Sailin Away on the Henry Clay / Mammy Jinnys Hall of Fame (Medley One Step)

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The Montagues and the Capulets ll. Masks lll. Allegro energico lV. Mailied Song of May op. Ruhethal Valley of Rest op. Sometimes I feel Like a Motherless Child 2.

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Sailin' Away on the Henry Clay / Mammy Jinny's Hall of Fame (Medley One Step) - Kindle edition by Egbert Anson Van Alstyne, Harry Austin Tierney. Download. Digital Sheet Music for Sailin' Away on the Henry Clay / Mammy Jinny's Hall of Fame (Medley One Step) by Egbert Anson Van Alstyne, Harry Austin.

Allegro moderato Sibelius Vocal Jazz Dr. Stephen Zegree Organ Fugue J. Kopetz Folk Song Set No. Kopetz Band Barry E. The Inferno 2. Purgatorio 3. The Ascension 4. Paradiso Robert W. Thomas Les Chansons Des Roses 5. Adagio; Allegro moderato ll. Andante contenerezza lll. Introduction and the Humor of Boston ll.

Colonial Jigue lV. Die Berge sind spitz 3. Am Wildbach die Weiden 4. Hey, Gypsy, Strike your Strings and Play 2. Rima River, Why are You so Forlorn? Wedding Song from Poniky 2. Song of the Hay Harvesters from Hiadel 3. Dancing Song from Medzibrod 4. March to the Scaffold, and V. Henson Treble Choir Paul A. Torkelson Mi lagnero tacendo, K. Torkelson Three Sacred Choruses, Op.

Tchaikovsky Transcribed by Ray E. Allegro ll. Turandot, Scherzo lll. Andantino lV.


Pesante II. Vivace III. Allegretto IV. Charles R. Handel Mixed Choir Z. Lisbon Bay II. Horkstow Grange III. Rufford Park Poachers IV. The Brisk Young Sailor V. Lord Melbourne VI. Marianne 3. Spiritual III. Mask VI. My Dazzled Face! Oh What Anguish J. Mountains II. Woodpecker III. Jones Gloriosa 1. Oratio 2. Cantus 3. Becker Academic Festival Overture, Op. James M. Bankhead Three Ayres from Gloucester I. Ayre for Eventide III.

O Little Town Of Bethlehem. Oh Boy! Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh! Oh You Wonderful Girls. Johnny, Oh! One Day In June. One Drink More. One, Two, Three, Four. Over There. Over There Over There. Pasquinade, Op. Passing Show Of - Selections. Passing Show Of - 3 selections. A Perfect Day. Poor Butterfly - "Big Show". Poor Cock Robin. Poor Cring' Baby.

a week in the australian outback.

Pour S'Aimer. Pray For Sunshine. Prelude - "Les Collines d' Anacapri". Ragtime Sailor Man. Rock-A-Bye Land. Romance, Op. The Rosary. Rose Room - Fox Trot. Sally Trombone. Salut D'Amour. Set Aside Your Tears. Silver Bay. Snowflakes - Christmas Chimes. So Long Mother.

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McDougal Littell Pre-Algebra. Ecco quell fiero istante k. Duncan, Johnny. Holiday, Billie, Whether the songs are about political campaigns, military affairs, or personal tragedy, sheet music can reveal both the public and private aspects of life. Dancing Song from Poniky. Literacy by Design.

So Long, Mother. Soldiers Of The Sea. Soldiers Of the Sea.

FOLK COLLECTION The Skaggs Foundation Cowboy Poetry Collection

Some Sweet Day. Somewhere in France. Somewhere In France Is Daddy. Whiting, Minstrel songs, old and new: a collection of world-wide, famous minstrel and plantation songs, including the most popular of the celebrated Foster melodies: arranged with piano-forte accompaniment. M M66 Miller; Music by Emily Smith. Oleander, a Negro Love Song. Words by William H. Gardner, music by Adam Geibel, n. Words by R.

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Allen, music by Leo Wheat, Friedrich Wurzel. Wier M S When You Play in the Game of Love. Lyrics Joe Goodwin. Music by Al Piantadosi, Whose Little Choc'late Babe is Oo? Dunston; music by Percy Y.

The Wreck of the Noble Maine. Lyrics by Alice A. Music by John J. Greenwood, Browse images of selected sheet music covers in the VHS online catalog. Skip to main content. Index to African American material in the sheet music collection Index to African American material in the Sheet Music Collection The sheet music collection can be used to document Virginia's rich musical tradition. Scherpf All Aboard for Alabam'. By George Mann and Walter Esberger, Creamer; Music by Thos. At An Ole Virginia Wedding. By Maurice J.

Kenney Aunt Harriet Beecher Stowe. Steele, n. Babylon is Fallen! By Henry C. Work, Root Belinda. By George G. Grant, Thompson The Black Four Hundred. Blue Tail Fly.

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By Felix Feist, n. Words and Music by Thomas S. Allen, By Christy's Minstrels E. Christy , Carry Me Back to Old Virginny. By James A. Bland, n. Bland, By James Bland, By James Bland. Sung by Alma Gluck, Climbing Up de Golden Stairs. Heiser, Heiser The Contraband. By Sep Winner, Cynthia Sue.

Turner, Dandy Jim. Williams, The Darkey's Home Sweet Home. Words and music by Charles E. Baer, De Boatman's Dance. By Daniel Emmit, De Floating Scow of Old Virginia. By Charles White, De History ob de World. Song by William Parker, Dearest Mae. Words by Francis Lynch, music by James Power, Words by William L. Lyles, music by Herman Jackson. Words and music by Dan Emmett, By Dan Emmett, n. Moran, By Albert W.

Guide to the Richard Manning Band. Collection 1883-1978

Noll, Harris Down South Everybody's Happy. Words by Nat Vincent, music by Herman Paley, Abbot Ethiopian Medley, no. Sett 4 Arranged by A. Freidrich Wurzel, n. Farewell to the Star Spangled Banner. Four Little Curly Headed Coons. Wheeler,