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Positive —My husband and I took our children to see this movie. We all enjoyed it. There were a few situations that will be a good chance for parents to discuss with young children about bullying and being bullied, stealing, and lying. These situations in this movie are not offensive, just worth mentioning. Overall, we enjoyed this movie. Floyd, age The jokes were fresh, the acting was better then average, and kids will LOVE it!

Aside from the Filmmaking Qualities, the reason why this movie was PG was because of some mild crude humor. There was no cussing but belching loudly and passing gas, were a pretty much all of the inappropriate situations involved in this movie.

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Robbie, age Positive —My 11 year old daughter and I went to see the film last night. Our theater somehow mixed up the reels and part of the film was shown out of sequence but we still enjoyed it!! It was one of the least offensive cartoon movies that I have seen in awhile. That is all I picked up, and for a movie these days that is mild!! There was some mild violence when the exterminator tried to get the animals but none were killed, etc. It was a fun flick, my daughter and I both love animals so I enjoyed seeing how they were portrayed, especially the baby porcupines!!

Usually I try to read this site, draw some sort of message to talk over with my daughter about, and you probably could do it with this—she was so interested though in seeing a film out of sequence that that is all she wanted to talk about afterward!!! The characters were wonderful and humorous, and the plot was alive, interesting, and intriguing. I would go see this movie again in a minute!

This was a wonderful movie, and one that I would definitely recommend to add to your DVD collection as soon as it is available! Positive —Overall, this movie was very entertaining. There were good messages of working together, friendship and loyalty. It also showed the shortcomings of jumping into line with the latest and the greatest loud mouth that comes along.

There was a point that I assumed we were going to get another movie about animal rights. I guess if a person wants to put a positive spin on that, God often times feeds animals by the ignorance of the people around them. Bears are simply being bears, not guided by a concept of the moral law but living by the instinct that God has given them. Unfortunately, reality says that the humanizing of cartoon characters takes the message out of the realm of instinct and places it in the realm of reason and moral law. It goes to the age old question, if your family is starving, is it wrong to steal a loaf of bread.

For the Christian, yes, it is wrong, God will provide. For the world around us we need merely look at the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans to see what most people think. Positive —I took my wife and two boys to this movie. We not only enjoyed the movie, we found ourselves laughing for days after we saw it. I have seen numerous animated movies with my young children, but I cannot remember a time that I have found myself laughing this hard this many times. My family and the entire theater were laughing with great delight. I would definitely recommend this movie and know that we will be adding it to our movie collection.

My Ratings: Excellent! Positive —This movie was wonderful. I read the negative comments, but honestly cannot identify with any of them. This movie is full of positive messages. The animals took food from the humans, but only because they were being forced to. Upon emerging from hibernation they found that the area in which they lived was shrinking—being replaced by subdivisions, and there was little food.

This is what animals, especially raccoons, do in real life! Though he is selfish, he eventually turns around, because he loves his new friends. There is nothing in the least inappropriate in the scene with the skunk.

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The little skunk talks to the cat, and they get to know each other—very sweet! My favorite part of this film is Hammy, a sweet little hyper squirrel. All the characters are adorable and make you want to pinch them, but Hammy is just a lovebug. He is the reason I had to go again to see the film with my eight year old little boy who missed it the first time we went.

I really recommend this movie, I know your family will love it as much as we did. Positive —This was a wonderful movie on a number of levels. Our 12 and 10 year old loved the story. My wife and I had tears from the laughter. The movie had numerous good moral messages. The most convicting was the whole impression of the suburbs and how we live. It held a mirror to just how self centered and spoiled we have become.

RJ has a great comment on life in the suburbs. The second issue is that enough is never enough. Were they really any happier now that they were consumed by their wants? Look what they were willing to risk for one more item. I took a different perspective from a prior post regarding the family issue. I looked at this from a church perspective in that we in the church are all one family.

I saw this little band of animals as a small church. They communed with one another and sadly were misled by a con-man who distracted their focus.

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We totally understand this was a story beyond the comicstrip and you had to add stuff. This movie is very cute and funny, even for older kids! We are privileged to do the work we do, and are continually thankful for the generosity and support from you, our loyal readers, listeners and friends. Verne lashes out at his family, calling them "stupid" for following RJ. Still lyrics Ben Folds from the movie Over the Hedge [] 5. Take one week to forage the neighborhood and gather what would normally take months.

But they held together as a family, returning to their primary focus in the end. In fact, they even convinced others to join them. Hopefully, it is not too much of a stretch, but in the church we follow the same path, we are family, care for each other and at times are misled in our congregations.

Lastly, the message that those around us will bring out the best in us. This happened repeatedly in the story, the most prominent was the transformation of the skunk. By the way, stick around through all of the credits, there is a great post script to the movie right at the end.

The characters were funny and lovable, even though they clearly have a few flaws. RJ learns that family and love is more important than lying and cheating. The evil people in the movie were pretty bad and it reminds me of when God made the animals right after Adam and gave stewardship of animals and natural resources to humanity.

RJ does say the humans worship food, but if you look at what the humans are doing at the moment, you can tell they are simply giving thanks to God and saying grace. As for someone who said the movie promotes pagan, pantheistic, Earth-worshiping lies, I need to remind everyone here that God gives His children a calm, loving heart, not one that promotes out of context and slanderous lies.

As for the whole family concept getting destroyed comment in this movie, are we not Brothers and Sisters in Christ? Neutral —…a very family friendly movie. I was shocked at how Hollywood used a film geared towards younger audiences as political propaganda. Animals in this film were portrayed as loving, caring, and in my opinion superior to humans. Humans were demonized for building a development of homes in a wooded area.

It seemed as though the Earth Liberation Front endorsed this segment! The human family was portrayed as being greedy, socially irresponsible, cruel and uncaring. Wow, the humans were seen gathered around a table with heads bowed in prayer. All in all this was a disturbing, transparent attempt to steer young minds onto the liberal, paganistic, Earth-worshiping track of thought that has apparently got a stronghold in the hearts and minds of the Hollywood crowd.

Do yourself a favor and rent a good uplifting Christian movie for your family. Negative —I took my 2 sons to see this movie and was disappointed. The bear was pretty fierce and threatened repeatedly to kill the raccoon, using that word several times. Desensitization begins early! The humans were portrayed as stupid and mean, while the animals were smart and lovable. God defines family as a husband, wife and children. This movie reinforces the current cultural propaganda that a family is made up of whoever moves into the house.

There were several mild expletives, but then, curse words are curse words, no matter how mild. It could have been a good movie, but was ruined by pushing the line too far. Negative —My entire family did not enjoy the movie at all. We were very disappointed with the crude comments and the minimal values displayed. Negative —…we took our family to see this film. The beginning of this movie is VERY offensive. The part with the bear and raccoon is overdone and the bear, in a scary way, threatens to kill the raccoon… more than once.

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The animal children become disrespectful to their parents, The raccoon repeatedly shows and instills greed in the other animals except the turtle. The exterminator goes unpunished for knowingly selling something illegal. They use one of the female animals to seduce another animal and I can never recall the movie saying it was wrong to steal all of the stuff they did… again except the turtle… but then at the end of the movie he apologizes for ever trying to return the loot!

For an adult, this was probably a funny movie, but not for the family. A human homeowner kicks Heather violently, leading to a tense moment in which we wonder whether Heather has been killed. A single "oh my god" accompanies a handful of imitable words that will concern some parents "butt" gets used, along with "jeez," "heck," "dang," etc.

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Verne lashes out at his family, calling them "stupid" for following RJ. He later apologizes for using the harsh term, though, and the way the movie portrays the damaging results of his words, kids see how much words can sting. Phil uses the term "dirtbag" on TV.

Over the Hedge

While in a human house, RJ climbs up a wine rack full of bottles. A split-second shot of a print advertisement shows that it mentions merlot. Young porcupines brag about "hotwiring" a TV to get hundreds of channels, and they play a maniacal driving game called Auto Homicide 3. A vengeful woman tells an exterminator to use a contraband contraption on the animals. Key to the plot is the fact that RJ is a thief and con man, meaning he regularly lies to everyone to save his own fur.

It should be noted, however, that the story's resolve clearly points out the harm of lying and deceiving others. There are sly jokes about Hammy finding his "nuts," food coming "out the wazoo" and then getting eaten , animals licking "their privates," and some general bodily function humor which includes Hammie burping and talking about going "wee-wee. And overwhelmed with fear, Verne says he "might need to change his shell" before embarking on a mission.

If you've seen one animated movie in the past 10 years, you've seen 'em all, right? Well, mostly right. Though some Over the Hedge scenes feel cribbed from the likes of Toy Story, A Bug's Life and Hoodwinked , this flick's lovable characters, solid story and witty take on human suburbia stand on their own. It does contain a smattering of mild crudity and potty humor, but thankfully trims back some of the unpleasant gags that have been a staple in other DreamWorks projects Shrek , Shark Tale , etc.

Co-director and writer Karey Kirkpatrick explained why: "Sometimes people feel that a G rating is a stigma to commerce," he told Plugged In. When [DreamWorks studio head] Jeffrey Katzenberg was at Disney, their philosophy was 'We make movies for the child in every adult.

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I think I need to go make movies for the adult in every child. It's a little big edgier, but it's not a conscious decision to get 4-year-olds to say 'butt.

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But we have kids, too. We'll put jokes through our own filter and say, 'I don't think that's something I want my kids to hear. Factor in several sweet messages about family and loyalty, great onscreen textures that will likely have tots reaching out to pet the furries, and vivid vocal performances.

Over The Hedge Family Of Me

What you end up with is an animated critter caper that, while certainly not perfect and not even necessarily a classic, is better than average in the clever, creative—and clean—categories. Comedy Kids Animation. Marcus Yoars. Plugged In helps college student stand-up for his belief "Thanks for the great job you do in posting movie and television reviews online.

No Rating Available. Watch This Review. We hope this review was both interesting and useful. Please share it with family and friends who would benefit from it as well. Movie Review Things change when you've been asleep for five months. Positive Elements While RJ cons the other creatures into securing his own ransom, he's unprepared for them responding by embracing him as part of the family—an experience the lone ranger has never had before. Spiritual Content A family praying over their dinner is humorously described by RJ as being at the altar where they worship food.

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Sexual Content Though not for sexual reasons, Verne's backside is shown after his shell pops off, prompting a human girl to describe it as a "gross, naked amphibian thing. Violent Content An enraged woman refuses police arrest and punches and kicks a pair of officers. Crude or Profane Language A single "oh my god" accompanies a handful of imitable words that will concern some parents "butt" gets used, along with "jeez," "heck," "dang," etc.

Other Negative Elements Young porcupines brag about "hotwiring" a TV to get hundreds of channels, and they play a maniacal driving game called Auto Homicide 3. Conclusion If you've seen one animated movie in the past 10 years, you've seen 'em all, right? Pro-social Content. Objectionable Content. Summary Advisory. Plot Summary. Christian Beliefs. Other Belief Systems. Authority Roles. Discussion Topics. Credits Rating. Readability Age Range. Genre Comedy Kids Animation. Distributor Paramount Pictures. Record Label.

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