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follow site Cut Off The Head Welcome to the peaceful little town of Doubtful, Wyoming, which has more than its fair share of kill-crazy gunslicks, back-shooters, and flat-out dirty desperadoes. It also has a sheriff named Cotton Pickens, who tries his best to keep law and order The son of a legend. Heir to the Western wilderness.

Getting y In , Dooley Monahan, son of struggling Iowa pioneers, went off to to pick up a new milk cow. Young Dooley never came home. Now, nearly three decades later, Dooley Monahan has become an accidental legend, managing to plant a bullet in the chest of New Mexico Territory is no stranger to bad men.

But south of the border, on the wild Mexican coastline, is another kind of wicked: a murderous Arab with a ship full of stolen women -- to be sold as sex slaves in the four corners of the world. Eighteen months ago, America was invaded from within - by the self-proclaimed "Army of Allah.

From this home base in the Gulf, they can reclaim Johnstone, the beloved, bestselling frontier chronicler, brings to life the story based on the historical lawman born and bred in Cherokee Nation: Sixkiller. In the wild, wild west there is no man more dangerous -- on either side of the la Three days before Christmas, Matt Jensen is traveling the Denver and Pacific railway when an avalanche slams down onto the train, trapping it in desolate Trout Creek Pass. But it wasnt an act of nature that caused the accident; it was a gang of outla Johnstone capture the true American spirit.

Cotton Pickens is the most unlikely sheriff on the frontier. No Whiskey? No Women?

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Marked for Death (An O'Brien Western Book 10) - Kindle edition by Ben Bridges. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Marked for Death book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. BLAZING FRONTIER ACTION FROM THE PEN OF THIRTEEN-TIME.

No Peace… It was a law Cotton Pickens Into a lawless town rode a hero named John Henry Sixkiller. Only William W. Johnstone with J. Johnstone could tell a tale of violence and vengeance so real, so raw, it outdoes the legends of Old West justice that inspired it. On The American Fr The last days of the Civil War. With Richmond under siege, Confederate soldier Luke Jensen is assigned the task of smuggling gold out of the city before the Yankees get their hands on it - when he is ambushed and robbed by four deserters, shot in the Johnstone unleash the saga of Falcon MacCallister -- wanderer, lawman, heir to a Western family that raised him on courage, vigilance, and gunsmoke.

John Henry Sixkiller is as fearless as they come. Now he faces his greatest challenge -- as a U. Marshal, he must take on the most notorious outlaws the west has ever seen In Hangtree, Texas, any day could be your last. For on the heels of the Civil War, Hangtree is drawing gamblers, fast women and faster gunmen.

Amidst the brawls and shooting, the land-grabbing and card-sharking, two men barely hold the boomtown toget Home Sweet Deadly Home. If there's anything better than coming home to Texas, it's getting paid to do it. For Scratch Morton and Bo Creel, always on the hunt for funds, the job is taking three vicious criminals from Arkansas to Tyler, Texas for trial William W, Johnstone's legendary mountain men have fought their battles and conquered a fierce frontier. Now, three generations of the Jensen clan are trying to live in peace on their sprawling Colorado ranch.

But for men with fighting in their blood The acclaimed authors of Home Invasion and Border War unload the explosive story of the deadliest conspiracy against the US in American history -- and in our very own back yard A family of Scottish warriors. A stranger in a new land From the bestselling authors William W. Johnstone, the blazing saga of Duff MacCallister, heir to a legacy of courage. The year is A year-old British boy has come to visit his uncle's Wyoming spread, just as the vicious Yellow Kerchief Gang has the ranch under siege.

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That is more t From William W. Johnstone, the master of the epic Western, comes a bold new series set in the untamed New Mexico Territory -- where four bravehearted brothers struggle to work the land, keep the peace, and fight for the drea In the booming mining town of Doubtful, Wyoming, Cotton Pickens is the law. And in William W. Johnstone's rollicking new Western, the law is in a fight for its life In a blockbuster new series, America's leading Western writer captures the most violent chapter in frontier history -- in the saga of a Yankee with a rifle, an outlaw with a grudge, and a little slice of hell called Savage Texas For renegade America's liberals are thrilled with the election of the first foreign-born candidate Built on dreams.

Forged in blood. Defended with bullets. The town called Fury is home to the bravest pioneers to ever stake a claim in the American West.

In William W. Johnstone's blockbuster series, the settlers take in a mysterious stranger with de Johnstone, with J. Johnstone, now introduces two hard-riding, trouble-prone Texans -- with a knack for keeping the west as wild as it ever was Courage was in the blood. A battle was on the land. Three generations of mountain men, bound by a passion for justice, have come together in William W. Johnstone's towering new saga -- as the legendary Jensens fight for one another The Legend Lives! The Scottish Highlands, Two men, brandishing knives, attack a young woman outside a pub. Duff MacAllister steps in and saves her - killing one of the assailants.

Big mistake. The attacker was the sheriff's son, and now MacAlli The adopted son of mountain man Smoke Jensen, he has carved out his destiny in the rugged American frontier. His name is Matt Jensen. He lives by the gun -- and surrenders to no one Dakota Ambush Twelve years ago, newspaperman John Bryce sav Johnston joins forces with J.

Johnstone to let loose a pair of the most unforgettable, trouble-prone, hard-fighting cowboys the West has ever known -- who are abou From William J. Johnstone, bestselling author of the acclaimed Mountain Man series, comes a sprawling Western saga that brings together for the first time the three generations of legendary frontiersmen, the Jensens, in a bloody battle for freedom, j Matt Jensen is the adopted son of mountain man Smoke Jensen: his soul was forged by violence and hardship, his calling the sound of a gun Now, with J.

Johnstone, he has created Sidewinders, a wild, rollicking ride alongside two hardheaded cowboys with a knack for staying on the wrong s It was a duty to a dead man.


Matt Jensen had promised his friend, slain by an outlaw named Pogue Willis, that he would deliver money to his brother in St. But Matt's search leads him from St. Louis to Arizona Territory, and into the company of Bo Creel and Scratch Morton are just such men. In frontier literature, the name "Johnstone" means big, hard-hitting Western adventure told at a breakneck pace. Now, the bestselling authors kick off a rollicking, dramatic new series--with the first novel about a pair of not-quite-over-the-hill dri Johnstone's breathtaking Mountain Man series set the standard for Western adventure.

Now, the adopted son of Smoke Jensen takes his place on the unforgiving American frontier Sentenced To Die Purgatory, Arizona, is the last place y Now, a new saga begins, as Matt Jensen, the adopted son of Smoke Jensen, blazes a name for himself on the lawless frontier The first rule is: the strongest survive. But when bad breaks, bad weather and bad bovines back Smoke into a corner, he needs something to go right.

Instead, he faces t It began with a handful of bedraggled pioneer survivors. It took root because of the courage of one young man. Johnstone's new blockbuster "Western" series, a town called Fury rises up in the midst of a hostile Arizona Territory - and l Two Ride Together From his Missouri farm, the boy travels west. In his heart is vengeance. In his hand is a Navy Colt. By his side is the old mountain man named Preacher, who'll teach young Smoke Jensen everything he needs to know about fighting Only career politicians could dream up a stunt like this: courting the growing Hispanic community that keeps them in office, the geniuses in charge in San Antonio agree to grant temporary dominion over the Alamo to the Mexican government for a week-l A bold new saga of the American frontier, where a town called Fury is pitted against the rugged and unforgiving wilds of the Arizona Territory It's hard country, but the pionee From legendary William W.

Johnstone comes an exciting new saga of the American frontier town called Fury, built smack dab in the middle of the untamed Arizona Territory The last thing Jason We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Johnstone; J. Johnstone Book Lists William W. Book List: titles. Marshal - 6.

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A Slash and Pecos Western - 1. Riding Shotgun. A Red Ryan Western - 1. Live by the West, Die by the West. Behind the Iron.

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Hank Fallon - 2. Springfield The Legend of Perley Gates. Perley Gates - 1. Marshal - 5. The Jensen Brand. Jensen Brand - 1. Remington River of Blood. Frontiersman - 2. Black Friday. Death Rides Alone. Luke Jensen: Bounty Hunter - 5. Will Tanner: U. The Kerrigans. The Kerrigans: A Texas Dynasty - 1. Those Jensen Boys! Hell's Half Acre. Hell's Half Acre - 1. A Frontier Christmas. The Massacre Canyon. The Family Jensen - 5. But, I needed to get to work and it was right there. Surely this bike could prove to be an effective alternative mode of transport, for my immediate commute requirement?

I already had the app installed on my Huawei smartphone, but had not put in payment details — only when trying to scan did it prompt for a payment card. The app confirmed that this was a hireable bike and that it had a decent amount of charge on it — 86km! I could almost get to Oxford with that:. Then, a rescan and the bike unlocked with a click in a couple of seconds. Interestingly, the wheel-lock was quite a small one, not the chunky ones that appear on Mobikes now to try and stop rampant theft of them. Something the bike, battery or the app — not sure!

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Maintenance or lack of it was a problem with the non-electric dockless bikeshares in London.

William W. Johnstone; J.A. Johnstone

I was hoping that the more expensive electric bikes would have a more rigorous repair regime. Maybe they do and I was just unlucky. The initial acceleration boost given by the battery was great — straight across the lights and down to Finsbury Park. However, almost immediately it just felt like a regular bike — there was still a boost at faster speeds, but it felt like it was just countering the heavy battery, rather than genuinely making it easier than a regular bike. There is only one gear, so the only thing you can do other than pedal, is to ring the handlebar bell.

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There are a lot of traffic lights on the route and everytime I hit red on one of the bigger junctions, it will have cost me 15 pence. Unfortunately, it looks like this stopped the Lime app from recording my location — although the clock kept ticking. So, it looks like I only did a 2. The app has then marked the bike as being in the UCL courtyard, not where it actually is which I am showing here as the green pin to the north :. It looks like Lime again used my phone GPS as soon as it could — well after the ride finish — so has recorded the wrong location.

It may be that it will later use any SIM card on the bike to triangulate its location correctly or even its GPS if it has it — I suspect not and snap back to Gower Place. In mitigation — there are very tall buildings here and the street is narrow — so it could be a simple GPS error too. I think electric bikeshare has a place in London. If Google Maps, Transit or CityMapper had told me of these, then surely they would be used more and more effectively.

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I enjoyed the other talks in the workshop too, especially the introduction to flowmap. I had a few hours left after the conference to explore the centre of Paris, so I embarked on a long walk from Forum des Halles to Notre Dame, and then up to Gare du Nord. Escootershares are, at the moment at least, all dockless, rather than being locked in physical stations, and I believe they tend to get taken in by casual workers overnight for recharging. My walk took place between around 6pm i.

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Overall, I was impressed both by the uptake of these devices, and the care in which they were left after use. Sort order. Dec 06, Peter Cornell rated it it was amazing. Well Done O'Brien is a believable action her. The book is well written and the action is pretty much nonstop.

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Even though he doesn't get the girl, he saves her and the children. Apr 03, Lee Philley added it. Pretty good,quick read Quick action, Pretty predictable A stronger ending to the writing would be nice. To the end to the end end. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Ben Bridges. Ben Bridges.


For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a writer, but it was my Dad, Henry Whitehead, who really fostered my interest in the west. As a security man employed by a large chemical company, he often found himself working the nightshift by himself, and to pass the long, lonely hours he would hand-copy pictures from old Buffalo Bill Annuals and then fetch them home for me to colour in. Duri For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a writer, but it was my Dad, Henry Whitehead, who really fostered my interest in the west.

During the day, Dad also made up western stories and dictated them into our old reel-to-reel tape recorder, so that I could listen to them when I got home from school. He even added sound effects as he went along, wiggling his fingers in a bowl of water to give the impression of outlaws fording a shallow stream, or bursting balloons to simulate gunfire. So it's really no wonder that I eventually developed such an interest in the west.

As I grew older, I started reading just about every western I could lay my hands on.