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What to do When Adsense Account is Disapproved?
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Click the left button at the bottom of the sign-in page if you wish to use the account that you are signed in under, and wait about 30 seconds for the Tell Us About Your Content screen to appear. Otherwise, click the right button to be taken through the steps listed in Section 1, then return to Section 2, Step 2 to continue the sign-up process. Use the pull-down menu below the top field to select the primary language of your website. Tick the check box at the bottom of the screen to confirm your agreement with the five basic rules listed on the page.

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It dilutes your brand equity When you place another advert on your website you are passing equity to that brand. First of all I must say, thanks for submitting these wonderful tips for getting approval in ad sense in a proper way. Would like to share how I got the approval. Can you say what you think was the connecting links between your 4 different separate accounts? I see hundreds of articles on how to increase Adsense CTR and get more clicks but no one ever seems to talk about the fact that maybe sending your hard earned visitors away is a very bad idea. You can earn money from your blogs images ads by just signing up for luminate ads.

Tick the radio button corresponding to your choice of an "Individual" or "Business" account. Make sure your choice corresponds to whether the name you enter in the "Name of Payee" field below the radio buttons is registered as a business for tax purposes.

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Type the full street address where correspondence for the named payee should be sent. Use both "Street Address" text fields if you need to add an office or apartment number under your house number. Type your zip code in the "Zip Code" field and your phone number in the "Phone" field. Select one of the options in the "Select a How" pull-down menu. Read the options for emails from Google and tick the radio button for the option you prefer.

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Tick the check boxes corresponding to your choices for the communications you wish to receive in the list that opens if you choose the second "Choose What Emails Google Sends Me" radio button. Click the "Submit My Application" button.

Monetization Disabled resolved - Connect to another hosted Adsense account

Allow up to a minute for the system to validate your phone number before a confirmation screen labeled "Thank You for Applying to AdSense" appears. Wait about a week to receive an email message that contains links to your AdSense code if you are approved for the program. John DeMerceau is an American expatriate entrepreneur, marketing analyst and Web developer. Skip to main content. Creating a Google Account 1. Applying for AdSense 1.

Tip Refer to Google's AdSense Application Issues Troubleshooter Web page link in Resources to check if there are any technical issues that are holding back your application should you not receive a message within a week or so. Accessed 29 June DeMerceau, John. Small Business - Chron. The reason I never wrote about it in the past is because I got my own Adsense account around 5 years ago, and it was kind of different back then. My own site had only 5 or 6 pages on it when I applied.

They were high quality pages with a lot of research, but still… it was just 5 pages slapped onto a free WP theme. The most important thing you have to realize is that an actual Google employee is going to visit your site, click around, and read your content. That means… some ridiculously smart human being who works for Google is going to visit your site, click around, read your articles, analyze your source code, and then…. There are a lot of reasons a site can get rejected. These 5 long-form content combined with around normal word articles should be enough to please any manual reviewer.

But why apply before you have any traffic? You need traffic to make money. Honestly, though…. Why not wait until you do before applying, and grow out the site in the meantime? Build out the site first. Put out some great content. Build traffic. Build some backlinks. Rank for something.

1. It’s a manual review, not an algorithmic review.

Get some engagement on your site from readers. Quality content is one thing, but if you have a site on a domain that was registered last week, with 20 posts slapped onto it, all published on the same day……. I come across a lot of sites that were rejected from Adsense, and this is a common feature that everyone has on their site.

Having categories are a bad user experience if every category you click only has a few pages in them.

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Like this. Google gives you a maximum of 3 ad spots for a reason. Even if you decide you want to mix in other ad networks in the future, remove them when you submit your site for approval. Having some nice quality links pointed at your site from established sites is a good thing to have before you submit your site. Yes, SEO and Adsense are not related to each other, but no manual reviewer who sees 20, comment links built last week is going to take your site seriously.

That means… these reviewers are going through about sites before finding one that meets their standards. Thanks Chris. This is just what I needed. I think I will wait before applying and work on content first. Woah, never actually knew that the free themes can have backlinks snuck in from other sites. Thumbs up for the mini course man! Hello Chris, This is really a very useful guide for prospective adsense publishers. Its really incredible how adsense now review sites before approving them for adsense.

But just like the saying that Once the rhythm of the song changes, the dancing step will also change , people should start getting serious with their blog before applying for adsense if they really want to get a chance of being accepted and, this post of yours is really useful guide to achieve that. Thanks for your response Chris, I got the theme sometime ago and have never used it since then.

Thanks for sharing Chris. I always thought the approval process was an automated one, but I guess things must have changed over the years. Thank you for this information. Anybody that reads this article will know that you are talking based on the wealth of experience you have garnered over time and not cut and paste that some people do.

Hi Chris, that really nice article, when I created my blog I was not even aware of AdSense, I just created for fun, sharing my programming skill and for frame :P. My site: — was 3 weeks old — had 5 posts — had categories most of them were empty — had 0 traffic — was not about 1 topic. But it did have: — All the mandatory pages about, contact, disclaimer, etc — 5 posts with — words of excellent, self-written, researched content that linked out to other authority sites — Premium theme a bit customised , custom logo and favicon.

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In my opinion you should just make it look professional and make sure it delivers value to the visitors. Check your email to see if Adsense sent you any emails regarding your account. If not, should be fine. My site is responsive, I can put 3 blocks of ads? Hi Chris Much appreciated on Adsense account approval tips. Your post is a breeze to read! Quite long, but every word is in its place.

Will take note on to create 5 really in-depth, well-researched posts above words and combined with around normal word articles before applying Adsense account. Great advise! Patience indeed is a virtue. Grow the site first and build organic traffic through quality articles that help visitors.

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Thank you. Thank you so much Chris for this helpful article about how to get approved for AdSense. You were spot on when you said value first, money second. Thanks again for the great advice, Chris. I was beginning to wonder about when I should apply. Hello Chris, I have a one month old website and i applied for Adsense with 5 posts but my request was rejected due to insufficient content.

How to Get a Google AdSense Code

After that i added 5 more posts and again applied for approval and my request is approved within 5 days. This is my site no1healthsite. Please guide me. Hi Chris , i really appreciate your post about ad sense. My question is these if i decided to buy a site from flippa that is already seo optimized and got adsense on it , is it possible to own the adsense account?

Thanks so much for such an insightful article. Thanks a lot. I was planning to give my website www. But surprisingly I had some prerequisites missing as mentioned in your article. You just saved me from getting a rejection. A free 5-part SEO email course that will show you step-by-step how to grow traffic from zero to , visitors per month with search. All Rights Reserved. Contact Twitter. It was easier…. And I got approved right away.


5 days ago Getting your Google Adsense banned can have a huge impact on your earnings. I discuss what Will I Ever Use Google Adsense Again?. To reactivate your account, repeat the steps to connect your site to AdSense. Once your account is active again, make sure you set up ads on your site so you .

Following the guidelines is just part of the equation.