Catherines Son: The Story of a Boy Who Became an Outlaw

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Outlaws on the run, apparently, have few opportunities for wardrobe changes. Billy accepts Rio as a kindred spirit — and maybe a surrogate younger brother — but their bonding is interrupted when a posse led by newly appointed sheriff Pat Garrett Ethan Hawke arrives on the scene.

Little Lord Fauntleroy (1936) [Drama] [Family]

Billy continues to be a dangerously smooth-talking charmer, even while restrained with manacles, and maintains a strong influence over Rio. But the youngster also warms, gradually and guardedly, to Garrett, and very nearly reveals to the lawman what he and his sister are running away from. Sara convinces him not to confide in Garrett, however. Right from the start, Billy indicates that he accepts the inevitability of his violent demise as the unavoidable price of his fame. Thanks to standout work by DP Matthew J. But the action set pieces, too, are imbued with an awareness of legends and their consequences.

Sheriffs and mayors face off over digging up remains from the Old West

Read Catherine's Son: The Story of a Boy Who Became an Outlaw book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on qualified orders. Catherine's Son: The Story of a Boy Who Became an Outlaw [James L Smith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Before the world knew.

At one point, Garrett cunningly uses his own celebrity to draw a villain into a gunfight. Just a few scenes earlier, however, the lawman grimly acknowledges that what has sparked that celebrity will inspire others to match their gunmanship against his. What will happen?

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Upon arrival, they are met by all the sons of Catherine Braithwaite, their cousins and hired guns. This standoff descends into a bloody battle between the Braithwaite family and the gang. The gang eventually infiltrate the house and search all the rooms for Catherine Braithwaite. Some of her hired guns, sons and relatives remain in the house, but are cleared out by Arthur Morgan , Dutch van der Linde , Hosea Matthews and John Marston.

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A boarded up room is presumed to be where Mrs Braithwaite is hiding, but an onslaught of Braithwaite guns soon occurs, leading to Arthur along with other members of the gang having to fight them off. After the wave of Braithwaites is fended off, Arthur and John find an alternative route into the room and find Catherine Braithwaite holed up in a walk-in wardrobe of sorts. After killing her sons, Dutch takes her and drags her down the stairs, kicking and wailing. She is hauled out in front of the manor and threatened with death if she does not reveal the location of Jack Marston.

She eventually divulges to the gang that they gave the boy to Angelo Bronte , and that he is either in Saint Denis or on a boat to Italy. The gang set her manor ablaze, and, as they leave, Catherine runs, in tears, back into her burning home, where she dies. He arrives at the manor, and Penelope tells him that he needs him to take her to Rhodes train station, where she and Beau will elope together. Arthur takes her to Beau, where the two embrace and talk about how they cannot wait to go to Boston together. However, disaster soon strikes when Iain and Scott Gray , cousins of Beau, confront them.

They attempt to drag Beau away, but Arthur quickly steps in and battles the two, knocking them both unconscious. The three then board the train and set off. Unfortunately, their troubles are not yet over: some of the Braithwaites notice that Penelope stole some valuable gems before embarking, and they decide to chase the train on horseback. To ask other readers questions about Catherine's Son , please sign up.

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  • Catherine's Son: The Story of a Boy Who Became an Outlaw.

Sort order. Jul 05, Karen Murphy rated it really liked it.

David Nail + Catherine Werne — Country’s Greatest Love Stories

What to believe and what not to believe? Classified as a novel, it seemed like historical fiction, written by a former history teacher.

As I live in Silver City, this book piqued my interest. I learned a lot about Billy the Kid only the last name he took!

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I also learned that he wasn't always an outlaw! I enjoyed reading the book.

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Concerned about being toppled by opposing forces early in her reign, Catherine II sought to appease the military and the church. Retrieved November 2, Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Roberts died later that year, and is now buried in Hamilton, Texas.

Jul 12, Donna Kubiak rated it really liked it.