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Le Grand Paris. How would this project generate an economic growth?
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La place des questions migratoires dans la campagne

Nous, on le savait depuis longtemps. Je dis haut et fort Non! Vive Sarkozy!!! Sarkozy est triste et tricheur jusque dasn ses propos. La france ne peut se targuer d'un tel discours en C'est insulter tous ces multiculti qui sont venus de partout pour la sauver des guerres et autres coupe du monde!! Augmentation vertigineuse des violences aux personnes.

L'Histoire des hommes se construit au jour le jour. N'y voyez-vous pas un contre-sens? Vous sous entendez que quelqu'un va se faire manger par un autre.

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Retrieved 31 March By Irene Marchi. Indeed, this project will still increase the consumption in France even if the construction of the new public transport system, will just be ensured by foreign labor force, the moving of this population to France would still increase the French market consumption. In January , Sarkozy published the book La France pour la vie. In further support of his collaborative outlook on climate change, Sarkozy has led the EU into a partnership with China. So far, over patents have been acquired by Qin.

C'est votre vision de multiculturalisme de la France qui font qu'elle sombre et oui votez pour le parti qui fera en sorte de nous rendre notre pays et le mieux que l'on puisse faire. On fait profil bas! Et maintenant il faudrait des actes en accord avec leurs paroles. Toujours de belles paroles!!! Flatter les bas instincts des petits blancs en guise de programme politique?

"Je suis sidéré par la désinvolture de Valls"

Personne n'y trouve son compte! To be listed on the first-round ballot, candidates must secure signatures often referred to as parrainages from national or local elected officials from at least 30 different departments or overseas collectivities , with no more than a tenth of these signatories from any single department.

Unlike in previous years, a list of validated signatures was posted on Tuesday and Thursday of every week on the Council's website; in the past, signatories were published only after the official candidate list had been verified after the end of the collection period. The end of the signature collection period also marked the deadline for the declaration of personal assets required of prospective candidates. The final list of candidates was proclaimed on 21 March.

"Bayrou et Sarkozy, chacun doit faire un bout de chemin vers l’autre"

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Campaigning for the first round of the election ended at midnight on 21 April, two days before the vote. The Constitutional Council verified the results of the first round on 24—26 April and officially certified the vote tallies on 26 April, and the same procedure will be used for the second round. The new President of the French Republic will be proclaimed on 11 May and undergo their investiture ceremony on 14 May at the latest.

On 18 March , the Constitutional Council published the names of the 11 candidates who received valid sponsorships, with the order of the list determined by drawing lots. A candidate must secure signatures from elected officials in order to appear on the first-round ballot, [10] with the signature collection period ending on 17 March. The presidential election was the first in the history of the Fifth Republic in which a sitting president did not seek a second term.

After an extended period of suspense, he finally announced on 22 February that he would not run for a fourth time, instead proposing a conditional alliance with Emmanuel Macron , who accepted his offer.

The Sarkozy Presidency | SpringerLink

Those wishing to be nominated required the support of 36 of its "federal councilors" out of ; nominations were open to individuals in civic society as well. The vote was open to both party members as well as sympathizers who could register to vote in the primary. The announcement came just days after prominent environmentalist Nicolas Hulot 's surprise declaration that he would not offer himself as a presidential candidate on 5 July. Duflot was considered the early favorite, though she initially opposed holding a primary, aware of the risk that she might lose it; and highlighted her experience in government.

Her main proposal was to incorporate the fight against climate change into the Constitution. Jadot was perceived as her main challenger; elected as an MEP in , he worked with Greenpeace France from to , specializing in transatlantic trade and climate issues. With Thomas Piketty and Daniel Cohn-Bendit , he sought a "primary of all the left", which failed to materialize. He rejected the "candidacy awaited by the political-media world" — that of Duflot, among others — and represented an anti-Duflot force from the party's right wing. Rivasi only barely managed to qualify for the primary, earlier lacking the necessary sponsorships.

Delli, the daughter of Algerian immigrants, first became involved in politics as part of collective movements, and sought to become an MEP in after a stint as parliamentary assistant to Marie-Christine Blandin. Also of the party's left-wing, she declared that she would defend a "popular ecology". Jadot and Rivasi advanced to the runoff after scoring Jadot won the second round of the primary on 7 November, obtaining After his loss as the nominee of the Union for a Popular Movement UMP in the presidential election , ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy pledged to return to being a "Frenchman among the French".

However, he announced on 19 September that he would seek the presidency of the party, [45] a position he secured in an online vote on 29 November online vote with the backing of He proposed to end family reunifications and reform the right to birthright citizenship , halt the flow of economic migrants, and increase residence requirements to secure French nationality.

He reaffirmed his interest in the "assimilation" of immigrants, and intended to ban other menus for school canteens i. Sarkozy also suggested that radical imams be expelled and suspected terrorists be detained by authorities and tried by a special anti-terrorist court, in addition a reduction in the age of criminal responsibility from 18 to He proposed to postpone the increase the retirement age to 64 until , permit exemptions to the hour workweek , cut , civil service jobs by increasing working hours to 37 per week, and abolish the wealth tax ISF.

He questioned Sarkozy's proposals on Schengen and instead merely acknowledged that it was not functioning correctly, but concurred with him in exempting the acquisition of French nationality by foreigners at the age of 18 if previously convicted. On economic issues, he proposed to end the hour workweek, abolish the wealth tax, reduce corporate taxation, and set the retirement age at Like the other primary candidates, he planned to eliminate the wealth tax; in addition, Fillon suggested abolishing the hour workweek — capping it at the hour maximum allowed within the EU — and the implementation of other liberal economic measures.

He also adopted a staunchly conservative social program, opposing adoption by same-sex couples and arguing France had no religious problem apart from Islam itself. Like Sarkozy, he sought to expand the capacity of French prisons, but unlike his former superior, he opposed banning religious symbols in public places. He also professed a more pro-Russian stance than other candidates, urging cooperation in Syria against the Islamic State and supporting the "pragmatism" of Vladimir Putin 's intervention in the Syrian civil war.

The first round of the primary on 20 November saw the unexpected elimination of Sarkozy, with Fillon coming in first with At the Toulouse Congress , the Socialist Party PS modified its statutes to guarantee the selection of a candidate of the left through open primaries, with the National Council of the Socialist Party announcing the timetable and organization of the primaries at least one year beforehand.

Applications could be submitted from 1 to 15 December, with two rounds of voting planned for 22 and 29 January A president should not say that Former Minister of the Economy Arnaud Montebourg, a Socialist rebel known for promoting "made in France", presented a firmly left-wing project shortly after declaring his candidacy in August He promised to offer French enterprises preference in bidding, reverse the tax increases on the French middle class, [87] and repeal most of the El Khomri labor law while preserving certain "interesting" social protections such as the "right to disconnect" and "personal activity account".

Like fellow Socialist dissidents, Hamon criticized the El Khomri labor law and promised to repeal it if elected, and suggested that it be replaced with legislation acknowledging the need for greater social protections, including the right to disconnect and recognizing burnout as an occupational disease. Another of his flagship proposals was to legalize cannabis, using funds for "prevention" rather than "repression".

In the first round of the primary on 22 January, Hamon and Valls received Montebourg, who secured only Overall turnout stood at 1. Only on 23 January did the High Authority of the primary publish "validated" results. As the winner of the primary, Hamon became the Socialist nominee for president. While acknowledging that Hamon was the legitimate PS nominee, de Rugy said he preferred "coherence to obedience".

While deputies in the National Assembly can employ family members, those are still required to complete legitimate work, evidence of which the paper was unable to find. In the interview, he disclosed that he also paid two of his children while a Senator for the Sarthe between and , claiming that he employed them in their capacity as lawyers. He also pledged to resign if he would be personally placed under investigation. On 6 February, Fillon held a press conference at which he "apologized to the French people" and acknowledged that he had committed an "error" in employing family members as parliamentary assistants, but appended that he "never broke the law".

He also argued that his wife's "salary was perfectly justified", adding that everything reported by the press on the issue was "legal and transparent". He said he would not reimburse the payments received by his wife or children, and, saying that he had "nothing to hide", divulged his property holdings. In addition to promising that his lawyers would question the competency of the PNF to carry out the investigation, he lambasted a "media lynching" of his campaign.

The satirical weekly also asserted that she received a double salary during the summer of , as she was hired by Joulaud's office on 13 July, more than a month before her contract as a parliamentary assistant with her husband expired, on 21 August. Although aides are eligible to collect severance payments, the law does not permit such a high level for parliamentary assistants.

An article in the same issue reported that Marie Fillon was simultaneously employed as a parliamentary assistant while training to become a lawyer, taking the first post in October and entering the EFB in January On 16 February, Fillon seemingly withdrew his earlier promise that he would terminate his candidacy if placed under formal investigation, saying "even if I am put under investigation, nothing will stop me" in private.

The OCLCIFF, which failed to unearth any tangible proof of work by Fillon's wife as a parliamentary assistant to her husband from to , to , and to or to Marc Joulaud from to , and was unconvinced by the two reviews in the Revue des deux Mondes attributed to Penelope Fillon, tasked three investigative judges to continue pursuing the affair. On 1 March, Fillon was informed that he was summoned to appear before the judges and likely to be placed under formal investigation — generally a precursor to an eventual indictment — on 15 March. On the morning of 14 March, Fillon was placed under formal investigation for misuse of public funds, embezzlement, and failure to comply with HATVP disclosure requirements.

In particular, the probe sought to determine whether documents seized during a search of the National Assembly in March were forged in order to corroborate the veracity of Penelope Fillon's work as a parliamentary assistant. The various investigations of the fictitious employment of 29 parliamentary assistants to 23 National Front FN MEPs , implicating the entourage of Marine Le Pen , [] continued through A report published on 25 April by the Japan-based security firm Trend Micro alleged that a group of hackers was targeting the Macron campaign. In particular, the group attempted a phishing operation, registering four domains strongly resembling those actually used by En Marche!

The official campaign began on 10 April and ended at midnight on 21 April. Voting in the first round took place on Saturday 22 April from to local time in the French overseas departments and territories situated east of the International Date Line and west of metropolitan France i. The official election results were declared by the Constitutional Council on 26 April, with Macron and Le Pen advancing to the second round.

It is the first time that a debate prior to the first round was held. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan , who was not invited, denounced the debate as a "rape of democracy", [] and the CSA urged TF1 to guarantee fair speaking time for other candidates.

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The five candidates were given two minutes to answer each question, but opponents had the opportunity to interject 90 seconds in. Three themes were addressed: employment, the French social model, and the protection of the French. The final part of the debate concerned the exercise of power and moralization of public officials.

Each of the 11 candidates invited had a minute and a half to answer each question, and other candidates were permitted to challenge their answers. This was the first ever debate including all first-round candidates; [] A total of 6. On the evening of the first round, Macron and members of his entourage celebrated the result at La Rotonde , a brasserie in the 6th arrondissement of Paris ; the move was criticized as premature and complacent, viewed as reminiscent of Nicolas Sarkozy 's widely criticized post-election celebration at Fouquet's in The official campaign ended at midnight on 5 May.

The campaign team subsequently issued a statement claiming that they had been compromised, and alleged that the leak contained both real as well and some fabricated documents. Numerama, an online publication focusing on digital life, described the leaked material as "utterly mundane", consisting of "the contents of a hard drive and several emails of co-workers and En Marche political officials.

Voting in the second round took place on Saturday 6 May from to local time in the French overseas departments and territories situated east of the International Date Line and west of metropolitan France i. Though TF1 initially had plans to hold its own debate between the first and second round, it instead jointly hosted one with France 2.

The debate was considered to have significantly damaged the image of Le Pen and the FN before the second round of the election, with Le Pen criticized for being overly aggressive, arrogant, and amateur in the topics at hand, and was also attributed as a cause of the poor performance of the FN in the subsequent legislative elections.

Nicolas Sarkozy

First-place candidate in the arrondissements of Paris. The official transfer of power took place on 14 May, [5] after which Macron nominated his prime minister and government. Following the second round of the presidential election on 7 May, Macron announced he would be stepping down as president of En Marche!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Other offices. President, then co-president of the Left Party from to Senator for Essonne from to and from to Deputy Minister of Vocational Education from to Main article: The Republicans France presidential primary, Nicolas Sarkozy. Main article: French Socialist Party presidential primary, Manuel Valls. Arnaud Montebourg. Sylvia Pinel. Main article: Fillon affair.

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