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The Blessings of Liberty
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This unfoldment will bring new meaning and purpose to all areas of your existence. Yes, you can use it to gain health, wealth, power, true love, fame, or anything else you may desire. But its greatest value lies in the change it is certain to bring in your understanding of life.

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The following pages will show you how to develop your extra-sensory powers and use them to attain new understanding and the ability to make your dreams come true. They will bear you up in their hands, lest you strike even your foot upon a stone. The examples used are from the ordinary lives of normal people. Many came from friends whose integrity is, to me, absolutely beyond question. We start with the assumption that you have never recognized a psychic experience in your own life. This puts you on the same footing with me when I first looked into the confusion of ideas about the next dimension.

Then we will demonstrate to you that you already have some degree of ESP which you should be using every day. Next we set up a positive program for your development of ever increasing ESP. All this is in the first chapter. The remaining chapters develop the fine points of application of your new abilities to each major area of your life.

Nature endowed you at birth with all the necessary tools. This book is designed to show you how to realize your birthright, and attain all these things, now! Your five steps to personal success and greatness. How to increase your awareness of yourself and the world around you.

Seven simple tests for your special psychic abilities. Your five senses are your link to the psychic. How to develop the art of concentration. We learn about ESP from the Orient. The mechanics of psychic sensation —psychic centers. Your seven most important psychic centers. A basic exercise to develop your ESP. How to develop clairvoyance. How to develop clairsentience. How to listen for the voice of clair audience.

How to clear away the blocks to extra-sensory development.

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Points to remember. How to use ESP to contact your higher self. Your spirit guides and protectors. How to reach out to the infinite. How to gain complete personal protection. Your special place in the divine scheme of things. How you can become a spiritual healer. How to determine the mental cause of illness or disease. How the spirit world helps break old reaction patterns.

How to apply the healing light to the afflicted area. Keep working until the healing is complete. How to heal yourself. How to handle special healing problems. Use your healing ability as often as possible. A new look at riches. How to interest your spirit helpers in bringing you riches. Your path to riches through ever increasing effectiveness. How to set up a current to draw wealth into your life. Let spirit express riches in your life. How to protect yourself from financial harm. How to enjoy your ever increasing riches.

How to use your psychic centers to extend your personality. How to make other people like you. How to sell an idea. How to attract the right people and opportunities. How to cope with difficult personalities. The give and take of real friendship. Why some people crack under stress. How to find your source of personal strength. How to understand your stresses. How to get a new job.

How to find your perfect mate. How to get instant help in an emergency. How to discover your individual mission in this life. How to start your spiritual chain reaction of good. Your path to peace of mind. How to examine a contemplated new undertaking in the light of your spiritual mission.

How to summon your spirit teachers to assist you. Your law of growth. How to succeed every time. How to reach God through your spirit teachers. How to reach God directly. How to live the practical mystic life. Types of experience you may expect. How to discover your own advanced phenomena. How to seek spontaneous phenomena. How to approach the direction of phenomena.

Directed phenomena in the darkness. Directed phenomena in the light. Science and religion look at matter. A progress report to? You have a tremendous advantage over him—you can see, but he cant! About a mile before the big blind curve I saw a vision of a terrible accident with twisted automobiles blocking the two left lanes.

The scene was so vivid in my mind that I simply had to slow down. I coasted to about forty and moved over into the right hand lane as I rounded the [curve. Sure enough, there was the accident exactly as I had een it!

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More especially is it necessary in your profession firmly to rely upon the God of Battles for His guardianship and protection in the dreadful hour of trial. Everyone is required to recite at least one hundred blessings a day. Robert Bellarmine. Exchange offer is not applicable with this product. Randy Alcorn. Ira Aaron. Through various scenes of life, God has sustained me.

We will look at many more as we explore practical methods of harnessing this great realm of the unknown. But is the psychic [realm really so unknown to you? Where did it exist? What is its reality? Its substance? It is an object in that fantastic realm which men call mind, or sometimes even soul. Now you are properly introduced to the world of psychic phenomena. There are many uncommon or miraculous psychic experiences, but that is only a matter of degree.

The psychic, or intangible, side of life is experienced by every living human, every day of his life, and we will do well to spend some time examining its many mysteries. When an apple fell and hit him on the head, it supplied the missing stimulus. There was a moment of contact with reality, and Newton expounded the law of gravity. The principles seem obvious today, but only after some mind accomplished the original thinking. This means that the psychic is a sure means to improve your whole life.

You are much more than the little pile of chemicals which comprise your physical body. A very real part of you can visit Paris, Sydney, Venus, or the moon while your physical body reclines comfortably in the easy chair in your own living room. You are capable of heights of ecstasy and depths of despondency not experienced by any other species of earth creature, and yet you know less about yourself than about the automobile which transports your body from place to place.

We squander vast amounts of energy seeking things. It is exactly as Jesus taught it, all those years ago: Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matt, And where did the Master say to look for it? Let this set the tone for our approach to the five step path to personal success and greats ness. Briefly stated, the five steps are: , i t. Increase your awareness of yourself and the world around you. Recognize your present psychic strengths and potentials. Use regular exercises to develop your ESP. Apply your ESP to improve and enrich every department of your life.

We will go into the first three steps in detail in the balance of this chapter. Then we will devote the rest of our space to the details of application for the enrichment of each area of your life, and explanations of the wonderfully positive results you can obtain. How to increase your awareness of yourself and the world around you The owner of a small service company was so wrapped up in his business problems that he could think of nothing else.

Any conversation of a cultural or purely social nature made him quite uncomfortable. Thus, he effectively prevented any possible broadening of his personality or outlook. Because he shut out everything he might have had in common with them, he lost his wife and family. His company grew, and the business world might call him a success; but he died a lonely, broken man. How can you have the business or professional success you desire, but avoid the pitfall this man fell into?

Or is it possible at all? Of course it is! But it requires the sincere application of yourself to the development of our first tool.

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We will call it relaxed awareness. This is one of the most useful of all mental disciplines. Each of us has two aspects of mind: the conscious, reasoning part which is much like a modem computer; and the subconscious part which can be your contact with the accumulated wisdom of the ages.

Your relaxed awareness will grow out of the increasing confidence In your ability to cope with life. But how about people? Because we are trying to use the wrong mental machine. It is only the power of your subconscious which sets yoi apart as more valuable than a computer. The subconscious is f your source of the missing data for the solution of any problem, if you will but learn to use it. Meanwhile you can con- jjtinue to genuinely participate in each moment of life. You will ifind it no longer necessary to grunt in response to your spouse or child while you are absorbed in anxious thought.

A little further along we will present a simple technique for concentration to turn over your knotty problems to the subconscious mind for certain and trustworthy solutions. They are real psychic experiences , and they can serve as definite clues to your own areas of special psychic aptitude. All of us are involved in some of these at least once in a while. How often do you experience one of these? Hunches are generally associated with clairsen- tience or intuition. While in a public place, you suddenly feel someone looking at you.

When you turn around, you meet the other s gaze and know you were right. This is also most often a form of clair- sentience. Last night you dreamed that Aunt Susie came to visit you. Then this morning you received a letter saying that she will arrive on Monday. This is commonly called precognition. While visiting some new place, you have a funny feeling you have been there before. This could be clairsen- tience, or precognition, or possibly a previous astral experience.

While sitting quietly with your eyes open or closed, you see a picture of a scene or a person on the screen of your inner vision. Or you hear someone whisper your name or a short phrase, but you are quite alone. You want to call up a friend or relative, but while you are still looking for the number, your telephone rings and it is that person calling you. If this has happened to you more than once, either as the one about to make the call or the one actually calling, forget about coincidence.

If you feel you have not, it is undoubtedly a matter of awareness. Start looking for it, and within one short week you L [will notice at least three such experiences, i; These simple psychic experiences are important! They can be the beginning of a richer and more meaningful life for you. They are your key to the doorway to ever increasing health, health, happiness, and spiritual progress.

Even if you feel you [. As you progress, we will show you how to build it into a working tool that is useful in all areas of your life. They are named sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. There is a tremendous variation in the degree of each sense as it is demonstrated by different individuals. Glasses and hearing aids bear constant testimony to our many variations of less than normal sight and hearing, but there are also cases of exceptionally keen degrees of these key receptors. Thus they are a fink between the concrete- physical and the subjective-psychic realms.

She regularly had to call him two or three times to get his attention. Subsequent tests revealed that his hearing was completely normal, but his intelligence level was above the work of the class and he daydreamed out of sheer boredom. Some degree of the same lack of awareness exhibited by the unchallenged child is found in each of us. This power is most accurately labeled concentration. Your inherent ability must be developed by regular 1' practice, and application of yourself to a program graduated in difficulty to bring you from a point of amorphous potential I S' to a peak of professional skill.

Listen to three [. Generally you would think they must be talking about events that took place at widely differ- [ ent times and places, because of the conflicting details. The [ simple ability to accurately observe and recall detail is a man- lifestation of applied concentration.

Finish your own list before you compare it with the one below. Details of an old wooden pencil: A. Colors 1. Point—dark gray graphite 2. Wooden part of point—many shades of brown and gray. Shaft—painted yellow-orange, chipped here and there with bare wood showing through 4. Lettering—some black and more by indentations in the painted finish 5. Metal eraser holder—brass with two red stripes around it 6. Eraser—pearly pink with smudges of black and gray B. Shapes 1.

Tip of point rounded 2. Point conical 3. Shaft hexagonal, about 5 inches long 4. Eraser—cylindrical, but worn to many shapes of flatness and little comers C. Materials 1. Graphite 2. Wood 3. Paint, orange and black 4. Brass 5.

John E. Manning, MD

Red anodize material on the stripe 6. Rubber 7. Flecks of dirt D. Distinguishing Features 1. Trademark 2. Brand name and number 3. Made in U. Quality control number 7. Many dents and teeth marks 8. Point very dull E. Potential Uses 1. Writing 2. Erasing 3. Drawing 4. Weapon stab or scratch 5. Wedge or shim 6. Window prop 7. Lever 8. Fuel the wood 9. Lubricant the graphite Hair roller Spool for string or thread Stirring rod Dip stick for shallow tank Measuring instrument length Subject or a painting This list merely scratches the surface, but it was prepared in less than three minutes and it serves to illustrate our point.

Your powers of observation will increase by leaps and bounds I " as you practice focusing your whole attention on one subject at a time. Practice this exercise on a different object each day for two weeks, and you will be on your way to its mastery. Use - Simple things at first, like a knife, fork, scissors, mirror, glass, ipup, dish, etc. When you think you re good at it, try a flower luch as a rose. You should feel that you could fill a whole book ; with the details of just one rose. Practice I It is well worth your while.

You can tune in on it, and manifest harmonious progress by a combination of concentration and meditation. The preliminary process is applied concentration. By using the powers of concentration you have just developed, clearly analyze and define your problem; that is the purpose of your conscious mind. Then you are ready to use that part of your being which makes you better than a computer. You will find that your applied concentration reveals the solution to the majority of your problems with no further effort. The remaining ones, being clearly defined, now lack only the creative idea that leads to their mastery.

You are endowed with an endless fountain of this Yankee ingenuity; it is only necessary to open the valve and let it flow into your experience. The process of turning on your mental tap is best called meditation. Sit quietly alone, and calmly review your analysis of the problem. What are we going to do about it? There were plenty of tasks involved with winding up his ill- fated venture, and he kept busy with them. By noon it had jelled into a novel process for making a widely used product, so he called up an.

The j' result? Rather, he adopted the most positive outlook. Here was not a personal catastrophe, j 1 but a beautiful opportunity to make a lot of money, tax free! Use the meditative process to clear away the pressures by solving all your problems. Begin to enjoy every Moment of life, now! There are practical uses for many of them in our Western world today. Basically the great Eastern teachers look upon man as a spirit ressing through a soul which uses, among other vehicles, a ysical body. This physical body is understood to be a beast of den, like a horse, which provides transportation for the soul the earth plane, even as the mind provides a means of ex- ession in the thought realms.

The physical senses are tools of e physical body, and the psychic senses are tools of the finer dy of light which is most often called the astral body. Thus the astral is associated with the emotional part of your being.

The Blessings of Liberty

If you stop to think about it, energy flow through your body is always the result of emotion. Each one of us has experienced the spark of enthusiasm that drives fatigue out of the body and equips it to enjoy a few lines of bowling or rubbers of bridge after a truly hard day's work. This is only one of many indications that the Eastern masters know a lot more than our modem culture is willing to admit.

A brief review of the household use of electricity will aid our understanding. The energy supplied to most homes comes in at volts, but for many applications, such as your doorbell, other step down transformers are required to reduce the voltage to the 6 or 12 volts used by the more delicate apparatus. Each nerve is like an electric wire in your house, and the nerve centers are like the secondary coils of a transformer. Then where are the primary coils? They are in your astral counterpart. Consequently, each ganglion or nerve center in your body is also a psychic center, and these are the suppliers of the vital energy which is the life of your body.

Because pain is a form of energy, we see that it is through the astral body that we experience the sensation of pain. There is a special form of yoga used by our Eastern.

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These disciplines represent truly agnificent attainments, but they are of only academic interest o us. It' [pur seven most important psychic centers For those who are interested in more detail, a trip to your iublic library to look up some topics like chakra, Ida, pin gala, -humna, or the fire of the kundalini should provide much in- cresting reading. The Root Center is located at the base of the spine. It is lociated with the organs of reproduction, and thus with phys- creativity of all kinds. The Sfeei Center is located along the spine in the area of the splee. It s an energy purifier and a transformer of low vibration enrg 3 to higher.

As the middle man of the lower three, one c itsnajor functions is coordinating and balancing the activity f i; immediate neighbors. This is the center most sensitive to the animal molons, and is recognized by modem psychology when it speks f gut level discussions. This is an amazingly snsiive receiving station for picking up the lower emotions inothr people. The lear Center is located in the area of the physical heart. It is te tansformer which brings the positive emotions of love, corpasion, and enthusiasm into usable energy on the physical pine.

L,ove is the perfect balance between the heat of the lowr pksical drives and the intellectual cold of the higher centes. Df course all the centers are necessary to the total functiainj of a complete spiritual being. The T'rotfCenter is located in the region of the thyroid gland. But this creative is if a higher abstract nature which includes the arts, literatue, rnsic, and science. The Bow tenter is located behind and slightly above the eyes, in the'egin of the pituitary gland. It is no accident that the occult [lore of the ages has branded the pineal gland the seat of psy- bhic ability and the instrument of spiritual attainment.

In a very ireal sense, the purpose of this book is to help you develop this penter as your means of certain accomplishment of any goal. Jhe Bible insists that you are created in the image and like- -j', I0ss of God. But it does mean that, like God, you are a tihole being. You are a composite whole, made up of physical, fnotional-psychic, mental, and spiritual aspects. You attain Maximum effectiveness only when all of your parts are working gether. On a football team the guard and tackle positions are ibt the glamor spots.

They may be noticed by the average fan nly when they miss an important block or tackle, but their ievoted performance is the mainstay of the team. We must bring our whole Wig along on a program of balanced development. True, we ttist learn to control the wonderful horse that is our physical bdy, but the stronger the horse the better the ride. Now concentrate on your root center. Try to imagine that all of your consciousness exists at that one spot, that all your thought, feeling, and sensation is centered there.

Soon you will feel a warm tingling sensation near the base of your spine. As you begin to feel this psychic response, imagine a whirling circle of flame ever growing and increasing its speed of rotation while stepping up the power of the center. Now direct this energy to your spleen center, causing it to tingle and itself become a vortex of whirling flame.

Feel the increased power flowing through this center I Now direct this energy to your solar plexus center and repeat the whole process. Intensify the flame and lift it, repeating all the steps, in turn to the heart, throat, brow, and finally the crown center. This is good for me and I know that my subconscious self is cooperating in every way. I sit in the silence awaiting the voice of my inner self. You may receive nothing at first, or you may be amazed at the immediate results.

But you are definitely progressing! Either way, continue the exercise daily if possible, but at least three times a week. Understand that you are stimulating the flow of the psychic energies throughout your body as you continue the exercise. As you consciously bring each center to its maximum vibratory rate, direct its healing force to your afflicted part before transferring your attention to the next higher center. One big word of caution is in order here. Such an imbalanced development could lead to an overemphasis of the sex drive or other strictly material urges.

Health is not of the physical only! It is a natural by-product of mental, psychic, and spiritual growth along a balanced path. As you use this exer- pise, apply special emphasis to those centers which seem to Correspond to your weaker departments. Strive for balanced owth and you will achieve health, prosperity, and happiness eyond your most cherished dreams. You will find it lots of n to amaze your friends with simple demonstrations like this, an interesting little sidelight, you will be fascinated by the pemblance of your symbols to important personality traits of r victims.

For instance: then you hear the word apple, what do you see? How about jrple? Or horse? Some years ago I still believed I was a noii- jager. Now direct this energy to your spleen center , causing it to tingle and itself become a vortex of whirling flame.

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Feel the increased power flowing through this center! Now direct this energy to your solar plexus center and repeat the whole process. This is gootf for me and I know that my subconscious self is cooperating in every way. Strive for balanced growth and you will achieve health, prosperity, and happiness beyond your most cherished dreams. How to develop clairvoyance As my telephone rang I closed my eyes and got a mental picture of the rabbit which I had previously associated with one particular friend. You will find it lots of fun to amaze your friends with simple demonstrations like this. As an interesting little sidelight, you will be fascinated by the resemblance of your symbols to important personality traits of your victims.

Almost everybody does some mental imaging. For instance: When you hear the word apple, what do you see? How about purple? In my sour-grapes, I decided that my abstract thinking must be superior to that of an imager because my mind was not cluttered up with a lot of pictures. But that is utter nonsense! Everyone sees a mental picture of some sort once in a while and that is all that is necessary.

Clairvoyance is nothing more than the reception of mental images with some recognition of their meaning. Basically, you develop clairvoyance by learning to pay attention to something that has always been with you. Try it now! Close your eyes and stare at the patterns you see. Like a child watching a cloud formation, use your imagination to decide what it is and what it may mean.

Form your thoughts into words, preferably spoken aloud, and as you vocalize them, your image will tend to focus itself and confirm the accuracy of your speculation. Our next exercise concerns telling time. Close your eyes and picture a large white clock face before you. Now look at the hands and read the time. Instead of thrashing around the house looking for your scissors or pen, close your eyes and visualize it, carefully noting its surroundings. When you walk to it, there where you saw it, you are demonstrating another practical application of clairvoyance.

Don't become discouraged if you are not highly successful with each exercise in the beginning. Persistence and practice will produce startling results in a few short weeks. During your quiet, relaxed moments, you will often receive a mental picture with no apparent cause. The key to entering this exciting place is simply to become alert and sensitive to the many little things we have ignored or shrugged off in the past.

Let's turn now to another phase of ESP that is even more accessible to rapid development. On this particular morning he awakened with an uneasy feeling tfiat he should take an earlier flight, even if it meant cancelling his late afternoon appointments. Next morning at breakfast his paper carried the story of the tragic crash of the 8 p. Blood, Tables and Chairs. Winston Churchill. Blood Trail of a Serial Killer. Bloodbath in Tinseltown. Bloodhound Searching for My Father.

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