Faire face à la souffrance (French Edition)

Anne Dufourmantelle «La sécurité engendre plus la peur que l’inverse»
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Le cancer rappelle aussi souvent la mort.

Mooji - Comment mettre fin à la souffrance ?

Enfin, huit de ces femmes avaient des enfants. Toutefois, pour plusieurs, le cancer et ses traitements sont venus marquer leur corps. Je suis pas malade encore.

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Cette participante associe directement sa souffrance au fait de ne pas trouver son visage joli. On le camoufle! Tu ne peux plus rien faire.

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Secretary-General’s message on the International Day of Charity [scroll down for French version]

Et je m'interroge. Why do general practitioners prescribe antidepressants to their patients? The nature of their biographies and professional histories was the determining factor. Being hired as a manual laborer for them meant that becoming a worker; and being able to work raises self-esteem and allows refugees to find in their work a basis for dealing with the reworking of identity provoked by exile, a situation in which the break with the past and everything they were used to is, at least to some extent, irreversible. Information about Page Insights Data.

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