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The two-hour journey turned into a four-hour adventure on some rough roads to say the least. Outwardly Wave Ruler might appear to be a tanker, but she also carries scores of stores - line items in the emergency relief store for a start, from chainsaws and wheelbarrows to tents, blankets and jump leads.

Former civil parishes in England

You need to know how the system works and how to get it to work for you. Breakneck action meets slapstick comedy with a hip score by Harold Faltermeyer in this high-powered adventure! Appointment of Hon Inspector of Fisheries. Browne, p Volume 5, No. The legend of Para-hia taniwha , told to W. It was also the last port of call for the Titanic on her ill-fated maiden voyage.

Teams travelled around the villages repairing or replacing damaged roofs. Very often the inhabitants were on hand to help, which meant teams could move quickly on to the The diverse nature of the work on the ground called for a wide range of people to come ashore with specialist skills, but when it came to shifting stores and nailing tarpaulin to roofs and securing heavy sheets of corrugated iron, it was a case of all hands to the pump, whatever your expertise. The plan was for a temporary shelter but the result was far from temporary. Not all the building work proved quite so successful They even offered soft drinks, fresh fruit and coconut milk to keep the teams hydrated in the sweltering ' heat.

And they also showed the sailors how to get milk from a coconut without it spilling using only a machete. This spurred the teams on in the knowledge that their efforts meant so much to the people affected and were making a big difference to their lives. While work continued ashore, everyone back on board was eager to get involved and do what they could to help. The sterling efforts of the crew back on board Portland, expertly co-ordinated by the Executive Warrant Officer, Gary Smith, ensured that stores and personnel kept arriving.

The physically-exhausting work coupled with the extreme heat both during the day and at night meant that rotation of the teams was vital to sustain the operation. And so the duo have resumed their anti-drug patrols in the Caribbean alongside US and native law enforcement agencies. At most reunion events NP has been forgotten, worse than that our diving team, NP, has been completely forgotten. The naval parties and Stena Seaspread assisted more than half of the ships listed between April and June - 54 of I do enjoy Navy News, especially your use of photos, but this one hurt.

Old editors never die, they just keep looking for the perfect issue. I did for 40 years in newspaper work. I just wish to chide Richard gently, as sadly we did not have the opportunity to speak during his day at sea. After 33 years in the Service, which included three carrier tours as a Buccaneer pilot, I was appointed as an Admiralty Trials Master. I had the privilege of commanding the splendid Daring for a month and she was my 15th and final warship command.

In when I visited Stanley again the names Protector and Canopus were no longer there but I do not know when they were removed, or by whom. He was admitted suffering from paralysis of the sciatic nerve. Je me permets de vous ecr- ire pour vous signaler une petite erreur survenue a la page M Wenger is quite right, one of our photos showed the French ship Pam Themis. I served in the previous Ocean from as a midshipman. She was one of the Colossus- class of light fleet carriers built towards the end of the war. We were told they were built to commercial standards as this was quicker and cheaper.

Some of your readers may be aware of even earlier precedents? How kind can you get? And former Sea Cadets are more likely to complete their basic training than recruits without a cadet background. Even if most Sea Cadets ultimately choose other careers, their time in their units is likely to have given them excellent grounding The views expressed in Navy News do not necessarily reflect in the Naval ethos of teamwork and self-reliance not to mention the fun of canoeing, sailing, and all the other activities which tempt many to join in the first place.

The report also shows that adult volunteer instructors spend on average more than 16 hours a week with their units - four times longer than the national average for voluntary work in the UK. Of the 13, young people who are Sea Cadets at the moment, many will go on to become volunteer instructors at some stage of their lives - encouraged by the example of the adults in their units.

Our letters page is currently running a debate about whether their lace should be wavy or straight. While we at Navy News have no strong opinion about that, we do feel that the dedicated men and women of the RNVR deserve more recognition. What unforgettable memories those names have for me. I was 17 years of age when I joined her and 19 when I left. What a grand ship she was.

I was very fond of her. On arrival we unpacked our kitbags and hammocks from the train and marched up the gangway and saluted the quarterdeck. What a smart ship she was and so different from all the other destroyers in the Fleet. I spent 18 months aboard her and enjoyed every minute. I wandered along the jetty, she was berthed port-side to. Then I saw her name - Mounts Bay! I was transfixed. I was stood there and my eyes filled with It was very emotional and it made my day. I shall never forget that feeling.

And now, the new Diamond will soon be commissioned, like her much-remembered predeces- Wonderful! The pilot was Lt Jones. Although the flight had two choppers, Lt Jones and I were the only crew. On July 2 we were in the area of the trials in a safety role, in case any of the many other choppers carrying VIPs to the ship got into difficulties. Fortunately our expertise was not required. The Fairey Rotodyne did not have a tilting rotor, the rotor was only used for take off and landing.

Forward motion was by the two main engines with conventional propellers. Too Joy Street. James May and his team arrived dockside with a Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe to show off on the flightdeck. By George! While the fathers never met again, it was the daughters of both men who bumped into each other in the virtual world of the internet. I have always been interested in the ships that my father served on, but what happened to him on HMS Hartland has always been a mystery, as he said very little about it. Two days later, they were liberated by American troops, and Henry arrived home in the UK completely kitted out in American naval uniform.

It was as if we had known each other for years. Bill Adamson joined the Navy in September While based at Collingwood training in the electrical branch, he got involved with the football team. It was not until 44 years later when based at the Canadian Legion in Calgary, Alberta, that Bill was introduced to Peter Welsh, a fellow former matelot.

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After several conversations between the new friends, they eventually realised that they might have been based together at the Fareham training establishment. Divers from Britain, Malta, Tunisia and Algiers headed down to a 54 metre depth to replace a red ensign on the merchant ship MV Glenorchy. The ship was sunk on August 13 during the dramatic Operation Pedestal relief effort for Malta. She lies five miles off shore in Tunisian waters, still sitting fully upright.

Part of a secret convoy, Glenorchy was one of 14 ships that set sail from Scotland to Malta carrying food, diesel oil, coal and vital aviation fuel. The police officers in two MDP launches and rigid inflatable boats RIB pulled three men from the water, a fourth climbed back on board the submarine and a fifth was picked up by one of the Plymouth pilot Despite the best efforts of the officers and medical staff, two of the sailors plucked from the water were declared dead on arrival at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth.

In this new competitive show, nine couples run their own restaurants, under the close scrutiny of the award-winning restaurateur and the TV cameras. And Apprentice- style, at the end of each week one restaurant is told to close its doors for good. And with 20 blokes in a shift you have to be able to delegate and know where your manpower is. It would do them some good. It will prepare them more, it will keep them fit, keep them stronger. Boxing teaches you discipline. Means-tested Bursaries for eligible seafaring families. After a series of training appointments, he saw action in the East again as a company commander with 42 Cdo during the Brunei revolt in He led a company to rescue hostages from the rebels in Limbang - an action which won him a bar to his MC, and also the first time he saw action with the then Lt Jeremy Black, who would be captain of HMS Invincible during the Falklands conflict.

From 42 Cdo, he headed up the Royal Marines School of Music, where he admitted that although he had no performing abilities himself, music was one of his principal pleasures. He subsequently commanded 3 Cdo Bde before taking charge of all commando forces in He was due to retire in and was just at the point of handing back command to the Commandant General Lieutenant General Sir Steuart Pringle, who had been recovering from the loss of a leg in an IRA attack, when the Argentinians began their invasion.

Basing himself initially at Northwood, Moore drummed a sense of amphibious warfare into the military staff there before flying south to Ascension Island to join the QE2 on route to the Falklands. Details from the secretary of the RN Submarine Museum on ext A diet of milk and sardines soon brought the orphaned mammal back to a picture of health. Cheques should be made payable to GB Cooper. The visit starts in the Naples area at the beach-head sites of Salerno and the battlefield ofVietri, where 41 Cdo RM took part - wreaths and poppy crosses will be placed on RM and RN graves in the nearby cemetery.

A trip to Vesuvius will be followed by a journey to the hilltop fortress of Monte Casino, the assault on which included Royal Marines. Then the strong group moves on to Rome and the beach-head of Anzio, and it is hoped the travellers will be able to talk to local residents about the battles. After two nights in Rome, including a look at some of the treasures of the Eternal City, the party will return home. Around ex-Servicemen and women attended the function. Also on view were reproductions of World War 2 recruitment posters, action pictures from the Falklands War - many never seen in public before - and the memoirs of a Merchant Navy sailor on the Russian convoys.

All rooms ensuite inc. Apply Riverside Properties or M. Email: info chesterplymouth. The Club is also licensed for the marriage ceremony. Close to Disney -Email:- www. The new amphibious support ship was in Scotland to back the Edinburgh Tattoo, and to host a number of military events. And chief among them was the RMA party, which attracted Royals young and old from across the country. Sir Robert also took the opportunity to present seven Royals with campaign medals for service in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Less than 20 of the souls on board were rescued - but all 22 of the Wrens died. Although the Royal Navy commissioned its first submarine in , and submariners began to gather with their own kind, it was not until that the Government gave formal recognition to the Submariners Old Comrades Association London. From there branches formed around the UK and worldwide as the Submariners Association. Thanks to the good connections of branch social secretary Terry Thornback and his wife Jenny, the branch was able to hold its lunch at the Chelsea Hospital.

More than one entry can be submitted, but photocopies cannot be accepted. Do not include anything else in your envelope: no correspondence can be entered into and no entry returned. The winner will be announced in our December edition. The competition is not open to Navy News employees or their families. Whetstone, wife of the Admiral, and Anne Sanz, a long-time supporter and wife of Gaston Sanz, a branch member and the most highly-decorated Free French submariner in World War 2.

In a letter of appreciation.

Areas of Portsmouth

Lady Fieldhouse remarked that Baroness Thatcher now considers herself very much a member of the branch, and that shipmates should not be surprised if she turns up at a monthly gathering. The evening also gave the group a chance to say Youkoso! The memorial stands in front of the gare maritime, and attracted an impressive turnout for the was led by an RN chaplain. A Mess Deck supper in Waltham Cross saw shipmates from Enfield and Edmonton join the occasion, at which Falklands memorabilia was displayed - including a captured flag which had flown over Government House.

It was disbanded in , but there are moves afoot to ensure the organisation does not fade All personnel who served in the organisation for 12 years or more were awarded the RN Auxiliary Service Medal, and a number of ex-RNXS members are creating a Medal Roll to commemorate all volunteers who were awarded the medal - the official record of the recipients has been destroyed. They have the lifebelt - they just need the stand.

If anyone can help, they are willing to pay for postage. Shipwrights on the Forth made sure her 4. The ship berthed at Huskisson Dock for a three-day break on the Mersey to allow her to catch up with a plethora of affiliates, including Sea Cadets from Liverpool and Crewe, plus the mayor of Sefton. The second battle of Copenhagen in saw hundreds of Danish civilians killed and much of the capital destroyed by the guns of the British fleet. The battle is less well known in Britain than the clash when Nelson famously turned a blind eye to instructions.

But in Denmark, the battle is considerably more infamous. For the Royal Navy, the Baltic was a vital source of wood - and its sea lanes had to be kept free. The result was a bitter battle, especially so as the guns of the British Fleet were aimed at the city. More than 2, Danes were killed and one in three homes in Copenhagen was razed. It was subsequently pressed into service by the RN before being converted to a hospital ship, a duty it performed for the final quarter century of her life. Come , however, and with the Danes our comrades in arms, especially in Afghanistan, the RN decided to mark the th anniversary of the battle by returning the bell.

The norning concluded with practical ase of fire extinguishers for the ambulance personnel. Unfortunately the ambulance was lot on the ground long before it was sailed upon to deal with a real-life amergency. Having run through a rescue in slow-motion, it was time to put the training more thoroughly to the test - in real time. We can help The assault ship then sailed from the quay, anchoring offshore to form the backdrop for the Sunderland Air Show, the largest free show of its type in Europe, according to organisers. Royal Marines staged a mock invasion of the crowded shore - one of the largest city beaches in the UK.

Also entertaining the crowds were the Black Cats team with their Lynx helicopters. The two aircraft, from Naval Air Squadron, offer a unique aerial ballet that has thrilled crowds on the air show circuit. The launch was one of a number of events marking the 25th anniversary of the raising of the Tudor warship from the sea bed off Southsea Castle, and was the brainchild of Mary Rose shop manager Pat Arnell and costumed interpreter and archer Chris Figgins.

In addition to standard ml bottles, there is a limited edition range of available in champagne-style bottles, and the Mary Rose is raffling an additional bottle with embellished Tudor-style glasses. Rediscovered in the s, the wreck was extensively dived until the remains of her hull were brought up on October 11 in a multi-million pound operation.

THERE are intruders at large at Clyde Naval Base - they stand six feet tall, can regenerate at rapid speed and destroy any local rivals. The unwelcome visitors are known pests and experts are preparing to exterminate them. Introduced for ornamental purposes in the s, Japanese Knotweed was used at Faslane as screening in the s.

But wherever it grows, it will strangle natural flora and fauna. The plant has a bamboo-like stalk and wide green leaves, and as it can damage infrastructure, a base-wide initiative aims to strike at the root of the problem - literally. But Japanese Knotweed is certainly not a problem limited to the base. Ironically, however, if coming across knotweed, one should not disturb or damage the plant as this would be an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act , which states that it is an offence to plant or cause this species to grow in the wild.

Digging or excavating within seven metres of the plant could cause vigorous re-growth. Everybody is welcome to the attend the service, which starts at XN was on board HMS Victorious for what is believed to have been the first operational deployment of the Buccaneer, to the Far East from to Assistance provided to the restoration team has resolved the problem, and they are now able to step up their efforts with the bright for Buccaneer acquisition of a crew ladder, allowing full access to the cockpit.

The team are still keen to establish contact with any former Fleet Air Arm personnel that served with the squadrons and units from which XN operated. This year the cadets were based at the acre EBO Adventure Centre at Fremington, Devon, which provided them with exciting opportunities to try surfing, kitesurfing and rock climbing.

One of the new activities for the cadets was coasteering, a mixture of swimming, traversing and cliff jumping, coupled with the chance to visit blowholes and caves - and it proved very popular.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Cadets also undertook the gruelling assault course and climbing wall at the Royal Marines training base at Chivenor and visited the quad bike centre nearby. Clay pigeon shooting, map-reading, weapons training and navigation were all on offer as well as the chance to be one of the lucky 15 cadets who won the raffle for a helicopter ride. Senior Marine Cadets for the first time had their own Command Cadre and a programme tailored to suit their greater skills and experience.

All ten cadets achieved their level 1 kayak certificate after performing a wide range of manoeuvres and strokes. A key part of the assessment was to demonstrate their proficiency in capsizing the kayak and in the subsequent recovery and emptying of the craft - quite an achievement, given that many of the cadets had never set foot in a kayak at the start of the four-week course! The cadets will now begin working towards their level 2 certificates, and will take their kayaks into a pool environment to train over the winter months.

But that has changed, thanks to the Medway Towns unit. The aim of the memorial is to provide a lasting reminder for the public of the sacrifices made in - not just those who died, but also survivors - which is both fitting and poignant. The memorial was designed and built by CPO Stephen Baxter, and is in the form of an anchor laid across a mound of rocks. The accompanying brass plaque bears the inscription In commemoration of the personnel who served in the Falklands War , those who paid the ultimate price and those who came home to live with the memory. With the grateful thanks of those who remained at home.

Dedicated Sunday 23rd September The RNA has invited all affiliated ship associations to take part in the parade, and the Medway Towns unit have invited many other organisations, including the Royal British Legion and local cadets organisations. Sea Cadets from the Medway Towns unit and Marine Cadets from Chatham Marine unit mustered in their best uniform for the retired RN Servicemen, women and spouses who live at the residential care home.

The Chatham contingent, resplendent in their traditional pith helmets, played a rousing medley of drum sets, and were joined by LC Jade Johnson, who has also been learning with them. For many of the residents and staff, it was the perfect end to a memorable day, after they had spent the afternoon on a boat trip up the River Medway. In return the youngsters get to meet veteran seafarers and hear stories from their heydays. The event featured canoeing and pulling races on the river, with an additional event on dry land. See next month for details.

A party of 14 cadets and six instructors joined a total of more than staff and cadets from 30 units at the camp, trying their hand at skills including navigation, expedition training and many types of boating activities. Shortly after, 23 cadets and nine instructors headed north to Inskip, near Preston, for a different sort of camp, including flights with the RAF 1 , offshore survival techniques with the Merchant Navy, climbing, mountain biking and archery.

They also spent time investigating the historic coastal defences of the region and conducted a survey on the types of shipping using the area. TS Rebel, a coastal training station based on the East Coast, provides a wide range of sailing and powerboat training for Sea Cadets. Over the course of a sailing season TS Rebel provides over course places for cadets, and the unit would expect to award more than sailing qualifications. Corps staff and cadets wish him a well-deserved retirement and every success in his future endeavours.

As Director of Operations and Captain of the Sea Cadet Corps his primary role will be to provide operational leadership to the Corps, with specific focus on the safe delivery of training. Visitors were given a tour of the boat, with practical demonstrations in fire-fighting, escape and a simulated Spearfish torpedo attack.

Cadets were stranded for four hours as recovery was arranged for the bus, which had smoke pouring from the engine.

Members of the club attended a dedication and blessing service at the unit HQ on Beeches Road. Rev David Featonby, and attended by the cadets, staff and committee of the unit, including Deputy Mayoress Maureen Pacey. Based in the beautiful village of Bach, tucked into the Lechtal Valley amidst the mountains of western Austria, the cadets undertook a busy programme which combined strenuous outdoor activities with some more cultural interludes. Various members of the group - 29 cadets and eight staff - tried their hand at canyoning, rock-climbing, white water rafting, swimming and shooting.

A cable car ride took the party to the Jochelspizt, an elevation of some 1,m, and on the walk down the strains of Flower of Scotland could be heard across the Alpine meadows. A trip to the German town of Fussen allowed cadets to go ice skating, and they returned to the same town several days later to do a spot of last-minute shopping.

Their last evening was spent on their second trip to the nine-pin bowling lanes in Bach. Their visit ended with the scouts taking part in the Sunset ceremony see below. Or perhaps by its title. Within its pages are fascinating stories - invariably untold and most definitely unsung - of bravery above and below the surface from a century of salvage operations.

As the battle in the bocage raged furiously in late June , German long-range coastal turned their attention to ships in the Channel boun the Normandy beachhead. Shells plunged down upon the Empire Lough, a 3,ton cargo and ammunition ship, off Folkestone, setting her ablaze from bow to stern. Somehow Nichols and his crew attached a bow line.

46 Best Shark bar images in | Shot glass, Shot glasses, Shark

They doused the Empire Lough with foam, but the flames could not be subdued. Such bravery probably barely registered in the papers of the day, wrapped up as they were with events in Normandy. And it is just one act in a varied list of salvage operations which began with the loss of the Royal George years ago. The author directs most of his attention to the past century of salvage work by the Admiralty, work prompted by the growing fear of global conflagration - and the J distinct possibility of rr disabled warships littering the shores of the UK.

And within a decade of the RN seriously looking into salvage. The Admiralty salvage teams saved ships - and lives. More than vessels were recovered between and mostly merchantmen, but also 90 RN ships, 11 U-boats and two Zeppelins. In a two-month operation, most of Yoke Peter was recovered. An improved Comet eventually entered service, but by then Boeing and McDonnell Douglas also had jet airliners in service. Bringing the story of salvage up to date, the author deals with work off Iraq in , notably the recovery of the wreckage of two Sea Kings from HMS Ark Royal which collided, killing all seven crew.

The recovery operation put man before machine; the salvage teams brought the bodies of the dead up first all but one man was found then raised the remains of the two helicopters. And when the recovery was complete, the divers returned to the two craters driven into the sandy seabed, leaving a plaque from the crew of Ark Royal to the missing flier. Throughout this story. Admiralty salvage experts have been as brave in many cases as the men in the front line - and at the cutting edge of underwater exploration and recovery. Thanks to his efforts the public should be better informed in future.

At the height of activity around Scapa, there were 15 squadrons based in the Orkneys, supporting upwards of ten aircraft carriers - and defending the Fleet from German air attack. Twatt is no more; it closed shortly after the end of the war Culdrose is still the biggest employer in the area. Proof of that comes courtesy of the very last image: the crew of the container ship Napoli crossing the Culdrose tarmac having been plucked from their stricken vessel. So the body of Jones was ceremonially returned from unmarked grave in Paris to the crypt of the grand Chapel of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis where it resides in Nelsonian splendour as an inspiration to generations of American naval officers.

The epic Battle of Flamborough Head the following year now makes a great deal more sense also. The less established and restrained Americans seem to have been more prone to use explosive and incendiary devices at sea than the European navies. Jones had fitted out his ship to emphasise the use of fire from the rigging, a sensible ploy for a less- well-trained crew whose main role was commerce raiding. Jones had fallen out with Landais and accused his colleague of having fired Bonhomme Richard-probably true given contemporary gunnery as both ships locked alongside each other but whether intended is more controversial.

A merchant seaman who had made a financial killing in the slave trade participating in which he clearly had few, if any, of the scruples later attributed to him he probably went on the stage for a brief period he was always a showman before a stroke of luck - the death of the captain of his new ship — saw him take command himself. He soon found himself in trouble with the authorities, first being accused probably wrongly of having a sailor flogged to death and then more accurately of killing a mutinous sailor in Tobago.

Jones may well have been acting in self-defence but he thought it prudent to flee to the mainland American colonies with a new identity Paul Jones. Masonic connections saw him d rlS I , V The Grove Review obtain a commission in the new Continental Navy which allowed him both to fight those with whom he had legal differences and indulge a long-standing desire for naval command. His positive features of boldness, resolution and resourcefulness usually made up for his character flaws and, as we have seen, he had some success, albeit at a price in controversy.

As Walker rightly argues, Jones was much more than a mere privateer, still less a pirate. He had real strategic vision, wishing to divert attention and inflict economic damage by mounting raids on the British coast as well as capturing ships off it. His proposed raid on Liverpool was abandoned after a security leak - although not before Bonhomme Richard was compromised by modifications to carry troops. Indeed luck was never quite with Jones - even Flamborough Head was an equivocal victory, the escort was taken but the important Baltic convoy was saved.

It is not good on naval detail or background, particularly the development of American naval organisation. The author makes no distinction between the Continental Navy and the later United States Navy that for a time rather disowned its predecessor. Its paying off certainly explains Jones inability to become a flag officer in a non-existent fleet! The book reads at times as if Jones was continuing in service after the war and strangely credits him with playing a part in founding the US Naval Academy, something that did not take place for another 60 years.

Jones himself, now unemployed, went to Russia to work for Catherine the Great, a period covered by the author in a rather vague and unsatisfactory manner. He does, however, make the point that Jones was probably framed in the charges of sexual misconduct that contributed to his career as a Russian flag officer being sadly curtailed.

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He is probably right; these could cut both ways. Nevertheless the field work the author has carried out, notably at Whitehaven, produces much useful detail, illustration and discussion. The accomplishments of both were nevertheless seized upon as useful to inculcate standards of bravery and conduct in the later, more institutionalised setting.

After six books on the U- bootwaffe, you might have thought he would have exhausted the subject. Not a bit of it. Paterson has spent years interviewing U-boat veterans, picking over their letters, collecting ephemera to create a very personal history of German submarines. In particular, the many colour images bring the world of the U-boats back to life - from the innards of the submarines to propaganda booklets, standard- issue shorts, jackets, binoculars, bandages, crockery, and caps. He endured cramped conditions. He looked forward to his meals, even though fresh food normally ran out within a week of a patrol beginning, he let his hair down ashore although parties were never quite as wild as those depicted in Das Boot apparently , he enjoyed affiliations with cities across the Reich much as British warships are bound to towns and cities , and he knuckled down to the drudgery of life at sea.

And the ocean was as much their enemy as the might of the Royal Navy. Obersteuermann quartermaster Heinz Theen clambered on to the bridge of U on Atlantic patrol in February to relieve the first watch. He found it empty. As for the men in charge, they had no illusions about the risks they ran daily - even if their masters in Berlin still did. Jurgen Oesten is in no doubt how far from victory he and his comrades were. Patrol ship Clyde, on her maiden voyage, joined the line of ships as they glided past Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, the statue of Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf Mountain, and hundreds of thousands of Brazilians, eager to catch the spectacle.

The procession along them was a fabulous spectacle. On the face of it, probably very little. The motor racing supremo told the respected journal MotorSport he had a great passion for military history. The helicopters went in force to find the minefield, then the ships and divers moved in to find, fix and recover Over a hour period, Ramsey found five mines: two on the surface, the remainder ground mines lying on the seabed.

Two of the latter were dispatched by explosive charges - which proved a popular spectator sport. Ramsey was charged with leading the Bonhomme Richard through a minefield - clearing a path for the much larger vessel to safely navigate something the RN did for real as recently as the Iraq campaign of At the very top of the tree, perhaps not too surprisingly, was Stonehenge.

Thomas Platt ny. Millions of pounds saved by cost-cutting on vital projects has already been swallowed by other arms of the defence budget. The Commons Public Accounts Committee quizzed senior MOD officials on the state-of-play of 20 of the most importance defence procurement projects, such as the Astute-class submarine. Type 45 destroyers, and Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft.

The report says the Ministry of Defence fails to hold people to account when things go wrong; equally, it also fails to praise those responsible when there are successes. The Committee fears that such an ambitious and expensive project could be dogged by delays and over-spending which have surrounded the Astute programme. It says the MOD must learn from the mistakes made in designing and building the hunter-killer submarines when work eventually begins on the future Vanguards.

Military historian researching whole campaign seeks accounts from ships companies taking part. No obligation or SAE required. Yep, with frost and snow looming, the RN Winter Sports Association is gearing up for an especially busy season - and looking to encourage a bumper turn-out during its annual trip to the Alps.

Many readers will no doubt remember the RN ski championships being held in Scotland when a handful of people tried to negotiate the sometimes almost barren slopes of Aviemore. Over the past four or five years, up to 1, serving personnel have attended the event, often accompanied by ex- servicemen, friends and families. The Navy participates each year at the Inter-Services alpine championships, which encompass both skiing and snowboarding. Through experience, knowledge and performance at the RN championships, teams of skiers and snowboarders are selected to undergo additional training followed by competition in what is the peak of representative winter sport in the Services.

Competitors male only, sadly are invited to lie face down on a old-fashioned sled, likened to a tea tray by some, and go all out down a track reaching speeds in excess of 60mph at times. Whilst the Cresta Run takes place on a freshly-built track each season, the bobsleigh, skeleton bob and luge are contested on the same purpose-built track. Bobsleigh boasts the current RN team of the year; the present GB team which competes in the World and Europa Cups and Olympics, consists almost entirely of Service personnel - with the largest proportion from the Royal Marines.

The skeleton is very similar in style to the Cresta - the competitor is face down. The track is much safer, however, and the sleds somewhat more swept up. Speed is what it is all about and the thrill of hurtling down a track with your chin a mere inch away from the ice is something that only experience will tell you if you are going to enjoy. Whilst some financial support may be available, individuals wishing to attend will be expected to make a personal I contribution. It is exactly what it says. You climb up a mountain, then ski It does require a good ski proficiency for obvious reasons, but novices are encouraged.

An introduction to ski mountaineering is usually available at the RN Alpine Championships and one, sometimes two, expeditions are run a year, usually in Europe. The first 20 minutes were scoreless with both sides having tries disallowed; first the RN were denied for a knock-on as the ball was carried over the line, then the Army kicked through but took the ball from RN full back Kev Botwood without giving the required ten metres, so Lee Innes was also denied the four pointer. It was Innes who broke the deadlock with a straightforward penalty in front of the posts on the minute mark.

This set up a flurry of scoring leading up to the half-time break. The RN struck first: a promising attack seemed to have faltered but on the last tackle prop Lewis Taylor put through a grubber which Scott Partis followed up to touch down to the left of the posts, converting his own kick to give the Brothers a lead after half an hour.

The RN lead lasted barely three minutes. The initial break came from centre Nacamavuto who broke the Navy defence and, after the initial thrust had been halted, Army scrum half Steve Fox went over for the first of his tries. Innes was on hand to convert, - which was how the score remained until half-time.

The first minutes of the second period were scoreless until Partis brought the RN level with a well-executed penalty from 30 metres out. Again the Army responded within a few minutes with Fox again going over for the score; this time Innes was unsuccessful with the kick. The soldiers now had the initiative and despite much hard work by the home side, the breaks would not come.

The Army pack dominated the latter stages of the game, with the wings taking advantage of the space available. As usual RN playmaker Scott Partis was targeted by some extremely over-zealous hits from the Army at virtually every opportunity. In a similar way to the corresponding fixture last year both sides tested each other but put no points on the board until the minute mark As a result of a defensive error after some good Navy pressure the first points were posted by RN scrum half Wayne Lewis, who slotted over a simple enough penalty.

More exchanges between the two teams were to no avail as the score remained to the RN at the break. The RN started the second half the better with a break from Baz Sloan putting the Army under early pressure. Tackled deep in the Army half Sloan moved the ball back into centre field allowing Lewis to hoist a kick into the heart of the Army defence.

The Navy challenged for the ball, beat the Army defence and sub Rob Lackin grounded the ball to stretch the Navy lead.

A successful kick again from Lewis gave the Senior Service an eight-point lead. The RN continued to press for further scores and indeed crossed twice only for the referee to judge that the ball had not been grounded. It was a disappointing result for coach Tony Newcombe and manager Mark Brocklesby, but certainly for the first 60 or so minutes the RN were more than a match for their Army opponents.

The sub-branch of the coarse section currently has nearly 50 members all of whom share a passion for catching specimen carp. A more specialised type of fishing, it focuses on catching one species only, namely the king carp that comes in two main strains, common or mirror. Membership has nearly quadrupled over the last year and the increase in numbers is attracting interest from the commercial sector with potential sponsorship deals from the likes of Dynamite Baits and Trakker.

The aim was to catch the highest total weight of carp on a lake which was known to be less productive when heavily pressured. Some excellent angling managed to produce a great competition. The warm and still conditions were not ideal for carp angling but four different anglers banked five The next match will take place at Willow Park over the weekend of October The Worthing 7 s Tournament is in its fifth year and is one of the major 7s events in the south, attracting many top teams.

It was also nice to welcome Les Dennis back after his time away on board HMS Endurance; Les has come back strong and fit and made an instant impression in his first 7s tournament of the season. With 18 teams making the journey to the Raiders home ground, there were 36 matches played and a total of 1, points scored during the day. The round robin matches were organised into two pools of 18 games with pool winners going straight into their respective finals.

Despite dominating most of the game, the Navy team were not able to turn possession into points, eventually losing as the Royals scored a last-minute try under the posts; our only try was scored by team captain, Rob Lloyd. The Sharks improved continually throughout the tournament and went on to have an impressive win over Worthing in their second game The third match saw the team in the Plate quarter final against Spartans 7s.

Again the Navy side proved that they were now excellent exponents in the art of Spartans left the paddock with no points to their name against an impressive 45 point Navy victory, 20 of the points coming from the hands and feet of the skipper. The run of games in the other side of the pool saw them drawn against QJP who looked a well- balanced 7s side. After a slow start - and losing by 14 points to 7 at half time - the Sharks got a hold of the game, spreading the QJP team across the park on both flanks and using good handling skills and pace to eventually win After a long hard day the Sharks had to dig deep to ensure they performed to their best in the plate final against Voyagers, a well- established 7s invitational team.

The skills, pace and commitment displayed by the Sharks in the final was wonderful The Voyagers were treated to an exceptional display of top-drawer 7 s play. The Sharks proved to be too much of a handful for a tiring Voyagers outfit and dominated the final, winning by All in all, a very impressive and pleasing 7 s tournament for the Sharks and coach Billy May. Carl Saunders played most of the day in the centre and made some great breaks and even more impressive defensive tackles.

Les just went on and on using power and pace when required and a couple of young lads from the U23s got the taste for winning in front of a good crowd. His play is typified by his ability to see space and use his acceleration to exploit it. Blessed with one of the best passes in the Navy, he can provide a fly half with that all-important extra metre of room in which to play. Amongst the others, approximately 40 per cent, including nine men and eight women, were making their debut at Inter-Services level, with five of these trainees at the Royal Marines School of Music.

Future success depends on recruiting similar levels of new athletes in years to come whilst retaining the interest and motivation of those who move on to new assignments. Gradually improving his performances in many events, as befits a decathlete, he has set a fine example to younger team members, notably through his noble and sporting manner.

He will be sorely missed for his pole-vaulting and multi-event prowess and also for his boyish something enthusiasm. It is hoped he will remain involved in some capacity as he tries to better his runners-up position achieved in the Veterans plus National Decathlon Championship. A small presentation was made to mark the occasion. To date he is the only known Royal Navy winner of a race covered live by the BBC with commentary by David Coleman; in the early s he won the Southern 1,m at Crystal Palace with a storming sprint finish off the final bend.

Competing in six league matches, meeting each of the other 24 teams once, there was proof that the RN were as good as any team in the league Proof came in the penultimate match hosted at Victory Stadium where the previously unbeaten and eventual league champions Cambridge Harriers were narrowly beaten, their first defeat for two The final match was also won, despite being held during the early stages of block main leave and requiring a long journey to the venue at Kings Lynn. Encouraging signs had been evident in the earlier four matches at Ilford, Reading twice and Portsmouth Mountbatten Centre where mid-placed finishes exceeded results at similar stages in previous seasons.

LS Andy Dawkins Neptune was a vital points scorer in all throwing events through the Team spirit was also vital to cover gaps in the pursuit of position deciding team points - thus a number of athletes made their debuts in non-specialist events of which the 3,m steeplechase remains the least favourite. Team strength benefited from increased numbers compared to previous years, although in earlier matches abilities were stretched in sprints and middle-distance events through absences and injuries. Competition in the Southern League provides the foundation for competition and development for a wide range of athletes.

A top-five finish in would see promotion to Division 1, but the team performance will again depend on availability of athletes. THE great Hanseatic port of Hamburg played host to the triathlon age group World Championship with the Senior Service represented by five endurance athletes. Most of the athletes arrived in Hamburg three days ahead of the race, giving them plenty of time to view the bike course and practise their swimming, writes Maj Pennington.

The roads were generally closed off but you had to be careful to check that you were not riding in another race; we managed to get round at various times including at least one puncture in my case which then took the rest of die day to find a replacement. Note to self - bring a spare next time. After the various practice sessions, either on the bike or in the water which turned out to be almost opaque we were ready to race and nerves started to kick in, making the wait unbearable.

Sunday morning came around quickly, mainly due to the relatively obscene hour the various waves or age groups started. The course was generally regarded as fast due to the flat and easy bike course but the transition area made up for that - the run from the water exit to the transition area was at least m and in some cases longer.

This was navigated twice - once on the way into the first transition swim to bike and then again at the second transition bike to run so overall times were not as fast as anticipated. Regardless, there were some fast times and plenty of slower ones too. I certainly struggled to sight correctly during the swim and added an extra leg to one of the turning markers which led to a slow swim from which I struggled to try and make a regain. It was not to be and I finished in a lower position 28th than I had hoped for, slightly disappointed but happy to have participated.

Cpl Garry Gerrard managed to make good use of his experience from last year in Lausanne, where he injured a leg muscle during the run which he was leading. This year was a different story and he consolidated a good swim with a characteristically rapid bike ride, followed up by his usual fast run. He was able to take and then hold the lead on the run to finish 20 seconds ahead of the next finisher another GB athlete and be crowned world champion in the age group at last. Not bad With the race over we were able to watch the elite men in the afternoon give us all a lesson on how to complete a triathlon.

Admittedly their course was different and the rules were slightly different during the bike leg but the pace was awesome to behold. It certainly showed that there is still plenty of room for improvement. The RN once again proved that anything is possible with a little hard work and determination. The five members of the RN team left Hamburg with a smile, safe in the knowledge that they had done their very best on the day but also thinking about how they could improve for the next one.

Triathlon is a growing sport within the UK and it is one where the Navy has a good pedigree. More details at www. The senior rate, a reservist based at RNAS Yeoviiton, competes with around 1, athletes from across the globe in Hawaii; all racers have previously made the grade in national ironman championships. Martin will be racing in the over 50s category after qualifying in the UK championships in Sherborne he won the British event two years ago in the section. The ironman comprises a 2. The fastest ironmen will cross the finish line in around eight hours; Martin hopes to post a time around the hour mark.

Anyone who fancies sponsoring his bid for glory can contact him at martinsmith yeovilton. Cllr Katrina Trott, Mayor of Fareham, presented the challenge trophy to Mark Bottrell, who scored 20 out of a possible 25 clays during the competition phase of the event. Twenty novice shots took part in the event which comprised two phases: a training stage of 25 clays with tuition and mentoring from club members, followed by a competition phase of a further 25 clays. Its aim is to promote the sport of clay pigeon shooting with serving and former members of the Armed Forces and MOD civilian staff in the Portsmouth area, and a limited number of local civilians.

It holds shoots regularly: on the second and fourth Sundays of each month on the clay pigeon range on land to the north side of the main ranges at Tipner. Further information about the club can be obtained from the secretary, David Simmonds, at or at secrnpacpc aol. Thankfully, he managed to fix the hose before the start of the race. At the start, the leading hand made up six places straight away thanks to lots of practice at sprint racing, and was progressing through the field pictured, right when an accident occurred on lap three and caused the red flag to be brought out, stopping the race.

Once the obstruction had been cleared the drivers re-started in the positions they held before the red flag. The resumed session lasted five minutes plus one lap and saw Sean progress through the field to 25th by the end of the session, setting his fastest lap of 1 m 20s. The accident meant just five of the planned 13 laps could be completed, leaving Sean slightly disappointed that he'd not been able to claw his way further up the field. After hurtling around the hallow; Silverstone tarmac, Sean took the Suit; Locost to Mallory Park to compete again the RAF, who organise their own races many venues around the country.

On completion of the lap race, Se; was presented with an engraved glai trophy for a well-deserved first place. More details on four-wheeled motor racit in the RN at www. A number of enthusiastic athletes also burst on to the Nine medals won by the women represents the best return for many years. Ellie also took part in the 1,m and 5,m and 4xm relay; her just reward was to win a medal in a non-specialist event. Medals do not come easily at Inter-Services championships. Musn Kiri Wedlock RMSM finished second in the 1,m - beaten only by the GB international - in a determined performance that benefited from her commitment to a regular and structured training programme through the season.

Many of the above medallists also scored well in other events, beating athletes from the other two Services in the minor placings. T Mne MikeWilsmore 42 Cdo is a man who likes to run a personal best every time he steps on the track; he has often been successful in this challenging pursuit. True to form Mike had also improved his 1,m personal best at the previous meeting; he has real potential to be the best Royal Navy middle distance runner for many years.

MEA Gary Petersen Sultan was just about the most improved athlete through the season, rewarded with a bronze in the very competitive m.