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Note: Japanese words that are used in general e.

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250 Japanese Words and Phrases for Anime Lovers

Retrieved October 23, October 31, Retrieved December 26, Berkeley, California: Stone Bridge Press. Anime: A History. London: British Film Institute. Retrieved August 13, You can compose a song and make a vocaloid sing your song. The vocaloids have a decent singing voice even though it sounds like a robot to me. Of course you can get your vocaloid to sing whatever you want it to sing.

Some of them are very gorgeous and cool. One of my internet friends, Hinano told me she likes Megurine Luka. I wonder if she still follows. This cosplay was very challenging and difficult. The character is hard to understand because once again, the theme is different depending upon the song. The wig is also heavy! What is this? Permalink 10 Comments. September 14, at pm otaku word , slang. Hi everyone, how are you doing? I am doing okay. I wish fall could come soon.

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Well then, this blog is supposed to introduce new otakish terms, but I think I have posted too many cosplaying entries. So, I shall make an entry, quickly! You know, we never know what is coming in the future. Never know what will happen. No one knows what is sure. The same goes to fashion or trend. However, nothing is everlasting. So we go for something else. That is about it. Fashion or trend never last so long. Once it is finished, new season comes, meaning new series would start. How many of you still remember some old series and all of a sudden feel like watching them again?

Since the first season was really nice, Sunrise announced they made season 2.

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When you hear of this anime, what would you say? When I started to be a cosplayer, at least more than 10 Haruhi cosplayers were at the event. Some of them got bored to wait. To much worse, remember Endless 8? Yes, the first 8 episodes on Season 2 are almost the same story. It was kind of tricky. He got in the endless loop. The female saiyu who voiced Haruhi turned out to be a bitch. Because I loved it, there is no reason I hate.

Where to Find Anime for Learning Japanese

This repository includes both Japanese and American super-geek-charged terminology, and everything's a necessity for navigating your way around anime. One such compound that's especially popular in anime is henshin, meaning There are a couple of words in Japanese which can be translated as "life," but.

I am not that interested. Midorima is cool, though. Now, almost no one cosplays this series. For sure. No need to be so shy. Just follow what you want to follow. Permalink 14 Comments. Well, how are you doing? I am doing alright, maybe. Yes, actually when I used to watch this anime, I was still 12 or so. This anime was from the same title manga serialized in Shounen Jump from to At that time, almost all of my classmates watched the series, which means this is well known among non anime fans.

Nueno Meisuke is a year-old teacher called Nube by his students. He was transfered to Doumori Elementary School and started to work. Meanwhile, he is an exorcist and always senses evil spirits from the hell. Each episode shows a different spirit, and it targets his kids. Nube always tries to protect his students with his psychic hand named Oni no te. Having said that, this is not just a horror anime, but such a heartful story. There is always a heartbreaker, which made me cry a lot. I must say sorry because my cosplay is not something you would like.

Anyway, this time I cosplayed Nube with my friend, Waon-san. He cosplayed Tamamo Kyousuke who is a fox personified. I chose a certain studio which looks like a devastation. It was amazing because I cosplayed the hero I really adored when I was a kid. I am not like Nueno-sensei, but I always dreamed of being a great guy like him! Thank you, Waon-san and Maah-san. I so enjoyed this cosplay!

Permalink 9 Comments. Hi everyone, I am doing alright. Those who e-mailed me to make sure I am doing okay, thank you very much. Time flies, it really does. Yes, thank you very much, I want to say from the bottom of my heart.

When I was tired of having such a hard time, your comments or messages really helped me. That is why I could get through. As you may know, I am a cosplayer. Cosplayers are supposed to make people happy. Those who make me happy are you. I was helpless and useless, even now there is a time I feel I am useless.

Re-reading what I just wrote, I actally don't think the Wapanese could have chosen a more fitting name for themselves. Will make attempts to follow Japanese fashion and particularly wear Kimonos.

Japanese Words That English Speakers Get Wrong

They will usually embarass themselves, and more often than not wear this stuff the wrong way and at the wrong times from what I understand. They will fill their rooms with asian things, notice I say asian and not Japanese, because most Wapanese will buy anything that looks remotely asian and proclaim it to be Japanese Wrongly. They will make poor attempts to assimilate into Japanese culture by buying Japanese food , and eating sushi , even if they don't actually seem to much like it.

Due to their inability to woo women in their own land, male Wapanese delude themselves into thinking that if they went to Japan, Japanese women would flock to them, practically jumping to date and bed them. Wapanese do not seem to understand that Japanese women are not interested in dating introverted, obsessive, and clingy men just because they have a weak understanding of Japan's culture. See Yellow fever. Wapanese girls often become obsessed with male characters in anime. It's a sad sight. Often owns a sword Katana or other Japanese weapon of course and claim they have studied the Samurai and Ninja and know how to expertly use their blade.

Aside from being wrong , they forget that Ninjas and Samurai probably were in a lot better physical shape than them. Frequent users of the ever irritating Japanglish. Where they sprinkle english conversations with Japanese words derived from anime they studied it they will say however. Will try and mimic physical motions from Anime. Anime characters generally move in a very exaggerated form and so watching Wapanese do this is rather funny. They will pout , and pull down their eyelid at you and other dumb things.

The worst is when they start prancing around as if they were some super ninja , making dumb poses and yelling things. This is when you look away and be glad you are indeed not them, but it's even humiliating to watch from afar. They also have the tendency to repeat words twice as if to make them more spunkily Japanese, like "hi, hi! Will claim to be an expert on some Japanese topic. Their understanding will actually be derived mostly from anime, and despite all their claims of "training" or "meditation", they don't really know anything. Will cosplay. Often the most elaborate costumes seem to be by Japanophiles, Wapanese tend to throw something together and make themselves look silly.

Don't realize that the Japanese would find them equally as sad, if not more so, than we Americans do. Many will grow out if it by high school. However, just as many do not, and grow up into full fledged Wapanese.