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Tanya Huff
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techedbrains.com/assets/298/socen-paginas-para.php Once the mystery is solved and they have revenge against the one who killed them, the ghosts release Henry from their nightly visits. Blood Bank was unique from other Huff volumes in that it was a collection of short stories. It was entertaining but contrived. However, the story does aid in overall character development. Vicki comes to accept that she will outlive Mike and therefore needs to make the most of the time they have remaining.

I liked the way the last novel of the series, Blood Debt tied up the relationships of the characters. I always thought these books were more character-driven than plot driven, and it left me feeling satisfied that things were resolved amongst all the characters at the end. I have read most of the short stories in the compilation which comprises the last book, Blood Bank, but haven't finished all of them yet. I found the flashbacks to Henry's long history somewhat invasive in the novels, and not as compelling as short stories.

Also, I read all these books together in a very short time frame and I think by the last book I was just burning out on the characters which is probably why I am giving this book a lower rating than the other two. So take the rating for what it's worth - just my subjective view as I burned out on this series.

Mumugrrl Jun 26, I only discovered the books after the series Blood Ties which are based on Tanya Huff's books was cancelled. If you enjoyed the series, you'll enjoy the books. Be warned that this particular book contains one novel and a number of short stories. I wasn't aware of this when I got the book, but I enjoyed the short stories nonetheless. Visit me at my book blog: Booklorn. Tanya Huff bibliography. Includes "Blood Debt" in which Henry Fitzroy, a vampire and romance writer, calls on detectives Vicki and Mike to help him lay to rest the ghosts haunting him, and "Blood Bank," in which all eight of the author's short stories about Henry and Vicki are presented, as well as a brand-new Blood story.

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You won't sleep as well as you used to after you begin reading this raw, riveting, raucous exploration of the life and loves of a vampire named Tanya. Book - What Manner of Men. What Ho Tanya Huff, the acclaimed writer of the Blood and More . The story of the vampire is one that has been tol More .

No current Talk conversations about this book. Not as good as the earlier volumes, mostly because of the necessary change in tone of the series in Blood Debt. Mira Cullen uncovers something that is bound to devastate her small town and perhaps, her family. Should she keep quiet about it or should the truth be told and the chips fall where they may? Excerpt: A few hours later, they approached the sign: Welcome To Newport, and instantly, Mira had a sickening feeling. How and why does a house disappear?!

The answer is so clever, as I eventually found out. What an amazing imagination this author has!!

Tanya Eby,Zachary Webber Narrated Perfect Full ROMANCEšŸ§”[Romantic Comedy Book-Shopping]

This is going to be one unforgettable journey across the deep, blue sea. Dellie Hayworth has landed a job with one of the largest shipbuilding companies after years of unemployment.

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She is sent off to sea with her marriage in shambles and seemingly beyond repair. However, she, nor any other member of the crew, can fathom what awaits them in the middle of the ocean. A terrifying cruise with unlikely passengers. Who would have thought that a simple shakedown could have turned out like this? No one expects to visit the hospital for a non-threatening injury only to never come out again. Merci Hospital, one the oldest in the county, has served countless patients for practically decades.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jan 10, Buggy rated it really liked it Shelves: urb-fantasy , vampalicious , shelf , media-tie-in , paranormal-rom , weretastic , kickass-heroine.

Opening Line: "Ian shoved his hands in his pockets and scowled down the length of the empty subway platform. These stories became the first few episodes in the Blood Ties TV show which luckily I discovered before the books because now I have the added bonus of visual references for all the characters. The books aren't as cheesy as the TV series sometimes became in fact the writing here is well above average, fa Opening Line: "Ian shoved his hands in his pockets and scowled down the length of the empty subway platform. The books aren't as cheesy as the TV series sometimes became in fact the writing here is well above average, fast paced and contains several POV's and tons of witty dialogue.

The three main characters diverse personalities play well off each other and ooze sexual tension even though all the love scenes are fade-to-black. They also take place in the real Canadian world which I loved because I like to think that vampires and werewolves may indeed walk among us. The first story Blood Price is identical to the Blood Ties series pilot and was my favourite of the two.

We are introduced to Vicki Nelson a tough, sarcastic P. I who because of degenerative eye disease has had to leave her job with the Toronto Police Dept. One night Vicki stumbles upon a suspicious murder victim and immediately becomes wrapped up in a case involving black magic and demons. As the victims pile up Vicki is forced to call upon ex-partner and sometimes lover Mike Celluci as well as befriending the year old illegitimate son of Henry VIII, romance author and vampire.

Together all three will try to stop the demon before it destroys humanity. The second story Blood Trail takes Vicki and Henry into rural Ontario as they attempt to catch a sniper taking out members of a family of sheep farmers that also just happen to be werewolves. With Henry and Vicki growing closer the love triangle comes full circle as Cop Mike Celluci shows up to warn Vicki that he thinks Henry might be involved with organized crime.

However that's the least of their problems as together the trio must fight off a mad gunman, angry werewolves and ultimately each other. First written in , this excellent series has been reissued with the omnibus edition. Except for the absence of cell phones and computers you'll never notice the age off the writing. Both stories are also complete and a great deal together which I would highly recommend to paranormal junkies. View all 8 comments. Rating: 3.

I spent 15 years living there, and while not a perfect country, I consider it home. Novels set in Canada make me incredibly nostalgic. I also enjoyed the show that was based on the series when I was in high school. I Rating: 3. I didn't watch that much of the show, but what I did watch, I enjoyed. Was Blood Ties just aired in Canada?

I actually do want to know that. Mar 20, Aria rated it did not like it Shelves: dnf. Stopped caring. Also, this MC needs to get some gd glasses that fit, ffs. Though it can be terribly cheesy and it doesn't feature the best acting, it's still entertaining. Combine that with my impression of the one other Huff book I've read - a lacklustre story that never made me care for its characters - and I kept putting these books to the side. I hoped they'd expand on the intriguing aspects of the television show Another day, another day.

But from the first page I knew my fears were unfounded. Huff rapidly establishes her world, characters, and tone, seamlessly incorporating them into the action. No info dumps!

Multiple horrific, grizzly deaths! Dry humor! It all blends to create a fast-paced, gritty read. Vicky is stubborn and bitter, but that doesn't prevent her from being likable. She's tenacious and compassionate. Above all, she maintains an open mind. Her ability to assimilate the evidence of the supernatural into her worldview - rather than forcing it into an ill-fitting box of Normal - is laudable. My opinions of the other characters vary. Henry is given more than enough to work with, both in his scenes with Vicki and in the flashes of his past.

The latter is slightly intrusive at first, but once I grew accustomed to it I thought it a neat way to Show rather than Tell the kind of man Henry is. Celluci on the other hand is a pain in the ass. Is he a well-meaning, good guy? Is he the stereotypical Good Cop whose quest for justice has made him a bitter, rude bastard with no ability to communicate?

Also yes. I didn't see anything romantic in Vicki's interactions with Celluci. I have to share her mom's opinion: they'd each be better off with someone a little less volatile. As for the crime itself: we know who the killer is from the start, but that doesn't dampen the excitement. To the contrary, it ratchets it up because we know exactly what's at stake. The resolution is a little anticlimactic, and yet it seems appropriate for the characters involved.

Vicki and her newfound friend prove they're adaptable, capable of weighing options quickly and finding the best solution for the problem. Again, I love Vicki's ability to deal with the truth: Sudden solid evidence that vampires and demons exist? Well, crap, excuse me a sec while I adjust my worldview. It's rather refreshing.

I definitely should not have waited so long to tackle the series. Now that I have, I'm already sad to learn there are only six books! About halfway through, my brain needed to know what was going to happen and my eyes started darting around to skim the next paragraph, the next page, ohnonono don't go skipping ahead! It's always fun to find a book that inspires that sort of impatience.

Vicky remains likable and Henry still holds an enigmatic draw. Celluci is the one character I could do without; I envision his stubbornness leading to major trouble. Although there's an episode of Blood Ties based on this story, the resemblance is limited to very few details i. Coming into the books after watching the show, I'm oddly pleased that the plots are so different. It allows me to separate the two and appreciate each on its own merits. Since there are only six books in the series - and I just accidentally read a spoiler, ugh - I'm off to work on the rest.

I can already see myself feeling disappointed when I've closed the cover on the final installment. Aug 18, Inara rated it liked it Recommends it for: people who love to read about vampires and crime. Shelves: novels-urban-fantasy , novels-paranormal-investigation , novels-vampires. Blood Price Vicky Nelson, a former police-woman, now private investigator becomes witness of a terrible murder in a Toronto subway station. The victim has severe throat injuries and the body is drained of blood. When other murders happen in the exactly same way the media start to conjure up the picture of a vampire dealing out death and destruction.

Henry Fitzroy is a vampire and not happy at all about the suspicion against his kind. He lives unrecognized between people and he wants it to stay tha Blood Price Vicky Nelson, a former police-woman, now private investigator becomes witness of a terrible murder in a Toronto subway station.

He lives unrecognized between people and he wants it to stay that way. He decides to stop the killer who is threatening to uncover that vampires really exist.

Tanya R Taylor is in Shadows and Spellcraft

The beginning "lovestory" between Henry and Vicky is boring, I never could comprehend the supposed attraction between the two. What was annoying me after reading it for twentyfifth time was that Vicky constantly had to "push her glasses up her nose". Girl, go to your optician to get yourself better fitting glasses for heavens sake! View 2 comments. Jun 04, Paul rated it really liked it. Blood Books vol. Blood Price, the first in the series, introduces us to the main characters. We have Vicki Nelson, a female detective that left the force because of failing eyesight, her ex-partner and on-again, off-again lover Mike Celluci and her assistant, Henry Fitzroy.

We learn that Henry is actually a vampire. The first third of the book sets the scene and introduces all of the possible bad guys. Tension builds through the next third until the true villain is unmasked and the remainder of the book is the capture with a final climax. Family members are being assassinated by a religious zealot and Henry asks Vicki to track down the perpetrator. Jul 12, Jeremy Preacher rated it liked it Shelves: witches-vampires-and-werewolves.

Omnibus, so two parts: Blood Price: It's interesting to see how oddly dated this feels - not in a "clearly set in the late 80s" kind of way, but in a "urban fantasy has developed as a genre" sort of way. I don't even know that I can pinpoint why it feels a little archaic, although certainly the vampire lore is bog-standard and the demon summoning equally so. That is not to say that it's not worth reading - it's entertaining enough, and Henry Fitzroy's flashbacks are neat, although they make the nar Omnibus, so two parts: Blood Price: It's interesting to see how oddly dated this feels - not in a "clearly set in the late 80s" kind of way, but in a "urban fantasy has developed as a genre" sort of way.

That is not to say that it's not worth reading - it's entertaining enough, and Henry Fitzroy's flashbacks are neat, although they make the narrative a little choppy. It's an intro to a series that is trying to do a bunch of things at once, and doesn't entirely succeed, but it succeeds well enough that I'd happily recommend it to fans of vampire fiction.

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Blood Trail: Blood Trail contains maybe the most engaging werewolves I've ever come across. They're probably more doglike than anything - friendly, cute, innocent, not particularly human but still relatable. It works very well, particularly as they're unquestionably the victims. The actual mystery isn't all that interesting, and I don't have a ton of patience for the developing love triangle, but the werewolves make up for it.

Another solid effort. Apr 10, Michelle rated it really liked it. So not the case! Still under that impression, I started the book and began to loathe it because I was instinctively waiting for the big romance scenes that were not coming. After I got through Blood Price and figured out it was more about mystery and drama rather than romance I actually enjoyed Blood Trail. I'm not familiar with Canada, more specifically Toronto, but I liked how Huff uses the street names and building references so you get a better idea of the character environment.

The relationship that Vicki and Mike have is priceless. I see a lot of myself in Vicki minus the eye disease. I'm still waiting for Vicki and Henry to really hit it off though. They got closer in Blood Trail Oct 27, Fred rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Urban fantasy, vampire lovers. This is the beginning of kind of a long running series for her. I read them quite a while ago, but remember enjoying them a lot. Back in the dawn of the age of vampires !

Mar 24, Leslie Jonsson rated it it was amazing. I wish I'd read this years ago. Excellent urban fantasy by Tanya Huff. I intend to read more by her. Mar 13, S rated it liked it. Tanya huff, people in their early 30s are not old and decrepit! Dec 25, Wendy Bocock rated it liked it. Would give the first book a 3. I liked the werewolf family in the 2nd book quite a bit. Jun 01, Rebecca rated it really liked it.