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These records include detailed muster rolls listing all personnel assigned to ships, stations, and activities for the U. Often social networking provides an important tool for supporting learning communities, as students can use electronic communication to pose their questions to a wider audience. Activities such as mooting can promote learning communities.

Mooting at Keele Law School

With this activity, students are divided into groups and have the opportunity to engage with their fellow students and tutors senior students in preparing for a final assessment. Tutors can share their knowledge and experiences through mooting, thereby facilitating the social integration of all students in the law faculty.

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Participants in previous mooting competitions often assist in the mooting preparation of first-year students by offering additional tutorials and other workshops. It is important for students to engage meaningfully and willingly with learning content as part of a broader supportive collaboration within the learning environment.

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They should also learn to act purposefully in such an environment. By developing and enhancing learning communities, students are helped to overcome both the academic and the personal obstacles they may face at tertiary institutions. A student-awareness focus is another important factor to consider when one teaches first-generation students. Studies indicate that a holistic approach by advisors, which includes a personal approach by academic staff and peers, produces positive results.

Community Land Trust Ride Host – BFNC Moot Center

The fact that there are large numbers of first-year students can present difficulties to student advisors and members of the faculty, but having an open-door policy on the part of first-year lecturers and tutors offers a solution. The authors recommend that when large numbers of first-year students are being dealt with, the use of student representatives selected by the mass of the students provides a valuable link between lecturers, students and tutors.

First-year students select five or six representatives to form a first-year committee, thereby also developing and enhancing their leadership skills. During regular meetings involving lecturers and tutors, problems are identified, social events are planned and community projects established. This contributes to a number of important outcomes such as the development of leadership skills, and it promotes the well-being of students in the community.

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Continuous assessment provides the opportunity for early identification, and identified students are offered additional support before their first formal assessment. Applying continuous assessment and a variety of assessments as part of the evaluation practices for a law course ensures that the students are equipped to deal with the various challenges and difficulties they are likely to experience. It is very important for a law student not to perceive knowledge as merely a static product of informatio production and consumption, but as a process and an instrument of inquiry to solve problems.

Learning communities and the early identification of students at risk as part of developmental interventions offer invaluable solutions to alleviate the difficulties encountered by first-generation students and students who are ill prepared for higher education. At its core, education is about learning. Every educator, legal or otherwise, must at the same time be both a teacher and a student in the learning enterprise. Students are diverse in their learning styles. The factors that can influence a student's learning style include age, culture, levels of education and the ability to internalise information.

First-year law modules 22 could include the following innovations relating to the design and delivery of the curriculum and learning materials:. Court visits and guest lectures by members of the legal profession - students are taken to the Magistrates' Court, the High Court and the Constitutional Court. Learning occurs in a variety of modalities and in or at many locations.

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Students learn about the court structure and interact with members of the profession, thereby seeing and experiencing the legal world they will one day enter. All students attend a career exposition during the year, where different law firms and public sector employees take part in a career exhibition, advising and counselling students about career opportunities.

This includes library orientation, computer training, participation in moot court activities and letter writing. Generation Y actually prefers learning to be to learning about 24 and they are often motivated by solving real-life problems. As Amory, Gravett and Van der Westhuizen 26 remark, significant learning is learning that will enable students to act purposefully in future situations, whereas learning about entails the learning of subject theory, such as concepts and facts.

Learning to be promotes the application of theory to analysing real-life problem situations. To encourage learning to be from the first year, we provide students with real-life problem situations for both mooting and during formal assessments as well as various role-play exercises to support this principle. In supporting a meaningful, integrated approach to teaching, the development of these skills should be expanded on during each consecutive year of study, until final-year students are then exposed to practical experiences in the law clinic.

Students often ask why they have to study this or how it will assist them in their careers one day. Through learning to be activities such as mooting, role-play 27 and court visits, students are able to connect these activities to the real-life tasks of a legal professional. Students soon discover that there are vast differences between learning about the law and learning to be a lawyer.

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When faced with the set of facts provided for mooting, students have to face different realities. First they have to deal with a client tutors can act as clients during role-play in class , and thereafter with their group partners.

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Finally, they have to face the presiding officer during the moot court proceedings. In this way they are introduced to developing interpersonal skills.

Community Land Trust Ride Host – BFNC Moot Center

If you share these stories with the wider legal community, your alma mater will be soon forced to change its retrograde ways. The nam bee krought forward pine total gains for tha auarter, aUaua total losses, should equal the number a the current muster roQ. BFNC is a community based c3 organization that has its origins in the Settlement House movement of the s. In supporting a meaningful, integrated approach to teaching, the development of these skills should be expanded on during each consecutive year of study, until final-year students are then exposed to practical experiences in the law clinic. Buffalocal Ride in Review. These records include detailed muster rolls listing all personnel assigned to ships, stations, and activities for the U.

Students are thus given the opportunity to see a connection between their own goals and the broader concerns of the discipline of law. Although it is often difficult to promote learning to be in large classrooms, technology and an integrated tutor and mentor programme provide for innovative learning. As the facilitator during learning to be activities, the lecturer fulfills an important role. It is imperative to create a passion for the law among students and an awareness that they could one day change the world, be it on a large or a small scale.

Learning to be creates many opportunities to learn various jurisprudential skills, such as letter writing, and engaging in the proceedings of the moot court and the law clinic. It focuses primarily on the processes of law as well as the outcomes for the legal actors the students as well as those who are the subjects of the legal processes, namely the clients. Although the generation Y student is an excellent communicator in terms of instant text messaging and e-mails, letter writing - one of the most important tools of a legal practitioner - proves more challenging.

As Phelps states: Teaching letter-writing skills to law students presents the lecturer with an opportunity to integrate valuable therapeutic jurisprudence principles in the teaching. A therapeutic jurisprudence approach concentrates on the law's impact on the emotional life and psychological well-being of all of the participants, 31 whereas the focus of the drafting of letters and other legal documents must primarily be on the emotional well-being of the client. It is important to introduce the purpose 32 and fundamentals of therapeutic jurisprudence as early as in the first academic year, as this cultivates an awareness of the importance of the client-lawyer relationship and contributes towards a latent culture promoting the psychological and physical well-being of the people involved.

During their engagement in the integrated learning approach, first-year students receive a set of facts in preparation for a moot court. The set of facts poses a family and child law dispute, normally highlighting sensitive issues in the community such as the alcoholism of a parent, or child or drug abuse and alerting the students to the interdisciplinary nature of the different branches of the law.

Students are required to argue on aspects involving matters concerning the best interest of the child in care previously referred to as custody , an aspect of utmost importance considered by our courts.

Mooting whilst studying a law degree: is it worth it?

As part of their family law course, students become aware of the fact that parents, before seeking court intervention, must first attempt to agree on a parenting plan determining the exercising of their respective responsibilities and rights in respect of the child. By addressing sensitive issues, students are made aware of their role in improving our legal profession and of the important characteristics that a lawyer should display, such as a sensitivity to the client's emotional state, being supportive, and establishing a relationship of trust with the client.

At the initial phase of preparation students are required to draft a letter to either the applicant or the respondent confirming their instructions. Students are taught the importance of identifying their audience and writing in plain language.

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This skill is valuable as in eventual practice their client may come from any of the diverse population groups of South Africa. By creating this awareness we are enhancing the much-required analytical skills of our students.

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Once again, teaching these skills to generation Y requires innovative educational skills. TAS Twitter. TAS Youtube. Interested in a TAS education for your son or daughter? Why not make a time to talk to the Headmaster and senior staff when we visit your region and find out what TAS can offer your child. Portals Parents Students Staff.