Nachtgesang - No. 14 from 28 Volkslieder WoO 32

Róbert Morvai & Andreas Lucewicz
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Early Music Ensemble. Friends of Chamber Music. New Music Ensemble. Women's Glee Club. To see if websites for this department or related departments have been archived visit University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Harvested Websites Dyer T. Alden James W. Pruett Thomas A. Warburton, Acting Ann M. Woodward John L. Nadas James E. Sound Recordings, Documentation, Administrative Records, Performance Recordings Addition of April , Approximately items.

Arrangement: Alphabetical by file name; individual files arranged chronologically. The Department of Music of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was founded in and offers graduate and undergraduate curricula in music theory, performance, and musicology. University Symphony Orchestra pt. University Men's Glee Club.

Rise Stevens Concert. UNC Music Department production. Wilton Mason, musical director; Charles Jeffers, stage director. University Chorus. Wilton Mason, director. Wilton Mason, pianist. University Chorus, Part I. Wilton Mason, director; Robert Steelman, accompanist. Summer Session Chorus. Edward L. Kottick, director; William Bennett, assistant director; Isabel Fourqurean, accompanist. Philip Kniseley, tenor. Franz Uester, flute. The North Carolina String Quartet. Haydn: Quartet in F Major, Op. Puccini: La Boheme. Becky Carnes. Wilton Mason, director; Puccini: La Boheme. Haydn: Quartet in D Major, Op.

Contemporary Music Festival, University Symphony Orchestra. Earl Slocum, conductor; Edgar Alden, associate conductor. Mozart: Quartet in D minor, K. Wilton Mason, musical and artistic director. Mozart: Don Giovanni, reel 1. Mozart: Don Giovanni, reel 2. Mischa Elman Lecture. Concert of new works by Roger Hannay. Chamber ensemble conducted by Roger Hannay. Marc Blitzstein: Regina. Goldmark: Sakuntala Overture, Op. The University Symphony Orchestra. Sidney Foster, piano. William S. Newman, conductor. Mozart: Sonata in G Major, K.

Mozart: Quartet in A Major, K. Wilton Mason, piano. Beethoven: Sonata in F Major, Op. Roman Totenberg, violin; Clifton Matthews, piano. Beethoven: Sonata in G Major, Op. Clifton Matthews, piano. Roger Hannay, composer. Barbara Rowan, piano. Beethoven: Sonata in C Major, Op. December Newman, piano. Beethoven: Sonate pathetique, in C minor, Op. January Puccini: Madama Butterfly. February Beethoven: Sonata in C minor, Op. Peter Schuetz, baritone; Michael Zenge, piano. Bartok: Quartet No. The Carolina Choir. Lara Hoggard, director. The University Chamber Orchestra.

Sharon Bennet, soprano; Michael Kelly, piano. Roman Totenberg, violin; Barbara Rowan, piano. Haydn: Quartet in G Major, Op. Phyllis Bryn-Julson, soprano; Donald S. Sutherland, organ and piano. Bach: Wir glauben all' an einen Gott, Vater; J.

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Strauss: Du meines Herzens Kronelein, Op. Strauss: Nach, Op. Strauss: Schlagende Herzen, Op. Strauss: Zueignung, Op. Rudolph Kremer, organ. Dedication of the Schlicker organ in Hill Hall. Girolamo Frescobaldi: Tocatta prima and Tocatta settima from Il secondo libro di toccata; Domenico Zipoli: Offertorio from Sonate d'intavolatura per organo e cimbalo; J.

Michael Zenge, piano. Schubert: Sonata in E-flat Major, D. Concert of Chamber Music. John Harding, trumpet; Barbara Rowan, piano. Webern: Variations, Op. Robert P. Porco, director; Donald L. Mannon, accompanist.

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Berlioz: Roman Carnival Overture, Op. Opera Theatre. Sue Guerry, organ. Master of Music recital. Francois Couperin: Offertoire sur les grands jeux, from Messe pour les paroisses; J. Handel: Sonata in G Major, Op. Robert O. Griffin, piano. Senior recital. Peter Schuetz, baritone; Clifton Matthews, piano. Schubert: Die Schone Mullerin, Op. Varsity Men's Glee Club.

Mannon, accompanist; Donnie L. Simmons, piano. Porco arranger : Porgy and Bess Medley. Lara Hoggard, conductor. Orff: Carmina Burana. Junior recital. University Chamber Singers. Peter Schuetz, director. Bach: Cantata No. Ann Marie Werz, piano. Brahms: Klavierstucke, Op. Donna Laney, mezzo-soprano; Wilton Mason, piano. Mozart: Symphony in C Major, K. Wednesday afternoon recital. Mozart: Quartet in G Major, K. Donna Forbes, soprano; Wilson Nichols, piano. Johann Pezel: Sonata No.

Elaine Richey, violin; Richard Corbett, piano. Carolina Choir I. Loretta James, director; Robert Steelman, accompanist. Carolina Choir II. Clinton Parker, director; Larry Peterson, accompanist. Mozart: Vesperae Solennes de Confessore, K. Fedora Horowitz, piano. Jazz Laboratory Band. John R. Harding, director.

Carolina Choir and University Chamber Orchestra. Bach: Passionsmusik nach dem heiligen Evangelisten Marko. Stafford Wing, director. Stravinsky Memorial Concert.


28 Deutsche Volkslieder, WoO 32 (Brahms, Johannes) . Allegro non troppo (G minor): 4. Auf, gebet uns das Zierlich und lebhaft (G minor): Nachtgesang. 3. Apr. Nachtgesang - No. 14 from 28 Volkslieder WoO 32 [eBook Kindle] pdf epub ebooks download free, download more free pdf, epub ebooks of.

Works by Haydn, Schubert, and Ravel. Lara Hoggard, director; Robert Steelman, accompanist. UNC Brass Ensemble. John Harding, director. Duke University Chapel. Christmas Concert. Houseman ; Brahms: Quintet in F minor, Op. Americana: Music and Poetry. What Can the Matter Be? Porco, musical director; Randolph Umberger, stage director. Mozart: The Impresario. Porco, director; Robert Parris, accompanist. Hill: P. Bebe Snyder, conductor. Spring Concert and Master of Music recital for Snyder. O che bon eco! Mary Edith McClintock, piano.

Brahms: Variations on a Theme by the Composer, Op. Barbara Schlageter, soprano; James Clyburn, piano. Stafford Wing, tenor; Thomas Warburton, piano. Schubert: Die schone Mullerin, Op. Marvin Blickenstaff, piano. Copland: Passacaglia; Beethoven: Bagatelles, Op. Stafford Wing, director; Michael Zenge, guest pianist. Brahms: Motet, Op. Chamber ensembles. Ann Burnham, viola; Marvin Blickenstaff, piano. Boris Rybka, music director.

Bebe Snyder, conductor; Robert Steelman, accompanist. Peggy Senter, piano. Clementi: Sonata in G minor, Op. Margaret Proctor. Scholarship Benefit Concert. David Serrins, conductor. Mozart: Motet: Exsultate, jubilate, K. University Choir. David Reed. Roger Hannay, conductor. Stravinsky: L'Histoire du Soldat. Walton: Facade.

Cornelia Heard, violin; Robert Steelman, piano. Bach: Concerto No. Robert Stine: Chrysalis. Carol Lei Post, piano. Beethoven: Sonata in F minor, Op. Vicki Harrison, soprano; Robert Steelman, piano. Richard Cox, director. Robert Porco, director. Porco arranger : West Side Story Medley. Combined choirs. Richard Cox, conductor; Gail Allen, accompanist. Brahms: Nanie, Op. James Fogle, piano.

Clementi: Sonata, Op. Chris Hatfield, piano. Eugene Schweiger, cello; Janet Schweiger, piano. Beethoven: Sonata in A Major, Op. Music for Voice and Guitar. Barison arranger : La Maja Dolorosa; M. Valls arranger : Sephardic Songs; J. Barison arranger : Alo amar alo ogo; Rabindranath, Tagore D. Barison arranger : Aphi amor konkhane; Rabindranath, Tagore D.

Twentieth-Century Flute Music. Mario Davidovsky: Synchronisms No. The Composer Concerts, , no. Roger Hannay, director. Martha Flowers, soprano; Wilton Mason, piano. The Lucktenberg Duo. Jerrie Cadek Lucktenberg, violin; George Lucktenberg, harpsichord and piano. V, No. An Evening of Lieder. The New Music Ensemble. Jim Croom, tenor; Wilton Mason, piano. Pamela White, soprano; Wilton Mason, piano. Master of Music. Spohr: Sechs deutsche Lieder, Op. University Wind Ensemble. Boris Rybka, conductor. Edgar Alden, violin; Francis Whang, piano.

Handel: Sonata in G minor, Op. Johann Strauss: Die Fliedermaus. Mozart: Duo in G Major, K. Charles Fuller, cello; James Clyburn, piano. The Early Music Ensemble. Calvin Bower and Philip Warren, directors. Peggy Russell, soprano; Constance Kotis, piano. Thomas Warburton, piano. Chopin: Polonaise-Fantasie, Op. Susan Black, violin; Barbara Rowan, piano. Mozart: Sonata in B-flat Major, K. The Composer Concerts, , No.

Katherine Posner, soprano; Wilton Mason, piano. Mozart: Adagio in B minor, K. Michael Karp Service. A Program for Clarinet, Piano, and Tape. Elliott Schwartz and the New Music Ensemble. Robert Porco, director; Robert Parris, accompanist. Francis Whang, piano. Mendelssohn: Andante con moto, Op. March 28, Alessandro Scarlatti: Il Trionfo Dell'onore.

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Dress rehearsal. Samuel Barber: Adagio for Strings, Op. Lara Hoggard, conductor; Sandra Snidow, accompanist. Robert Stine and Howard Wershil, composers. Brahms: Variations on a Theme by Schumann, Op. Chamber Singers. Cummings; J. Joy Glazener, piano. Stuart Fitzpatrick, junior recital.

Robert Parris, organ. UNC Chorus. Fiori Musicali. Haydn: Sonata in A-flat Major, Hob. Tereather Dianne Bellamy, soprano; Sharon Stanley, piano. Brahms: Symphony No. Patricia Lee Robinson, soprano. Hughes arranger : A Ballynure Ballad; H. Hughes arranger : Down by the Sally Gardens; H. Kent Moore, tenor. Program of Woodwind Chamber Music. Switzer and Boone. Leslie Aldridge, soprano; Annette Kamienski, piano. Jane Magrath, piano.

28 Deutsche Volkslieder, Woo 32: No. 19, Die Versuchung

Haydn: Sonata in E-flat Major, Hob. UNC piano majors.

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Music of Charles Ives. Summer Chorus. Gerald Sousa, director; Anna Briscoe, accompanist.

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James Forbes, piano. Bach: Partita No. Judy Fischer, piano. Beethoven: Sonata Op. Janice Harsanyi, soprano; Bruce Moss, piano. Carol Lei Post. Chamber Music from the Eastern Music Festival. Shostakovich: String Quartet No. Jerry W. Solomon, trumpet; Ross W. Ellison, organ. Johnson: Processional. Kenneth R. Bruggers, harpsichord. Phil Warren, director. Secular music from the prints of Ottaviano Petrucci.

Jane Dimmock Cain, organ. Barbara Hill and Enid Katahn, pianists. Mozart: Sonata in D Major, K. Harding, trumpet; Carolyn Bridger, piano. Domenico Gabrielli: Sonata No. Harding: Jazz Suite. David Barison, guitar. Porco, director; Paula Forrest, accompanist. Martha Flowers, soprano, Frances Evans, piano. Alan Smith, cello; Diana Smith, piano. Compositions by Thomas Brosh. Bach: Jesus bleibet meine Freude, from Cantata ; J. Chamber Music. Vivaldi: Concerto in D minor, F. Robert J. Russell, conductor. Dianne Hahn. Boris Rybka, director. Music for an Exam Break.

James Lambert, percussion; Reg Rodgers, piano. Mozart: Sonata in A Major, K. Kymric Mahnke, piano. Rossini: The Barber of Seville. Composite made from recordings of both evenings' performances. Carolyn Bridger, piano. Bach: Sonata in F minor, W. The North Carolina Piano Trio. Lillian P. Pruett, piano; Earl A. Sanders, violin; Mary Gray White, cello. Beethoven: Trio in E-flat Major, Op. Music for flute and keyboard.

Lynn Eisenberg, baroque flute, modern flute; Phil Warren, viola da gamba; Olivia Wu, harpsichord, piano. Mozart: Trio Nr. Schubert: Impromptu in G-flat Major, Op. February 25, Myers, Marlowe, Barton. Wednesday Afternoon Recital. Tony McDowell, baritone; Anna Briscoe, piano. Mozart: Abendempfindung, K. Lynn Glassock, percussion; Thomas Warburton, piano. Composer Concerts, Porco, director. Schumann: Romanze, Op. Ellen Bridger, cello, Carolyn Bridger, piano.

Stanley R. McDaniel, bass-baritone; Wilton Mason, piano. Handel: Dove Sei, Amata Bene?

Clementi: Sonata in A Major, Op. March 25, Christene J. Hitchcock, clarinet. Music from the court of Francois Ier. Calvin Bower and Phil Warren, directors. Wind Ensemble. Joseph Banowetz, piano. Mozart: Fantasie in C minor, K.

Franz Schubert

Porco, conductor; Paula Forrest, piano. The Composer Concerts, Music by UNC student composers. Timothy Thompson, horn; Nancy Nelson, piano. Women's Glee Club and Carolina Choir. Bach: Jesus bleibet meine Freude from Cantata ; J. Diane Wagoner, cello; David McDonald, piano. Jan Lipscomb, violin; Ross Ellison, piano.


Cherubini: Larghetto from Sonata No. Margot Leith, recorder and flute. UNC Orchestra. Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite No. Hal Easter, tenor; Linda Lloyd Russell, piano. Melanie Myers, soprano; Terry Rhodes, piano. Deborah Heid, viola; Marvin Blickenstaff, piano. Handel: Alma mia, from Floridante; Handel: Ah!

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Version for medium voice 6 Lieder, Op. Piano Transcriptions. Opera de Bellini. Prologue Boris Godunov Schubert: Piano Sonata in C minor, D. Title : Grand Republic.

Kent Moore, tenor; Wilton Mason, piano. David Almond, piano. Haydn: Variations un piccolo Divertimento in F minor; J. Robert Jones, baritone; Wilton Mason, piano. Carol A. Sykes, mezzo-soprano. Martha Knieriem, viola. Ann Attayek, piano. Hindemith: Sonata No. Michaelanne Mullen, piano. Gloria Huffman Fernandez, piano. Betty Bullock, piano. Edward MacDowell: Sonata No. An Evening of Chamber Music. Bach: Sonata in C Major, Op.

Lili Kraus, piano. Haydn: Sonata No. Russell, baritone; Anna Briscoe, piano. Mark Switzer, guitar. Duarte: Round Dance from the English Suite. Malcom Bilson, fortepiano. Keyboard Sonatas of the Late Eighteenth Century. The Bowers-Wolf Duo. Jane Bowers, Baroque flute; Peter Wolf, harpsichord.

William Stevens, tenor; David Miller, piano and solfegeur. Kenneth Drake, piano. Beethoven sonatas. Sonata in C-sharp minor, Op. Mozart: Quartet in F Major, K. Rudolph Kremer, harpsichord. Bach: French Suite I. Stafford Wing, tenor; Michael Zenge, piano. Anna Briscoe, piano and organ; Jacquelyn Myers, harp. Scriabin: Sonate No. Porco, conductor; James Belle, piano. Thirteenth-century processional: Personent hodie Piae cantiones nativitate ; J. The Governor's Consort. Bach: Kantate No. Kay Marlowe, soprano; Wilton Mason, piano. The Carolina Choir and Chamber Orchestra.

Lara Hoggard, conductor; Martha Nell Hardy, narrator. Beethoven: Quartet in A minor, Op. Donald Currier, piano. Haydn: Sonata in C Major, Hob. Kreider: Impromptu, Op. Peggy Russell, soprano; Michael Zenge, piano. Lynn Eisenberg, flute; Olivia Wu, piano. Twentieth-Century Music for Flute. Jeg elsker dig I Love You , Op. Le rappel des oiseaux arr. Les tendres plaintes arr.

Fougeray for guitar. Balkanisms 8. INDY, V. MARX, J. Our home and native land! The historic past! Long live the King! For our Country, for our Flag and Glory! God is greatest! Paraguayans, The Republic or Death! Barthelemy [L'Hymne a St. Barthelemy Hymn to St.

Breiner Slovenia arr. South Sudan, Hurray! Uruguay arr. The Munich Symphonic Recordings R. I Symphony No. Haas from and versions Symphony No. Nowak Symphonie fantastique, Op. Michael Gielen Edition, Vol. Schoenberg for orchestra Concerto for String Quartet and Orchestra arr. Webern for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano.

Chopin for piano fragment performed on Rousselot piano, c. Lebanese Piano Music, Vol. Schneiderman, K. Tarver, R. Schwarz, E. John Chrysostom, Op. Composition Title. Disc Title. Catalogue No. Naxos Classical Archives. Grand Piano. Oehms Classics. Cantaloupe Music. Yarlung Records. Dorian Sono Luminus. Opus Arte. SWR Jazzhaus. Paladino Music. Accentus Music. Bel Air Classiques. C Major. Idil Biret Archive. Pixie Pace Records. SWR Classic.

Marco Polo. Naxos Ebooks. View All.