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Reducing Abstraction Level When Learning Abstract Algebra Concepts
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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? A serial research and application of Concept Algebra will be published. The research results of concept algebra will be appeared at this serial; the found history of concept algebra also will be published at this serial. More set theorems will be published at this serial late.

The forth article proves that the intelligence robot must have the ability of logic thinking, and the theory base of intelligence robot also is concept algebra. The part two is Wu algebra that was developed based on Boolean algebra. The logic equation can be solved systematically that is similar as numeral algebra do. The set theory and the classical logic could be produced from Wu algebra. Read more Read less. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser.

Handbook of Algebra, Volume 1

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In [11] a system of fuzzy rational numbers is used to classify irrational numbers with respect to the quality of their approximation by the given system of rationals. Some properties of these approximations are studied. In [28] it is presented a construction defining a measure on the complete power set of positive integers from a given universal fuzzy measure and preserving a large class of properties of the original universal fuzzy measure. In [8] we introduce the so called irrational measure of sequences and prove the irrational measure for special sequences. Several criteria for transcendence of certain infinite series of rational numbers can be found in [13, 14].

If the sequences of positive real numbers converge to infinity very quick then we can define the linearly unrelated sequences. Several criteria of linearly unrelated sequences are included in [18, 19].

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Research and Application of Concept Algebra Volume 1 - Kindle edition by Shilong Wu. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Buy Applications of linear algebra (Ehiares Series) (Volume 1) on Moreover, the application of linear algebra concepts to suitable systems helps to and as many as need to apply linear algebra to their studies and research.

Some criteria for irrationality of the sums of infinite series we can find in [14]. Here the numerators are integer part of functions with the convergence to infinity less then polynomials. If the number is well-approximated by rationals then we call such a number Liouville. Similar concept can be defined for sequences. Such criteria we can find in [15]. Some criteria for the irrationality of the sums of infinite series can be found in [16, 17].

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In [12] the concept expressible set of infinite sequence is introduced with the criterion when the expressible set has Hausdorf dimension equal zero. This result is proved only for the sequences with rational numbers. A special algebraic structure called EQ-algebra is introduced in the papers [29], [30]. This is a new algebra developed as a structure of truth valued for the fuzzy type theory a higher-order fuzzy logic. The EQ-algebra is a lower semilattice ordered monoid extended by a fuzzy equality and fulfilling 5 special properties.

Special properties of this algebra are intensively studied. Residuated logics based on strict triangular norms with an involutive negation. In Math. Logic Quarterly. Technical University of Catalania, Barcelona, ISBN On the Lipschitz property of strict triangular norms.

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General Systems 36 Lipschitzianity of triangular subnorms. In IPMU' Paris : Editions E. ISBN X. On weighted densities, to appear in Czech Math. Irrational measure of sequences, Hiroshima Math.


Fuzzy rational numbers and approximation of irrationals. Algebraic varieties also have a well-defined notion of tangent space called the Zariski tangent space , making many features of calculus applicable even in finite settings. The time scale calculus is a unification of the theory of difference equations with that of differential equations , which has applications to fields requiring simultaneous modelling of discrete and continuous data. Another way of modeling such a situation is the notion of hybrid dynamical system.

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Introduction to vectors and tensors, Vol 1: linear and multilinear algebra

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Main article: Discretization. Discrete mathematics portal. Applied Discrete Structures. Mathematics as a Service Subject. Cambridge University Press. Discrete Mathematics in the Schools. American Mathematical Soc. Four Colors Suffice. London: Penguin Books. Alan Turing: The Enigma. Random House.

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