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I’ve Lost My Mojo
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source link When negativity strikes, recognise it and work towards pushing it out.

Negative thoughts can really alter your mojo and push yours passions away. Get it back by recognising negative thoughts and removing them! Learning new things about your industry or even a different industry!

Learning is fun no, really, it is! Sometimes getting your mojo back can be as simple as reminding yourself why you applied for your job in the first place.

Six Reasons Bernie Sanders Has Lost His Mojo

I might have lost my tech writing mojo. Or, more accurately, I realize a significant decline in motivation regarding my chosen career. Just imagine what a real laugh could do!

You could become a personal tutor, a mentor or simple offer your help to those who need it. The gratitude you receive might even make you feel more grateful for what you have, too. This is for those times when we have lost it for a few days, our confidence has gone.

Depression is not a simple case of losing your mojo.

This exercise should help. Depending on how deep the mojo losing has gone there are steps you can take to get the mojo back.

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Usually there is a trigger event that starts the snowball rolling and the downward spiral of feelings. An example trigger would be falling out with your partner, loss of a job, a failed exam something big but not huge. This is a computer term meaning that if something goes wrong with a program, revert to a time when it was working okay. It involves going back, in your mind, to the last time you felt good about yourself and the world. This involves visualising yourself in the time when you felt good. Use your mind to the full, get the feelings back, and get the smell, touch, taste, and sounds back.

6 Ways to Get Your Business Mojo Back

If you can do this a few times a day for the next few days you will see a dramatic difference in the way you feel. This is important. Feeling down for a few days is not a good feeling, however it reminds us how good our life really is.

When we are in the black cloud of feeling down the world is not a good place, when the cloud disappears the sunshine is back. This is the time to thank yourself, thank yourself for your life it is you who is creating it.

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When I do exercises like this it further strengthens my belief that we create, in part, the world around us. If we can control our state of mind we can, effectively, control the world. You can change these settings at any time. However, this can result in some functions no longer being available.

Lost Your Mojo? Here Are 4 Ways to Put a Spring Back into Your Step.

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