT - Let the sunrise of your love end our - Bible Gateway

Many of my happiest memories involve cats. Lying under an acacia between a pair of cheetahs, Cleo by my side with a rumbling purr and her sister Pride resting her head on my cheek. I felt such a rush of love and seriously thought about packing up everything and living in the bush. Anyone who lives with felines, big or small, is aware how tender they can be. I saved her and her sister from a bad home.

Sermon: Let Your Heart Be Broken - Jeremiah 8, 9

I saw the sad, skinny moggies who came to me with broken spirits and blossomed into the most magnificent felines, making themselves the matriarchs of our multi-cat household of eight. I must have taken in hundreds of strays — though sometimes it felt like thousands — paid neutering and vet bills and found them loving homes. I took an entire family of scrappy adolescent kittens, one with three legs, and a daddy cat, off a rooftop. I once saved a palm-sized baby cat with big mournful eyes and a broken leg in Havana.

Somehow the desperate and the stray always find me. Four years ago, while living in Los Angeles with my filmmaker partner and our five felines, I stumbled across an extraordinary true story in a Montana newspaper about a drifter and cat who hitchhiked across America for 10 months, surviving blizzards, bears, coyotes and armed rednecks.

I began writing Strays as my own life started falling apart. In two years, I lost everything: my partner, our two elderly cats, Edie and Tallulah both became terminally ill , and my savings trying to save them. I dedicated Strays to my six-year-old cat Bobby Seale, a tiger-striped ginger with gold eyes, named after the stylish Black Panthers leader. Bobby loved life and people and adored the tiny 18th-century cemetery our garden backed on to, a serene secret place, where the neighbourhood kitties and kids played.

Love songs are where we get our passion, our soul — and most of our worst ideas.

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