When Life Throws You a Curve

How to Respond When Life Throws You a Curveball
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enter site The point is this: Most of us are accustomed to handling things straight on, so it can be very difficult when we get a curve ball thrown at us. There are situations in our life where we feel we are totally undone because of something unexpected and unwanted came into our life. You have to make choice. You can be destroyed and fall apart or you can bounce back and hit that ball! You can look at it this way: in the ocean there are sharks, but in the boat there is safety. You can stay in the boat Jesus and cross the ocean go through life in this world and the sharks will not get to you.

In Christ there is victory, joy and peace. In the world, there is tribulation, but in Christ, you can go through the world overcoming every circumstance and situation. A curveball came my way just these last weeks, exactly what you are talking about. My job is not what I thought it was and one of my employees is a pain in the neck as you said; I had not seen this coming. Thanks for your encouragement and I will take it to heart!! Everybody experiences curveballs in their lives. It is how we respond to them and let those time not overwhelm us; thank you!

Curveballs can be so difficult to deal with, however, with the right attitude and I believe support around you, you can get there. Trying to pick up the pieces can be overwhelming but baby steps towards goals can help to reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed. I love my parents. This article made me think…good! Keep swinging till you connect! Thanks for the encouragement Olga — I have been dealing with my curveball for a few years now.

So thankful to the Lord who continually restores my soul. Well written. I had an unexpected curve ball thrown at me when I found out my father had Alzheimers Disease. I was totally shocked and sad for him. Another curve ball that was thrown at me is when I met my husband. I had been prayin for a good Godly man and one day, just out of the blue this man is standin by the mailboxes in my apt buildin.

I asked him if he wanted to go get somethin to eat and he said yes. One month later He asked me to marry him. I was hesitant so I had a talk with the Lord. He said that my husband was the man He had for me. So we got married. That was six years ago on August 1. Thanks for sharing your story, Olga.

Hi Alexandra, sometimes because we had so many curveballs we keep expecting them to come in our lives…you might have to change that image…. Olga, I have had more than one curve ball in my life and you are so right…you have a choice to make, whether to let that curve ball throw you for a loop or to bounce back. Great post! Yes Sherie, we have a choice when we a curveball comes into our life; one thing is for sure we need to be able to bounce back!

So sorry you lost your dad at Too young. Your parents sound like lovely people and I loved reading how you loved to see them dating! Puts things in perspective. Thanks for the blog. Hi Claudia, I am not the only one who lost her parents at such a young age, but it a different lifestyle for sure. This is an amazing article Olga. Especially I like this part: In the world, there is tribulation, but in Christ, you can go through the world overcoming every circumstance and situation.

This is what the faith is all about! So many thoughts when I read this post. For one thing, so sorry for the loss of your Dad at such a young age. That was certainly a devastating curve ball. He gets in the boat with us. You bring out that point so lovely. Thank you. Wow so true I have had a few curve ball throne at me.

My Sister LaRae passed away Nov. My dad Glenn passed away 2 months later Jan.

My niece Rachel passed away 7 months later Aug. In 9 months we lost all 3 of them it was the hardest thing. My husband lost his job July and still has not found a job. We are praying. But Through it all God has been with us. Thank you Jesus!!! Oh wow Beth, that must have been a very difficult time for you.

I am sorry to hear that you had to go through that. I am in agreement with you for a job for your husband! I love this!

When life throws you a curve-ball... David Ecker at TEDxSBU

When life throws me a curve so often I forget that I am in the boat safe and sound. Thanks for the reminder Olga! I wish that I would do that but I am a worrier. Thank you Olga for making me think about this! Ask me how I know…. I think those curveballs can come out to be the greatest life lessons for us. Curve balls are an inevitable part of life. My biggest curve ball, I think, was when my mother was killed instantly in a car accident. Everybody in life will have curve balls i had what you say 3 one was so bad i almost quit God thats how bad it was i could not understand why God would let that happen to me because i am a called minister i said there is no way GOD can get glory out of that and believe me it was bad ive seen people wak away from God for a lot less than what happen to me but i have had such exsperance with GOD supper natural was the only thing saved me.

Thanks for another inspiring post, Olga! Thank you for sharing such a tender story. You are so right about the importance of what you do after the curve ball hits.

what to do when life throws you a curveball

Those choices are so important and should not be made lightly. Wow, what a powerful post. I am so sorry that you lost your Dad, no matter how long ago it was.

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Hugs, Sally. Thank you for such an inspiring post.

Every so often I hear of someone for whom life has been a straight line. For the rest of us, the road is full of twists and turns. Very nice article, Olga! Lovely post Olga, thanks for the reminder. Thanks for sharing:. Sooner or later, life will throw you a curveball. And it will suck. He was leading our team in home runs and runs batted in and was the best offensive player we had, but he had to go down a level. The curveball becomes that rude awakening that often derails us from our tried and true plan to go from A to B. Look at the following:.

Once life throws you a curveball the question then becomes: How are you going to deal with it? She adds the following:. You can lose your confidence, your spirit, your love of the game or, you can take your stance at home plate, swing like you have never swung before and know you have a chance at hitting that ball far out into the outfield or the stands.

Get Some Perspective. Right now you may be telling yourself that losing your job, getting dumped by your girlfriend, or being passed over for the promotion is the worst thing that could have happened to you. Think of the story of the farmer and the horse. Would your life have been perfect if you had gotten the raise you were gunning for, or if you had married that girl who dumped you? Maybe; but maybe not. What looks like a huge loss at the present could be a blessing in disguise.

Practice Acceptance. One component of this principle is acceptance. You can wish for things to be different in the future, but at this moment in time you have to accept things as they are. He advises that you say the following to yourself:. Chance are, the curveball you were thrown was unfair. You were treated unjustly. If we were capable of losing some of that importance, two extraordinary things would happen to us.

One, we would free our energy from trying to maintain the illusory idea of our grandeur; and two, we would provide ourselves with enough energy to. This will allow you to stop linking your sense of self to what happened. In addition, it will free up energy that you can then use to create better circumstances for yourself. The more stressed you become, the more rapidly your brain waves vibrate. That is, meditating will help put you in a more resourceful state of mind. Ask the Right Questions.

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Information questions keep you stuck in the past. Here are some examples:. Questions such as the three above make you rehash the negative scene over and over again in your mind as you struggle to make sense of what happened. What you need to do, instead, is ask yourself questions that will help you to move forward.

How do you respond when life demands that you stop?

This includes questions such as the following:. The basic premise is that you need to move away from trying to understand a problem. Instead, look for ways to solve it. Shift Your Focus To the Positive. Instead of dwelling on your loss, shift your focus to the good things that are still in your life. Sometimes a failure or a loss feels almost like someone has died.

And, in a way, someone has.