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The History of a Legendary Saga , have sold more than 30, copies. The goal is to take a major franchise or game, and professionally strip it down to the core. Going from the gameplay analysis to the lore explanation or even how the sound was intended to work on the player. Another successful Kickstarter [4] campaign in [5] [6] allowed them to translate more books from their list.


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We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure. The complete review 's Review :. Double Blank is the second mystery-thriller starring and narrated by Superintendent Llob, an Algerian police officer. Set in contemporary Algiers, Llob describes a corrupt, dangerous, and very bloody world.

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Even the police fear to tread in many places -- and it seems like every body and clue has to first be examined by the bomb squad to see whether it hasn't been booby-trapped. The story begins with Llob being summoned by Ben Ouda, a one-time diplomat and bestselling author of the book Dreams and Utopia , "an astounding indictment of the scientific socialism of the donkey trainers who had become the relics of a decadent nation".

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Now he appears to have even grander ambitions - which obviously wouldn't please the powers that be -- and "an irrefutable document" in his possession to make his case. Needless to say, Ouda is not long for this world. Llob soon knows the names of most of those directly responsible for Ouda's murder, but getting his hands on them isn't that easy. A new sidekick, a hotheaded Tuareg named Ewegh Seddig who makes jigsaw puzzles out of faces with a single blow , as well as ponytailed Lino are there to help Llob, but he also does a lot on his own.

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With Llob acting like a world-weary, cynical private dick even though he actually works for the police he tends to go it alone , the mood of the novel is distinctly American noir , the patter like s movie dialogue -- though some of the rejoinders come across as quite forced, the repartee perhaps losing something in translation. Everything flashes by incredibly fast -- especially the brutal deaths, one after another after another, leaving little time for commentary or reflection beyond the philosophical one-liners.

Too little is fleshed out enough, which is too bad: when he shows some patience, Khadra can quite impressively evoke a mightily menacing atmosphere, or successfully describe slivers of this unusual culture. There are glimpses of corrupt and decadent Algeria, too, rife with crime and prostitution and violence -- along with surprising wealth, comfort, and power. But corruption is the root of all the problems, it seems, and the case behind the murders in this book leads to the grandest of examples.